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400 Relatively Fair European Ways to Bypass US Anti-Russian Sanctions

In Western information sources, the topic of how Western companies bypass or try to circumvent the anti-Russian sanctions pushed by the United States of America is gaining momentum in popularity. As you know, our hotly adored partners brought sanctions against Russia to an extreme degree of absurdity, thus trying to provoke popular ferments, and with the indispensable desire of the people to meet the American liberators with bread and salt. But here's the ill luck: the people with bread and salt are not in a hurry to the American embassy, ​​they do not fall to their knees before the photograph of the interiors of the Oval Office. Not only that, and many Western companies have decided that Uncle Sam is, of course, big and formidable, but it is not always necessary to look into his mouth. When Uncle Sam turns around or goes to the wind, the creative vein of representatives of business structures quickly finds himself, in fact demonstrating that any sanctions in the modern world can be circumvented, overlooked, jumped over, kicked off, etc. etc. Even if these sanctions are imposed by the most exceptional of the exceptional powers of the universe.

More than others are killed about this Reuters, who can not move away from the Siemens turbines supplied through subsidiaries in the Crimea (although there still need to be proved). Can not move, but here again like snow on the head. Uncle Sam decided to cheat not only the Germans, but now, as it turns out, also the Norwegians. Everyone wants to eat, and Washington is trying more and more to cut the rations for its "partners." So go on tricks.

The aforementioned Reuters published another “exposing article” the other day, in which it is told about how the Norwegian companies are trying to inflate the Big American brother. The article is more like a sort of Western version of the slander, but attention deserves not so much the material itself, but the fact that more and more of its foreign partners are sending the American “uncle”. While sending a whisper, while the final address of the "journey" even in a whisper well traced.

So, about the “revealingly” Reuter elegantly disgraceful Norwegian scheme. As is known, the so-called slate industry came under US sanctions. In simple terms, the United States effectively banned those who supported the sanctions from entering into trade and technological relations with the Russian Federation where it relates to the production of shale hydrocarbons. So they wrote "shale hydrocarbons." Instead of making Norwegians a finger, realizing that profits flow from hands in an unknown direction, they decided to make a knight's move and simply replace one word in contracts with Russian companies.

The Norwegian Statoil changed the word “shale” to “limy”, and it went ... At the same time, Statoil’s managers didn’t conceal the fact that the US sanctions policy got them out. They say: your sanctions apply to shale “reservoirs”, and we, along with Rosneft, do not touch shale at all, but we drill deeper at the level of lime deposits. You will impose sanctions on the lime layers, “find” other layers that are not subject to prohibitive measures.

400 Relatively Fair European Ways to Bypass US Anti-Russian Sanctions

One can imagine how much poison was poured from the organisms of those who, in the US Congress, chewed bubblegum day and night with the aim of giving birth to sanctions that would really ruin the Russian economy, and even make European partners dance under the American pipe.

Poison poured out even more when Reuters published the continuation of his saga about 400 and one relatively honest way of circumventing overseas sanctions measures. The material stated that they decided to take advantage of the Norwegian experience (oh, horror!) And the closest allies of the States are true shavers. Thus, the British company BP is also ready to move away from the use of the word “shale” in the contract, automatically releasing itself from the sanction chains. Moreover, a large British company came out with such an initiative on the government of the United Kingdom. And the government, if somewhere the shadow of an American stick with nails does not flash, there is no reason to refuse BP. After all, nobody really imposed sanctions on “lime tanks”, and even if sanctions are imposed, it is only after the fact that it opens work with Rosneft for the British on “lime” layers. And since we are talking about billions in profits, then the American-British "alliance" is testing itself.

Against this background, the sanctions Gazprom once again gained access to the OPAL gas pipeline a thousand times. It is the largest gas artery in Germany, which supplies gas from the Nord Stream gas pipeline systems to continental Europe. For some time now, OPAL has been virtually silent as access to it has been blocked for Gazprom. And so, on the eve, it turned out that the Russian gas giant again has 40% share of the total gas pipeline capacity. Gas transit through Ukraine was cut off immediately. And then some people in the West remembered that the Opala compressor station in Brandenburg was built by Siemens. Well, what are you going to do ... again Siemens imposed something on the sanctions? ..

