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Russia after the election: a review of the American press

In this review, devoted to the hot topic of the past Russian presidential elections, I focused on some American newspapers. It will be interesting - I will make the second review, on other American newspapers. Or Canadian, English, German. Feel free to express your wishes in the comments.

In the articles and notes taken for this digest, I have translated only the main thing. Much has been omitted. Before you - just a review. My personal opinion is not here either.

* * *

Washington Post, 4 March 2012. Article: “Putin won the Russian presidential election; his opponents claim widespread fraud. ” Authors: Katie Lally and Will Inglund.

The article says that although Vladimir Putin won the Russian presidency - with the overwhelming majority of votes, as predicted - but “many of his compatriots have become much more assertive and ambitious than when he first came to power 12 years ago.” Katie Lally and Will Inglund write in artistic style that “The Kremlin Tower gleamed majestically” behind Putin when he went to declare victory - “although only about 30 percent of votes were counted and accusations of ballot ballots sounded loudly. It's amazing, journalists write, but the tear slowly slid out of his right eye as he stood in front of his crowd. He made a fiery speech, corresponding to the image of a tough guy, which they so carefully cultivated. He later said that the tear was due to the wind. ”

The article states that Putin raised his voice in his speech when he touched on the topic of foreign enemies, “including the United States trying to destroy Russia.”

Then the journalists tell that Putin, who received a percentage of votes “for” 64, turned out to be “in unfamiliar circumstances”. After all, since December of last year, he “was the target of huge thousands of demonstrations, in which many thousands of people bravely and jointly spoke out against him ...” Therefore, the results of the Sunday elections, American journalists believe, “are unlikely to repress the demands of honest government.”

Lally and Inglund point out that the protesters, “angry at the reports of Sunday’s violations,” still do not know what strategy Putin will follow. Will he "gradually transform the authoritarian regime, as they hope?"

The newspaper quotes Sergei Udaltsov, "the leader of the socialist Left Front": "It was a shame, not an election!" And also: "They again spit in our face. Tomorrow we will be on the streets! ”The article notes that the Russian authorities have given permission for protest rallies on Monday and Thursday.

The article itself states about Vladimir Putin: “Putin’s 59-year-old, trained as a KGB agent, sets himself up as an all-powerful leader and savior of the nation, immune from criticism. He won with 71,3% of votes when he ran for president in 2004, but his prestige was hit in December, when the ruling United Russia party received less than 50 percent of votes in parliamentary elections, which is a humiliating defeat after 64 percent in 2007 ". Further, it is said that “people are no longer afraid to object to Putin, and he is ridiculed on the Internet ...” At the end of the article it is said that thousands of Russians watched the elections be held on Sunday. The group "Voice" "reported that she received 3000 complaints."

Washington Post, 5 March, 2012. Article: "The End of Putinism." Author: Jackson Dil.

This article states: “No one in Russia doubted the outcome of the presidential election on Sunday,” and that Vladimir Putin is preparing to begin a new six-year term. At the same time, the journalist notes the “burning question” in Moscow: “How long will it last?”

According to some of the "excited" members of the opposition, the journalist writes, - not for long. Oppositionists predict an increase in protests after the election. "More sober analysts," writes Dil, "depict a strong personality, whose environment could last for a couple of years or more, if it would calm the irritated public with political and economic reforms."

“Pessimists think,” the author writes, “that Putin can stand all six years as president, but not the next six that he clearly counted on when announcing his return to work last September. The Russians, ”Dil remarks,“ with whom I spoke a few weeks before, expressed a general refrain: the autocracy that had dominated the country over the past decade was already dead. The only question is what will follow it and when. ”

The article compares Russia with another “big and, apparently, stable dictatorship” - China. A brief comparison is made in order to summarize that “the Chinese government planners say that the political stagnation that this implies is impracticable”.

Dil asks a question: will there be changes that he considers “inevitable” in the existing Russian system, and how - “from the inside or from the outside”? "Some people believe," writes Dil, "that he [Putin] will gradually allow liberalization." However, Dil immediately writes about an increase in the “repressions of dissidents” in the PRC.

And Dil repeats the “Moscow” question: will Putin last long?

"New York Times", 4 March 2012 g. Article "Putin cried." Posted by: Robert McKee.

“Perhaps,” writes an American journalist, “the only surprise that happened to Prime Minister Vladimir V. Putin, who won the Russian presidential election on Sunday, was a tear in his eye when he spoke into the microphone, addressing supporters for the Moscow Kremlin wall . The video, called “putinwept” by one incredulous blogger, seemed to expose Mr. Putin, who was crying because he was represented by outgoing President Dmitry Medvedev. ”

The journalist writes further that “Putin said later that the tears were caused by the cold Moscow wind, and not by feelings, but France Press reported that representative Dmitry Peskov doubted this. "Well," Mr. Peskov told state television, "at least that was his explanation of what happened."

Putin’s opponents, the journalist said, “used tears to tease him.” Robert McKee quotes A. Navalny as saying: “Today our leader really had a reason to cry ... He looked at everything around him and said:“ God, what did I do for all this? ”

"New York Times", 4 March 2012 g. Article "Russian turnout includes thousands of active observers." Authors: Ellen Barry and Sofia Kishkovski.

The rather long article, which did not fit even on one web page, deals mainly with the election observation process, cases of possible falsification of the results, as well as V. Putin’s reaction to accusations of electoral violations. The article states that the observers had a “small army” and that “hundreds of thousands of citizens watched ballot boxes on Sunday through an extensive network of webcams, which was a great experiment in a public study of the electoral process.”

Journalists note that "this time the Kremlin seemed better prepared to withstand the accusations ..." The article says that the observers were accused by the authorities of making fraudulent reports and in efforts supported from abroad and aimed at overthrowing Mr. Putin's. ”

The article states that "The most prominent controlling group in the Russian elections, Golos, registered 45 cases of carousel voting, in which groups of voters using absentee ballots run between polling stations to vote many times."

It is also noted that “Alexander V. Kynev, an official spokesman for Golos, said that his group did not register the equally widespread filling of ballots, which it recorded in December, and suggested that this was because“ the falsification technology moved in a more difficult and difficult direction for the disclosure. "

The authors write below: “Mr. Putin and other officials in recent days have argued that fraud charges were prepared in advance — as part of a conspiracy to weaken his government, and pointed out that Golos is funded mainly by the US government.”

“This is just one of the tools of the struggle,” Mr. Putin said last week. - They are preparing to use certain mechanisms to confirm election fraud. They are going to fill the ballot boxes, they are going to control it, and then they will present it to the public. We already see it, we already know it. ”

“To strengthen public confidence in the elections,” the authors write at the end of the article, “the Kremlin ordered millions of dollars of webcams installed at polling stations at 478.” However, according to activists, "many of the webcams were either turned off or did not provide clear images."

Los Angeles Times, 4 March 2012. Article "Putin's Pyrrhic Victory." Author: Leon Aron.

The author of the article reports the following information: “Leon Aron - Director of Russian Studies at the American Enterprise Institute. He is the author of the book Road to the Temple. Truth, memory, ideas and ideals in the formation of the Russian revolution 1987-1991. ”

“Vladimir Putin,” says L. Aron, “was ready to win more than 50% of votes on Sunday and thus be“ elected ”by the president of Russia again. This is not surprising: it deprived every leader of the pro-democratic opposition of opportunity to win and limited the overwhelming majority of Russian citizens receiving news mainly from state television channels, government propaganda. And after an exciting and well-documented falsification of the results of the December 4 parliamentary elections, no one doubts that the Central Election Commission, which is a subsidiary fully owned by the Kremlin, will “pull”, as they say in Russia, any number that the boss will order. ”

However, further notes Aaron, “this will be a Pyrrhic victory. Elections that are far from increasing the legitimacy of the Putin regime will reduce it even more in the eyes of a significant part of the Russian population. ” Aaron cites figures: “According to a February poll of voters conducted by the most authoritative polling company in Russia, Levada Center, 35% of respondents thought that the elections would be“ dirty. ” In addition, 13% of adults said they were ready to participate in public protests. ”

However, Aaron objectively notes, “the numbers do not tell the whole stories».

