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Has Russia received a chance and a time for former greatness?


1. What if it was not Putin?

What exactly can we talk about here? ”, Undoubtedly, an inexperienced reader will ask overly perplexedly,“ maybe it’s about time left before the Sochi Olympics, or maybe the Russian chance and time World 2018 Football Championship of the Year?

In principle, the reader was greatly mistaken, but he also guessed, since we are talking about the pace of preparation and the chance after 2018 of the year, but not only about sporting events in Russia, but about the end of the deployment and the beginning of the setting of elements for combat duty on 2018. EuroPRO in the territories of European countries, near our borders.

Well, and what of all this, the same reader, who is completely ignorant in matters of the defense of our country, and, moreover, who has absolutely no real ideas about the strategic aspects of the defense of Russia, can ask further — indeed, there are still as many as six Seven years for Russia to prepare and adequately respond to any military insinuations on the part of the Anglo-Saxons, so that they did not undertake there in Europe itself - calmly further answer this same kind of reader question and further add, for example, Reconstructing - here we would have a new president, for example, businessman Mikhail Prokhorov, would he then in the sphere of his foreign policy undertake to make one of the main goals of his activity further to adhere to a fairly clear focus on Russia's main economic partner - European At the same time, he would also strive to achieve maximum economic integration with all countries of the European Union, and he also promised to develop and proceed with implementation, if elected President Ro their strategy to unite all countries of the European Union with the Russian Federation into a single geo-economic center with a common economic space, and even a common one — a single currency based on, for example, the euro and the ruble, so that any problems with Russia should never be in principle, and at the same time, of course, the reader is so much mistaken, just like this presidential candidate, and it is quite possible that both of them are reader and candidate of their excessive naivety if only e from obvious stupidity and obvious lack of real strategic thinking, especially since such people are so naive and without the necessary level of intelligence most people, as a rule, are always forgetful and know very little history the relationship between the Anglo-Saxons and Russia!

In our opinion, the question asked in the title of the article, undoubtedly, which was excessively urgent not only for all Russians alone, but also very pressing for the rest of the world, now immediately needs to be answered positively, since a negative answer could be given, only in the event that the new president of Russia would suddenly be elected one of the other four candidates, and not Vladimir Putin! And this is our opinion, and a similar view of the current situation, quietly bred under the cover of a very noisy election campaign in Russia, we had repeatedly voiced before the elections, which were then in fact quite serious our election warning for all Russians from among patriots and intellectuals, and it wasn’t and wasn’t then at least some kind of pro-Putin electoral late campaigning at the end of the day or excessively intrusive, and even more, also quite aggressive or even very low-grade political advertising, which can usually and usually always give only one real and objective only the opposite result, as these of our views and warnings were then considered the majority of the sensible actors with a rather low mind and in many ways, by only one of the hidden or outright traitors of Russia from among various kinds, who usually call themselves always publicly and always and everywhere the intelligentsia and, as a rule, even the true “conscience” and the "voice" of the people.

Our logical conclusion at that time - the answer to the heading question was completely based not on the sensory perception of the world around us, but on the real facts of our time and the current military-strategic situation in the World as a whole, and in Europe, in particular, due to the fact that, in contrast to the sensual intelligentsia, we are still able to calculate many realities of modernity, many steps forward, including in the Russian future, and not by someone’s hint, for example, because of the “hill”, but only with our mind and intellect. Besides, in all this, unlike all forgetful experts and political scientists, as well as sensual intellectuals, an excellent memory helps us, and we, like many of them, have not forgotten, but remember all the negative words and actions of the Anglo-Saxons, including such long-standing ones, such as, for example, one of which is the article quoted further in the American newspaper “Chicago General Tribune”, and we pay special attention to the fact that it was September 1944 - this is at the very height of the Sacred for of all Russians and Soviet people Great From World War II, where, without any complexes and any constraints, the following was literally and explicitly stated:

“Today, when tens of thousands of ships and airplanes ensured the invasion of our multimillion army at the front covering the entire globe ... we must remember why we created the most powerful and effective military machine in the history of mankind. Back in 1911, 27 US President William Taft predicted that “gunboat diplomacy” was becoming a thing of the past, opening the way for “dollar diplomacy”. ... dollars will strike our enemies with much greater efficiency than bullets and shells, providing our great republic with world hegemony on a completely new basis, which Napoleon himself didn’t dream about ... Now that the collapse of Germany and Japan is a matter of the near future, huge Russia lies in blood and ruins, we can confidently say: "The hour of the dollar has come"! But all this is the most direct one reminds everyone who has at least some kind of memory something very similar to what was said by half an century earlier by one of the well-known people - the Anglo-Saxons! Perhaps, Karl Marx could have said this before, although he was not Anglo-Saxon! Or, maybe, Joseph Stalin, for example, could well have said this in his time, who had not once stood beside many of them, for example, with Roosevelt and Churchill? Or, nevertheless, it is, but, however, only a few others — much more outspoken and overly arrogant — with cynical words, the most authentic and long-existing oligarchic manifesto — the slogan proclaimed by the well-known Anglo-Saxon Cécile John Rhodes, who was the founder of the famous diamond of the “De Beers” company and at the same time it was also the ancestor and inspirer of the emergence of a world supranational government?