And if we take into account that OPAL has a continuation in the form of the Czech gas pipeline Gazel, which goes to Slovakia, we can assume that soon the reverse of the Slovak gas will become somewhat more expensive for Ukraine ...

Now, in the West, they are wondering who exactly opened access to Opal to Gazprom, in effect spitting on the so-called third energy package. However, whoever turned out to be this mysterious discoverer of Opal for Gazprom, the European Commission, in fact, has no reason to complain. The fact is that the Russian gas giant received its share at a public auction. Nobody has simply pulled this auction ... Except for Gazprom ... Everything is economically clean - the third energy package remained not violated ... That is, the sanctions again remained somewhere along the port side.

It remains to wait for new publications about how partners Uncle Sam, demonstrating that the sanctions games they began to bother, will generate new ways to honestly fiddle restrictions in economic contacts with Russia.
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  1. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 4 August 2017 05: 43
    Good news. Pleased. Europe is really tired of the striped-eared elephant in its china shop. They have not decided yet to shoot, but they are already slowly sprinkling.
    1. The comment was deleted.
      1. Volodin
        4 August 2017 07: 58
        Quote: morm
        No matter how much the author of the article puffs up, but Putin’s Russia today in the world is viewed as a source of threats, and not a country for cooperation.

        Troll under the flag of Armenia. Interestingly, the girls are dancing ... At the very "aggressive Putin's Russia" how many relatives?

        And do not give out the opinion of the swamp trolls for the opinion of "the whole world".
      2. Okolotochny
        Okolotochny 4 August 2017 08: 22
        Putin's Russia

        For victims of American propaganda - There is no Putin's Russia, there is simply Russia or the Russian Federation. By the way, at the expense of Russia, the Armenians survived. And now in Russia they are not living badly. Both Armenia and Karabakh exist while there is Russia. Your market is closed in the morning, what are you sitting on the site?
    2. siberalt
      siberalt 4 August 2017 08: 56
      The EU will split into two camps - for and against sanctions. Eastern Europe and the Young Europeans will be in favor.
  2. Sergey-8848
    Sergey-8848 4 August 2017 05: 44
    Openly "master of the entire planet" Of course, sending and ignoring vassals is afraid. However, everyone wants money, so many more schemes to circumvent stupid sanctions will be invented. And the simplest one that Reuters did not think of is resale through third countries. As a result, a third party also receives a kalym.
    For example, during the reconstruction of our refinery (Chkalovsky) pipes and equipment are used with might and main - French, Italian, Japanese, etc., etc., etc., etc. Everyone wants money, only Americans (in full accordance with the covenants of MN Zadornov) remain out of work.
  3. The comment was deleted.
    1. The comment was deleted.
  4. Masya masya
    Masya masya 4 August 2017 06: 50
    They decided to make a move with a horse and simply replace one word in contracts with Russian companies.

    1. Nikolaevich I
      Nikolaevich I 4 August 2017 13: 21
      Go horse ... Lovely! Business then just replace the horse with a horse! lol
  5. ADmA_RUS
    ADmA_RUS 4 August 2017 07: 34
    Marx with his 300% is still relevant)
    1. Alexey RA
      Alexey RA 4 August 2017 10: 07
      Quote: ADmA_RUS
      Marx with his 300% is still relevant)

      This is Dunning, not Marx.
      Capital is afraid of lack of profit or profit too small, just as nature is afraid of emptiness. But once sufficient profit is available, capital becomes bold. Provide 10%, and the capital agrees to any use, at 20% it becomes lively, at 50% it is positively ready to break its head, at 100% it violates all human laws, at 300% there is no crime that he would not risk, at least under pain of the gallows. If noise and abuse bring profit, capital will contribute to both. Evidence: smuggling and trafficking in slaves.
      1. ADmA_RUS
        ADmA_RUS 4 August 2017 13: 27
        Thank. I'll know.
  6. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 4 August 2017 07: 51
    When huge money is at stake, brisk lawyers of companies will find a loophole in any law.
  7. Okolotochny
    Okolotochny 4 August 2017 08: 26
    I will offer 401 a way to force the full gasification of Russia. And the "national treasure" will have no headaches about what to do with gas.
    1. siberalt
      siberalt 4 August 2017 09: 00
      The "Power of Siberia" is a mess for Siberia and for its inhabitants gives nothing at all.
      1. andj61
        andj61 4 August 2017 19: 48
        Quote: siberalt
        The "Power of Siberia" is a mess for Siberia and for its inhabitants gives nothing at all.