The author further speaks of increasing hatred of the “regime” emanating from the “avant-garde protest” and mentions “tens of thousands of men and women who demonstrated the slogan“ Putin must leave ”in December, January and February and carried Putin's effigy in a striped prison uniform ... "

Aaron writes: “Of course, these protesters are in the minority, of which the Kremlin does not tire of reminding everyone. So what? Few, if any, regime changes, let alone revolutions, were made by a majority. ” The journalist said: “And the recent revolutions added one important factor: people who start them receive news and opinions without censorship from the Internet and social media, and not from state-controlled television.”

In proof that the uprising in Russia can be raised by a young middle class, Aaron cites data from the Levada Center: “According to the Levada Center, 62% of demonstrators who spoke in December 24 had bachelor degrees or higher; a quarter of them were younger than 25, more than half were under forty; almost half were professionals and almost a quarter were either managers or business owners. ” What seems particularly important to Aaron here is that “almost 7 of 10 identified themselves as“ democrats ”or“ liberals. ”

Aaron writes: “As my late friend, a Russian reformer, economist and economic historian Yegor Gaidar, said:“ Russia lags behind the West by about 50 years ”.

Then the author draws a familiar parallel between protests in Russia - and the “Arab spring” and “color” revolutions in Ukraine, Georgia, etc. The difference between Aron’s opinion and many others is that he does not consider Russian slogans to be common or borrowed, but purely "domestic", what they are already "for more than twenty years ..." Aaron argues that for Mikhail Gorbachev at that time the "revival" of society was inseparable from the "struggle for the dignity of man, his elevation, his honor." Aaron also remarks: “One of the most beautiful essayists of the epoch of publicity, Yuri Chernichenko, saw millions learn to spell:“ We are not slaves! ”

Aaron summarizes: “If what we see today in Russia is a really powerful river that flowed so widely and was so deep at the end of 1980 and at the beginning of 90, which went underground in 2000 and now appears again expanding and accelerating, it is difficult to understand how the current regime could be prevented from being removed in another attempt to remake Russia. ”

* * *

So, we got acquainted with some materials on how American journalists see the presidential elections in Russia. Concluding the review, I can only note that three reputable publications representing the US press - the Washington Post, the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times - largely converge in their “Russian” vision.

Observed and translated by Oleg Chuvakin
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  1. Dmitriy69
    Dmitriy69 6 March 2012 09: 00
    An interesting situation arose on the exchanges yesterday; almost all securities except Russian ones fell in price. With capitalists, everything is simple, see how their money behaves and draw conclusions. And their money rushed to Russia.
    1. domokl
      domokl 6 March 2012 09: 31
      Their money is really an indicator, but they themselves need to look ... The West simply does not know what to do ... Politicians and the press say that in Russia it’s full of seams, a lot of people are against it and a deafening victory in the elections .. Moreover, these damn webcams really interfere yelling is not a fraud ... In the minds of Western inhabitants the complete mess
      1. Sergh
        Sergh 6 March 2012 10: 01
        That Temka is warm, I understand.
        From the very beginning of the vote count, I watched two days from morning to morning with the continuation of the rally, the cutter is complete! Putin just shot them like a dog, in my opinion not even aiming. Whatever color of the noa bubbles they inflated, everything burst.
        Yesterday at the rally I switched to the "rain" channel, in I will tell you a yellow-hard program, without any cover, you are even amazed. The presenter with an effeminate, powdered face, you see it rolls under Pozdner, invited me to his studio
      2. Boos24
        Boos24 6 March 2012 11: 58
        and how will these hypocrites then ask for help from Russia?
      3. EVIL
        EVIL 6 March 2012 12: 05
        Yes, with uncle PU cameras, they strongly framed them)))

        They shout straight at the TV set - on such a stretch of a carousel - I looked and connected, but there it’s quiet and smooth)))
        1. Krilion
          Krilion 7 March 2012 03: 41
          I do not say at all that there were carousels, but just wondering what you expected to see? How do people hand in hand run in a circle throwing ballots? =)
          1. EVIL
            EVIL 11 March 2012 18: 00

            I was looking for this ...)))
      4. Sandov
        Sandov 6 March 2012 20: 11
        Pind --- sy how upset, then everything is right in Russia. Our fifth column is increasing - this is bad. Money amers here and buy creatures. am
      5. Uralm
        Uralm 7 March 2012 22: 36
        I do NOT read anything. We know in advance everything that the "DEMOCRATS" will write. Why waste time?
    2. urzul
      urzul 6 March 2012 09: 36
      You are right, the money goes where it is stable, in this case from the EU to Russia, the euro has been declining for a week, as has the dollar.
      Although it seems that they are trying to keep the dollar artificially, because they do not want to lose export profit.
    3. 450096
      450096 6 March 2012 09: 37
      Yes, usually kudoa oil prices, there and Russian stocks. And yesterday it was reported that oil was falling, and the stock was growing. Miracles and only
    4. 450096
      450096 6 March 2012 09: 38
      Yes, usually where the oil prices go, there are Russian stocks. And yesterday it was reported that oil was falling, and the stock was growing. Miracles and only
      1. Sergh
        Sergh 6 March 2012 10: 17
        That Temka is warm, I understand.
        From the very beginning of the vote count, I watched two days from morning to morning with the continuation of the rally, the cutter is complete! Putin just shot them like a dog, in my opinion not even aiming. Whatever color of the noa bubbles they inflated, everything burst.
        Yesterday at the rally I switched to the "rain" channel, in I will tell you a yellow-hard program, without any cover, you are even amazed. Leading with the effeminate,

        with a powdered face, to see Podner rolling, he invited a crowd to his studio to squeeze out the truth, why did Putin get to such an extent that he sent a lot of extra AMON, and they began to get along with the people. Although the essence of the matter, why and why it happened, he did not enter, and did not even try.

        From time to time I went over to the street broadcast of my correspondents, who, I’m not afraid to say, naturally squealed a hysterical boar squeal into the microphone, this lousy correspondent always climbed into the crowd, and when he grabbed the cop with his trailer and dragged him to the bus (obviously not to moonshine), then this MIRACLE screamed so much, I already removed the volume so that my wife would not be awakened.
        1. bogdan
          bogdan 6 March 2012 11: 19
          Ordinary media prostitutes, they get paid for it.
        2. Sergh
          Sergh 6 March 2012 11: 22
          Sorry, I didn’t finish, the glitch went on my computer.

          Well, he himself met with the cops in his youth in earnest, and here the ability to such an ugly desire woke up so that this sucker between the horn would be thoroughly kizdanuli, so that he forgot how to shy away from the dark streets. Yeah, in the studio they immediately shook hands, stamped their feet, shouted in defense with slogans.

          The host girl was especially active, oh, I remember her squeak, I will not forget. There, the guy was sitting separately in the studio, so he already laughed at these hysterical presenters, who at one time he plagued him with indignation.

          A lot of people visited the studio, everyone ran after the detained Navalny and two more of their orangoids, even the deputy Gudkov dusted, stood under the doors of the police department, which of course didn’t let anyone in, the cops pushed everyone specifically and not naked. Gudkov poured boiling water all over the polls.

          Even Nemtsov pinned up, but funny, they came to pull out their own, and they didn’t even remember who they put in a monkey for them. The instigator of the entire agitation provocation on Ponamorov Square, in the snakes, also provoked the whole crowd at the end not to disperse, but to stay and pitch the tents, this is Herod, the crowd is clearly dibila, left, the cops persuaded for about forty minutes, hamsters- but the slogans in response are disgusting, well, the fun started, but not enough, I would have piled on these Moscow rats more.