In our opinion, to all this, in practical terms, there is absolutely nothing to add, and so to any and every logically minded person who has a necessary-sufficient level of his intellectuality, everything is extremely clear and quite obvious, as proved by the results of the past elections, but, nevertheless, We will add here about the true role of the dollar in the economies of almost all countries, so that no one doubts the honesty and openness of the elections, including the prediction of Vladimir Putin of a situation that could well over Russia, otherwise, precisely because of the world’s unsecured world currency, the dollar, suggesting that, most likely, this is why Jacques Rueff, a French economist and presidential adviser Charles de Gaulle, said: “The domination of the dollar in international payments is a robbery system that knows precedent in world history ", and only after that, already strictly asking the overly sensitive our Russian intelligentsia, - do you think that, from all the above, we have, at least something is true in reality or is it all obvious lies and fabrications of the author and his impudent slander about the real role and functions performed in the world of foreign finances and economies of many countries of the world of the mighty paper dollar and its all more powerful printers of today's unsecured paper dollar bills that flooded the whole world today - from the Anglo-Saxons kind of sesil-john-rhodes and various alen-dulles?

2. And if there was someone else?

So why, thinking about the question of the title of the article, we are wondering, today without Vladimir Putin, Russia would have absolutely no chance and time to survive at all, much less solve many of its internal problems and develop to its former greatness in principle?

First, if there were suddenly something completely different, that is, modern Russia would have at least some real chance and time for its development without Vladimir Putin, then in that case the rest, including especially the Western world, in principle in no way should be worried about who, out of the five presidential candidates, would be in reality elected by the Russian people, and then the whole West would not have such a powerful brazen and negative impact on the electoral process within our country, and only against One only Putin.

But most of the power Anglo-Saxons around the world today, before the elections, practically “stood on their ears,” moreover, activating their entire vast network of vassals — beggars not only within Russia itself, but throughout the world, even at the highest levels of power, in the history of our country almost never happened before, including also in such a rough and even excessively impudent - cynical form. Why exactly such excessive efforts would have been made, and it was so inadequate to strain because of some Putin in Russia, to which such unrest at all levels of government was in the West, if even without Putin, Russia has real chances and time for its former greatness? Apparently, our Vladimir Putin, - only a sober-minded person with a necessary level of intelligence can really begin to think about it - somewhere here in Russia or maybe in some of them in the West - Anglo-Saxons, still very hard for all of them, and without Putin all of Russia would have been in their “pocket” for a long time - in dollar embraces, as under Gorbachev and Yeltsin, which, apparently, he interferes constantly, for some reason they began to breed a world hysteria for his possible election, but for some other reason Simply not there!

After all, that is why, obviously, today the whole West would take with great joy the news that it was NOT Putin who was elected, but someone from the other four more desirable candidates for them, and it should be noted that the Anglo-Saxons could completely arrange any of them, even if the most ardent among them is a communist or our main liberal hated by all of them, and it would be better for a rather illiterate person today not to understand and not realize in time what was on today it is sufficiently hidden under the carpets and floors of the whole Western world, and technically, in principle, not able to be prepared at the right time in many strategic issues is still young, whose head is only their dollars and pounds with the euro in their arms with them and Europe for brotherhood, which almost never thinks and does not understand at all and does not realize who exactly he would allow to create a common Russian currency with Europe, not to mention the fact that specifically in Europe itself would agree to give the money printing press for the supposedly single currency in Moscow Woo - that would be such an overly naive and technically completely incomprehensible, what exactly and what exactly Europro is, the West only needed and will be further needed, and Khrushchev and Gorbachev and Yeltsin were previously like that, but , suddenly Vladimir Putin turned out to be suddenly not the way they would like to see him - he demands to remove the European missile defense and is also creating the Eurasian Union! What to do with all this now - the West understands very well, and therefore it will act further with its doubled strength, what we will hear and what we will see and what we can be absolutely not doubted about.

