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Media: Poland threatened to abandon the purchase of Patriot from the US

The Polish Defense Ministry threatened the US that it would refuse to buy Patriot air defense systems if, along with the US systems, it does not provide Poland with production technologies as part of the deal. The Ministry of Defense of the Republic notified the Pentagon of this in a letter, according to the portal. Defense News with reference to the text of the document.

The letter was sent to the US Department of Defense Office of Military Cooperation 15 July. It states that the United States must first transfer to Poland the elements of the integrated control system technology and the PAC-3 radar system, as well as launchers. Later, the conditions for the transfer of classified information, which will allow the production of SkyCeptor missiles and gallium nitride based radars to be transferred to Poland, should be agreed upon, RIA reports News.

Media: Poland threatened to abandon the purchase of Patriot from the US

After the content of the message began to leak into the media, the Polish ministry published on its website a statement on this issue, in which it tried to soften the wording. The message indicated that Poland "will continue negotiations in the spirit of mutual understanding." The ministry also blamed the media for disseminating the text of the letter in an attempt to spoil relations between the two states and the use of "selective passages" from inter-agency correspondence between Poland and the United States.

We remind you that in early July, the Polish Ministry of National Defense and the US Department of Defense signed an agreement on the supply of a Patriot air defense system to Warsaw. The document was signed during the visit to Poland of US President Donald Trump to Warsaw. It is expected that the systems will be transferred to Poland before 2022.
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  1. Roma 1977
    Roma 1977 4 August 2017 13: 50
    This is hutspa !!! I recognize the school.
    1. oleg-gr
      oleg-gr 4 August 2017 14: 00
      Threatened and what? Bargain for a freebie.
      1. Tatyana
        Tatyana 4 August 2017 14: 20
        Polish Ministry of Defense threatens US refuse to purchase air defense systems Patriot, if, together with systems, the United States does not provide Poland with production technology as part of the transaction.
        And where did the Poles see this, so that the United States, along with the sale of its products, would also provide the buyer with the technology for their production as part of the transaction ?! Haha Americans competitors! Especially the Fuhrer-like Poles!
        The Poles in their sovereign conceit were completely stunned! They have an opinion about themselves, like a dream flight above the sky!
        Such a statement of the Poles in an extreme case only leads to an attempt by Poland to abandon the pro-American militarization of its country! It’s still possible to understand somehow - but only come to your senses late! In general, this is done by the Poles, as always, through the mind, not through the head, but ....
        1. avdkrd
          avdkrd 4 August 2017 14: 27
          In-in, give the Poles the technology of the Patriots, right there the whole pack will require F-35 technology. It seems that the Poles changed their minds at the expense of the Patriots - they put impossible conditions for the states.
          1. Shurik70
            Shurik70 4 August 2017 20: 47
            Quote: avdkrd
            In-in, give the Poles the technology of the Patriots, right there ...

            If you give the Poles the technology of "Patriots", in three months China will trade them
            But what a fortune that, as a result of the Revolution, Poland separated from Russia, and as a result of the counter-revolution, ceased to be our ally!
            How much I read news from there, so much I rejoice!
          2. voyaka uh
            voyaka uh 5 August 2017 09: 06
            About the production of missiles for the Patriot in Poland has already been agreed.
            And the Americans agreed.
            The new requirement applies only to radars.
            1. Zaurbek
              Zaurbek 5 August 2017 10: 27
              The Poles then want to sell rockets and radars to other Patriot users in the world? is this all fuss? Agree, the sales potential within Poland is small ....
              1. voyaka uh
                voyaka uh 5 August 2017 12: 22
                No. The Poles want to produce ammunition (rockets) for the complex.
                This is a reasonable requirement. A radar, I think, to raise the level of its military industry. This is a complex AFAR, and learning how to do it is useful for Polish engineers. It will be impossible to sell anyway without the consent of Raiseon and the American Defense Ministry. Missiles, by the way, they are going to buy (and produce) the coolest ones that are - not the usual Patriot MIM-104, but Stunner - a unique "cranked" missile defense developed for the Israeli David Sling system.
                I don’t know how they are going to combine the Patriot's SLA with the Stunner from Sling.
                But why, understandably - to intercept the Iskanders. Although this has never been tested.
                1. Zaurbek
                  Zaurbek 6 August 2017 09: 05
                  And if they refuse to transfer technology?
        2. Solomon Kane
          Solomon Kane 4 August 2017 14: 30
          Good afternoon, Tatyana! The proximity of the borders of Poland and Ukraine badly affects the well-being of Poland. Syphilis of the brain (in Ukraine) belay - the disease is contagious and very ....
    2. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 4 August 2017 14: 15
      Only the day before yesterday I recalled this topic, I thought if they still refuse wink
  2. Solomon Kane
    Solomon Kane 4 August 2017 13: 51
    We will not be able to make (copy), we are not able to, but the technology should be. For order. Pshekski purely ... wassat
    1. Roma 1977
      Roma 1977 4 August 2017 14: 48
      They can be understood. Polish politicians should convince the Polish people that Poland has become a Great Power with Technology (it’s a shame to hear every time in a dispute with the Russians: “Poland Kennott Into Space!”). So we are waiting for a purely formal "technology transfer" on two A4 sheets with a drawing and a block diagram.
      1. Solomon Kane
        Solomon Kane 4 August 2017 14: 54
        .... drawing and block diagram.
        "by hand" ...
  3. aszzz888
    aszzz888 4 August 2017 14: 01
    Polish Ministry of Defense threatens US
    ... the tail begins to wag the dog ... laughing
    1. Nasrat
      Nasrat 4 August 2017 14: 15
      Quote: aszzz888
      ... the tail begins to wag the dog ... laughing