          Some deputy, of some red-and-blue meeting, was sitting in the studio, remembered that Maxim Katz, if he didn’t change, so here he was with his horny lisping voice, at first I thought that he was a tube or a junkie, so alike, so he wildly resented , even stamped with a knife and trampled all his hairs, so then I thought that he was just a fagot.

          Well that's probably enough. An-no, by the way, the famous journalist Pavel Lobkov was surprised to the plinth, he works for this yellow-and-white studio and runs like a bum on the street, on the subway, in the back streets, on the face of some unfortunate, driven. Looks from the central channels Parfyonova, Lobkova turned, rushed to help the nipples pigs, cunningly. Yeah, still, there they have Ksenia Sobchak considered the most truthful, valuable observer, if she said, but she didn’t see that there were violations in the elections, it means there was a law. It became strange to me, but the actor-director Vitorgan Jr., who is present here, agreed with this.
          1. Persey
            Persey 6 March 2012 19: 27
            Whatever the election is our election, in any case, I don’t see the alternative (as some call Putin) to the new prince Vladimir, although I would really like him to work more closely with the opposition, some have very interesting ideas, and it looked would it be a manifestation of democracy
          2. Sandov
            Sandov 6 March 2012 20: 17
            Whatever villainy a man would not go for greens, is it really possible to buy everyone.
          3. Marat
            Marat 7 March 2012 23: 06
            Great stuff Serge! He showed well this "husk" - I don't know what else to call them - "liberal" foam
        3. Sandov
          Sandov 6 March 2012 20: 13
          How many subhumans divorced, and this is with us.
      2. Paratov
        Paratov 6 March 2012 11: 30
        I did not expect anything else! But what’s remarkable: all these comments seem to be from the 90s! They lag behind life! Obviously, imported people do not understand what is happening in Russia! Hence these endless analogies with Arab springs. It doesn’t even occur to them that we have become different!
        We survived our Orange Revolution back in the late 80s, and the world, including America, only came to this! So we can say that WE are people of the 21st century, and THEY are still of the 20th!
    5. Pu239
      Pu239 6 March 2012 19: 15
      Mamontov clearly tells how with whom the orange revolutions were made, on whose money.
      Mubarak received 84%, this country did not save.

      We will be ready. It's early to celebrate. Russia is in danger!

      Forewarned is forearmed.
      Watch everyone!
      1. neodymium
        neodymium 6 March 2012 19: 45
        Thank you.
        Kids without immunity against this infection.
  2. denis29_82
    denis29_82 6 March 2012 09: 00
    Let them bark. As the saying goes, if a Cossack goes to the village, and not a single dog barks at him, then the Cossack is going the wrong way)
    1. Sergh
      Sergh 6 March 2012 10: 06
      That Temka is warm, I understand.
      From the very beginning of the vote count, I watched two days from morning to morning with the continuation of the rally, the cutter is complete! Putin just shot them like a dog, in my opinion not even aiming. Whatever color of the noa bubbles they inflated, everything burst.

      Yesterday at the rally I switched to the "rain" channel, in I will tell you a yellow-hard program, without any cover, you are even amazed. The presenter with an effeminate, powdered face, you see it rolls under Pozdner, invited me to his studio
    2. Irkit
      Irkit 6 March 2012 15: 31
      I even hung for a moment :) But then I laughed.
      We will not change our development vector.
  3. domokl
    domokl 6 March 2012 09: 00
    Thank you very much Oleg! I’ll add an article .. it’s just that there’s not always time to look at the foreign press on your own ... And according to the article, Americans again think that Russian corrupt antithesis plays an important role in domestic politics .. And thus the formidable Russia is a colossus on clay feet ... Only One such at the beginning of the 40's convinced his people of such a thought ... What happened in the 45 we know ...
    1. Sergh
      Sergh 6 March 2012 10: 13
  4. schta
    schta 6 March 2012 09: 01
    Another could not be expected.
  5. neri73-r
    neri73-r 6 March 2012 09: 09
    Yes, how itchy from anger, it didn’t work out according to theirs !!! The Russian people have not yet made cattle, biomass, as in Europe and the USA !!!
    1. domokl
      domokl 6 March 2012 09: 34
      Quote: neri73-r
      The Russian people have not yet made cattle, biomass
      They don’t understand how this could happen, that the entire population was against Putin in December (and the Western media tried to praise these bulkers), and in the elections they didn’t even need a second round ... Everything could be checked and seen ... even from Washington ...
      1. kubanec
        kubanec 6 March 2012 09: 51
        in December, the people were not against Putin, but against thieves from united Russia, and Putin is our leader and I don’t see him better yet .......
  6. Joker
    Joker 6 March 2012 09: 09
    Thank you very much for the article, very informative. I think everyone will be interested in reading what powder is used to give the heads of the US population.
    1. Ziksura
      Ziksura 6 March 2012 11: 02
      Quote: Joker
      I think everyone will be interested in reading what powder is used to give the heads of the US population.

      The most interesting thing is that we also have people who think so. It is impossible to convince. They don't even hear the arguments. Like a zombie. I just remember the words seem to be provocative: "Are you at ... a lesson, or from America?"
  7. KAV
    KAV 6 March 2012 09: 10
    We need to see how their presidential election goes. I feel that it will be necessary to remember English and climb on their sites to say shit bully
    1. Dmitriy69
      Dmitriy69 6 March 2012 10: 10
      The other day I read to broaden my horizons about the US electoral system ... I laughed almost to hiccups !!! And that they are trying to teach democracy to someone else ???
      1. Boos24
        Boos24 6 March 2012 12: 05
        Brzezinski (rare jujuka) said that American dermocracy is a product of external consumption, so that’s it
    2. Sergh
      Sergh 6 March 2012 11: 46
      KAV Well, yes, I’m already setting myself a more serious translator, so that they can scribble more tasty poop more, but more elaborately, with all the jokes and somersaults. I think they will be high!
  8. esaul
    esaul 6 March 2012 09: 11
    Thanks Oleg for the morning of humor! laughing The mood has improved by an order of magnitude! How did the West have to intimidate itself, so that from a single increase in the voice of Putin, addressed to the bearers of world democracy, they can do it ?! The dictator completely intimidated the poor oppositionists! ... Apparently, with the aim of final intimidation, he allowed them to hold meetings for the following days! Not! A good method is to give all this swamp people, scare each other to trembling knees and they, by themselves, will die out! Those. - they'll get bogged down! There are already a bunch of publications in the media and in blogs, how the opposition greases skis over the hill! Who the hell needs them - swamp mud! But, in general, let them fade. The air will become cleaner! And I am very amused by the terrifying stories about "numerous violations". According to them, violations can only be committed by the "ruling clique", and the inhabitants of the swamp are entirely pigeons and swans ... Yesterday on one of the channels in a broadcast dedicated to the elections, when one of the shouts was presented with the names of the violators (and these were representatives of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation), this beetle immediately fell silent. Oleg, as always, is a big plus. good
    1. Dmitriy69
      Dmitriy69 6 March 2012 09: 28
      Everything to the point esaul, only with expressions for more accurate. We must take care of their delicate orange souls, and not a stable psyche!
      1. esaul
        esaul 6 March 2012 09: 38
        Quote: Dmitriy69


