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Putin finally became president

Putin finally became president

The CEC summed up the final results of the presidential elections. CEC members told about the voting process and violations and officially announced Vladimir Putin as the elected President of Russia, reports

“To consider Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin to be elected president of the Russian Federation, who received 45 million 602 thousands of 075 votes, which is 63,6%, that is, more than half of the votes taken by voters,” the CEC approved document about 22 00 MSK .

CEC deputy chairman Stanislav Vavilov said earlier that following the processing of 100%, the Prime Minister, United Russia candidate Vladimir Putin is gaining 63,60% of votes, Communist Party leader Gennady Zyuganov - 17,18%, self-promoted businessman Mikhail Prokhorov - 7,98%. LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky received 6,22% of the vote, the leader of the party "Fair Russia" Sergey Mironov - 3,85%.

Presidential candidates spent during the election campaign more than 1,4 billion rubles. Most of the money had to be allocated to Mikhail Prokhorov, the least - to Vladimir Putin, Vavilov said. "The expenses of candidates for each voter vote vary from 56 rubles from candidate Prokhorov to 9 rubles from candidate Putin. Thus, the smallest expenses for one received voter vote were from candidate for president Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin," the deputy chairman of the CEC noted.

Speaking of violations, Vavilov said that the CEC had received 706 complaints and appeals during the election campaign and the voting itself. According to him, from 4 November last year to 3 March, 460 received complaints and appeals, directly on election day - 178, after election day - 168. “Measures have been taken for all appeals to the CEC of the Russian Federation in the manner prescribed by law,” the deputy head of the Central Election Commission said.

At the same time, Vavilov noted that the number of complaints and violations in the past five years has not changed much. “We can make an unequivocal conclusion that the number of complaints for television cameras and the public has really increased dramatically. At the same time, legally, the number of complaints has remained unchanged over the last five years,” he said, not excluding that the CEC will sue ” individual speakers, shaking the air with some completely insane figures of alleged violations. "

As the deputy chairman of the CEC, Leonid Ivlev, said in his turn, all projects on alternative counting of election results failed. “Gentlemen, those who say that the elections were dishonest, you were mistaken,” he said, noting that the initiative groups managed to process no more than a tenth of all protocols. “This sample is not representative,” Ivlev stressed.

During the election campaign against the CEC "real information terror was unleashed," but the staff of election commissions at all levels successfully coped with the task, Ivlev said. "The elections took place, the elections were held in accordance with Russian legislation," he concluded.

Yevgeny Kolyushin, a member of the Commission with a decisive vote from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, criticized the findings of the CEC. He explained that, as a member of the Central Election Commission, he must put his signature in the final protocol on the results of the presidential elections, but expresses his dissenting opinion, as "the information received after the March 4 elections, recorded in the arithmetic form, indicates violations of the principle of free elections." "The media plays an important role in shaping the will of citizens. Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin was in a very privileged position with respect to other candidates," Kolyushin emphasized, noting that more airtime was devoted to Putin than to other candidates, and more media wrote about him.

A member of the CEC, Maya Grishina, responded that the media did not violate the law during the campaign. In her opinion, the elections were held in an atmosphere of informational openness, “clashes of different opinions”

In turn, a member of the CEC with an advisory vote from the Communist Party Kirill Serdyukov proposed to consider the question of the resignation of the head of the CEC Vladimir Churov. In his opinion, the Central Election Commission did not fulfill the duties of an impartial arbitrator during the elections, and therefore Churov must leave. Serdyukov’s proposal, however, was supported only by Kolyushin, and the question of the resignation of the head of the CEC was not included on the agenda.

The election of the President of Russia took place on March 4. Immediately upon their completion, independent observers reported massive violations. According to the League of Voters organization, 10% of votes were “attributed” to Vladimir Putin. The CEC of the Russian Federation rejects these charges.

