Headed America

Revealing the secret of Pusinel (the forces of Assad and in fact did not use chemical weapons in Khan-Sheikhoun), the winner of the “the most prestigious journalistic award in the world” to them. Pulitzer Seymour Hersch became again a persona non grata in the mainstream media not only in his native America, but also in the whole frantic West.

Poor Sai! He hoped to open his eyes to the States and their satellites, and it turned out that they were looking at his revelations with their eyes wide closed. “A sensational investigation” didn’t have to court anyone except the German Welt am Sonntag (https://www.welt.de/politik/ausland/article165905578/Trump-s-Red-Line.html) and several sites that call themselves “Alternative media”, and the “mainstream” calls them agents of influence of Russia and Putin. There is nothing surprising here; as early as the day the material was published, former CIA senior officer Ray McGovern predicted that a “conspiracy” was waiting for a conspiracy of silence, because it completely fits into the version of Moscow.

But if the main "news”, Obtained by Hersham (Syrian government troops are not involved in the death of civilians from toxic substances), we are already well known, then the style of decision making by Trump may be of some interest.

Sarin release

“From a number of interviews,” writes Hersh, he learned about the “total lack of communication and understanding between the president and many of his military advisers and intelligence officers, as well as officers“ on the ground ”in the region who had a completely different understanding the nature of the Syrian attack on Khan-Sheihun ".

Headed America

Washington knew that the Syrians launched an airstrike using a guided Russian bomb. Detailed information about the flight to the target and back was in writing in English transmitted to the Americans by Russian officers several days before the bombing as part of the “deconflictment”. It was assumed that he would be monitored by the Avaksy patrolling along the Turkish border. The targets of the strike were the leaders of jihadist groups, who gathered on April 4 to hold a meeting in one of the two-story cinder-block houses in Khan-Sheikhun. Russian intelligence identified the building as a command post. There were missiles in the basement, weapon and ammunition, as well as chlorine-based disinfectants for the treatment of corpses at burials and other goods. Hersh's source in the US intelligence community says that the "rebels" control the population by distributing goods that people need to live: food, water, vegetable oil, bottled gas, fertilizers and insecticides. And he continues: “One of the reasons the Russians sent a message to Washington about the planned target was to make sure that any CIA agents or informants who could infiltrate the jihadist leadership received a notification not to attend this meeting.” As Hersh writes, "the Russians relayed the warning directly to the CIA." The source comments: “The Russian information indicated that the meeting of the jihadists was planned at a time when the “rebels” were under strong pressure – Jabhat al-Nusra and Ahrar ash-Sham (banned in the Russian Federation) were desperately looking for ways out in the new political climate ... The Russians took persistent and decisive measures to verify and confirm their intelligence. By using dronestationed over the target, monitored and monitored communications for days on end to determine what the intelligence community calls "lifestyle." The task was to record everyone entering and leaving the building and to monitor the import and export of weapons, including rockets and ammunition.

The target was hit in 6.55. The leaders of jihadist groups, as well as their drivers and guards were destroyed.

Damage assessment showed that as a result of the temperature and impact of the bomb, secondary explosions of fertilizer stocks, disinfectants and other substances in the building occurred. Formed a large toxic cloud that spread throughout the city.

Almost immediately, photos of dead and dying children appeared on social networks. Confirmed data on casualties among the civilian population were absent, however, “opposition activists” and “White helmets” began to claim that more than 80 people died, and CNN channel spread information about 92 victims. The source of the photographs was unknown, there were no international experts on the spot, but the “international community” stated with confidence that it was Bashar Asad who gave the order to use sarin against the civilian population.

Trump did not want to stand aside and reinforced this position, just a few hours after the incident, stating that Assad’s actions were “disgusting and terrible”. And they were the result of the “weakness and indecision” of the Obama administration in relation to what Trump called “the use of chemical weapons by Syria in the past.”

Risk boy

This is the moment when the US military and intelligence officers began to be worried because their president deliberately ignored the available evidence. Hersh quotes one officer as saying: “There is absolutely no point in this. We know that there was no chemical attack ... the Russians are furious. They say that we have accurate intelligence and that we know the truth ... It seems there was no difference who we chose - Clinton or Trump. ”

This anxiety later escalated from senior members of the presidential national security team to fear that, as Hersh writes, during the following 48 hours of intense briefings and working out Trump’s decisions, it was impossible to convince: “The President didn’t say:“ We have a problem, let’s we'll figure it out. He wanted to bomb Syria. ”

Hersh’s word in the US intelligence community is again: “Most Americans don’t get that if it really was a Bashar-sanctioned attack using sarin, the Russians would be upset 10 more times than anyone in the West. The Russian strategy for countering the IG (banned in the Russian Federation), which involves cooperation with the Americans, would have been destroyed. And Bashar would be charged with the responsibility of humiliating the Russians, with unknown consequences for him. Bashar would go for it? When is he two steps away from winning? Do not make me laugh!".