        Welcome Dmitry, I’ll take into account their subtle mental structure, buddy! yes
    2. domokl
      domokl 6 March 2012 09: 39
      Quote: esaul
      This is how the West had to intimidate itself, so that from a single increase in Putin’s voice, to the bearers of world democracy, he would be deceived?
      EEEh, you’re evil Uncle Valery ... The West wants you to live well, and you ... EEEEEH laughing What kind of potato did you eat this morning? Yes, even with natural meat? Because it’s wild ... You don’t understand hamburgers and chisburgers ... laughing
      Quote: esaul
      A good method is to give all this bog people, scare each other to a trembling knee and they, by themselves, will die out!
      It will be boring ... In a swamp, as a hunter I tell you, even frogs croak ... So put these swamps in a frog position ... Only block the channels of receipt of money just in case ....
      1. esaul
        esaul 6 March 2012 09: 53
        laughing Domocles, buddy, had some fun! ... And, regarding the frogs - I agree, you need to cut off cash flows (especially since Putin, according to some news reports, has taken care of these issues), but, besides this, he could have had a straw insert ... bully
        1. Pharao7766
          Pharao7766 6 March 2012 11: 08
          laughing cut off cash flows ... What are you doing ?! This is the worst thing for "our" swamp GevolutseoneGov !!! (they won't pay for sex with mattresses ...)
          And the stream, I think, after the election will turn into a miserable trickle.
          But the crooks have to report seriously to the uss! There is so much dough in the OPU ... So they are now voting on the fact that between the rock and the hard place is Putin, on the one hand, who will block all this dirt from the dirt, and on the other hand, yous, who will ask for every child’s mind. wink
          1. Sandov
            Sandov 6 March 2012 20: 22
            The flow will not stop, the amers will suck on our love. You can’t believe them, they always have a knife behind their backs, just look away - they will plant creatures.
      2. Ziksura
        Ziksura 6 March 2012 11: 09
        Quote: domokl
        close the money just in case ...

        You are a sadist, my friend good
      3. KuigoroZHIK
        KuigoroZHIK 7 March 2012 03: 44
        Domocles, welcome!
        In our village, in our childhood, there was entertainment - frogs were blowing a straw through the anus .... There was a funny analogy .. Don’t you? Marsh ones have already been connected to the inflatable unit (through one place) and thoroughly inflated (although they have been inflated for a long time, now they just increased the pressure). The great thing about this situation is that they will not be able to lay low now wink they will hang on the surface and will not go anywhere.
    3. Mart
      6 March 2012 11: 45
      Thank you all for thanks!
      I promise to continue. Soon!
  9. Sniper 1968
    Sniper 1968 6 March 2012 09: 12
    Thanks to Oleg for the review. In principle, nothing new. All this is expected and predictable ... Overseas scribblers "drive horror" to the American man in the street, that there is almost a revolution in Russia ... The poor oppressed Russian people will be ready now to overthrow the hated satrap ... Well, as they say, and to hell with them. For example, I am deeply sneezing what some fat farmer from Nebraska thinks about us. We know the truth ... Best regards.
  10. vel77
    vel77 6 March 2012 09: 20
    It would be surprising if they said differently.
  11. tank64rus
    tank64rus 6 March 2012 09: 28
    The Levada Center is funded from the United States and this is no longer hiding. And if a foreign analyst Aron says he quotes Gaidar's words as an argument, then they still do not understand how most people in Russia hate them in the 90s, these are the people who have now voted for Putin. It remains to wish him to clean out the decayed "elite", and to restore order, otherwise Aronov's dreams may come true.
    1. Ziksura
      Ziksura 6 March 2012 11: 18
      Quote: tank64rus
      they did not understand how most people in Russia hate them in the 90s, these are the people who have now voted for Putin.

      They all understand perfectly. Simply if you report the truth to the "center" - goodbye funding, even the staff of the "friends of democracy" services are not interested in the truth - imagine what kind of budget you can get by claiming that in Russia there is "a little bit" before the revolution and you just have to put the squeeze on.
  12. Victor
    Victor 6 March 2012 09: 28
    This review (Thanks to Oleg) shows that everything is in order with us. For the first time, a real leader appeared in Russia, which was formed in the vastness of our Great and Immense country in the midst of the most difficult economic, historical and social upheavals. Russia received the leader - the Commander. Moreover, she received not from the side not prepared in the bowels of the US State Department, but from the one that she raised herself and placed herself at the head of the state. It is perfectly clear that the Russian mentality, the desire to live in a Great State and our own understanding of democracy cannot fit in American heads that are obese from the consumption of hamburgers. Hence the babble in the reviews of the Yusovsk press. I will be happy to wait for a review of the European press. It seems to me that Europress will yell more nasty things in the direction of our choice, as befits Tabaki.
    1. esaul
      esaul 6 March 2012 09: 43
      Greetings buddy! We are strange people - Russians! The more nasty things they write and talk about us over the hill, the more fun we get and the more we get! winked Wonderful words about a leader who grew up among Russian society! Hold the plus, buddy! drinks
  13. Rashid
    Rashid 6 March 2012 09: 29
    Something our great diplomat H. Clinton is silent for now, I thought she would declare violations, illegitimacy and undemocratic nature of our elections on the 5th morning. I look forward to her "statements", I still want to laugh.
    1. Ziksura
      Ziksura 6 March 2012 11: 25
      Quote: Rashid
      Clinton, the great diplomat, is silent for now, I thought she’d complain about the 5th in the morning,

      There is evidence that she already by the American standards has already spoken so much that she received a hint: is it time to take care of the family.
    2. Boos24
      Boos24 6 March 2012 12: 12
      her jaw was reduced from anger, that they’ll insert a bark that will be heard directly from across the ocean
    3. arkady149
      arkady149 6 March 2012 16: 12
      Madame Clinton is known for protecting the LGBT community very violently and consistently, so I think she will not leave her Rectal, Chiryakov, Inozemtsevs and other riffraffers unattended.
  14. Leisure
    Leisure 6 March 2012 09: 34
    Aron, gives wishful thinking, he swims in his invented world, and you must agree, the diagnosis.
    1. Ziksura
      Ziksura 6 March 2012 11: 31
      Aron is a product of the environment in which it exists. The author of the article correctly noted the fact that it is not the first time that we have seen "choral singing" of the same untruth from "absolutely independent" media.
  15. vorobey
    vorobey 6 March 2012 09: 36
    In damn overload rushing in people. I remember even the word reboot, they could not write correctly on the button. Yes, let them bark, but the caravan is coming.
    1. sergo0000
      sergo0000 6 March 2012 10: 25
      That's right! Hold +
      They will never understand the Russian soul, much less our patriotism. We put in this concept a deeper meaning than them.
      Thanks to Oleg for the review. I didn’t expect anything else from them. I’m glad that they recognize that we are 50 years behind. Well and good! That means we will survive all of them by exactly the same amount!
  16. Brummbar
    Brummbar 6 March 2012 09: 37
    As they say, sabaki bark the caravan is coming. laughing
  17. Hauptmann emil
    Hauptmann emil 6 March 2012 09: 59
    All these overseas shitcrats got sick. You constantly hear from them: "The Russian people will soon rise up", "poor Russians", etc. Enrages. let them think about their people and about those whom they have plunged into chaos: Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya. And we ourselves will figure out how to live.
    1. sazhka0
      sazhka0 6 March 2012 11: 01
      I agree .. It is necessary to ban these topics on this site .. And then soon we will become all enemies.
  18. Pacifist
    Pacifist 6 March 2012 10: 00
    As for articles, complete confusion ... it seems they have some kind of jelly in their heads ... As for stocks, everything is simple. Money loves stability, and the elections that have taken place and the winner determined are stability as you don’t take it.
    For the rest of the wackies ... Brummar wrote above. lol
  19. Scholarships
    Scholarships 6 March 2012 10: 03
    I think the English newspapers do no reason to review. the same will be)
    1. urzul
      urzul 6 March 2012 10: 07
      Well, by the way, recently they had a different vision of situations, but after recent purges among the chief editors, everything returned to normal.
  20. Kite
    Kite 6 March 2012 10: 10
    The review of the Western press simply catches the eye with the curvature of their interpretations and anger. This is our choice, it concerns us, but they are absent, in the sense - we do not impose our own public order on them, even if they do not interfere with us with stupid advice. And if they perceive our news with malice, then they give us reason to establish ourselves in the correctness of our decision.
  21. vorobey
    vorobey 6 March 2012 10: 13
    Enlighten men who knows, and where did the fetish of the Russian opposition go, the fiery fighter G. Novodvorskaya?
    1. kubanec
      kubanec 6 March 2012 10: 27
      can’t leave the room, it doesn’t pass through the doorframe laughing
    2. Kite
      Kite 6 March 2012 11: 00
      She found herself a mate - not a young one, but a boy (hog), and now she began to look at the world kinder and calmer, and that’s why she doesn’t shine on street actions.
      1. vorobey
        vorobey 6 March 2012 15: 35
        So this ...... turned out to be. Traded ...
  22. kubanec
    kubanec 6 March 2012 10: 13
    interesting in the us international observers are allowed?
  23. sichevik
    sichevik 6 March 2012 10: 28
    Dirty, yellow, tabloid newspapers, commissioned by the State Department. Who believes them? Only complete and complete. D&OUT. I have not even read their comments to the end. I almost got sick.
  24. Piligrim
    Piligrim 6 March 2012 10: 29
    I don’t know why everyone is so happy about Pu’s victory?
    Of the 65% who came, voted in favor - 63%.
    I think there is something to think about.
    And certainly he should not rest on the laurels, which many offer to him here.
    1. urzul
      urzul 6 March 2012 10: 39
      I don’t know why everyone is so happy about Pu’s victory?
      Of the 65% who came, voted in favor - 63%.