Secondly, and this is now the most important thing in modern realities, and, both for the West and for the whole East: Vladimir Putin during his time in power, including his government leadership, unlike all presidential candidates, already I managed to very well study, understand and assimilate all the military-strategic problems of our country, and today it is perfectly for itself how exactly it will be necessary to further respond to most of the external threats to Russia, but especially in relation to and precisely missiles - interceptors of Euro missile defense. And it is this real fact in the West that was well understood and fully realized for itself all possible threats from Putin’s personality, in case of blackmail of Russia and pressure on him, as its president, who is now fully capable of reviving the greatness of Russia, which they no longer doubt. , in spite of their true and quite hidden desires and dollar needs. At that time, like any newly minted other president of the country, but only, however, on the one condition that the new president, Not Putin, will need to have a high level of intelligence and, naturally, if he has a sufficiently sincere desire to protect Russia from all threats , in all such acquaintance and knowledge of the fundamentals of the strategy, it should take, in their opinion, not one or even two years, if not more than the time, in which they are the West, are absolutely right, which in reality was required for elections from Russia today to the authorities of the Anglo-Saxons and the whole of Europe in order to really have time for the 2018 year, with the continuing “training” of the new president of Russia, to develop sufficiently with its missile defense system in Europe, into which many of the young people want to integrate today as a single economic space and stupid, including some presidential candidates, and it is for this that the new president should be formed all this time, while our young and without intellect is necessary, for Anglo-Saxons and Europe to surround of all sides of Russia, and then it will not be so funny to remember all their promises, that EuroPRO will never be directed against Russia, and that there will be no integration with them and no speech - why do they need us when all of Russia would already be under the gun?

After all, it is well known that we have already noted above that the United States and NATO, starting from 2018 and up to 2020, should, according to their plans, put on full and constant combat duty all their elements of European missile defense, which can almost completely deprive Russia of nuclear missile shield, and then Russia will be, in principle, not up to its development or some kind of integration into the European Union, but will have to think about something completely different, namely: no matter how hard and not so strong, you will begin to receive more softly “in the tail and in the mane” and if at least someone thinks wrong, including candida s presidential, such as Russian or simply naive and uncouth Balvan or perhaps rather dull sensual intellectual, or even hidden until, perhaps, the traitor! And we declare this with all responsibility, and not for some hearsay, but quite well representing the real state of affairs with the strategic nuclear missiles of Russia and the consequences of the deployment of the European missile defense system near our borders.

After all, until today, Russia and its people are saved by the retaliatory nuclear-missile strike system created by the Soviet Union, which, when deployed on the 2018, the European missile defense elements, will be absolutely useless and will not be able to protect us not so much even from some real nuclear attack on us, and how much of any external blackmail, including economic blackmail, to which the Anglo-Saxons succeeded in replacing Vladimir Putin at the helm of Russia, since no one else, even with all his suit Renna desire simply wouldn’t have time to adequately combat anything in response, especially since presidential candidates other than Putin, in the necessary degree, perceive everything above from the strategic and at the same time intellectually enough to lead the country so well developed people, at least we do not observe today! In this regard, we were forced earlier in our works only because of the excessive acuteness of the moment for Russia to repeat many times that Russia does not and will have absolutely no chance to resolve its internal problems and further develop, gaining its former greatness, it does not solve its main external - military-strategic problem, which was previously and is to find worthy alternative and cost-effective options against the elements of the European missile defense, the same as we previously found in the Soviet Union against Pe missiles rshingov USA and NATO in the territory of then-Germany - Germany.

