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Qatar delivered the first Pakistani UTS "Super Mushshak"

According to the information of the Internet portal TSAMTO, the Qatar Defense Ministry announced the shipment of the first batch of Super Mushshak training aircraft produced by Pakistani company Pakistan Aeronautical Complex.

Deliveries are made under the contract from 23 June 2016 of the year, providing for the acquisition by the Qatar Air Force of an unnumbered quantity of Super Muscash TCB at an unknown cost.

According to the sources, a total of approximately 10 aircraft of this type were ordered, intended for the initial and basic training of pilots (including at night) at the Qatar Air Force College of Aviation.

The Super Mushak is an upgraded version of the Saf MFI-17 aircraft, the project of which was acquired by the PAC in the 1980. The development of the MFI-395 Super Mushshak, equipped with an 260 horsepower engine, began in the 1995 year. The first flight of the aircraft made in August 1996 year.

Qatar delivered the first Pakistani UTS "Super Mushshak"

The Pakistan Air Force MFI-395 was adopted in May 2001. Pakistani Air Force got about Super Musash 50. Another 20 aircraft were delivered by the Air Force of Saudi Arabia, five - the Air Force of Oman. TCB was also adopted by the Air Force of Iran and Iraq. In June, 2016 of the year, it was announced that it had signed a contract for the supply of the Super Mushshak FCS to the Qatar Air Force, in October - the Nigerian Air Force, in May 2017, Turkish Air Force.

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  1. novel66
    novel66 24 July 2017 10: 26
    260 horsepower? But does he fly or only runs around the airfield?
    1. vasilev
      vasilev 24 July 2017 10: 43
      Probably still flies, the UT-2 had 110 horsepower. but he flew, even though he was bigger than what is in the photo.
      1. den3080
        den3080 24 July 2017 11: 14
        Super flies smile
        Super Mosquito ... and so on
        the acquisition of the Qatar Air Force by an undetermined number of Super Mushshak ATC at an unknown cost.

        this is fun, I would say even impressed lol
    2. san4es
      san4es 24 July 2017 18: 29
      Quote: novel xnumx
      260 horsepower? But does he fly or only runs around the airfield?

      Hookah smokes, Mushshak flies laughing