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Intervention and intervention: two big differences

The United States intervened in the internal affairs of dozens of states, including Ukraine. It is not only about the approval of the activities of the opposition, overthrowing the government, but also about the direct support of various kinds of revolutionaries. At the same time, Washington is not tired of blaming Moscow for intervention.

As writes in "The National Interest" Ted Galen Carpenter, in Washington, many are outraged by the so-called interference of Moscow in the American presidential election. Politicians are taking a variety of actions: from "investigations" to the announcement of anti-Russian sanctions. Some politicians have already agreed that Putin, they say, is leading a “war” against the United States. One figure of the “particularly angry” chamber of representatives compared the actions of Moscow with Pearl Harbor and the 9 / 11 terrorist attacks!

One way or another, this is an insult to Moscow or not, but Washington itself intervenes in the affairs of dozens of other countries. The journalist considers the most flagrant intervention by the US actions in Ukraine during the “euromaidan” period.

In 2014, the American elite made it clear to Kiev that it supported the protesters on the streets. This was done absolutely openly: the famous hawk senator McCain flew to Kiev personally and demonstrated “solidarity” with the “maydanschiki”. McCain even had a snack with members of the ultra-right organization Freedom, and then went on stage at Independence Square, where he stood next to Tyagnibok.

Victoria Nuland, at the time Assistant Secretary of State, also distinguished herself in Kiev. According to Mrs. Nuland, she visited Ukraine three times in the course of several weeks of “euromaidan”. Everyone remembers how she handed out protesting cookies to protestors.

The degree of intervention of B.H. Obama’s team in Ukrainian politics is found by the author of the material “extremely high”.

Russian intelligence managed to intercept, and then conveyed to the world media the content of the conversation between Nuland and US Ambassador Jeffrey Payette. In this telephone conversation, the couple discussed in detail the preferences about the composition of the new government in Ukraine. Nuland announced that “Yats [Yatsenyuk] is the same guy,” and he will be able to do a great job.

Carpenter recalls that in those days, Mr. Yanukovych was the legitimate president of the country. And it is amazing how state representatives, who reiterate their adherence to democracy and sovereignty, are practically openly planning to overthrow the president of another country and sit down their puppets in Kiev.

And there is nothing surprising in the fact that in Moscow they expressed dissatisfaction with unconstitutional actions of the USA: the overthrow took place clearly “with the help of” Washington.

American politicians accusing Russia of something should have remembered this before pointing the finger at the Russians. On the other hand, we note, it is hardly the Americans about the "Maidan" forgotten. However, “exceptional” Washington, in its own opinion, which it is time to inscribe in the American Constitution, does everything right, while all others are mistaken. Others are not mistaken only when they live on the orders of Washington.

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  1. Olegater
    Olegater 8 August 2017 07: 37
    Well, why are these exclusively imperfections howling. It's a shame that you can’t intervene in their affairs and do it according to a cruel scenario. These scumbags immediately grab hold of weapons. But when they take away the omp then let them feel their crap on their own skin.
    1. Finches
      Finches 8 August 2017 07: 44
      Here I came up with a quote from a not-so-good person, Dr. Goebbels, which he wrote about the British, which is absolutely true about the Americans! However, radish horseradish is not sweeter:"The British around the world are known for their lack of conscience in politics. They are experts in the art of hiding their crimes behind the façade of decency. They have done this for centuries, and it has become such a part of their nature that they themselves no longer notice this trait. They act with such a kind expression and with such absolute seriousness that they even convince themselves that they are an example of political innocence. They will not admit their hypocrisy. Never an Englishman will wink at another and say: “but we understand what we mean.” They not only lead themselves as an example of purity and integrity - they believe in themselves. It's both funny and dangerous. "
      1. forty-eighth
        forty-eighth 8 August 2017 08: 56
        Goebbels cannot be trusted
        1. rotmistr60
          rotmistr60 8 August 2017 09: 31
          The British around the world are known for their lack of conscience in politics.

