Signs of a split in the ranks of ISIS after the elimination of al-Baghdadi

A message about a rather strange step of the militants of the so-called “Islamic State” (* terrorist group banned in the Russian Federation) is published by the TV channel Al-Sumariya. The submission says that the militants have declared the Iraqi city of Tel Afar in the province of Ninawa “independent.” In this case, the message specifies that independence is declared from the rest of the pseudo-caliphate.

RIA News cites a translation of an Iraqi source statement:
The leaders of ISIL * in Tel-Afar in a brief statement proclaimed the city a state independent of what is called a "caliphate", and threatened with harsh punishments to those who disobey their orders.

Signs of a split in the ranks of ISIS after the elimination of al-Baghdadi

On the one hand, it speaks of the actual split in the ranks of ISIL (*) and the beginning of the "division" of currently controlled territories and resources - after confirming information about the liquidation of the Russian Federation Avu-Aviation Network Abu-Bakr al-Baghdadi. On the other hand, this is evidence that the leaders of ISIS (*) are trying to declare their “power” in Iraq, although the very same Tel-Afar, in fact, is not controlled by the Igilovites.

Against this background, there are reports of the beginning of an offensive operation by the Syrian government army in the area of ​​the settlement of As-Sukhna (As-Sukhne). The city is currently under the control of ISIS terrorists (*). In fact, this is the last stronghold of the militants in a bunch of Homs-Rakka regions, the mastery of which will enable the Syrian army to go on unblocking Deir ez-Zor.
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  1. +4
    July 13 2017
    It means that there they muddied, or want to stir up, this decision was made explicitly at the sight of the United States, there is some kind of trap — the gig is weak, but so far it does not ogonize, they can fight for many months — there is definitely some sort of hidden bjak! !!
    1. +2
      July 13 2017
      this indicates the actual split in the ranks of ISIS (*) and the beginning of the "division" of currently controlled territories and resources

      Well this is so Yes but whoever sponsors that command, a holy place does not happen empty, they will appoint the chief from the CIA. Yes
      1. +3
        July 13 2017
        I don’t see anything special in this “division” of ISIS! Surely this is the US acting on the principle of "divide - and rule!"
        In principle, in this case, with the separation of ISIS, practically nothing will change much. The CIA and the US State Department will stealthily help both ISIS factions. But both ISIS groups will compete with each other and each of them, individually, the ISIS group will become a more controlled and dependent tool in the hands and interests of the United States than one!
        1. +3
          July 13 2017
          Perhaps the spirits want to create a new "state" (under the control of the CIA) in order to blame all past sins of the Islamic State and Al-Baghdadi, to conclude a separate peace with the Western coalition. And it will be a good springboard for the States in the BV.
      2. +3
        July 13 2017
        We are waiting for the Western media to accuse of interfering in the election of the leader of the igil, with the mandatory requirement to introduce new sanctions against Russia laughing
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. +2
      July 13 2017
      Quote: Exorcist Liberoids
      they can fight for many months to come

      Hello, Sergey.
      Of course they will, but the death of the “command” will certainly affect cohesion and combat readiness. In the meantime, here is a shot from Mosul with captive barmaley.
  2. +4
    July 13 2017
    Well, expected! IMHO, the worst will start later. When they will try to “tear” Syria into different zones
  3. 0
    July 13 2017
    As I predicted just a couple of days ago. Yes
  4. 0
    July 13 2017
    It seems that the well-functioning mechanism of ISIS has gone to pieces. Now even the Americans will not be able to assemble this mechanism. There is only one way out of the situation, just close this project together.
  5. +1
    July 14 2017
    for me, so igil has never been a single "state". it all looked more like some kind of franchise.

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