In our view, the deepest electoral mistake of Vladimir Putin was and was the fact that he precisely this side of his superiority over all other presidential candidates, and even more so openly about our realities, did not tell and frankly did not explain to the common people including our sensual intelligentsia from the number of sincere devotees to Russia, considering, apparently, that all this will not be modest and can be wrong, it is understood, although yesterday before the elections Russia more than ever faced its pr complete destruction and ruin, not so much because of some internal problems and traitors, but mainly because of the European missile defense system, that Putin knows and understands well, unlike other candidates. That is why yesterday was in full swing, and today, everyday criticism and widespread persecution of Putin will continue to go on - after all, the West also knows that Putin will no longer allow Russia to be torn to pieces by him, which he really confirmed not only with his election, but with his famous Munich by a speech and the creation of the Eurasian Union in a hurry, while, for example, one of the candidates dreams of the European Union, where he may have been prepared for a long time, but Russia will not, and never will, especially never will be how he dreams Dina with the currencies of Europe, no matter how we swore, as well as with the European missile defense system, the Anglo-Saxons, along with the rest of Europe! Apparently, many young people, but especially those who are in dollars and pounds with the euro, completely give up their historical memory, while not always understanding what the dollar and pound with the euro are for Russia and its economy, when it has there is a ruble that can and should become for the prosperity of Russia and its greatness in the near future sovereign and golden for everyone, including all the same Anglo-Saxons with Europe, in connection with which it will not be superfluous to try once again to refresh for many such real sources and the main reasons for the creation of these f Anglo-Saxon world supranational government, whose weapons is against all around the world, including the Russian people, namely their dollars and pounds: “The world today is entering that period of its further development and the entire civilization, when all wars for expanding state borders and new sources of very cheap raw materials are replaced by the struggle to preserve accumulated and its increase by economic means. This does not mean, of course, that they will cease from the war with their former goals. Naturally, there will always be some offended, disgruntled, or simply freaks, again ready to divide the world already divided by us. But the main danger awaits us in a completely different way, namely, that the cultural level of the entire population of the globe is continuously increasing and this process is irreversible. I understand that all this sounds like a paradox, we are all for culture, but it is the cultural level of a person that changes his ideas about the essence of justice and, at the same time, injustice. Only for this reason, in the near future, apart from interstate wars, internal wars are now waiting for us, as a rule: for a more even distribution of all the wealth that states own today. That is why the union of all the people who today represent the entire color and power of the nation, owning all the wealth of the nation, is not some kind of fun, as some of my critics might think, but a necessity of the utmost importance. If we, endowed today with wealth, high titles and the ability to solve state and world problems, do not want to be crushed by unions of mob, whose interests around the world ultimately boil down to a common denominator, we should unite to meet each other without distinction as national, and nationality. With all this, our alliance must be a government over all governments and have the ability to respond very quickly and fairly effectively to all possible conflicts in the world.

Stabilization of property rights and privileges is our main goal. Awareness, willingness to fight, dedication of one and all to one - this is our main slogan for all future times. ”

In connection with not only this one, the very first and most famous of the many different kinds of slogans of the richest Anglo-Saxons - uniting their appeals, aimed, in particular, against Russia, here we need to remind all young and self-confident that it is their slogan and is the main "oligarchic manifesto", which was proclaimed in 1878 in London with the blessing of the English crown by the Lord of England, Cecile John Rhodes, and to whom the Anglo-Saxons have been unquestioningly obeyed ever since sticks-today, and will continue to be required to perform, they created a world supranational government, led since the richest and immoral world usurers and speculators.

In conclusion, we once again warn against frivolity and ignorance, including all former candidates for the presidency of Russia: think again once more seriously, before making your choice in life: Is it these words of a famous whether Anglo-Saxon and not this plan of the Western civilization is being realized today against us all - Russia, including with the direct assistance of many representatives of our own overly sensual intelligentsia, who have ti and greed no true intelligence was ever in the history of Russia?

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Article in the Internet magazine "Capital of the country", 29.02.2012
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  1. esaul
    esaul 7 March 2012 07: 59
    It is good to live in the present, fertile times! You can write all sorts of fantastic, sometimes conclusions and post them on the internet - there is always a reader! ! "? recourse But for the warnings, Shukhrat - thanks. This business is necessary and useful. I am glad that Shukhrat, apparently, nevertheless took into account the reaction to his previous article and began to express himself more clearly. Good luck to him and minus the article, due to the fact that I see no point in speculating on assumptions such as - "And if? ,,,"
    1. Dmitriy69
      Dmitriy69 7 March 2012 08: 08
      Want to know one of the main reasons for the swamp buoy?
      The other day I had to talk with a middle-class businessman, Ion told me in a fit of frankness that his business was bursting at the seams and how long it would last indefinitely. And his office, by the way, worked exclusively on "kickback" schemes of the lower level (to the suppliers of enterprises). The whole point is that in 2011 a number of measures began to take effect to combat these presllowed kickbacks, and they turned out to be quite effective.
      Now let's look at the election results. A curious coincidence is observed: The more such offices per capita in the region, the lower Putin’s support there and the higher the swamp wave !!!
      And the Euro missile defense system doesn’t give a damn about orange, it would drip on the feed.
      1. aironfirst
        aironfirst 7 March 2012 08: 48
        Quote: Dmitriy69
        The more such offices per capita in the region, the lower Putin’s support there and the higher the swamp wave of mud !!!

        Then it’s strange why in Tatarstan we have such a percentage of those who choose Putin .... request
        1. Dmitriy69
          Dmitriy69 7 March 2012 08: 54
          Quote: aironfirst
          Then it’s strange why in Tatarstan we have such a percentage of those who choose Putin ....

