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BMR-3MA will strengthen the engineering potential of the Armed Forces

As the news portal "Messenger of Mordovia", Thanks to the adoption of the Russian military clearance machines BMR-3MA the capabilities of the engineering units of the national army will increase significantly.

Its uniqueness lies in the enhanced protection of the bottom in the form of a multi-layered barrier made of special steel with filler. The equipment of the equipment is represented by track-type trawls with an electromagnetic attachment, designed for trawling anti-tank mines with proximity fuses, as well as an interference transmitter designed to disrupt the operation of radio chars.

BMR-3MA will strengthen the engineering potential of the Armed Forces

When translated into the stowed position, the roller trawl with the help of a standard crane boom is loaded onto a special platform, which is located behind the crew’s wheelhouse.

The BMR-3MA is characterized by good habitability conditions, allowing the crew to remain in the car for a long time while performing combat missions.

The weight of the machine with the trawl is 43 tons. The crew of the 2 people. There are places for three sappers. Engine B-84MS power 840 hp allows you to navigate the highway at speeds up to 60 km / h. Trawling speed up to 12 km / h. In order to self-defense mounted installation with a machine gun NSVT caliber 12,7 mm.
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  1. svp67
    svp67 28 July 2017 08: 12
    Contact-1 already looks like an anachronism. It is necessary to unify the DZ with the T-72B3M. And so, of course, a VERY machine needed in the troops. More than once I saw how her "older sisters" worked where other machines simply could not do anything.
  2. Belyash
    Belyash 28 July 2017 08: 14
    Interesting design.