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American superweapon to attack Iran

Leon Panetta, the head of the Pentagon, said on Thursday that if the United States were going to strike at Iran, then this strike would be much more powerful than the Israeli one. It is not about anything, but about "super-weapon". The report of Lieutenant-General of the American Air Force G. Carlyle gives this "super-weapon" a characteristic: it is intended to destroy nuclear facilities and is a powerful 13,5 ton bomb. This bomb can penetrate a concrete bin with a thickness of 65 meters.

In an interview published in the National Journal weekly, as Interfax reports, Panetta said that if the Israelis decide to strike, it will have an effect. But, as the head of the Pentagon said, it is obvious that the effect of a strike by the United States, if the States only go for it, will be much stronger.

Mr. Carlyle spoke at a conference devoted to defense programs. Lieutenant General said that weapon with such powerful penetration, it entered the US Air Force arsenal at 2011. It was designed specifically to attack countries that hide nuclear facilities underground. Carlisle quotes “A high penetration bomb is a great weapon. We continue to improve it. If necessary, we will use it. ”

Israel and the United States today are diametrically different in the question about the need for bombing Iranian nuclear facilities. Relatively peace-loving Washington believes that the sanctions applied against Iran are quite enough for the latter to completely abandon the military component of its nuclear programs, even if there is one (after all, the States have no evidence of Tehran’s military plans).

But Israel, on the contrary, believes that the Iranians have come too close to creating an atomic bomb. Therefore, in order to eliminate the threat from Iran, Israel should deliver a preemptive strike against Iranian nuclear facilities.

The significant difference in the approaches of the United States and Israel on the Tehran issue was particularly pronounced in early March of 2012, during the meeting in Washington of Benjamin Netanyahu and Barack Obama.

During the talks, the US president convinced the Israeli prime minister that it was too early to talk about Iran’s attack. Netanyahu insisted that Tel Aviv "could no longer wait that long." Netanyahu intimidated the US president about the consequences of Iran’s possession of nuclear weapons, thereby seeking US support for their own plans.
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  1. lars
    lars 9 March 2012 10: 59
    "During the talks, the US president convinced the Israeli prime minister that it was too early to talk about the Iran attack. Netanyahu insisted that Tel Aviv “can no longer wait so long"".
    Another example of a cheap performance! Amer’s peacefulness knocks a tear straight crying
  2. vadimus
    vadimus 9 March 2012 10: 59
    In order to throw off such a fool, you also need to fly without obstacles, which seems to be not easy ...
  3. Sergh
    Sergh 9 March 2012 11: 00
    Bet you won’t fight! Amer with this freely falling bomb, as with a written shell, is worn, they show everyone in advertising. Horror show. After all, a bomber can fill up.
    1. Sibiryak
      Sibiryak 9 March 2012 11: 49
      Amers have this type of ammunition and this is not a secret, so the show is most likely designed for certain actions.
      The bomb is most likely not a free fall, but a correctable one, they don’t throw themselves at such areal objects, otherwise it makes no sense to create it. They can only be cast from a strategist, for maximum penetrating effect a large height is required. Although the permeability of 65 meters of concrete is a fairy tale, in my opinion!
      The effective use of this ammunition will be only with the combined massed aerial airstrike, simultaneously at the air defense facilities and the nuclear facility. Apparently due to the lack of a complete picture (information) about Iran’s air defense, the amers are trying to find out what kind of retaliatory action Iran will take, because certain preparations for repelling this kind of aggression cannot be hidden. So the Iranian has something to think about!
      1. VAF
        VAF 9 March 2012 12: 22
        Quote: Sibiryak
        They can only be cast from a strategist, for maximum penetrating effect a large height is required

        In the first part, yes, because only a strategist will be able to convey such a weight, but the second is not necessary!
        In the United States adopted a new anti-bunker bomb MOP (Massive Ordnance Penetrator). Its weight was 13,6 tons. The supply of such ammunition is carried out under a contract worth $ 32 million, concluded with the American concern Boeing in August 2011. In total, Boeing must hand over to the military eight bombs that the US Air Force plans to use in the event of military operations in the DPRK or Iran.