      It would be necessary to give a kick under the tail ... wassat
    2. hrych
      hrych 5 August 2017 06: 00
      Quote: aszzz888
      the tail begins to wag the dog.

      At least they think so to the Poles laughing The other day we hit Germany. Something painfully familiar, oh yes, the behavior before the next section of Poland wassat
  4. igorra
    igorra 4 August 2017 14: 02
    The Americans are not Russian; they will not transfer damage to production. Or what became the indispensable "bitch sons"? Forgot what your Sikorsky said about suction?
  5. Thracian warrior
    Thracian warrior 4 August 2017 14: 09
    Why did you suddenly need Matserevich’s technology "Patriot" - eh? He's definitely not an agent of the Kremlin?
  6. You Vlad
    You Vlad 4 August 2017 14: 16
    It’s like in that joke: The husband beats his fist on the table in anger! Who is the boss in the house? Here the head slap from his wife flies! Husband: what can’t you even ask? smile Poland will rub off, the more so colonies have nothing to do with such technologies.
  7. Polite Moose
    Polite Moose 4 August 2017 14: 23
    Poland will refuse the deal - the USA will refuse Poland. The hedgehog’s scarecrows were frightened ... But their self-esteem after such a statement must have skyrocketed.
    1. APASUS
      APASUS 4 August 2017 14: 37
      Quote: Polite Elk
      Poland will refuse the deal - the USA will refuse Poland. Scared psheks of a hedgehog naked

      Poland will not refuse the contract, but the technology will remain in the USA. Americans do not like to share technology, share technology with their slave, as it’s not quite ...............
  8. The comment was deleted.
    1. LeonidL
      LeonidL 5 August 2017 01: 57
      You can say: "But ho-ho, not huh hu?"
  9. Topotun
    Topotun 4 August 2017 14: 51
    The hedgehog was frightened by a bare hell. Where are they going? They’ll buy as cute and thanks in public they will speak ....
  10. Romanenko
    Romanenko 4 August 2017 15: 35
    Well, psheki handsome!
    They licked, licked, and as the pin-dos relaxed, their pinches on the ass.
    It is not in vain that they have such a difficult story - they broke up @@ with everyone and, as a result, raked from all their neighbors, but they still bend their line.
  11. Rusj
    Rusj 4 August 2017 15: 38
    It seems that Psheki completely lost the coast! It is contagious Ukraine, however, that there is no doubt that the slaves are wretched!
  12. Staff
    Staff 4 August 2017 17: 18
    It's weird. Come to the seller and threaten that he will not buy something.
  13. gloomy fox
    gloomy fox 4 August 2017 17: 42
    for me it’s better they’ve not only been given nothing, and they haven’t sold it!
  14. Dart
    Dart 4 August 2017 18: 20
    India stole bad example sets ....
  15. oldzek
    oldzek 4 August 2017 18: 27
    they will give, they will give! And the "patriots" for money or bases, and the technologies for the production of their BUT only when they become obsolete IMHO
  16. Incvizitor
    Incvizitor 4 August 2017 19: 54
    Did the little dog decide to snap back at the owner? Have you kicked for a long time?
  17. AID.S
    AID.S 4 August 2017 21: 47
    It looks like the Poles have a mouth with teeth!
  18. Disorder
    Disorder 5 August 2017 01: 32
    It’s interesting, who from whom did you pick up stupidity - pshek from ukrov or uk.ry from pshek?
    1. LeonidL
      LeonidL 5 August 2017 01: 56
      Idiocy and insanity apparently have a viral nature and therefore do not recognize boundaries and are infectious ...
    2. Incvizitor
      Incvizitor 5 August 2017 02: 46
      Well, fools like psheks earlier started though something like other litter.
  19. LeonidL
    LeonidL 5 August 2017 01: 55
    Poland followed Turkey decided to purchase S-300 from Russia ....