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Macron was going to hike ...

Becoming the president of France, Emmanuel Macron did not justify the hopes pinned on him, and surprised many. Especially in Brussels and in Berlin. Hope does not come true that he will become an obedient Hollande and will hold on to Merkel's skirt, as Marin Le Pen, the leader of the National Front, has rashly predicted by his rival in the presidential elections. Merkel, of course, in even more mourning.

Macron was going to hike ...

Macron began his presidential policy by historical an excuse, from Peter I, invited Vladimir Putin to Paris. Clouds of observers wrote that the aspiring president is thus simply gaining political weight and experience: he is, as it were, challenging Putin himself. A royal reception was given to the Russian president in Paris, and this is the main result of his visit to Macron.

Then Macron invited President Donald Trump to Paris to participate in a national holiday, and also under the specious French-American historical pretext, the arrival of American troops in France, during the First World War, for the war against Germany. Moreover, Macron led President Trump to Napoleon’s grave, as if hinting at his Napoleonic plans, or Trump?

In addition, Macron made an anti-German statement, supposedly Germany “extracts billions of dollars from European imbalances”. Perhaps, it extracts, however, Hollande did not allow himself such statements. During the presidential campaign, Macron even used the word “Frexit”, of course, in a hypothetical sense, if the interests of France were infringed upon by the European Union, which seemed impossible.

It was yesterday, and today, after a scandalous statement about “European imbalances”, Macron’s reservation about Frexit already looks promising. What did he talk about with Trump in general, doesn’t he change Merkel and Europe? - ponder now, for sure, in Berlin.

Trump blessed Brexit, and also blames Germany for “trade imbalances” with America. Macron just repeats Trump's claims on Germany! Is Frexit ready, and invites Trump, to enlist his support in the case of "imbalance" with Germany?

And what about Merkel? Just yesterday, the entire political science army repeated, like Marine Le Pen, that Macron would become an obedient friend of Merkel - the strength of the German economy will prevail! - and today Merkel silently swallows Macron’s hooligan charges! And he repeats, like a mantra, the thesis about European unity in relations with America. It seems that Merkel's European unity may unexpectedly rest in the tomb of Napoleon, Macron's unexpected antics to the guarantee.

In general, the wise reasoning of various experts about the youth and inexperience of Macron, who is building his (!) Policy, so you need to show indulgence to him, just cry! It turns out that the fate of France depends on the luck of Macron, as if he was already Napoleon!

For some reason, the old truth is completely forgotten that the king is being made by a retinue. Macron made the president exactly a retinue, most likely from the French special services and business. Brussels and Berlin in this process played the role of extras, so today they silently look at all the escapades of Macron.

We forget today that the election of Macron became the burial of the French democracy, they showed what its “systemic oldest parties” really are - zero! The entire democratic political party of France was utterly defeated by the special project “Macron”, which was spun from scratch for some six months! All political leaders opposing Makron were not only doused with compromising material, criminal cases were also initiated against them! What can not be done without the active participation of the special services. By the way, according to American designs! And the “Russian hackers” were prepared, but they were not needed, because Macron won without them.

Where is the praised French democratic society? It also turned out to be fiction. Although all French politicians, and even taxi drivers, understand the origin of Macron's success, although the whole French party system lies in ruins, voters vote for Macron's party replica! A powerful PR campaign in the media for Macron easily cleared the brains of a supposedly sophisticated democratic experience for a French voter!

Who is really Macron? A dark horse, and an obvious henchman of the French special services and certain financial and industrial circles. They speak in his voice, so Chancellor Merkel is silent on Macron’s challenging accusations: she doesn’t know who she’s really dealing with, or, conversely, knows too well, so she carefully considers her words.

In fact, Macron, with the security forces behind him, becomes the dictator of France, given the great powers of the French president. It seems that he is not by chance, not from his whim, invites to Paris and Putin and Trump: he promises to be for some - French Putin, for others - French Trump. With these demonstrative foreign policy actions, Macron confirms its statements about the “great France”, just like Putin and Trump, respectively, about Russia and America.

And the French are happy with Macron, say opinion polls. They are pleased with the special operation "Macron", and the fact that the French democracy is dead!

The upcoming reform of the European Union into a “Europe of two speeds” promises to be an exciting spectacle. The matter is not at all in Macron, it is becoming more and more serious: the Napoleonic spirit is reviving in the French elites

Macron went camping:
He prayed,
Putin took communion,
He fought on Merkel! ..
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  1. inkass_98
    inkass_98 19 July 2017 06: 55
    Macron is up to the dictator to grow and grow, while he resembles a weather vane with his statements or a talking toy parrot repeating the last words of the owner.
    The French will be satisfied with him if he can restore order primarily within the country, limit the entry of migrants and protect locals from the lawlessness of visitors. Everything else will be evaluated by the French only as a result of domestic policy, incl. and hypothetical Frexit.
    1. siberalt
      siberalt 19 July 2017 08: 38
      Did Macron tell Trump who helped drive Napoleon into the grave and freed the French from despot? laughing
      1. Shadow of darkness
        Shadow of darkness 19 July 2017 09: 23
        The French Napoleon is not considered a despot! Moreover, he is a hero for the French. If in France you speak badly of Napoleon, you can run into an insult to you. hi
  2. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 19 July 2017 07: 03
    he will become obedient Hollande and will hold on to Merkel's skirt as recklessly his rival in the presidential election predicted