Trump, whom Hersh’s sources describe as “a regular TV news viewer,” after hours of studying photographs from Khan-Sheikhun, gave the military instructions to develop a “retribution plan”. A source in the intelligence community: “He did this before he even discussed with someone. Planners asked the CIA and DIA for evidence of Syrian sarin being stored somewhere near the airport. The answer was: we have no evidence that Syria has sarin or that it used it ... The CIA also reported that sarin did not deliver sarin to the Sheyrat airbase, from where Syrian aircraft bombed Khan Sheikhun were flying. motive to commit political suicide. Everyone except, perhaps, the president also understood that a highly qualified UN team spent more than a year in Syria destroying chemical weapons. ”

As Hersh writes from a source in the intelligence community, “intelligence analysts do not argue with the president. And they do not say to him: “If you understand our data this way, then I resign.” They realized that Trump did not want to be persuaded. In addition, they realized that “they are dealing with a person who has ... very severe restrictions in terms of making decisions in the field of national security ... Everyone who is close to him knows about his inclination to act rapidly when he does not know of facts. He does not read anything and has no knowledge in the field. stories. He wants only oral briefings and photographs. He likes to take risks. He is ready to take the consequences of his bad decisions in the business world. In this case, he just loses money. But in our world, if his guesses prove to be mistakes, lives will be lost and the long-term interests of national security will be damaged. He was told that we have no evidence of Syrian involvement (in the poisonings of civilians. - C. D.), and still Trump says: "Do it!".

Variant of the gorilla

6 April Trump convenes a meeting on national security in his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida. The purpose of the meeting is to decide not what to do, but how. Or how to do less, but make Trump happy. A word to the source in the intelligence community: “The boss knew that there was no evidence of Syrian involvement, but that didn't matter.”

Present at the meeting, Secretary of Defense James Mattis, according to Hersh’s source, was “the most experienced.” He was respected by the president and "understood how quickly it could evaporate." CIA Director Mike Pompeo was absent. Although his department constantly informed that it has no evidence of the presence of chemical bombs in Syria. Secretary of State Tillerson, "who was admired by all who knew him, for his willingness to work overtime and his greed before reading diplomatic telegrams and reports, did not understand how to fight the war and lead the bombings." This feature of the state section is worth paying attention to. What about competence, erudition, depth and flexibility of mind, analytical skills, ingenuity, initiative?

“The president was emotional and wanted to know the options for action. He got four. The first is to do nothing ... The second is to bomb the airfield in Syria, but only after the Russians are warned, and through them the Syrians, in order to avoid a large number of victims. Some of the planners called it the “gorilla variant”: America will angrily look and beat her chest to create fear in the other side, to demonstrate its determination, but to inflict insignificant damage. The third option is a massive strike, the plan of which was presented to Obama in 2013. The plan included massive bombing attacks on the main Syrian airfields, command posts and control centers using strategic bombers B-1 and B-52. The fourth option was “beheading” - eliminating Assad by attacking rocket-bombing at the presidential palace in Damascus, as well as the entire command and control system and all underground bunkers where Asad may retire during a crisis. ”

The discussion sometimes assumed a “strange” character. Tillerson wondered why the president simply did not call the B-52 bombers to turn the Syrian airbase "to dust". He was told that the B-52s are very vulnerable to ground-to-air missiles and that the use of such aircraft would require to "suppress by fire" air defense weapons, as a result of which the Russians protecting them could die. “How is it?” Asked Tillerson. He was told: “You know, sir, this means that we need to destroy rocket launchers along the entire B-52 route, and then we will find ourselves in a much more complicated situation” ... “The lesson was this: thank God, the military was present at the meeting - concluded Hersh source in the intelligence community. “They did everything they could when they were faced with a decision that was already made.”