          Apparently people are working, and not looking for loopholes.
          1. aironfirst
            aironfirst 7 March 2012 09: 07
            Yes, I just know how many offices work on a roll-back scheme, UBEP and tax work with the Accounts Chamber - hundreds of years in advance!
            1. Dmitriy69
              Dmitriy69 7 March 2012 09: 23
              Quote: aironfirst
              Yes, I just know how many offices work on a sliding scheme

              Fine! Now compare your numbers first with Moscow and St. Petersburg, then, for example, with Magnitogorsk or another working city, do not forget about
              Quote: Dmitriy69
              per capita
              and see what happens.
      2. esaul
        esaul 7 March 2012 08: 53
        Dmitry, greetings, buddy! A very valuable observation! Thanks! A. what else will happen !!! The editor of the National Defense magazine published a post that after his personal appeal to Putin (during his trip to Sarov), Putin ordered Rogozin to deal with Igor Ashurbeyli about his affairs when he was the head of Almaz-Antey and disruption of work on the S-500! The UK has already taken up the Ashurbeyli case and is identifying the reasons and schemes for the privatization of the Almaz-Antey property and the legality of its further resale by Mr. Ashurbeyli for 18 million dollars. Korotchenko asked everyone to repost his comment, which is what I'm doing, guys! -------- The Russian state against Igor Ashurbeyli

        February 14th, 3: 09
        Starting his journalistic investigation against Ashurbeyli, an Azerbaijani cooperator who infiltrated the leadership of the famous NGO Almaz in the troubled 90s (how he achieved this and his scandalous background - see the article in the newspaper Zavtra "Who are you, mr. Ashurbeyli? ", I was perfectly aware of all the possible adverse consequences for myself personally.

        I became the first and only editor-in-chief in modern Russian history whose powers were terminated in December 2009 with the help of an armed private security company - under threat of use of force, I was forced to leave the editorial office of the newspaper "Military Industrial Courier", which belonged to Ashurbeyli.

        For six years of work as the chief editor of "VPK" I have never (!) Been on vacation - I completely devoted myself to work. Result: the newspaper "VPK" - the national award "Golden Idea" of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation, the first award of the Federal Drug Control Service among the central print media, the growth of the authority and influence of the publication. As editor-in-chief, I received the Man of the Year award from the Russian Biographical Institute for my contribution to the creation of a federal newspaper for the military-industrial complex. Nevertheless, Ashurbeyli parted with me in his "corporate style" - I was blocked from entering the editorial office, and my dismissal followed for absenteeism on fabricated documents.

        I won a lawsuit in the Savelovsky District Court, which reinstated me at my job in my previous position. Well, then he experienced all the "charms" of domestic incorruptible justice: the Moscow City Court "miraculously" returned the case back, and already another judge of the Savelovsky court - a young rude person, also incorruptible, despite the obvious facts and indicators of numerous witnesses, delivered a "verdict" that that I was rightfully fired. At the same time, my insistent attempts to petition for an invitation to the court as the main witness of Mr. Ashurbeyli were categorically suppressed by her.

        I also came across the "black PR" technologies that Ashurbeyli launched. Twice the newspaper "VPK" published lampoons with the aim of discrediting me, fabricating outright "chernukha" and "pseudo-compromising materials", which were immediately picked up by the absolutely incorruptible and crystal-honest "communist" deputy Sobko, sending "requests" to various authorities. All of Sobkov's attempts, however, were unsuccessful. By the way, the production of libel in the current Ashurbeyliv newspaper "VPK" has been put on stream - suffice it to recall the recent interview published there by "human rights activist" L. Alekseeva, who poured slops on the Russian Armed Forces.

        Apparently inspired by the example of Madame Alekseeva, Ashurbeyli decided to personally act as a shit spreader, having recently published an anti-Putin interview in "Arguments of the week", announced on the front page "The fate of Russia's missile defense was in the hands of gray gopniks riding the industry." As they say, we have arrived ... It is not for nothing that they say that the apple is not far from the apple tree.

        Last Friday, speaking live on the Voice of Russia radio station, I said that an investigation was needed in the Ashurbeyli case, with a report to the top officials of the Russian leadership to take measures. The answer did not hesitate to follow: now Sobkov's inquiries themselves went into action - to MK. Of course, as everyone knows, an honest and incorruptible publication.

        What can I say? Insinuations that affect me personally, I will suppress in court, although the "quality" of our justice is known. It is a pity that the article on libel was decriminalized, but within the framework of existing legal procedures there is a chance to bring the scammers of information crap to justice.

        Despite all the obstacles, it is extremely important to bring the Ashurbeyli case to its logical conclusion. And the point here is not in me personally, but in the interests of the Russian state.

