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Indonesia transferred repaired in Belarus Su-27SK

According to the blog bmpd with reference internet portal, August 3, two Su-124SK fighters of the local air force arrived at the Indonesian Air Force Base Sultan Hasanuddin (Makassar, Sulawesi) aboard the heavy transport aircraft An-100-150M-27 of the Ukrainian airline Antonov, which underwent repairs in Belarus at JSC 559 Aviation repair plant "(Baranovichi).

Indonesia transferred repaired in Belarus Su-27SK

They were released by KnAAZ and transferred to Indonesia in the 2003 year. Planes were used in a limited volume, having flown all 693 h and 348 h, respectively. Prior to the transfer of 9 for repairs in December 2015, the cars were in a sludge.

Currently, two Su-559MK Indonesian Air Force fighters are undergoing repairs at 30 Aviation Repair Plant in Baranavichy. They have not been used since 2015 of the year and were delivered to Belarus 15 March 2017 of the year.
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  1. 210ox
    210ox 8 August 2017 06: 16
    Ukrainians pinned up the repaired and not "decommunized" SU ... Money does not smell wassat And you always want to eat ..
    1. 1vlad19
      1vlad19 8 August 2017 07: 58
      And then Ukrainians and Su? We sold Indonesia, and repairs in Belarus. Khokhlovsky only An-124.
    2. Progressor
      Progressor 8 August 2017 11: 31
      Let it be repaired, the main thing is who releases it-
  2. Progressor
    Progressor 8 August 2017 11: 30
    It is good that Indonesia does not forget about our aircraft.
  3. Realtor
    Realtor 10 August 2017 19: 36
    For some reason, the coloring of the samol was made in the colors of the inverted flag of the so-called ukrin.