      Of course there is something about a confident victory in the first round by a wide margin. He scored 45,5 million votes.
      1. sazhka0
        sazhka0 6 March 2012 10: 57
        And another 100 million where ??
        1. urzul
          urzul 6 March 2012 10: 59
          Of the remaining 100 millions, not everyone has the right to vote, subtract children and other legally incompetent.
          Well then, half are against what you chose. although not half, many have not chosen yours and ours, so there are no more percent 20.
          Moreover, someone here recently from a radical mood shouted that in Russia the population is already 120 millions;))
        2. signalman
          signalman 6 March 2012 11: 44
          Not a hundred, but 62,5. Of these, almost 38 million were scored (count them according to ... who will become president). And that 62,5 - 38 = 24,5 million who voted not for Putin. Simple arithmetic, you know!
        3. Goga
          Goga 7 March 2012 07: 48
          To the question "where?" - avoid answering in rhyme.
    2. sazhka0
      sazhka0 6 March 2012 10: 55
      But it means that almost half of the Country is against .. Or it is already "non-humans" .. I promise to promise two or three times more .. Funny ..
      1. Kite
        Kite 6 March 2012 11: 36
        For the sake of completeness, I’ll propose you to estimate such a distribution (conditionally, 1% in each paragraph): you didn’t feel well after yesterday, you were preparing to meet guests on occasion, sat with a child / sick relative, went fishing early, live in a different place, tired at work, worked, were on a business trip (with absentee additional hlopot, too lazy), did not mature brain - did not decide, ............ Should I continue, or will you complete the options yourself? I can continue, but the thought has already been expressed clearly.
      2. signalman
        signalman 6 March 2012 11: 38
        17,7% - for Zyuganov + 7,69% - for PRokhorov + 6,24% - for Zhirinovsky + 3,84% - for Mironov = 35,47%, which is about 24,9 million who did not vote for Putin. And the rest of the drum, who will be our president. Compare 108 млн. who could vote and 24,9 million who did not vote for him. Math, you know !!!
        TULSKIY CAMOBAP 6 March 2012 14: 45
        You I'll see even elementary school did not bother to finish laughing
    3. signalman
      signalman 6 March 2012 11: 19
      More than 2012 million people were included in the voter lists in the presidential elections in 108, 70,2 million participated, of which 45 million voted for Putin. It turns out almost 38 million to pump up who will be president.
    4. Draz
      Draz 6 March 2012 12: 37
      Learn the percentages

      The percentage of voters is taken from everyone who went to the polls, consider 65% of the population took 100% and from here they dance

      So that 63% of the GDP was voted not by the entire population, but only what came to the polls.
    5. Sandov
      Sandov 6 March 2012 20: 29
      It is our business to rejoice or be upset about the election, and the gringo case is not to get into our affairs.
    6. Sasha36543
      Sasha36543 7 March 2012 00: 54
      And you're probably stupid. You can even confuse kilometers with kilograms.

      63% is a percentage of the number of votes cast by your voters (and not their total number).
  25. Cripple cross
    Cripple cross 6 March 2012 10: 37
    Ugggaaaagggggaaa !!!!! laughing
    Yes, even though you zhurnalyugi foreign poop their forecasts! No one could ever predict THAT WILL BE IN RUSSIA TOMORROW !!! We Russians are not aware of this ourselves, today we are dissatisfied with Putin, tomorrow we carry him in our arms, and after tomorrow we accidentally turn our heads in your direction and screw up our eyes and ask - WHAT IS IT? And God forbid you hesitate .... am
  26. signalman
    signalman 6 March 2012 10: 40
    International observers are not allowed in the United States, and so is England. God forbid someone will see how "real democracy" is being done. Well, and yesterday these same orange-blue hamsters snapped up ... sorry, crap at their rally, Thought tens of thousands of hamsters will get stuck, but no - so many "dissenting voters" did not come. Therefore, they decided to arrange a Rashin Maidan, they thought that once the police had almost licked them at the rallies, they would be able to ride it now. It didn't work. Fools, they did not understand that the elections were held and their train left long ago. Even abroad will not help them now. But no. There is a road for them now. Well, we will help them pack their suitcases. Like a tablecloth, dear Nasra ... sorry again, Navalny. And at the same time take Udaltsov with you. So be it, even wave a handkerchief in the trail and let us let a mean man's tear tongue
    1. kubanec
      kubanec 6 March 2012 10: 48
      in-in and where else will they see a cleaner and more transparent election? as they say - to whom it hurts, that is what he is talking about.
    2. KamikadZzzE
      KamikadZzzE 6 March 2012 11: 21
      After their presidential elections, it is necessary to raise a cry in your press and on television, like everything is bad, everything is wrong, everything is wrong, shame, etc. etc .. Let them think it would mean? And we laugh tongue
      1. Trudy
        Trudy 6 March 2012 12: 36
        Churov said yesterday that elections in America will not be legitimate unless cameras are installed in all precincts lol
  27. yorik_gagarin
    yorik_gagarin 6 March 2012 10: 47
    I immediately recall the interview of Old Man Lukoshenko with the Washington Post journalist. Who did not see recommend.
    1. Viktor123
      Viktor123 6 March 2012 22: 08
      Last year's interview? I watched with pleasure and ha-ha caught with admiration how old Lukashenka pressed the journalist on all issues. This lady is fixated on two questions and that's it! no further! And Old Man kicked her like a soccer ball across the field! She apparently got so sick that she wrapped herself in a blanket from chills! And the phrase of the old man about the opposition: "Do you think I don't know what my opposition is talking about? I know! I read their press every day! Look, the kiosk on the 1st floor in the lobby. There are 3 quarters of the press - the opposition!" In general, it was not the correspondent who dictated the rules to him, but the father of Lukashenko to her! I only saw a 40-minute video, and the meeting lasted almost 3 hours!
  28. oper66
    oper66 6 March 2012 10: 49
    But what to pay attention to this pack of rabid haters of Russia of Amer’s licking - the first result of dispersal and detention of the opposition in the force mode made it clear to them that they won’t clatter more with them in the country, otherwise the saboteurs were extremely brazen and traitors and spies went openly and shouted here we don’t touch us before they were encrypted and the enemy’s residency is not hiding - it’s the result of the weakness of the authorities when a number of countries democratized or like destructive structures in Syria with overseas open support and the authorities don’t dare to resist, what rubbish is THIS SUPERGAGLOS - about counterintelligence it’s high time to let them either run abroad to the owners themselves or to raise pulp and paper production at Kalyma
  29. Artur09-75
    Artur09-75 6 March 2012 11: 01
    Thanks to Oleg for the review. I am looking forward to the press review of other "free heralds of crap" (I am blowing in English myself, but lousy). And guys, understand - those whom the Almighty endowed with stupidity cannot squeal in another way - if not according to their language, then it is wrong. We made our CHOICE, but on the weak-minded from the high bell tower. They do not understand that sooner or later they will choke on their vomit and we will definitely help them with this.
  30. Mart
    6 March 2012 11: 04
    Thank you all for thanks!
    Soon there will be a second review.
  31. Magadan
    Magadan 6 March 2012 11: 16
    I’ve looked Putin stepped on their tail, how squealing good
    I'm not a fan of Putin, but it's nice to see how the nation is uniting and enemies screaming over the hill. I confess one thing - I probably dreamed about this day in that distant 1993, when in the states I was gorbiting and humiliated for the fact that my country "lost the Cold War." Well, guys, Russia is alive, and it's not even about Putin, but about us.
    1. Goga
      Goga 7 March 2012 07: 59
      In the now distant 1993, when the shitcrats started shooting from tanks in Moscow, our dreams coincided, I feel a long-forgotten feeling of satisfaction from what is happening with us and especially from what screeching it causes in "them". (+)
  32. Asketxnumx
    Asketxnumx 6 March 2012 11: 28
    Normal reaction. It should be so. The dog barks, and the caravan goes on.
    The review is helpful.
  33. scrack
    scrack 6 March 2012 11: 33
    It is necessary to send observers to their presidential elections
  34. Trudy
    Trudy 6 March 2012 11: 35
    "New York Times": The article states that "The most prominent controlling group in the Russian elections, Golos, registered 45 cases of carousel voting, in which groups of voters using absentee ballots run between polling stations to vote many times."