        Everyone, probably, is well aware of the monumental Stalinist building of NPO Almaza on Leningradsky Prospekt, 80, behind the facade of which there is a whole "Almazovsky" mini-city: dozens of buildings in which the anti-aircraft and anti-missile shield of the Motherland was forged during the Soviet era. Today, only the central entrance with a memorial plaque in honor of academician A.A. Raspletin, bounded on the right and left by turrets on the facade. Everything else is now private property, which instead of designers and developers has been "populated" by numerous firms and firms, restaurants, bank offices, shops, various commercial structures, including foreign ones. Guess at once who it all belongs to today!

        This, as it seems, is the main result of the 10-year stay at the head of the Almaz NGO, the pioneer of the Azerbaijani cooperation, Igor Rauf oglu Ashurbeyli. For the rest, see the already mentioned article "Who are you, Mr. Ashurbeyli?"

        It seems that it’s time, it’s already time for law enforcement agencies to feel Mr. Ashurbeyli for an udder, for the benefit of facts - more than enough. In the coming days, I plan to send the materials collected on Ashurbeyli to the appropriate authorities, the answers of which I will publish in my blog.
        1. sergo0000
          sergo0000 7 March 2012 09: 14
          Korotchenko appealed
          to all with a request
          re-post his comment,
          what am i - doing guys! --------
          Russian state against
          Igor Ashurbeyli

          If possible I will support!
        2. Goga
          Goga 7 March 2012 09: 29
          esaul - thanks for the information, I wish Korotchenko good luck and fortitude. I want to be aware of how this process is going.
          And according to the article - everything is like A. Raikin's - "You have the power in your words, because you cannot correctly arrange them." The author's direction is very correct, but expounds ....
          1. esaul
            esaul 7 March 2012 09: 59
            Please buddy! Glad your reaction to the post Korotchenko.
        3. military
          military 7 March 2012 16: 28
          laughing made a laugh esaul.
          I didn’t see ... they drove the brow out of work, he lost the court in the second instance, bristled ...
          baaaa! ... 10 years plundered state concern ... (100% of the shares held by the state), held final meetings of shareholders and everyone (including the state!) was very pleased and only now suddenly, together, they "woke up" - from the fighter to the leader ... laughing
          1. GSKB
            GSKB 7 March 2012 22: 08
            Do you generally distinguish JSC "Concern PVO" Almaz-Antey "from JSC" GSKB "Almaz-Antey"?
        4. serge
          serge 8 March 2012 10: 07
          Ashurbeyli is a former director of the Leningrad market. Azerbaijani Jew. In the early 90s, Almaz owed a decent amount for a communal apartment, since the state did not allocate enough money. With the help of Ashurbeyli, this amount was closed, after which Ashurbeyli got into the leadership of Almaz. The question is - whose money did Ashurbeyli invest, because it was not possible to recapture it relatively quickly? An entrepreneur won't do that. Money from abroad, it seems. Looks like espionage, sir. The diamond on Leningradka in the late 90s is not a sight for the faint of heart - complete devastation. First, the enterprise was destroyed, then turned over to shops and offices. Ashurbeyli's murky personality still has the audacity to assert his "merits" in the defense industry.
  2. sazhka0
    sazhka0 7 March 2012 08: 35
    Well, after all, it wasn’t too lazy to write and slander so much .. So many words, so much text .. And why.?
  3. aironfirst
    aironfirst 7 March 2012 08: 45
    Has Russia received a chance and a time for former greatness?

