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Tu-22М3 bomber: effectiveness of use in Syria

The ability to perform such tasks, which at one time the creators of weapons could not even think about when designed it, is an indicator of the uniqueness of such weapons. From this point of view, a heavy Tu-22M bomber can rightly be considered the standard of weapons not only for the 20, but also for the 21 century.


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  1. NUR
    NUR 19 July 2017 12: 53
    This is the right machine in its class, until it runs out of resources it still serves. SU 34 is still not enough.
  2. qwerty183
    qwerty183 19 July 2017 17: 19
    It would be better to continue to serve, but in the same building. Eo is simple, my favorite, apparently, the plane.
    1. Darkmaximus
      Darkmaximus 20 July 2017 14: 19
      I absolutely agree with you - a very beautiful plane.
    HEATHER 19 July 2017 19: 23
    Not Tu-22M. A-Tu-22M3.These are completely different cars..And Tu-22M wasn’t used in Afghanistan. And they weren’t in Syria. What about the video? Sometimes, before drawing something, you need to familiarize yourself with airplanes. There is no longer on the Aviation fans website. In Afghanistan, Tu-22M2 and Tu-22M3 were used. Dudaev’s regiment. It was his regiment that led “carpet bombing” in Afghanistan. And in Syria, the Tu-22M3M was used. The momentum for the video is rather unprofessional. Like the comments above.SU 34 is still not enough. How is he here? Cars of different classes and combat mission. Connoisseurs divorced, damn it.
  4. ICT
    ICT 19 July 2017 21: 17
    Quote: VERESK
    Cars of different classes and combat mission

    I didn’t even watch the video, if there is a mistake in the title, then further ....... in general trash,

    effectiveness in Syria

    slightly above zero, if you subtract the real work of the crews as training, then generally tends to minus
  5. Love is
    Love is 19 July 2017 21: 35
    These are AUG hunters. Conceived and implemented that way.
    HEATHER 19 July 2017 22: 47
    Little is seen how techies work. Tu-22M3.
    HEATHER 19 July 2017 22: 55
    This is the Tu-22M2. If you need about the 22M, either dig yourself or to me. For help on it. The cars aren’t very different. In appearance, the first two of them came to AVATU in the year 1986. In 88, the TU-22M3 arrived. There was a lot of rustle in the city. The right one refused when they entered. The machine sat down. The guys from the 2nd company rushed there in alarm. We almost an hour later. for the Air Force. Alas. There is no more of him.
    HEATHER 19 July 2017 23: 05
    Here is longing for pain. I want to howl.
    HEATHER 19 July 2017 23: 52
    Shaykovka. Perhaps many have seen. There is profanity.