    A serious information war is in full swing, as you might expect. America sleeps and sees a revolution in Russia. By the way, information about this "Voice":

    Image: Screenshot of the official page of the official website of the US National Endowment for Democracy, demonstrating that the Americans sponsored the Russian non-governmental organization VOICE. This Russian structure is engaged in “monitoring of the electoral process. and search election irregularities. ” At present, VOICE and other US-funded non-governmental organizations, political parties and movements at the behest of Washington are trying their best to organize the Arab Spring in Russia.

    The work of McKain's MRI became clearly visible when he was convicted of meddling in the election process in Russia. The National Endowment for Democracy (the lead American non-governmental organization created and sponsored by the US government), under the auspices of which the IRI operates, other structures, including VOICE, tried to "expose violations of the voting procedure." The purpose of the American plan was to question the legality and fairness of the parliamentary elections in Russia and to justify the protests of opposition groups, the preparation and training of which was carried out by the MRI in order to create conditions for the organization of the Arab Spring in Russia.

    US Senator John McCain himself dispels skeptics' doubts about US involvement in the preparation of the “color revolutions” in sovereign states, including Russia, brazenly stating on Twitter: “Dear Vlad (Vladimir Putin), the Arab Spring is already with you.” McCain also refers to an article in the Wall Street Journal, with striking accuracy reporting on the protests of the Russian opposition, which flooded the streets of Moscow immediately after the leadership of the American-controlled organization VOICE published information about “identified violations during the parliamentary elections in Russia.”

    US Senator John McCain also refers to an anonymous article in the Washington Post (written by order of lobbyists from the Podesta Group), in which protests in Russia are compared with the beginning of the “Arab Spring”. Again, the Russian organization VOICE is mentioned, but it is not said that it is financed from the US budget. The Washington Post notes the sensational conclusion that in response to the protests and the upcoming election defeat, "Putin will move in a more dangerous direction, nourishing Russian nationalism and looking for enemies within the country and abroad." It's funny that this statement was made after the United States itself tried to destabilize the situation in Russia and overthrow the Putin government, and one of the Washington "hawks", which is engaged in the preparation and financing of "popular unrest," generally threatened the Arab Spring in the Kremlin.
    1. Lech e-mine
      Lech e-mine 6 March 2012 12: 31
      Attention! You do not have permission to view hidden text.
      1. Sandov
        Sandov 6 March 2012 20: 43
        Thank. I suspected this, now I have become even more convinced of the corruption of our intelligentsia.
    2. Sandov
      Sandov 6 March 2012 20: 38
      It is necessary in the states to create a non-governmental organization like theirs "VOICE". Ferrets will scream.
  35. vovan100
    vovan100 6 March 2012 11: 38
    it’s always interesting that they write about us over the hill, they also hang noodles for their own people. But do they have adequate, independent publications? About the elections: we won this information war, it’s very pleasing, it's nice to see how the amers and the people are furious)) ), but then you need to keep your ear sharp.
  36. jar0512rus
    jar0512rus 6 March 2012 11: 46
    They said so about Syria and, in general, about everyone who strokes them against the wool !!! Still, so much work has been invested in an attempt to destabilize the situation in the country, but all in vain !!! In the West, right after our elections, sharp decline in quotes !!! On the exchanges, all Western companies in the red zones !!!
  37. bistrov.
    bistrov. 6 March 2012 11: 51
    Despite unfavorable forecasts, Putin simply won a deafening victory! And immediately a pack of Ukrainian nationalists howled, all these Tyagniboks, Ogryzki, supposedly falsification and administrative resources. But from the experience of all elections it has long been known that even if an administrative resource is used, it adds no more than 5% to the number of voters. So it was, for example, during the previous presidential election in Ukraine, when the incumbent President Yushchenko used the administrative resources to the full and gained a little more than 5%. So, even if we assume that there were some kind of fraud in the elections, all the same, Putin’s victory looks pretty convincing, that's why all these Lally and Dili are just shaking the air. As for the Ukrainian nationalists, they, in my opinion, began a jerk in anticipation of their end.
  38. nokki
    nokki 6 March 2012 12: 16
    Well, these Western scribblers have decided to surpass Dr. Goebbels himself! In general, I will summarize: now all their writings about Russia go and will go under the label "this cannot be, because this can never be!"
  39. Trudy
    Trudy 6 March 2012 12: 21
    The American and Western media often refer to our "human rights defenders", "democrats", to our "independent" media, which run counter to the interests of the state. At the same time, they turn the facts for the worse in every possible way, thus creating a wrong idea of ​​Russia among the western man in the street. Let's see what kind of independent media in Russia?

    What does the West actually require?

    Independent media

    Freedom of action for non-governmental organizations

    Developed civil society

    Separation of powers

    The real change of power

    All this is good and wonderful. But why is the West?

    What is "independent media"? These are media outlets that are not owned or controlled by the state. Moreover, if media outlets not controlled by the state exist, but do not have at least parity with the state, the situation with media freedom is recognized by the West as unsatisfactory.

    Yes, but why is the West?

    The fact is that if the media are not owned by the state and are not controlled by it, then they belong to someone else and are controlled, respectively, by that someone. And who owns the media, if not the state? To business. What business do the media own? The one who wants and is able to pay the maximum amount for these media. And what kind of business specifically wants and is able to pay the maximum amount for control over the media of third world countries? Large Western media corporations, who else.

    The presence of independent media in third world countries allows transnational corporations in the West to buy them up and through this to control public opinion in these countries. And the lack of independent media - does not allow to control public opinion. That is why the West needs it.

    Why do the West need non-governmental organizations in third world countries?