    Yes, I certainly did, if only the people living in our country, from the oligarch to the janitor, understood this, and, depending on their capabilities, did at least something for the country.
    1. Olegovich
      Olegovich 7 March 2012 09: 12
      Right And for the future, our country urgently needs to prepare a successor, the successor of the government (and not one). In my opinion, good personnel can be selected from the diplomatic corps of the Russian Federation (or with experience there), as they have already communicated with the European Union and the USA, they know the true politics and aspirations of the Anglo-Saxons, and indeed they have global thinking, they are balanced, with an analytical mindset. All these qualities are necessary for the president.
      For example, one such one can be seen in business in the coming years, (Rogozin). Maybe someone else is there.
    2. Goga
      Goga 7 March 2012 09: 49
      That's right, a colleague - "depending on his capabilities, he did at least something for the country" - each in his place - the stronger we (each), the stronger the country. (+)
  4. sergo0000
    sergo0000 7 March 2012 09: 00
    Plus article! Already more sadly. Thank you to the author for one more nail in the lid of the coffin of the world hegemony of the Anglo-Saxons!
  5. in4ser
    in4ser 7 March 2012 09: 02
    let them raise enterprises (build new ones) large ones transfer to regions, develop cities !!! So that people from poverty do not drag themselves to Moscow, let the people live normally in their own city in their own country !!!!
    We chose Putin not because he is good or bad - but because he seems to be ours, his own. Better his "thief" than the London one !!!
    The rest, again, depends on the thinking of people and the behavior of the commander in chief !!!
    Well, wait and see! I still hope and believe to see in Putin - the likeness of Stalin! The country needs to be cleansed, full of all boorishness and mortality, - the opposition (orange) is an example !!!!
    1. military
      military 7 March 2012 16: 34
      Quote: in4ser
      We chose Putin not because he is bad or good - but because he is kind of ours, his own., Better your "thief" than London!
      "... for your talent
      ... we recognize Ivan as Tsar! " wink
  6. Nechai
    Nechai 7 March 2012 09: 55
    On the RBC channel (infa went yesterday evening) - against the personalities in the Ministry of Defense associated with the creation and apargade of the website of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the firm of the contractor of this contract for 36 million rubles. a criminal case has been initiated. Investigators have in their hands the data of expertises that there is no work there for such an amount. And the mechanics and "programmers" prove that there is. And the site traffic has increased by as much as 10%, etc. etc. And three toys are placed - tetris, sea battle, guess in / rank. In general, the fun is complete. Specialist looked in the morning t / channel "Zvezda" -there is an advertisement, visit the website of the Ministry of Defense and find out everything about the implementation of the President's program for providing housing in / s. It is these visits to the site that will defend themselves in + the suspected abusers.
  7. sprut
    sprut 7 March 2012 10: 35
    Only Putin is able to build Great Russia! All the other former candidates are about nothing ... bully
  8. Magadan
    Magadan 7 March 2012 11: 01
    Quote: esaul
    In the coming days, I plan to send the materials collected on Ashurbeyli to the appropriate authorities, the answers of which I will definitely publish on my blog

    And I read that it was under the leadership of Ashurbeyli that the C-400 complex began to be developed, at what was at your own peril and risk, and completely without any help from the state. Then Ashurbeyli was removed and a ship mechanic, a friend Sergei Ivanov, who was previously a lump in a stealing corporation, was stuck in his place. And the mansion of this new director was shown, there Abramovich is resting. At the same time, the salary of specialists at Almaz-Antey -12000 rub. So who to believe?
    1. Olegovich
      Olegovich 7 March 2012 11: 24
      Yes, there is absolutely not enough information on this case. Really not clear. Ashurbeyli previously positioned himself as a zealous host, who saved Diamond in the years of privatization, always spoke out extremely patriotically, but what are the words? It is not clear who to believe.
    2. GSKB
      GSKB 7 March 2012 14: 34
      You could not read it. Ashurbeyli was replaced not by a ship mechanic, but by his deputy Neskorodov, who had worked at the enterprise for 10 years before his appointment. Education - MVTU im. Bauman.
      And the mansion in Karaulov's "moment of truth" showed a completely different person. So you are lying.
      And on the RFP information is completely untrue. You have reduced it at times.
  9. Ascetic
    Ascetic 7 March 2012 12: 17
    Indeed, to this day Russia and its people are saved by the Soviet Union’s created system of retaliatory nuclear missile retaliation, which, when put on combat duty since 2018, the elements of Euro missile defense will be absolutely useless and will not be able to protect us not so much even from some real a nuclear missile attack on us, and how much from any basically external blackmail, including economic,

    Again there is a replication of utter nonsense! No European missile defense system will protect them from the blow of retaliation neither in 2018 nor in 2068 !! The sword will always be stronger than the shield, unless, of course, it is constantly sharpened and kept intact. What Putin began to do (for whatever reason, one can argue, but the fact remains) without letting Russia slide to the threshold of guaranteed "unrequited" destruction and every year we we are moving further and further from this threshold.
    In 2018, even with the full deployment of all elements of the Amerovsky missile defense, we are able to plunge them into the Stone Age, even with reciprocal by the forces that we have NOW., and when the return strike of the Euro missile defense is as nonsense as the European-style repair in a pigsty.
    [/ b
    It would be possible to cite the RVSN COMBAT RULES if it were not labeled "SS" Everything is fine and described in detail how this will actually happen, as well as plans for combat use and calculations that are labeled "OV".
    All this is just a screen that covers the development of a promising new generation of weapons, unlike nuclear weapons, which do not bear disastrous consequences for the global ecology, but have no less damaging effect. An attempt to draw us into an arms race on several "fronts" at once. the "asymmetric response" to the European missile defense system is not only about the modernization of strategic nuclear forces, but also about promising air defense and missile defense systems. space weapons, lasers, electronic warfare. wars in cyberspace, etc. This must be remembered and not exaggerated the importance of missile defense, following the lead of the enemy.
  10. Nechai
    Nechai 7 March 2012 12: 44
    Quote: Ascetic
    and not exaggerate the importance of missile defense following the opponent’s lead.