          As much as we would not like, but in this case, Goebels is right. It is enough to recall the Russian-Turkish wars where the British acted as instigators and helped with weapons and advisers. Civil war - who helped the Basmachi? And tyagomotin with a second front in the 2nd MV? There are more than enough examples. Anglo-Saxons (Britain, United States) have always been enemies of Russia.
    2. siberalt
      siberalt 8 August 2017 07: 55
      Passion for self-excitation does not lead to good. And here is some kind of political fetishism, however. It is necessary to be treated, gentlemen! belay
    3. okko077
      okko077 8 August 2017 11: 23
      Very scanty article, if we mention the outskirts and pi_ndosov. We must remember the author that the Maidan was prepared and organized at the embassy of pi_ndosiya in Kiev, and the reason for the beginning was the provocation of fascists against the security forces organized by pi_ndosi and the setup of stupid students gathered via the Internet for a simple rally. The Nazis suddenly attacked the security forces and retreated towards the students and disappeared, and got to the peacefully standing, pre-assembled ram students, and away we go ... It was the pi_ndosniks who planned everything ..... :-)
  2. Thrall
    Thrall 8 August 2017 07: 39
    The difference is that the offspring of American officials, congressmen and senators do not study and do not live in Russia. And they themselves do not have accounts in Russian banks and they do not settle in Russia after completing a career with stolen millions of Russian rubles.
    Who decides everything at any enterprise? The one who pays employees a salary. Who can interfere in the internal affairs of states in the world is the one who prints the currency used by these states. Only he has the opportunity to build a leading economy and armed forces. The game goes by its rules.
    International law for wimps.
  3. Anarchist
    Anarchist 8 August 2017 07: 44
    It’s necessary to crank up something according to their scenario once. Well, either develop your own, and then send an SMS to the ruins of their society: "This is what happens when WE intervene! Before that, there was only your imagination."
  4. Stas157
    Stas157 8 August 2017 07: 45
    . Washington never tire of blaming Moscow for interference.
    Tired of listening to these excuses before Washington that Moscow did not interfere in the election process. First, those who need it, everyone knows so well that Moscow did not intervene. And secondly, well, if they interfere, why shouldn't we interfere in their processes, all the more we need to intervene. It is only necessary to support the real street opposition, and not the Democrats, or Republicans, as they argue. Who cares who wins, Trump or Clinton!
    1. japs
      japs 8 August 2017 08: 48
      Colleagues on the site have already proposed the option when President Putin modestly admits that he supported Trump in the elections and the “special division of Russian hackers” forced US citizens to vote in the right direction by force. How would Trump react?
    2. Nyrobsky
      Nyrobsky 8 August 2017 10: 47
      Quote: Stas157
      Who cares who wins, Trump or Clinton!

      Big difference. If Clinton had won, then the United States would continue to be in a "tip-top" state and together would shit the whole world. Perhaps a war would have already waged, but not an information one, but quite a "hot" one with all the attendant buns in the form of nuclear mushrooms and radioactive dust. But Trump won, which split both the American elite and one-story and skyscraper America. Now it’s hard to predict what this confrontation will turn out for the United States, but the fact that there began the processes shaking the monolith in government is a fact. Trump is not a successful upstart candidate who somehow won the election by a “miracle”. Behind him clearly stand the great forces that led him to power. The USA is not a country where you can defeat a loner. He would be eliminated, or simply neutralized under any pretext, even at the stage of the election race. Of course, the United States did not shit less, but that unity in the American elite is no longer there. Is that bad for us?
    3. uskrabut
      uskrabut 8 August 2017 16: 56
      Quote: Stas157
      Tired of listening to these excuses before Washington

      I agree, I must say: "We, like the United States, intervene wherever we see fit." And the point.
  5. aszzz888
    aszzz888 8 August 2017 07: 49
    American politicians accusing Russia of something should remember this before pointing a finger at the Russians.