    What is a "non-governmental organization"? It is an organization that sets itself the task of influencing the life and politics of its country bypassing traditional mechanisms of power.

    But any effective organization needs funding. Non-governmental organizations do not receive money from the government. In the sense - not from the government of the country in whose territory they operate. And from whom? Well, in theory, from anyone. In practice, for the most part, from specially designed funds for this. And who finances these funds? And governments are financing. Western governments, of course. And as you know, who pays, he orders the music. That is why the West needs it.

    Why does the West need a developed civil society in third world countries?

    What is a "developed civil society"? This is a society in which a group of decisive, conscientious and well-motivated citizens, who have nothing to do with the official authorities, has rights and legal, well-tested mechanisms to put pressure on the position of the authorities in order to revise this position on certain issues.

    Yes, but why is the West?

    And then, that the direction of the application of the forces of civil society can be formed by independent media and sent by non-governmental organizations. What is the use of public opinion and disinterested activists working not for wages, but exclusively for grants, if there is no mechanism for direct intervention in the work of the state? That is why the West needs it.

    And why the West separation of powers in third world countries?

    What is "separation of powers"? This is a form of government in which power is divided into several independent branches, the powers of which are in a state of equilibrium.

    Yes, but why is the West?

    And then, if the system is balanced and in a state of equilibrium, then external interference (independent media, non-governmental organizations, civil society) is always capable of upsetting this balance in favor of one or another branch of government. "Divide and conquer" is not invented by us. That's why the West needs it.

    Well, well, why does the West need a change of power in third world countries?

    And then, that all of the above mechanisms are auxiliary. The main task is the actual change of power. From objectionable to acceptable. From acceptable to loyal. From loyal to unconditionally devoted. With an unconditionally devoted - to a puppet, which can be used and thrown away, replacing with another.

    That is why at the beginning of this article I mentioned that the West is completely sincere in its desire to spread democracy. That is why I argue that for the West, democracy is more important than oil. After all, democracy is an instrument of total control that works slowly but surely. Oil, military bases, transit routes - all this will itself fall at the feet of the one who has the sacred right to decide who has democracy and who doesn’t.

    Remember how Surkov once proposed the term "sovereign democracy"? Oh, and everyone laughed at this awkward oxymoron! I remember that Western leaders, independent media, as well as representatives of non-governmental organizations and civil society were not lazy.

    Of course! After all, "sovereign" means "independent," and "democracy" in modern Western Newspeak means "controllability." "Independent control"? What a ridiculous term!

    Sovereign democracy and humanitarian bombing:
  40. Evil Tatar
    Evil Tatar 6 March 2012 13: 07
    Quote: scrack
    It is necessary to send observers to their presidential elections

    Apparently you did not watch the interview from Lukashenko?
    Do you want to stand on the threshold of a polling station in the USA?
    And then get a kick in the ass?
    THEIR shit democracy does not have such a function ... THEY DIDN'T guess they turn it on.
    Therefore, THEM and democracy is special, better than the whole WORLD ...
  41. Comrade
    Comrade 6 March 2012 13: 09
    Well, what flowed democratic bile ?! Well, let them choke in it yes

    Those that came out on the square looked like yapping mongrels. Yesterday Rain, I watched the truth .. I listened to the radio .. why did they release everyone?! They broke some kind of sykuha, threw it off the fountain recourse Riot police did not see it being conducted on provocations, but the police treated pendals with all their heart laughing
    DEMENTIY 6 March 2012 13: 33
    Please pay attention to the list of foreign heads of state congratulating GDP on their victory. There are actually no Americans in it, but there is a statement by the State Department that they will cooperate with the President of Russia after the inauguration ?! Meanwhile, verbiage began to stir, and McFaul is already preoccupied.
    Puppeteers did not throw off accounts from the swamp! Yes, now they are confused, they look pathetic and beaten, but by 10 they will gather their thoughts and begin to anneal in full. Gentlemen, do not relax - the most interesting is ahead. I believe in you. Russia will win.
    1. Comrade
      Comrade 6 March 2012 13: 40
      Just now, some political scientist spoke on the radio .. said that the opposition will each time bring more and more "people" to the streets. So far, only in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and then in big cities throughout the Russian Federation.

      My question is, What should I do? What should I do? Do I need a forceful decision or not? If such meetings continue, but the top does not go to jail, is not destroyed, doesn’t refer, it’s obvious to me, for example, that a coup will not happen enough, even from all over Russia, pull it off.
      1. Marat
        Marat 7 March 2012 23: 13
        I think, dear Comrade, that liberals have long lost their votes and the majority in Russia and in the republics because of the catastrophic consequences of the collapse of the USSR and the course of their reforms leading to the robbery of the economy by the oligarchs and the impoverishment of the population. The rise in living standards since 2000 in Russia and Kazakhstan is caused not by a market economy, but simply by an increase in oil prices and open billions of tons in KZ - and this is also clear

        So I don’t think that the orange liberals continue to pose a real threat. And to suppress informationally - squeezing them out from TV is certainly useful
  43. S_mirnov
    S_mirnov 6 March 2012 14: 04
    The reaction of the readers is amazing. It seems that all commentators are sincerely confident in the honesty of these elections. In my opinion, only the lazy cannot find evidence of obvious falsifications. It is practically impossible to avoid them when all the people in power are united in one party of EP. Webcams are generally another song.
    One gets the impression that the authorities are holding the population for suckers and the population is doing its best to show that it is so.
    Orangemen of all stripes naturally use the lies of power. The people understand that they’ve rolled him with the election, he goes out to the square and sees American hamsters in the stands who sane people will not follow. So the people stand between the myrrh-streaming Putin and the hysterical Navalny. Everywhere you throw a wedge!
    1. Comrade
      Comrade 6 March 2012 14: 17
      But are you a sufferer for the entire population of Russia? Yes, you probably don’t know where Tagil is located ... where is Troitsk ... Don’t you say for all the people, Moscow is not the whole people ... They scooped up under their own banners and shushars from dovecot to Nazis and come on .. and just to make some noise .. sometimes it seems that they just found each other.
      1. S_mirnov
        S_mirnov 6 March 2012 14: 45
        And under what banner did you write me down? Putin or Navalny, or do you know any other options?
        1. Comrade
          Comrade 6 March 2012 14: 48
          Yes, judging by your fiery speeches and pursuits for Anal ... Well, are you crying for the whole of Russia, although you usually live no further than the Moscow Ring Road.
          1. S_mirnov
            S_mirnov 6 March 2012 15: 18
            Anal banners are a very emotional picture, but more specifically, who are "YOU" in your understanding?
            By the way, I do not even live in Moscow.
            1. Comrade
              Comrade 6 March 2012 15: 30
              who are they? corrupt souls! Anal and others like him-shushara, trash, nits and other evil spirits that have lied with the State Department in one bed.
            2. подводник
              подводник 6 March 2012 18: 00
              Yes, to hell with you where you live! If only to stay away from our borders!
        2. подводник
          подводник 6 March 2012 17: 59
          And what banners do seropogonniks have?
          Right shit!
          In general, you understood correctly!
    2. urzul
      urzul 6 March 2012 14: 38
      Show me 5 evidence for Nizhny Novgorod in the 3 districts of Nizhny Novgorod, Soviet and Prioksky.
      1. S_mirnov
        S_mirnov 6 March 2012 14: 53
        Look for it yourself, give it all to you on a silver platter! I don’t have much free time to peel into webcams around the clock — you need to feed your family.
        here's a link to start
        Incidentally, surveys of acquaintances from the hibernation commissions didn’t produce anything from faith in fair elections.
        1. Comrade
          Comrade 6 March 2012 15: 02
          I won’t even upload this video a month before the election recourse this hollywood feed the children from the opposition of your snotty.
          1. S_mirnov
            S_mirnov 6 March 2012 16: 15
            If you don’t want to watch, don’t look, continue living in your comfortable warm matrix "Putin's Russia" it is very comfortable - Here they are - patriots of Russia, for Putin, Serdyukov, Chubais, for a bright future and stability! But "THEY" (all the others) - who are against Putin, Serdyukov, Chubais, and a bright future and stability. In general, you chose the wrong pill when you met Morfius. Happy being in the matrix!
            1. Comrade
              Comrade 6 March 2012 16: 26
              I am surprised looking at your opposition .. everyone with expensive cameras, shoots with tablets, on expensive cars, like mongrel beeping riot police-a shame !!! and in response, another Russia .. not so rich .. not on such machines ... and dressed simpler without such equipment.
              I’m from this, another Russia .. we’ve got mixed feed ... I’m carrying out my old pea coat and berets ... with earflaps and a vest that smelled of sweat ... well, I smoke the cheapest cigarettes ... wrinkle your face? bully but right now, for the first time in the last few years, the ability to give my life for the life of this country (whole) and the peace of my people is born in my soul.
              1. S_mirnov
                S_mirnov 6 March 2012 16: 47
                Yes, there is no "your opposition" behind me, I express my personal opinion. And I don't have a tablet, I want it, but it's expensive. And the shooting was clearly made in Moscow, and the standard of living is higher there, tk. all grandmothers from the country flock to Moscow. So you walk around in an old pea jacket. Your determination to give your life for our country is very commendable, just make sure first that you are giving it for the country, and not for the opportunity to plunder it further.
                Be healthy, comrade! it's time to work, we'll talk later.
                1. Comrade
                  Comrade 6 March 2012 16: 58
                  It’s good if this is your personal opinion and you did not fall for Nemtsov and Chirikova.
                  I also do not respect Moscow, but where does Putin ???
                  It’s possible to rally, but this country cannot be ruined. You need to understand that the country is now swinging ... don’t you realize it? Don’t you see? Yesterday 10-15 thousand took to the streets ... next time more than 50 will go out .. .and so it will be to the point, either by their strength or by a coup. In short, who has so much patience.