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  1. 1hanom2
    1hanom2 8 March 2012 07: 54
    In addition to Putin, there is no one else for this post in our time. So don't let me down
    1. selbrat
      selbrat 8 March 2012 10: 26
      Yeah. And there is no one to be a "prime minister" except Medvedev. Again, I see Putin promises him this chair. Can't they see that it looks funny from the outside. Apparently there are no more worthy people in the country.
      1. 1hanom2
        1hanom2 8 March 2012 10: 47
        Well, about Medvedev ..... as it were, Selbrat ..... I agree with you ..... :)
      2. Viking
        Viking 8 March 2012 10: 59
        Well, actually, yesterday, Vladimir Putin and about Prokhorov said that if he had a desire, he would be able to work in the new government. That's just the question, will he? I strongly doubt it. There you need to do something daily, and then answer for it. And the position of the critic is, as you know, the most advantageous position.
      3. Kite
        Kite 8 March 2012 12: 52
        Prokhorov looks ridiculous, declaring his ambitions in the next elections and at the same time categorically refusing possible proposals for activities in the government. What kind of candidates are they? They sit quietly in the mud and only for a short period of the election campaign get out and "croak" loudly begin. Really, they do not understand that the image needs to be created for a long time and persistently and only by practical deeds, but by "croaking", and you will not be interested in beautiful words.
        On yours: "Again, I look Putin promises him this chair. Can't they see that it looks funny from the outside" - I will note that I do not treat this as a show, it is not novelty that is important here, but coherence and understanding, little time is given for grinding newbies and insurance is needed in case.
        1. Viking
          Viking 8 March 2012 13: 49
          Quote: Kite
          and at the same time categorically refuses possible offers of activity in the government.

          Well, I have not refused yet, for the sake of justice it should be noted. BUT 9 out of 10 that will refuse (on a plausible pretext). Or require a position no less than the Prime Minister.
          1. Kite
            Kite 8 March 2012 20: 05
            So he was asked questions on this topic, but he spoke quite articulate that he would refuse to work in the government. Or he already disavowed the previous statement. Quickly makes decisions ( laughing ), but not thought out.
  2. Sergh
    Sergh 8 March 2012 08: 05
    Yes, no one doubted that the screech, the squeak would be up to the roof, no one pays any attention to this. But for the Communist Party, it looks pretty ugly, although I kept a neutral attitude to this party, but after these elections I finally disbelieved that the leadership, that the whole organization of the Communists, even became disgusted by the sweeping accusations of Zyuganov, did not think that anger and vanity would overwhelm him on the roof. I don’t even speak about the opposition; everything has been clear with them for a long time.
    1. Drcoks
      Drcoks 8 March 2012 08: 51
      Squeal and squeak is our tradition of post-election =)) Who would not be elected =))
    2. Dmitry.V
      Dmitry.V 8 March 2012 08: 55
      Likely in the Communist Party there is only a flag and a name left ...
      1. Viking
        Viking 8 March 2012 11: 04
        Quote: Dmitry.V
        Averno in the Communist Party only the flag and the name ...

        And the permanent Zyuganov. Which, in general, bored everyone. And most of all in the Communist Party itself. But the "old guard" is famous for the fact that the hell of the young will miss "from under themselves." And they do not need to strike at criticism, but to change something in their structure, if they want to get at least something in the next elections.
    3. plotnikov561956
      plotnikov561956 8 March 2012 09: 39
      Quote: Sergh
      it became even disgusting from the sweeping accusations of Zyuganov,

      100% solidarity. Even worthy to admit defeat failed
  3. taseka
    taseka 8 March 2012 08: 12
    Congratulations to Vladimir Vladimirovich!
  4. ac5pr7u
    ac5pr7u 8 March 2012 08: 29
    Putin will not let you down, he has not let you down for 12 years. He just promised to catch up with Portugal on the runway and is still catching up.
    1. plotnikov561956
      plotnikov561956 8 March 2012 09: 44
      Quote: ac5pr7u
      . He just promised to catch up with Portugal on the runway is still catching up.

      Do you believe yourself ..? I think a little bile poured ..
      1. ac5pr7u
        ac5pr7u 8 March 2012 12: 51
        And that Putin has already caught up with Portugal in terms of GDP, sort of by 2010. promised and besides here bile.
  5. VictoRUS123
    VictoRUS123 8 March 2012 08: 30
    Navalno-darezovye attempts, this is a worthless storm in a glass, not even waves on the floor. With regards to Zyuganov, one must be able to adequately lose, I hope Gennady Andreyevich will not have the resolve to shout revolutionary slogans at the sidelines with Udaltsov.
  6. 755962
    755962 8 March 2012 08: 38
    The elections were unprecedented. Even the West confirmed it. Per aspera ad astra.
  7. nokki
    nokki 8 March 2012 09: 06
    I closely watched the elections in different regions, received messages from my friends. All the screeching of the opposition about massive violations is far-fetched. The main violations are purely technical (voting outside the booth, etc.). But the naval-Udaltsy "observers" behaved insolently and aggressively. I saw their "exploits" myself through a webcast.
  8. raptor_fallout
    raptor_fallout 8 March 2012 09: 11
    Nothing, Zyuganov will shout, shout and calm down. It is more difficult with other, more rotten personalities.
    1. plotnikov561956
      plotnikov561956 8 March 2012 09: 48
      Quote: raptor_fallout
      . More difficult with other, more rotten individuals.

