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Caspian Flotilla ships conduct training to repel attacks from the air

Squad of ships of the Caspian flotilla on the eve of the holiday conducts training to repel air strikes, reports press office YuVO.

In preparation for the festive events in honor of the Navy Day, the crews of the small rocket ship Velikiy Ustyug and the small artillery ship Volgodonsk are training ship-borne combat exercises to repel enemy air strikes,
says release.

It is reported that "training is one of the episodes of the military-sports festival, which will be shown to residents and guests of Astrakhan on July 30 during the celebration of Navy Day."

The press service added that during the event, "the personnel of the radio engineering combat unit, in cooperation with the crew calculations of the ship artillery, are training the setting of a false target with the shipboard complex of passive interference of the near line, working out the activation of radio electronic and visual disguise for disinformation of the air enemy".

Gunners perform firing idle ammunition from rapid-fire guns and anti-aircraft fire systems.
Photos used:
Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

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  1. Belyash
    Belyash 26 July 2017 15: 13
    All train and train, warlike people. smile
    1. novel66
      novel66 26 July 2017 15: 30
      and when there are so many “friends and partners” around your borders hesitate. involuntarily you will think: is the gunpowder dry? You might think in Israel, the military only walk in formation
      1. Mystery12345
        Mystery12345 26 July 2017 17: 33
        “The personnel of the radio-technical warhead, in cooperation with the combat calculations of naval artillery, trains the setting of a false target by a naval complex of passive jamming near-range targets, works out the activation of electronic and visual camouflage means to misinform the air enemy.”
        -This is understandable, and right, but here it is:
        Gunners perform firing idle ammunition from rapid-fire guns and anti-aircraft fire systems.
        leads to the idea of ​​diving bombs diving into "convoys" "fokers" and "junkers" ... - this will not happen. everything is now sharpened to the maximum distance. The first one saw, and shot, you won. The "quick-firing guns" against aviation now do not channel ...
        1. novel66
          novel66 26 July 2017 18: 24
          Well, can rockets be shot down from cannons?
  2. mvg
    mvg 26 July 2017 15: 24
    And it seemed to me that there was no air defense in the Caspian. And, if you do not cover the Caspian flotilla from the air, even helicopters are mortally afraid of it (Strengths must be trained, not useless.
    1. Essex62
      Essex62 26 July 2017 17: 00
      By the year 20, we’ll rivet a sufficient number of airplanes, enough for the Caspian
      And MRK is beautiful.
  3. Vladimirets
    Vladimirets 26 July 2017 15: 31
    "As part of the preparations for the celebrations in honor of the Navy Day"

    For a sailor (soldier), a holiday is like a horse for a wedding - the head is in flowers, and the ass is in soap. yes
  4. rruvim
    rruvim 27 July 2017 02: 14
    Will they carry a pair of Eagles aft? fellow