                  such a question to you-What do you want? Who do you want instead of Putin?
            2. altman
              altman 6 March 2012 16: 56
              You don’t speak for everyone ... how many men I know from work .. almost everyone voted for Putin !!! Just don’t say that they are all brainwashed .. they themselves who you want to wash !!
            3. подводник
              подводник 6 March 2012 18: 03
              You stupid whip, do you think Uncle Hollywood to surprise?
              He feeds his family!
              Mother-in-law cooks homeless packages for you!
            4. kubanec
              kubanec 7 March 2012 13: 14
              and you’re not tearing a new asshole wassat
            5. arkady149
              arkady149 7 March 2012 18: 14
              Have you tried to grow up?
        2. urzul
          urzul 6 March 2012 15: 05
          It’s clear the OBS news agency, but they said how 2 of a finger to find that only the lazy will not find.
          I liked 240 entries from one site in Dagestan under different headings about throwing ballots, in which the results were canceled.
          And all the recordings were made by those "stupid" web cameras.
          Another video smiled about supposedly throwing up on the polling station, you can see how all people throw 2 ballots, said that there were still local elections at the same time.
          But they write statements on each such occasion, and they complain to TV cameras that their evil uncles from the election commission do not accept. although the student understands that the video is far-fetched.
          And so it turns out the number of 3000 violations.
          1. S_mirnov
            S_mirnov 6 March 2012 16: 37
            evil "They" want to denigrate the great man!
            Do not be lazy, find a work on the Internet "THE REcluse and the Six-Pointed" Pelevina- This is not about politics, they do not scold either Putin or those who are "They".
            I am sure it will expand your worldview.
            All modern Russia reminds me very much of a poultry farm. Chickens are sincerely convinced that the director of the plant sincerely cares about their welfare, because he is a "good king". And about the fact that sometimes chickens are put under the knife, they try not to talk - and those who say this are "They" and further down the list about anal traitors ...
            but this production video was shot in the apartment a week before the election laughing is it really funny?
            1. urzul
              urzul 6 March 2012 17: 16
              And I see from you already hysteria went with hallucinations
              but this production video was shot in the apartment a week before the election, is it really funny?
              obviously it’s not an apartment, calm down and breathe more evenly, otherwise you won’t finish Pelevin.
              Well, in the video it’s not clear who they were going to vote for and whether to vote at all.
              All modern Russia reminds me very much of a poultry farm. Chickens are sincerely convinced that the director of the plant sincerely cares about their welfare, because he is a "good king". And about the fact that sometimes chickens are put under the knife, they try not to talk - and those who say this are "They" and further down the list about anal traitors ...
              But for such words, with peace of mind from 65 millions of Russians can get fairly in one place. Quickly, your arguments run out of agitators, or rather, he is only one.
              1. Viktor123
                Viktor123 6 March 2012 22: 46
                He, of course, can fix the horn compartment. But, as I think, it is already useless .... there is already one bone! And nothing more! Only fools in vain obobet, but there will be no sense! He has only bucks in his eyes! And nothing more!
            2. Viktor123
              Viktor123 6 March 2012 22: 42
              If you also read this schiz - then oh! How do you go to work?
        3. Viktor123
          Viktor123 6 March 2012 22: 37
          Buy a primer, diploma! Learn the alphabet!
    3. Goga
      Goga 7 March 2012 08: 12
      S_mirnov is, I beg your pardon, in abbreviated form "Su-a mirnov? People on the square come out in support of the elected president and their country.
      And those who go out to look at hamsters - they themselves are hamsters. And there are also such C-ka you - how do you differ from the anal-bulk?
  44. Odinplys
    Odinplys 6 March 2012 16: 14
    Outraged by the Latin words on "ECHO" ... she called all of Putin's supporters, cattle ... and the whole people of Russia deb-lami ... Or initiate a criminal case or We will do it ourselves ...
  45. arkady149
    arkady149 6 March 2012 16: 19
    Thanks for the digest, "+" definitely. well, and the Americans would be better if they cared for and cherished their hemorrhoids, and not in ours ... they looked in.
  46. Good Ukraine
    Good Ukraine 6 March 2012 16: 56
    VOVA - just BEAUTIFUL !!!

    After the consequences of our "orange plague," I honestly began to worry about Russia.

    Any country needs a strong and smart power. Putin is the best leader in the world. There are good ones, like Merkel, Erdogan, but Vova is the BEST. They are afraid of him.
    Thanks to the Russians and Putin for giving us hope for the best.

    There, some argue - "Will Putin have the second 6 years, and will he last until the end of the first term?" - piss and tremble, not only will it hold out, but will fulfill the second term.
    But will Amer reach the end of his first term ... - ???
    1. Viktor123
      Viktor123 6 March 2012 22: 49
      Maybe they will hold out, but in what form will they be? Probably worse than homeless people ...
  47. wown
    wown 6 March 2012 17: 14
    What did you want? everything is as always!)))) I did not even read the article of the post, somehow.
  48. Comrade
    Comrade 6 March 2012 18: 06
    Moment. I called my relatives from one northern city of the sea. Husband and wife, both worked in the elections. Both are not for Putin. But !!! I say, well, tell me already how many people have voted for Putin for us, or even for small people I want to know ... Yes, I assure you, she says, there were no stuffing and the like ... 57,3 for the colonel. Yes, in principle, I had no doubt.
    1. Viktor123
      Viktor123 6 March 2012 22: 55
      And normal and have no doubt! This is a recognition of his merits and at the same time an advance for the future. And in debtors, he never went and never will. He knows how to work! And this is a recognition of his merits!
  49. NKVD
    NKVD 6 March 2012 18: 23
    He does not cultivate a tough guy in himself - he is a tough guy
  50. Chel333
    Chel333 6 March 2012 19: 25
    Let them rage drinks