      I think it will not. They were already hinted in Moscow after the election (arrest 250)
  9. ac5pr7u
    ac5pr7u 8 March 2012 09: 26
    Posted by: Sergh

    ac5pr7u, listen, a miracle from the alphabet, I appoint only in my hut, and I’ll do my best ... and you can ask Putin, you smart guy.
    what Putin, he has such sixes, I just repeated one of Putin's promises, and in response there were only insults.
    1. Sniper 1968
      Sniper 1968 8 March 2012 09: 46
      Listen here, little mouse ... The homeland will not forget you like you ... It will find and will not forget. Be healthy, do not cough. Putin is our president. Russia is our country. drinks laughing good fellow
    2. Ruslan67
      Ruslan67 9 March 2012 05: 19
      do you meet women of the same name?
  10. Volkhov
    Volkhov 8 March 2012 09: 52
    Why did the alternative manage to process only 10% of the protocols - are they inaccessible, or did not exist? In Chechnya, more than 99%, and people who earn money, who in the forest - a demonstration of farce.
    Already the problems of conscription show a significantly lower population, it is quite possible that the real figure is 75 million citizens, and there are fewer voters.
    1. Kite
      Kite 8 March 2012 13: 26
      Volkhov, %% - from those who voted! (on "In Chechnya, more than 99%, and some people work, some in the forest - a demonstration of farce."). Just in case, I will explain: not all are considered, but those who wanted to declare their choice and are not afraid to stick their heads out of the hole. Of these, 99% chose one candidate. (if we are talking about Chechnya)
      1. Volkhov
        Volkhov 9 March 2012 12: 36
        See the data - there and the turnout is more than 99%.
  11. sahha
    sahha 8 March 2012 10: 11
    Udoltsov is behind Zyuganov, and he is very stubborn and spiteful. I watched the program on the night of March fifth. Experts, political scientists quite convincingly explain some points to him, and he went wrong: the elections are not legitimate, the GDP could not win, I will bring people out, I will bring people out does not matter.
    Udaltsov, Navalny, Nemtsov and others, are eager for an orange spring in the Russian Federation, but I think the GDP is a wise politician, he will do everything without blood and clashes.
    1. Viking
      Viking 8 March 2012 11: 13
      Quote: sahha
      and he is very stubborn and evil.

      He is a professional revolutionary, with an insane urge, like all revolutionaries, to destroy. A man with his head completely curled up on the idea of ​​"revolution". And who will give him money to organize all this crap - he is of little interest. If he had even the slightest opportunity to arrange strikes, blockade highways, including railways, he would not have arranged it for a second without hesitation. Causing as much damage as possible to the Russian economy. It is their principle "The worse (for Russia) - the better (for them)" There are more chances to come to power on a wave of discontent. For some, this is an end in itself, but for fanatics it is an opportunity to stage a few more "experiments".
  12. ac5pr7u
    ac5pr7u 8 March 2012 10: 18
    sniper you give the facts, and I can insult myself. you show with your own rudeness what kind of supporters Putin has.
    1. Sniper 1968
      Sniper 1968 8 March 2012 10: 27
      Quote: ac5pr7u
      .you with your rudeness

      I’m not repeating twice, I’m not repeating? And the facts: see the election results! fool
      1. Viking
        Viking 8 March 2012 11: 18
        Quote: Sniper 1968
        And the facts: see the election results!

