In Haiti, decided to restore the previously disbanded army

The government of one of the poorest countries in the world, Haiti, has decided to begin the process of rebuilding the army. Recall that after a series of military coups that literally shook Haiti at the end of 80 (five coups in two years - 1988 and 1989), discontent towards the army leadership began to grow in the country. At that time, high army ranks were mixed up in corruption scandals and the “protection” of the drug trade. There was growing discontent in the camp of the army itself, primarily from the rank and file and from the junior officers.

The deteriorating legal situation around the Haitian armed forces led the government to decide to disband the army in 1995. Her place in the country was taken by a peacekeeping contingent from the USA, France, Chile, Canada and some other states. The contingent operates to this day under the UN program. The national police tried to help the peacemaking continent in maintaining order, about 15 thousand people.

The Haitian media report that more than 20 years after the dissolution of the Haitian armed forces, the army will begin to recover.

At the first stage, it is planned to call the whole 500 man into the army (the population of Haiti is about 10,5 million people). The draft age is from 18 to 25 years. The Minister of National Defense of Haiti (and in the state in the absence of the army there is a military minister) said that the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Haiti will patrol the border with the Dominican Republic, as well as the coastal zone. Soldiers are planning to engage in disaster management.
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  1. +3
    July 20 2017
    (and in the state in the absence of an army there is a minister of war)

    As in Ukraine, there is no fleet, but a bunch of admirals.
    1. +28
      July 20 2017
      Zadolbali with their Ukraine! There are no other topics ??? ...
    2. 0
      July 20 2017
      And the mice are white.
    3. +4
      July 20 2017
      Her water is almost covered
      But suddenly, without wasting a word,
      Mumu Gerasima asked:
      "Master, what is there with the Ukrainians?"

  2. +1
    July 20 2017
    Ukroina will sponsor the supply of weapons, and instruct Haitians how to properly jump and run away wassat
    1. +3
      July 20 2017
      Do you have a brain Ukraine? On the topic, off topic, if only about Ukraine blurt out something.
  3. +3
    July 20 2017
    Haitians apparently zombies are stuck in the region))))
  4. +2
    July 20 2017
    An army is definitely needed, even if there are no threats. This is an assistant to the state in situations of sound. And in our time, uninvited guests can also be welcome, or they can be sheltered by someone who has already been let in.
  5. +1
    July 20 2017
    Decided to fight with the Dominican Republic?
  6. +1
    July 20 2017
    Hahly help them.
  7. +1
    July 20 2017
    The army for Haiti .... And in the fig, is it for them?
    The extra burden, and so the poorest poor live where they still have to spend money on defense, and there is no one to defend themselves, the Dominican Republic does not need them, Cuba too ....
    Even the show-offs will not work sensible - all the equipment is junk and trash. The region (Hispaniola island) in the Dominican Republic and in the Haitian part is completely dependent on the United States - they have a recreation area there in the Dominican Republic after the loss of Cuba. And in Haiti, given the complete mess with the authorities and total unemployment, no one pokes. Haitians work at all auxiliary jobs in the Dominican Republic, for a day of work on a sugar plantation, at a rate of collection of about a ton of cane, the Haitian receives two dollars and considers this happiness.
    What army is there ???
    1. +1
      July 20 2017
      Quote: Romanenko
      The army for Haiti .... And in the fig, is it for them?

      To declare war on the United States and in 5 minutes surrender! smile
  8. 0
    July 20 2017
    who does not feed his army, will feed someone else’s
    1. +1
      July 20 2017
      The state of Haiti exists only because no one needs this burden, it is not difficult to capture it, and they are probably just waiting for this.
      Can the invaders feed for free?
  9. +2
    July 21 2017
    If Haiti is the poorest country, why the hell is the army for it, did someone again miss the coups or the "cut"?

    The armored cars are somewhat similar to the Soviet BRDM or the new Belarusian armored car, only with more powerful weapons ...

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