Military Review

The military situation in Syria: the conflict in the ranks of the Syrian forces

On Wednesday, in the area of ​​the Palmyra-Deir-ez-Zor highway, the SAA and the National Defense Forces launched a direct assault on ISIS-controlled city of Al-Sukhna. Government forces occupied ISIS fortifications south and west of the city, stormed the southwestern entrance to the city and occupied several buildings. The offensive was supported by combat aviation Syria and Russia.


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  1. Che burashka
    Che burashka 4 August 2017 13: 02
    ???? Something I did not understand ...... but where is the conflict? What is the actual news then?
    1. Delink
      Delink 5 August 2017 07: 26
      So I read and did not understand what was the catch?
      Recently, articles began to appear with headings different from the content.
      Or is this a new generation of "zhurnalyug" with a Western education working.
      1. Azbuka zvuka
        Azbuka zvuka 6 August 2017 22: 31
        Watch the video and everything will become clear.
    HEATHER 4 August 2017 17: 17
    The result is strange.
  3. vkfriendly
    vkfriendly 5 August 2017 15: 42
    website in media2 or rambler turns ?, luring catchy headlines.
  4. Andrey Fuchs
    Andrey Fuchs 9 August 2017 17: 27
    No matter how Russophobes say, but what Russia is doing is super! We won’t slam everyone, but we’ll have at least less scum! Glory to our Warriors