        The new bomb will be able to carry long-range bombers B-2 Spirit, which can take on board 23 tons. Each MOP bomb, equipped with a GPS system, contains about 2,5 tons of explosives and is primarily intended for the destruction of underground protected storage facilities for weapons of mass destruction. The length of the MOP is 6 m. The depth of penetration of the ammunition into the reinforced concrete is 60,9 m. This is ten times higher than that used today by the GBU-28 bombs, nicknamed the “Deep Throat”.
        But in their official reports they write: "Bombs are being developed that cut through 60 feet of cocrete." And how is this to be understood?

        MOP development began in the USA in 2002. The internal components of the bomb were created by US companies Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin, while Boeing was designing the shell and testing the ammunition. The first MOP test took place in March 2007: a bomb was dropped on a tunnel at the White Sands training ground in New Mexico
        But this is already close to the truth:
        The Pentagon concluded that the most powerful non-nuclear anti-bunker bomb GBU-57 / B could not cope with the fortified underground facilities of the Iranian nuclear program. The bomb is also known as the “Massive Ordnance Penetrator”. The development of the bomb was carried out to defeat the underground facilities of the DPRK and Iran, where they conduct the development of nuclear programs. To such conclusions, the military experts of the United States came after conducting a series of tests 13.6 ton GBU-57 / B. The underground premises of Iranian facilities are either very deep underground or have increased protection. In order to rectify the situation at the beginning of 2012, Pentagon representatives are appealing to the US Congress asking for funding to upgrade the GBU-57 / B anti-bunker bomb. It is about 80 millions of dollars.
        1. Sibiryak
          Sibiryak 9 March 2012 12: 48
          Quote: veteran.air force
          The depth of penetration of ammunition in reinforced concrete is 60,9 m.

          This statement speaks only about the power of ammunition and concrete-breaking characteristics, and nothing more. Secondly, the technology for constructing underground structures, at the moment, is built on the basis of calculating the use of ammunition in nuclear equipment on them!
          Quote: veteran.air force
          But in their official reports they write: "Bombs are being developed that cut through 60 feet of cocrete." And how is this to be understood?

          Feet, it's not the same thing as meters!
          1. VAF
            VAF 9 March 2012 13: 26
            Quote: Sibiryak
            Feet, it's not the same thing as meters!

            Am I so "deeply buried and camouflaged" my irony in the commentary that you did not notice it and did not understand it ??? lol
      2. Internet fighter
        Internet fighter 9 March 2012 12: 53
        Although the permeability of 65 meters of concrete is a fairy tale, in my opinion!

        I think the Persians need to break through the rock, not concrete ... But the difference between concrete and, say, basalt, is still there. yes
  4. esaul
    esaul 9 March 2012 11: 03
    What else can you scare the rebellious Iran with ?! Of course, the use of "superweapons"! Well, Ahmadinejad doesn’t listen to horror stories that have already set the teeth on edge, and think of new ones. As a gopota intimidates - "Do you know this? And - this?" - the enemy, and the states are not far from them ... But, weakening the vigilance of the Persians is not a trace! angry
    1. VAF
      VAF 9 March 2012 12: 28
      Quote: esaul
      What else can you scare the rebellious Iran with ?! Of course, the use of "superweapons"!