    And it seems to me that "it’s not yet evening." Let's wait and see. Merkel is also not made a finger and stand in the EU for Germany oh how can. Therefore, it is possible, and most likely right, was Marine Le Pen. Macron used to hold on to the skirt.
    1. Monster_Fat
      Monster_Fat 19 July 2017 08: 14
      all right was Marine Le Pen

      Didn’t she say that in any scenario, the woman will rule in France? .. wink
    2. antivirus
      antivirus 19 July 2017 10: 25
      Merkel is silent on Macron's defiant accusations: she does not know who she is really dealing with, or, conversely, she knows too well, so she carefully considers her words.
      ---- Mom knows everything, the answer will be simple - the old invest projects will end, it will only be necessary to expand the German economy past the French, then those macrons will be changed to others.
  3. Knowing
    Knowing 19 July 2017 07: 16
    "... Napoleonic spirit revives in the elites of France ...", - ha ha, they would remember how that whole adventure ended ... repeat
    1. antivirus
      antivirus 19 July 2017 10: 25
      fight with Austria and Spain ????
      1. Knowing
        Knowing 19 July 2017 10: 56
        Quote: antivirus
        fight with Austria and Spain ????

        No, finish on about. St. Helena ... or on the islands of the New Earth, as you like. request
    2. To be or not to be
      To be or not to be 19 July 2017 13: 00
      "Malbrook is going camping,
      Eaten sour cabbage soup
      On a camping trip ...
      ...... Rothschilds- reconnaissance in battle?
  4. Sergey-svs
    Sergey-svs 19 July 2017 07: 16
    What a custom PR article on VO! request Is it not too early to praise the praises of the new French prez? As they say - "arrived", hell he’s not done yet, and he’s almost dubbed New Napoleon! laughing
  5. Altona
    Altona 19 July 2017 07: 34
    The whole article was built on the thesis that Macron is the future tyrant of France.
    1. Monster_Fat
      Monster_Fat 19 July 2017 10: 12
      Macron is the future tyrant of France

      "Don Pedro, oh! It was such a man ... He was such a tyrant-tormented me and my young children ...." The film "Hello, I am your aunt." smile
  6. Victor Kamenev
    19 July 2017 07: 38
    However, as other comrades believe in the role of the individual in history, although Marxism insists on the opposite. They do not become dictators, they are made, including the special services, and then dictatorship ...
    Macron has already done a lot: from his bright image of “Hollande” there is not a trace left, he climbed into the submarine, following Putin ...
    1. Paranoid50
      Paranoid50 19 July 2017 14: 40
      Quote: Victor Kamenev
      he climbed into the submarine, following Putin ...

      Yeah ... The key word is "after." And, after all, it seems, adults who manage seemingly strong, independent states ... It seems to be .... In fact, this is the third grade of elementary school. yes Thank you for the article, but one remark: a lot of pathos and loud comparisons, even if it is irony or sarcasm. For the "protagonist" of the article has not yet worked out such comparisons. Sincerely. hi
  7. parusnik
    parusnik 19 July 2017 08: 14
    The whole democratic political army of France was utterly defeated by the Macron special project
    ... An exaggeration, he compromised himself for Oland, during the reign, for M. Le Pen the French were afraid to vote, if that didn’t work out, and Marcon arranged ... because the election program was built by both ours and yours .. here and won .. yes and it’s too early to talk about the revival of the Napoleonic spirit ..
    1. A1845
      A1845 19 July 2017 10: 36
      Quote: parusnik
      Explicit exaggeration
      but not too big laughing a dark horse, some clerk from the bank - once or twice and for president
      Quote: parusnik
      his election program was built by both ours and yours
      the people who built it know what to do
      1. Mexovoy
        Mexovoy 19 July 2017 23: 44
        Why is Putin not the 2000 model?
  8. grandfather Mih
    grandfather Mih 19 July 2017 09: 05
    Rothschild staff forge. Toothy Macron. “Europe of two speeds” - “a step forward, two steps back.” (Quotes). And where is the "corrupt girl of (German) imperialism"? Fell into prostration. Depart from the classics. Rogues.
  9. Brother Fox
    Brother Fox 19 July 2017 12: 50
    If you look closely, there is some external resemblance between Napoleon and Macron. It is too early to judge the psychological relationship. But most likely the author is right in this:
    It’s not at all a matter of Macron, more and more seriously: the Napoleonic spirit is being revived in the elites of France ...
  10. komrad buh
    komrad buh 19 July 2017 13: 44
    "Napoleonic spirit is being revived in the elites of France ..." They have a gay spirit there. Napoleon wouldn’t be touched, they don’t care about him
  11. tracer
    tracer 19 July 2017 19: 47
    Officially, Macron's wife denied rumors about her participation in the assault on the Bastille ....
  12. izya top
    izya top 19 July 2017 19: 58
    liquid then pasta versus Germans, liquid
    HEATHER 19 July 2017 21: 45
    Well, in the subject to him. crying
  14. nivander
    nivander 21 July 2017 08: 57
    De Gaulle unfinished
  15. Vadim Golubkov
    Vadim Golubkov 21 July 2017 23: 11