    It seems that the merikatos have no such thing that WHO can indicate them, and therefore they consider themselves to be "exceptional". It's just that no one knocked this arrogance from them, and therefore they behave like that. angry
  6. Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat 8 August 2017 07: 59
    Well, so Mrs. "Chancellor" somehow responded to claims that Germany is not a sovereign country and is completely controlled from Washington in the sense that it is "normal", as they say in Germany and the USA, the same "values", one "view", one "domestic and foreign policy" and it sees no reason for Germany and the United States not to support each other ....
    1. stalkerwalker
      stalkerwalker 8 August 2017 08: 17
      Quote: Monster_Fat
      that it is “normal”, as Germany and the USA say, one “values”, one “views”, one “domestic and foreign policy” and she sees no reason for Germany and the USA not to support each other ...

      Well, kAnEchna! This is yesterday "big and five rubles" ...
      And today, Germany is turning its nose away from the "small and three", in the light of the imposed LNG instead of gas from Gazprom. It sounds somehow strange in the light of common values.
      1. Monster_Fat
        Monster_Fat 8 August 2017 08: 31
        It’s still “not evening” and if America insists, then ..... the chancellor will quickly return to his own words: “You have to pay for freedom” .... It will not go anywhere from the American “friendship” ... .
        1. stalkerwalker
          stalkerwalker 8 August 2017 08: 37
          Quote: Monster_Fat
          She will not get anywhere from the American "friendship" ....

    2. forty-eighth
      forty-eighth 8 August 2017 09: 00
      Well, logically, I do not see the connection between the support of each other by states, the separation of common values ​​and the lack of sovereignty.
  7. pvv113
    pvv113 8 August 2017 08: 52
    everyone remembers how she distributed cookies to the protesters.

    It was the greatest deal.
    1. Catherine II
      Catherine II 8 August 2017 12: 19
      The head of the North American colonies, Peter Minuit (Peter Minuit) received the island in exchange for various trinkets, knives, axes and clothes. In total, during the transaction, goods worth 60 guilders were given. By the time the dollars arrived, this amount was converted to a new currency - 24 dollars. Legend has it that the island was bought from the Canarsis Indians, who lived not in Manhattan itself, but in the territory now called Brooklyn. Thus, it turns out that the Indians, perhaps just going across the island to hunt, made a good deal.

      so it was the Dutch and 60 guilders (of the order of 30 of that time and about 700 of modern dollars). The current valuation of the island's land is approximately 49 billion dollars.
      All countries are involved in the internal affairs of others. USA, Russia, China, etc. are no exception ..
      In politics, all means are good and all have hypocrisy. The main thing WE and THEY..good guys and bad ... their interests.
      It’s time to understand that there are no principles of “good behavior” in politics - lies, deceit, hypocrisy, double standards - this is what ALL politicians on Planet Earth do ... just like most people on the planet do.
      1. uskrabut
        uskrabut 8 August 2017 17: 01
        Quote: Catherine II
        so do ALL the politicians of Planet Earth ... as a matter of fact, and most people on the planet

        Well, direct my thoughts please read laughing
  8. Topotun
    Topotun 8 August 2017 08: 56
    So the question arises - maybe it's time to stop calling their partners? Can opponents say better?
    1. Tolstoevsky
      Tolstoevsky 8 August 2017 16: 59
      if even lovers of iPhones admitted that an economic war is being waged against Russia, partners should be transferred to the status of enemies
  9. Tolstoevsky
    Tolstoevsky 8 August 2017 16: 57
    All states and nations are equal. But some are more equal than others
  10. San Sanych
    San Sanych 8 August 2017 22: 27
    Once an American president said a remarkable phrase about one of the Latin American dictators: he is certainly a son of a bitch, but this is our son of a bitch. It seems that nothing has changed since then. This is the whole philosophy of US foreign policy.