        And they don't. That's so silly childish. "I do not recognize" and that's it. 45 million people spoke in favor of V. Putin as the head of state for the next 6 years, and they say all these 45 million citizens of Russia are fools, but we alone are smart and know better what is needed for the people. Flawed logic, and like themselves. Even his crushing defeat (despite the information flows of filth, money, support of certain Western forces) is not even able to admit. They choke on bile.
      2. ac5pr7u
        ac5pr7u 8 March 2012 12: 02
        But your rudeness remained in spite of the election results, but at the expense of Putin, we’ll see when they raise tariffs for housing and communal services and everything else.
      3. Ruslan67
        Ruslan67 9 March 2012 05: 21
        you do not understand - he is on the tank
  13. Xikary
    Xikary 8 March 2012 10: 28
    interesting ... 40% of those who did not go to the polls (and therefore the traitor because did not support the leader) and 40% of those who voted against the leader should be shot ?? I think yes))))) I think Author Sniper 1968 agrees with me and the first will put Navalny and another 150000 (at least) his supporters against the wall against the wall !!
    BUT!!! Leader!!! "GDP is a wise politician, he will do everything without bloodshed and collisions" And the leader of all Russia cannot be called GDP, etc. - this is disrespectful !!! He's great !! HE will save Russia from world Zionism, navalism and Americanism !! The leader has been saving us for 12 years and will save 12 more! HOORAY !! To comrade Putin !!!
    1. Sniper 1968
      Sniper 1968 8 March 2012 10: 49
      [quote = Xikary] put to the wall of Navalny and another 150000 .... Why put them to the wall? I would put them in a corner and put podzhopnikov. And so, in principle, they are harmless. Like cockroaches: looking at them is disgusting, but they do not bite ...
      [quote = Xikary] "GDP is a wise politician, he will do everything without blood and collisions]
      There is no other alternative. Or did you have to choose a buffoon? request
    2. Viking
      Viking 8 March 2012 11: 24
      Quote: Xikary
      40% of those who did not go to the polls

      Logically, those who did not come to the polls are distributed in approximately the same way as those who came. Just someone takes an active life position, someone is passive. And many of Putin’s supporters also did not come to the polls, relying on the fact that most of the population will speak out for him (without them).
      Quote: Xikary
      (with registration date March 07, 2012) and what was your name in your previous reincarnation on this site?
      Some in their new images do not even think about "nicknames" at all, they just type a meaningless set of letters or numbers.
  14. Lyokha79
    Lyokha79 8 March 2012 10: 57
    Indeed, most of our country voted for Vladimir Vladimirovich. And whatever the "independent observers" said, the victory was pure. Violations, which certainly took place, could in no way affect the final result. Putin now has a huge reserve of trust of the population of the country, people believed him, and in order not to squander this trust, he must start and bring to a logical end the plans that he wrote about in his articles. And Zyuganov needs to be more cold-blooded, well, or to drink valerian chicks, and draw conclusions from this defeat, and not throw tantrums.
  15. Viking
    Viking 8 March 2012 11: 26
    Quote: Lyokha79
    Violations, which, of course, took place, could not affect the final result.

    Yesterday, he was giving an interview said about this. That there may have been some violations, well, it’s a hundredths of a percent, let’s even a percentage, but not more. You can’t bring 45 million by bus.
    Actually, this interview is interesting. And he did not walk badly in Georgia there. It's good that he returned to the post of President, although it will be pleasant to listen to, he always has something to say and what to answer, and he is not deprived of wit. Medvedev is more tense with this. Perhaps for the entire time of his presidency, I don’t remember any sharp or "winged" phrases.
  16. sazhka0
    sazhka0 8 March 2012 11: 31
    Why is this "president"? What's so small .. "Tsar" "God" "Great" "Sun-like" ... Cry Russia .. Let's call ourselves North Korea
    1. Viking
      Viking 8 March 2012 11: 34
      Quote: sazhka0
      ... Cry Russia ..

      I think that Russia and without your stupid (I soften the expression) advice will live perfectly.
      1. sazhka0
        sazhka0 8 March 2012 12: 08
        In any case, I really look at things .. And not stupidly admire, unlike the "majority"
  17. Viking
    Viking 8 March 2012 12: 23
    Quote: sazhka0
    And I am not stupidly delighted, unlike the "majority"