      Absolutely accurately noticed, only to scare, because:
      The beginning of the test "Massive Ordnance Penetrator" - 2004 year. After successful flight tests 2008-2010, the bomb goes into service with the United States Air Force. According to official figures, today the Air Force has 20 anti-bunker bombs. The integration of GBU-57 / B with bombers, according to the contract signed in 2009, was conducted by Boeing Corporation. The cost of the entire program for creating data bombs 330 millions of dollars. In the event of a military conflict with Iran, the use of GBU-57 / B is still a Pentagon backup plan. Major deliveries to the Air Force GBU-57 / B began in September 2011. At the moment, the full integration of anti-bunker bombs and the USAF B-2 bomber has been carried out. The bomb creation program was funded by DTRA. The main objective of the program is to create 30 000-pound non-nuclear bombs to penetrate special underground defenses. Massive Ordnance Penetrator was specially designed to destroy well-fortified bunkers and tunnel underpasses. The bomb was developed taking into account the placement on board of the B-2 and B-52 bombers. Bombs are dropped from aircraft at high altitude. To control the fall of the bomb GBU-57 / B is equipped with a global positioning navigation system, short wings and tail grille. Compared with its predecessor, the BLU-109 bomb, the power of the new GBU-57 / B bomb increased by more than 10 times.
      BUT: Main characteristics of GBU-57 / B:
      - length 6.2 meter;
      - diameter 80 centimeters;
      - mass of explosive 2.7 tons;
      - punching characteristics: up to 60 meters of ordinary underground reinforced concrete defenses and up to 8 meters of reinforced underground reinforced concrete defenses. FEEL THE DIFFERENCE ?!
      - The number of bombs on one 2 bomber unit.

      Well, with this the amers themselves confirmed:
      Additional Information
      Officially, the Pentagon has denied an obvious connection to the increased power of the GBU-57 / B and the situation in Iran. “Further development and modification of the anti-bunker bomb is not a warning to any particular country. We, the United States, are simply obliged to have such weapons in our arsenal, first of all, to combat such a phenomenon as terrorism, ”- said the official representative of the US military D.Little.
  5. raptor_fallout
    raptor_fallout 9 March 2012 11: 04
    Interesting and if such a fool and the Pentagon?
    1. sergo0000
      sergo0000 9 March 2012 11: 15
      And if before taking off from an aircraft carrier !?
  6. Anatoly
    Anatoly 9 March 2012 11: 13
    It is interesting that if Putin’s initiative to unilaterally lift the sanction against Iran is accepted, can S-300 shipments be possible? This could play a decisive role in a future conflict.
    If anti-aircraft defense covers objects, no super-bomb will reach ...
  7. Max79
    Max79 9 March 2012 11: 18
    They will regret if they drop a bomb. The whole, radical Islamic world will turn in their direction. There will be explosions in shops, shopping centers, stops ... Just a guerrilla war, a sluggish war will begin, which will exhaust the Americans to the ground, in addition, the US economy breathes incense. fool
  8. Uralm
    Uralm 9 March 2012 11: 19
    And I read it. "superweapon". I think what was it created?
    Here it is. Depleted uranium blank weighing 13 kg
  9. bereg
    bereg 9 March 2012 11: 24
    this is most likely their mom of bombs in the anti-bunker version, and more likely that this is a favorite PR
  10. APASUS
    APASUS 9 March 2012 11: 36
    Something tells me that getting such a bomb into the bunker will not be easy.
  11. ward
    ward 9 March 2012 11: 37
    Now, if people who believed in this miracle bomb studied in the eighth grade of the Soviet school ... then by simple calculations they would be convinced that the penetration depth with a weight of 10 tons and a speed of 800 km. hour. will be 2 (two) meters in rocky soil .... The speed 800 km is obtained from the calculation of the aerodynamic drag of a freely falling object from an altitude of 10 km. at a reset speed of 700 km. (B-52) when calculating, it was taken into account that the strength of the case corresponds to tungsten ... So the wunderdelwafle ...
    1. APASUS
      APASUS 9 March 2012 11: 53
      Quote: ward
      So wunderdelwafle ...