    "+" !!! The most reliable defense against weapons of mass destruction is dispersal. Where should they be dispersed in Europe?
  11. rait 60
    rait 60 7 March 2012 13: 37
    I am shocked to believe it or not. Http://
    1. yurchen
      yurchen 7 March 2012 18: 08
      this article was here on the site, more precisely from the "label" running out to the right with publications, my opinion is a cheap provocation, and this can be seen in the style of writing, such stuffing in the sea, they beat with misleading and half-truths on all segments of the population, in all social categories, and it will continue for a long time
    2. 755962
      755962 7 March 2012 23: 21
      Naked desa.VAU how scary! Do you believe it yourself?
  12. Goldmitro
    Goldmitro 7 March 2012 14: 38
    The peculiarity of Russia from other countries of the world is that GREATNESS of Russia is an indispensable condition for its EXISTENCE, the role of which is only growing! Without this, Russia and the Russian people simply DO NOT survive
  13. Oleg14774
    Oleg14774 7 March 2012 18: 10
    for rait 60, and you compare Russia in the mid-90s with the collapse of the military-industrial complex, the war in Chechnya, the death of our guys there not for a bit of tobacco, without a limit in cities, with the rebuff of Georgia on 08.08.08, and its current situation. How did she surrender Iraq and how is she behaving in the Middle East now ?! Answer for yourself.
  14. 101
    101 7 March 2012 18: 37
    His grandson is 8 years old. He lives in the GREATEST COUNTRY with the most powerful army and invincible people and I don’t want to blush in front of him. Blood from the nose and greatness, give it as soon as you can READ END I A CITIZEN OF THE SOVIET UNION even before the grandchildren was not ashamed to stand
  15. malera
    malera 7 March 2012 20: 24
    "Stabilizing property rights and privileges is our most important goal."
    That's for sure: Yeltsin gave everything to the rich. And Putin helped them to fuse everything in Cyprus. STAAAABILIZATIONAAA ......
    Quote: sprut
    Only Putin is able to build Great Russia!

    As he builds it, there will soon be a great Cyprus and a great London.
    Do not forget where Putin keeps the treasury money. Not in Russia. In the USA, helps them recover from the crisis after the crisis
  16. Magadan
    Magadan 8 March 2012 01: 16
    Quote: malera
    Do not forget where Putin keeps the treasury money. Not in Russia. In the USA, helps them recover from the crisis after the crisis

    This is really unpleasant, but with this little egg he turned out to be right a thousand times during the crisis. Then we would invest this money in the Russian Federation, we would not get anything except abandoned long-term construction.
    The world system is such and this is the genius of American financiers that there is simply nowhere to store the loot! Slowly, I’m watching the money withdrawn from the US Federal Reserve, but faster is impossible. The dollar will collapse too quickly, we’ll lose everything. Such a damn economy.
  17. sibirak
    sibirak 8 March 2012 05: 04
    I may, of course, misunderstood what, so I would like to ask the author a question, how exactly does the veal's joy about the election of VVP as president fit in his head, and some fears associated with the "power of the dollar"? She this power has gone somewhere or what? Or has the country ceased to depend on oil prices, which you yourself know who sets, or all kinds of funds working now for the "uncle's" economy have gone into the Russian economy? Moreover, only the lazy did not write about the consequences of Russia's accession to the WTO for domestic producers of the non-primary sector of the economy, it will simply kill them. The sums of the annual losses have already been calculated, but the NIODIN expert could not even articulate the benefits, if they are available. And nevertheless, the country is thrust into the WTO with manic stubbornness, and out of 18 years that Russia has been rushing to the WTO, the GDP has been in power, one way or another for 12 years. Those. is it like, everything happened against his will or what, the boyars gadskie screwed up, and the national leader has nothing to do with it? Something your will with the author is out of order with logic ...
  18. mind1954
    mind1954 8 March 2012 06: 35
    Hang noodles about some stabilization funds stored
    in USA. Is it strange somehow? But in reality it’s a state
    collateral that the Russian Federation pays to banks and all kinds of raw materials
    and their other companies could take loans at 6-7%, and banks
    give out in the country under .. 28%. Therefore, I rushed to give GDP to banks
    200 billion dollars so that they repaid US debts.
  19. aleksej
    aleksej 8 March 2012 10: 03
    Comrades, our power is far from Great, but believe me the Greatness of Russia is not only the past, but also the future. We still have to go through the ups and downs more than once, and we will definitely be a Great Power, the main thing is to believe in it.