    And the majority of Russian citizens decided how to live on. No matter how you like it. Ah, yes, I forgot - you are only the smartest here.
    1. ac5pr7u
      ac5pr7u 8 March 2012 12: 44
      I decided so I decided, if only they don’t grumble, that prices are high, housing and communal services tariffs are rising, and salaries are not being raised.
  18. suharev-52
    suharev-52 8 March 2012 13: 37
    The choice of the people is not in doubt. And the fact that with these Nemtsovs, Udaltsovs, Navalny, Kasparovs and others like them are carried around like with a written bag, it amazes me extremely. It is political lack of will that provokes these citizens to all these screams. It’s time to use power. Well, and about the disputes on the site, I think so, literally in 2-3 months it will be clear where the main VOVAN-1 will lead the country. And if he does not start the promised implementation, and leaves the state trough 20 families living at the moment, then we’ll take to the streets. But not at the call of these gangonos, but in themselves as representatives of all the peoples of our homeland of Russia.
    1. ac5pr7u
      ac5pr7u 8 March 2012 13: 47
      What prevented him from realizing his promise was already like 12 years in power. The communists who have been hacking here for 12 years have done more.
      1. guessed
        guessed 8 March 2012 17: 25
        [img]РѕР СЉС'Рј РїСЂРѕРјРїСЂРѕРёР · водствР° РІ Р РѕСЃСЃРёРё РІ 2000Рі & noreask = 1 & alexm5503 / 7008215.7_0ad6_54
        876af_XL & rpt = simage & lr = 10849 [/ img]
  19. Tyumen
    Tyumen 8 March 2012 13: 53
    The night after the election

    The election marathon is over. The country reached the ballot box and cast its vote. Night fell, the mafia opened her eyes ... But Leonid Kaganov didn’t close them.

    It's over! Now Ryazan, Kazan and Tver are sleeping. Sleeping Norilsk and Volgograd. The electorate sleeps in Moscow. After a busy day, free Chechnya sleeps.

    A simple and sweet orange man is watching a dream in his tent. Mil, rich and gonoshist, sleeps on the bus nashist. Fallen sites are sleeping, gigabytes are sleeping on flash drives, the blogger is sleeping with his family, having posted his own pictures. The state employee is sleeping sweetly - he took the coupon in February. On "YouTube" somewhere in the States, the video is asleep, filmed with a mobile phone: how school teachers change the protocol, roughly pushing observers out of the precinct with a pointer. Potupchik sleeps in a puddle of tears, saying that this is stuffing.

    Tired DSLRs are sleeping, service flashers are sleeping. Squeezed out for twelve years, the election budget is sleeping. Offices and banks doze off, blank forms sleep, doze in packs until morning of absenteeism mountain, protocols and sheets. Fall asleep soon and you. The exhausted urns sleep after stormy machinations. Forgotten leaflets sleep, extremists sleep in mentovka. Until the morning, all OSCE observers fell asleep. Covering the sleeves with a sleeve, the riot police of the capital are sleeping. The brought regiments doze off along the Moscow River.

    Zyuganov sleeps in a beautiful red dressing gown. Keeping a sober look, Prokhorov is sleeping on a yacht. Kaya is old-fashioned, Vladimir Zhirinovsky is sleeping, and Mironov is already sleeping, having made a post in his LiveJournal. In the evening, having collected toys, Medvedev sleeps on a pillow, having fully fit. Sleeping tired electoral commission. Putin in a cucumber mask sleeps sweetly with his eyes closed. The State Department sleeps in his country, despite the light in the window. Near the box of ammunition, Eduard Limonov is dozing. Churov is sleeping, hugging a toilet seat. Drowsy Ksenia Sobchak. Navalny is sleeping on his double couch with a laptop. Among caviar and balyks sleeping Nikita Mikhalkov. Having finished his job, Liberast sleeps sweetly on a white ribbon, seeing rainbow dreams about the collapse of his country.

    The earth around is sleeping sweetly. Twitter and Facebook doze. Scum, trolls, bitches sleep - they restore nerves. Technologists are sleeping, the headquarters are taking a break from the struggle. The bots fell asleep forever with a sense of work done. The disputes in the friendlists subsided, the shit in the kaments stopped, the shit sleeps in the fans, which has dried up for a long time. All worries, all problems, all pre-election schemes, provocateurs, leaders - everything is left behind!

    It is done! Now is the time for rest for us! We will wake up, the sun will rise, life will blossom in flowers. At this joyful moment, the president will come to the people. The president is excellent, new, honest, smart and sensible - not some shit! The one that we need for a long time!

    Instantly fulfill the promises in the program. And there will come a laughter. And the poor will depart. And the country will come to order: there will be no more bribes here, there will be modest show-offs, honest cops will become honest, stupid people will become smart, troops will become polite, troops will become powerful, the mat will leave the tongue, and without wages hemorrhoids will triple and incomes in the country ( including, of course, to me). Cashiers will become polite, clean toilets will be equipped, equipped - hospitals, protected - borders, fertile - fields, everything - by decree from the Kremlin!

    We handed over our work: in disputes, squabbles and scandal with the choice of candidates, we completed the first round. We wrote, threw into the gap, our fingers are tired. The new president will do everything for us now. It will just get hurt! In vain did we shake right with foam from our mouth?