      Imagine if the crew of the aircraft falls under fire and the bomb explodes on the plane .............................. then the aircraft crew will be able to be at home at home on the ranch, in a matter of seconds !!!!!!!
  12. bereg
    bereg 9 March 2012 11: 38
    how much they need, the price is probably also American
  13. old rocket man
    old rocket man 9 March 2012 11: 39
    This is an ordinary cumulative bomb, it’s just very large. I doubt that one will pierce 65 meters of concrete, and delivery is possible only with the complete suppression of air defense. As always, more cheeks are puffed up, cheering on themselves, especially in an uncontrolled version you still have to get pretty accurately, and this is not one or two, they’ll let me fly wherever I want, don’t tell my slippers, amers will have to fight in an adult way, but oh they don’t want to
  14. Sniper 1968
    Sniper 1968 9 March 2012 11: 45
    Superfights with your superweapon. What should Iran do now? sad
  15. Igarr
    Igarr 9 March 2012 11: 51
    Another horror story ...
    "The United States Army possesses a range of ammunition aimed at destroying underground targets. The most powerful of them is the GBU-57 MOP (Massive Ordnance Penetrator), a bunker-bunker munition weighing over 13,5 tons, which is part of the arsenal of striking weapons of strategic bombers B-52 and "Invisible" B-2.

    In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, US Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta reaffirmed MOP's flaws against some Iranian underground bunkers.

    “We are still trying to refine them (ammunition),” Panetta said, noting that he was soon expecting an improved model of a bomb that could cope with the deepest bunker.
    According to open data, the penetration depth of GBU-57 reaches 60 meters, in the case of rocky soil - up to 40 meters, and in special cases even less. At the same time, according to American experts, Iranian facilities, such as the giant underground complex Fordu, where uranium is produced, can "go underground" for 80 meters or more.
    The most powerful non-nuclear American bomb is not capable of destroying Iran’s underground nuclear facilities, Pentagon military experts say, The Wall Street Journal writes.

    Recent tests of the American Massive Ordnance Penetrator (MOP) bomb have shown that it does not have enough power to hit some Iranian underground targets due to its improved defense system. "

    Not only our military ministers are cutting the budget.
    Foreign - how much better they do it.
    1. old rocket man
      old rocket man 9 March 2012 12: 05
      Quote: Igarr
      Not only our military ministers are cutting the budget.
      Foreign - where to do it better

      And then, they have more practice than ours, and all education and training are sharpened for this
  16. Uralm
    Uralm 9 March 2012 11: 55
    Well, I do not believe 70 meters of concrete breaks through. Let the tips from about. uranium. accelerators, etc. Maybe they had such concrete in testing? Fresh. only from the mixer?
    In normal concrete, a dowel nail enters 5 mm. and breaks
    1. old rocket man
      old rocket man 9 March 2012 12: 08
      Do not believe everything written, folk wisdom, On the fences, too, they write a lot of things, put it, and there - a nail
  17. Volkhov
    Volkhov 9 March 2012 12: 15
    The bomb is really powerful, it is better to replace the word concrete with soil, but its main task is to mask the use of small nuclear charges, possibly direct fusion, which can really do something, and single large-sized bombs of a conventional design are not very dangerous for a large state.
  18. Beetle-a
    Beetle-a 9 March 2012 12: 15
    Interesting and if such a fool and the Pentagon?
    No, God forbid, the whole world splashes shit.
  19. raptor_fallout
    raptor_fallout 9 March 2012 12: 20
    Quote: Beetle-A
    No, God forbid, the whole world splashes shit.

    And what if shit constantly flies out of this toilet laughing , the whole world was cheated, so let’s go better once, but at least there will be no push.
  20. sergskak
    sergskak 9 March 2012 12: 31
    - During the talks, the US president convinced the Israeli prime minister that it was too early to talk about the Iranian attack. Netanyahu insisted that Tel Aviv "can no longer wait so long."They are just like a husband and wife: one is almost done, and the other is trying.
    1. old rocket man
      old rocket man 9 March 2012 12: 41
      Yeah, rather, she already has corn on her stomach, but he still hasn’t gotten up
  21. Juga
    Juga 9 March 2012 13: 34
    Sixty meters of reinforced concrete, the height of a twenty-story building, yes to break through, and then tear - I DO NOT BELIEVE! (with)
    Take our silos, if I'm not mistaken, the concrete grade "M-1000", a man received a bunch of patents for the technology of pouring such a composition, the amers said that this could not be ... And what they consider "a special case" and "reinforced concrete", Have you tried to observe the pouring technology or have you taken away the cement by hacienda?
    PS Himself a builder in the past.
    1. Tyumen
      Tyumen 9 March 2012 16: 09
      I also remember the Soviet norms of military construction - cement grade 600,
      200 kg of steel reinforcement per cubic meter. I think at nuclear facilities
      norms are no less. I also doubt that such a thickness at all
      it is possible to break through.
      1. Juga
        Juga 9 March 2012 16: 36
        Here is a run, found:
        One of the developers of nuclear shelters was Konstantin Ivanovich Bashlai. The name of this person is known only to a narrow circle of dedicated specialists. And this is understandable. For many years he headed the top secret Central Research Institute-26 of the Ministry of Defense.