        It seemed to be said that the Amur regions, in which there is currently a shortage of natural gas, will gasify from this pipeline.
    2. andj61
      andj61 4 August 2017 10: 50
      Quote: Okolotochny
      I will offer 401 a way to force the full gasification of Russia. And the "national treasure" will have no headaches about what to do with gas.

      Over the past 15 years in the Bryansk region, for example, more settlements have been gasified than in the previous 45 years since the beginning of gasification of the region. Naturally, these settlements are predominantly small. The Gazprom organization, at its own expense, builds highways to the village, installs gas distribution stations or hydraulic fracturing, the village is being routed at the expense of local authorities, supply. Home and home at the expense of citizens. So the acceleration of gasification has already happened. But this gasification will not significantly increase gas consumption in Russia. Industrial enterprises consume much more gas.
      1. Okolotochny
        Okolotochny 4 August 2017 11: 06
        Colleague, hi , I know what is being done, I myself live in a village, in a village. It is gasified by about 70-80%. The main issue is money. “In a circle” about 100-150 thousand rubles are needed from home ownership. Looking still from the place, distance to the highway, etc. I understand that this does not depend on Gazprom, it draws a branch to a settlement, and then the regional and municipal authorities deal with it. I just want more. hi
  8. Starik72
    Starik72 4 August 2017 13: 27
    I will paraphrase a human saying: ON THE Tricky PIT, ALWAYS THERE IS A MINK WITH NECKLOWS. I hope you brothers understand me. So the U.S. men in moyma miscalculated here.
    1. eklmn
      eklmn 6 August 2017 20: 42
         The World Championships in Athletics is held in London - there are no Russian athletes there, because “There was a mink with back streets.”
         Volkswagen was fined a couple $$ billion - "there was a mink with back streets."
      Rogozin flew like plywood over Moldova - "there was a mink with nooks and crannies."
        When will Russians understand that living by the rules is easier / cheaper / more profitable and, most importantly, calmer for all today's citizens and future ones? 
      1. Starik72
        Starik72 6 August 2017 23: 18
        eklmn. These are all petty bites, cowardly and petty mongrels! But do not wait for mercy when you bring the Bear to white heat! They tried to bite a bear for 1000 years, and Hitler even wanted to swallow, And the Bear gave a slap in the face with a paw, and the mongrels screeched in holes, and Hitler even choked! So shake it with a mustache, the Bear doesn’t touch anyone, but if you touch him, you will wrap yourself in a sheet and slowly crawl into the cemetery!
        1. Pulya
          Pulya 8 August 2017 11: 38
          When will Russians understand that living by the rules is easier / cheaper / more profitable and, calmer for all today's citizens and future ones?

          According to the rules??????
          What does the USA live by the rules?
          They have one rule - the right of the strong, and on the rest do not care.
      2. The comment was deleted.
      3. stalkerwalker
        stalkerwalker 8 August 2017 11: 49
        Quote: eklmn
        When will Russians understand that living by the rules is easier / cheaper / more profitable and, most importantly, calmer for all today's citizens and future ones? 

        "This is not for us, this is in the medical unit" (c). M. Zhvanetsky. Jewish steamboat.
        Judging by the established “fair” era of globalization, trade preferences are pushed through massive protectionism using “sanctions” against “guilty” countries. WTO smokes pitifully on the sidelines .... Another way of pressure is sport.
        Quote: eklmn
        The World Championships in Athletics is held in London - there are no Russian athletes there, because “There was a mink with back streets.”

        McLaren's "report" lies in one lawless plane with 3's one-year story about the downed Boeing, as well as about the “Russian trace” in the elections in countries with enlightened democracy.
        You can make a conclusion yourself. If you really strain the head gyrus.
      4. igorka357
        igorka357 8 August 2017 13: 11
        By whose rules, Amerov’s? Do they have such, they displeased those whose army can give them the teeth to blow so ... that the Bosko will fly off, and who is weaker, they bend. Or they themselves lie down .. excuse me, Russia such! We have our own rules, so you yourself live there according to your foolproof rules!