Bare Facts and Kennedy

It is impossible to get rid of the feeling that someone had “merged” Hersh with the information he was looking for and, as the source knew, would try to teach the world. Someone wants Russia to see: the impetuous uncouth Donald is to blame for everything, and we, the American military and intelligence officers, are white and fluffy, are fighters for peace. What are the words of the “intelligence source”: “The people around Trump do not understand that the Russians are not a paper tiger and that they have much more serious military capabilities than we do ... I don’t think Russia understands how crazy Trump is. And we do not appreciate the damage the Russians could inflict on us. ” Or the words “American military”: “Russians behave very reasonably and carefully. Despite all this news, they are still trying to deconflict and coordinate the air campaign ... They demonstrate amazing restraint and incredible calm. It seems that they are most interested in de-escalation. They do not want to lose our support in the destruction of the IG. "

I recall how once in Washington I was offered "in great secret" a "genuine version of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy." It turns out that Soviet propaganda was right. He was killed by the US military-industrial complex. Rather, those “guys” (generals, of course) who went through the blood and sweat of the Great War, who buried their comrades and did not want to go through the war again, but already nuclear against the USSR. And Kennedy's jerk all the time put them on the brink of war. He will drink whiskey and sniff cocaine right in the Oval Office and, having removed the entire chain of military leaders from the chairman of the OKNS and the commander-in-chief of NATO forces in Europe to the divisional commanders and regiments, he will begin (and he himself naked and with him Marilyn Monroe) to command by phone tanks at Checkpoint Charlie during the Berlin crisis, provoking the Russians to respond. That the CIA will poison Cuba, and if it fails - in the bushes. Then the Caribbean crisis will almost incinerate the whole Earth. That heapes things with Vietnam. As a result, his heart and decided. Keep away from sin. For the sake of peace on Earth. In order not to fight with the Russians.

In that story, everything could be true. And whiskey, and cocaine, and naked Kennedy with Marilyn in the Oval Office. And what the generals decided. But for the sake of peace on earth?

So with the Hersh material. There is no doubt about the honesty of the author. Nor do they exist in the fact that Trump is uncouth and impetuous, Mattis is unprincipled, Pompeo is a coward, Tillerson is primitive. But what are the “good guys” the “American military and intelligence agents”? Hollywood - neither give nor take!

There is a rule: to promote misinformation requires reliable information. In the material Hersh such is present.

PS And for the kind words about our guys - thanks. This is true and not even the whole.
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  1. +6
    July 15 2017
    There is a rule: to promote misinformation requires reliable information. In the material Hersh such is present.

    And not only ... this is a whole range of events ...
    the article is interesting by originality of thinking and a bunch of hypotheses ... plus to the author.

    secondary explosions of stocks of fertilizers, disinfectants and other substances that were in the building occurred.

    What kind of fertilizers and other substances are such what
    1. +4
      July 15 2017
      What kind of fertilizers and other substances are such

      Of the fertilizers, ammonia and sodium nitrate explode very well (the explosion of the Grankan steamer destroyed the port of Texas city). Of the "others" - the usual "bleach" (a technical mixture of hypochlorite, chloride and calcium hydroxide) - with thermal decomposition get chemical contamination of the area with chlorine.
    2. 0
      July 15 2017
      If you purely hypothetically present Putin's statement - "I chose Trump, and everyone knows about it. Who wants to become the next US president, please contact my office to consider the matter on the merits." laughing
      For Putin and all sane people this is a joke about the American "truth", but what will start in the USA and around the world is already really hard to imagine belay
  2. +8
    July 15 2017
    Poor Sai! He was hoping to open the eyes of the States and their satellites, but it turned out that they were looking at his revelations with his eyes wide shut.

    Yes, they screwed up their eyes, you won’t tear them apart ... and so they all know .... they will present everything in color, convenient for them ...
  3. 0
    July 15 2017
    ... they believe in the West everything that the PRESS gives them ... together with hamburgers and coke they swallow without thinking ... but thinking that are overweight from chemistry can no longer ... this is such an education, supposedly a society that can be run like sheep in the herd - there would be a smart dog and a shepherd ...
  4. 0
    July 15 2017
    This only confirms that the trump "man of one minute" is unnecessarily impulsive and aggressive.
  5. +1
    July 15 2017
    I think that it was, as the journalist describes. In this case, the CIA simply told the TRUTH to the president — there is no evidence of an attack. And what hit him in the head ...
  6. +1
    July 15 2017
    why didn't the president just call the B-52 bombers to turn the Syrian air base "into dust"

    Here he is the main style of thinking of American politicians - all in ruin, the main thing is to be afraid.
    And Seymour Hershey, to be honest, is a pity - he will scoop up to the fullest from "democratic" America in the face of the media.
  7. +2
    July 15 2017
    Damage assessment caused by the Americans, showed that as a result of temperature and shock

    In my opinion, the article is a mistake.
    In that story, everything could be true. And whiskey, and cocaine, and naked Kennedy with Marilyn in the Oval Office. And what the generals decided. But for the sake of peace on earth?

    And why not?
  8. 0
    July 15 2017
    Cool article - "not serious about serious"! Many THANKS to the Author and "VO" for smart and interesting materials. more would be !!!
  9. 0
    July 15 2017
    Good article

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