    Wait, there will be beauty.
    1. Lakkuchu
      Lakkuchu 8 March 2012 15: 46
      Cool lines) The play called "Presidential Election" is over .. the curtain is down .. thunderous applause. The puppeteer let out a tear, the puppets played their part and will receive the due "fee". The worst thing is that there really is no choice. Over the years, not a single worthy candidate has appeared, or rather he was not allowed to appear. People simply chose the lesser of evils in their opinion.
      1. Tyumen
        Tyumen 8 March 2012 16: 18
        I think * the lesser of evils * we chose at 96m.
        Quote: Lakkuchu
        Over the years not a single worthy candidate has appeared

        I will correct it. Over the years did not appear more no one
        worthy candidate. And I don’t need it anymore. One is enough.
        1. Lakkuchu
          Lakkuchu 8 March 2012 16: 49
          In politics, as in business, competition is only beneficial, though if it (competition) is fair. The more worthy, the better.
  20. Viking
    Viking 8 March 2012 16: 09
    Quote: Lakkuchu
    and over the years not a single worthy candidate has appeared, or rather he was not given a chance to appear.

    These poor fellows, what toil about in prisons? For some reason, everyone here wants power now and right away - in the size of all of Russia. No, fig. Who prevents you from winning first at the regional level, creating acutely development and general satisfaction in your region, and then moving on to the top? Yes, that's just the majority on this stalls, when you need not only slogans to speak incendiary but to really and daily work. And the results are visible, you can’t hide them. And for some reason, at once, with the President, and no less.
    1. Svist
      Svist 8 March 2012 17: 21
      Bravo. Great answer. Criticizing is always easier than doing something useful.
  21. VikVik741
    VikVik741 8 March 2012 16: 26
    Congratulations to Russia and its citizens, I hope that your president will achieve his goals and we will still live in one country. drinks
  22. Svist
    Svist 8 March 2012 17: 15
    Quote: sazhka0
    In any case, I really look at things .. And not stupidly admire, unlike the "majority"

    It is probably nice to feel like the Cleverest ... And this stupid "majority" does not want to recognize YOUR arguments. There is no prophet in his own country! Here is the West - you would understand ...
  23. ac5pr7u
    ac5pr7u 9 March 2012 06: 54
    The funny thing is that Putin, Prokhorov, Kudrin, Nemtsov and all other liberals are one team. Your Putin all the time when he was in power pursued a liberal course and all the ministers of the economic block are liberal, so you decided that now he will take a different course if he doesn’t introduce a normal scale of income tax all over the world there is no such scale, he is afraid to offend his friends of the oligarchs.
  24. FiremanRS
    FiremanRS 9 March 2012 11: 11
    People, you yourself see it !!! Why, then, every time they scream - fraud, illegitimacy? Ugh, they got the words smart and let's sprinkle on the occasion and without ... Putin won honestly or not, it's the 10th case. He won, there is no alternative to him. Zyuganov and the Communist Party exhausted themselves in the 90s. All calm down. I didn’t go to vote, everything was already clear who stood at the helm. And besides Putin sobsno and then there is no one to vote for .... Yes, and is anyone else needed? This one already knows everything about the country, others don’t even know where they’re climbing, therefore they’re climbing to steal, which is what the first years of her reign were going to. So cheers to Putin, and the rest just keep quiet.
  25. ac5pr7u
    ac5pr7u 9 March 2012 11: 58
    An interesting site here, I’m examples about Putin’s words that he said, but to me: Listen here, little mouse ... The homeland will not forget you like it ... It will find and will not forget. Be healthy, do not cough. Putin- our president. Russia is our country. And where are the arguments in essence.
  26. goga5
    goga5 9 March 2012 22: 23
    I don’t want to offend anyone, but I think that they voted for Putin not because he was loved or respected, but because there were no more worthy ones. Well, not for J., in the end to vote. Compared to other candidates, Putin looks a little more preferable. The situation when fishlessness and cancer are fish. As a person, Putin is probably wonderful, but as a statesman and head of state, in my opinion, not really. Russia will not advance with Putin. This will be visible immediately after the new composition of the Cabinet of Ministers is announced. I have nothing against Putin, just historically, Russia is not lucky on the leaders. It is hoped that after these elections, Putin has become different. In any case, no matter how much they criticize Putin, there is no other worthy candidate today.