        The institute was engaged in "engineering support of the Armed Forces." What's super secret? It turns out a lot. The construction of missile defense facilities, ballistic missile launch complexes, reserve underground command posts, hidden metro lines and much more, which still belonged to the category of the highest state secrets.

        1000 and not one secret of Konstantin Bashlai

        One of the greatest secrets that architects and builders have kept for millennia is the impregnability of the fortresses. They tried to build walls around the world that could withstand any siege. With the advent of artillery, it became clear that the age of fortifications had sunk into oblivion. And when the Soviet military builders were tasked with building a fortress withstanding the impact of a nuclear bomb, this might have seemed absurd. But the head of the 26th Central Research Institute, Major General Konstantin Bashlai, listened to a seemingly fantastic order, complied with it and reported it!

        Only concrete of grade 1000 could give special strength to engineering structures. In world construction, the maximum that was used is brand 500. It was considered extremely difficult and unproductive to work with a thousandth. One rocket mine from such concrete was built in the USSR for more than six months, and even then there remained the risk of technological marriage, which reduced all labor to nothing.

        Bashlai, on the other hand, managed to reveal the secret of the high-speed laying of this capricious and unyielding material. Figuratively speaking, he found a way to turn a granite monolith into pliable plasticine, mold it into the desired shape, and then return the "plasticine" to the hardness of granite, removing its fragility.

        Bashlaya technology allowed to strengthen the finished mines with 1000 grade concrete in two days instead of the previous six months.

        At the end of the seventies, all Soviet mine launchers of the Strategic Missile Forces units and all command posts were strengthened according to the method proposed by Konstantin Bashlai, and the USSR received truly impregnable underground fortresses. Tests at the training ground in Semipalatinsk showed that even in the event of a nuclear warhead explosion tens of meters from the protected mine, it remained intact.

        If the Soviet Union had been subjected to a sudden nuclear attack, then the Strategic Missile Forces would remain virtually invulnerable and could deliver a crushing blow.

        It is possible that it was this fact that prompted the United States to slow down the pace of the nuclear arms race and to sign the well-known strategic arms limitation treaties. By the way, they could not cope with the 1000 grade concrete and could not build nuclear arsenals that were protected in our country overseas.

    2. Login_Off
      Login_Off 9 March 2012 16: 57
      Quote: Juha
      concrete grade "M-1000"

      Looks like you have not been a builder for a long time. Marks left the definition already 15 years ago, and maybe more.
      M-1000 brand is yours, it’s approximately class B25 concrete, it’s quite ordinary building concrete laughing
  22. ward
    ward 9 March 2012 14: 02
    Steering wheels judging by the photo are straight ... it's finally a speed of the order of 500-600 km. The cumulative stream ... there is a cube rule .... with 2.5 tons of meters 5 it turns out ... It looks like a wiring ...
  23. Hedgehog
    Hedgehog 9 March 2012 14: 50
    Yeah, they’re throwing sandwiches out of obesity and laughing
  24. Odinplys
    Odinplys 9 March 2012 14: 58
    How, in turn, to temporarily place nuclear weapons on a cube ... and withdraw when the need disappears ...
  25. yorik_gagarin
    yorik_gagarin 11 March 2012 10: 02
    A deep throat is truly a Pennindos name ..... Big Well ..... pa, steep eggs, ........
  26. Alx1miK
    Alx1miK 30 June 2012 14: 44
    They just talk about hitting another country. Democracy.