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Kuril dreamer and partner of Innoprom-2017

From 10 to 13 July, the international exhibition Innoprom-2017 is held in Yekaterinburg. Today, the combination of the words “international ... in Russia” is again perceived as something mundane, although less than two full years have passed since the moment when an unknown black man declared “complete isolation of Russia”. Russia well remembers Obama’s words that Russia is almost a pariah, and that this was made possible thanks to the “sanctions policy of the United States and its allies.” Today, such statements do not even look funny. In such cases, to laugh at all is a great sin. Moreover, the person is no longer with us ... well, in the sense of not being in the presidency.

Interestingly, two years after the loud Obama statement about “isolated Russia,” the situation turned upside down, in fact, exactly the opposite. The reason for this was the G-20 Summit of the Hamburg Summit, which, after its completion, Western journalists called the Summit of Nineteen. This refers to the fact that the American delegation was isolated at the summit, “thanks to the policy of Trump”. And it is really surprising ... Only two years in total - and those who loudly applauded Obama’s words about isolating Russia themselves give rise to the thesis about isolating Trampovsky America. Miracles, and only ... Outwitted themselves, they whipped themselves out. And who is to blame? Of course, Putin.
Well, he, in the absolute conviction of the West, chose Trump, not the American people, along with the electors ...

In general, their business. We return to the topic of the international technological exhibition Innoprom, which is held in the largest city of the Urals Federal District. The exhibition is really big. This, of course, is not a planetary Expo, but the figures are also very impressive. Participants - companies from 59 Russian regions and from 95 countries of the world - companies engaged in the field of technological development, industrial production, promotion of new technologies. Among the participants - not only business representatives. Political circles (where without them in the modern system of market economy, in which we either entered or got into trouble) are represented by federal ministers, regional leaders, and governments. President Vladimir Putin also "intervened."

And then, perhaps, the main thing will be to mark the country that volunteered to be a business partner of the exhibition in Russia. And this country is Japan.
The Japanese “comrades”, and it is hardly possible not to notice, are trying to make every effort to demonstrate not so much their desire to be a business partner of Russia, but the “bodily itch” about gaining control over the South Kuril Islands. Today, where, forgive, do not spit - everywhere Japanese "partners" who suddenly announced their interest in the Russian market: from the Far East to Voronezh and Moscow. That the medical centers open, then automobile manufacture (an example - Toyota) are going to localize.

In this regard, just one question for the Japanese "partners": dear Japanese "partners", are you serious now? And do you support exhibitions in the Russian Federation, and are you ready to enroll in business “guides”?

Kuril dreamer and partner of Innoprom-2017

This could be taken seriously if it were not for one detail. According to what logic can one declare at the same time a “comprehensive partnership”, “support” of the structures of Russian business, health care, education and preserve anti-Russian sanctions? The East is a delicate matter, they know it in Russia, but is it really so subtle that in Tokyo they seriously expect that if an individual director of a single Japanese concern announced interest in the Russian market and Russian production facilities, then we are: “Kurils?”. Oh, business something ... Yes, take it. Better Toyota localize us. We want-want.

What is partnership? In that you throw a frank shit with one hand, including financing the militarization of Maidan’s Ukraine, and with the other you are trying to stroke Russia hinting at the Kuriles ... So sign a peace treaty to begin with, cancel the sanctions, recognize Russia in the current borders. Or the emphasis is on the business elite, for whom, as is usually the case, investments do not smell. By the way, what is the investment?

From the stated objectives of the partnership in the course of Innoprom-2017:

Raise the status of trade and economic partnership.
Expand the capabilities of national industrial sectors to other regions and countries.
Present key industrial companies and their main products.
Establish a common model of interaction in the field of research potential of the two countries.
To stimulate the dissemination of the best international practices of participation in exhibition activities.

In general, as always lately: “cooperate with us, we will give you vooooot so much of all the tasty ..., and we cannot lift the sanctions, because Big Brother does not close his eyes”

That is, they have isolated, isolated, but it turned out that they are now withdrawing their eyes like that “blue thief”, continuing to do their work quietly, and whispering in a quiet voice: I have nothing to do with it ... I’m supposedly now your partner - look how much companies to you in Ekaterinburg brought.

These are the ones with a total credit debt of more than half a trillion dollars? .. Oh, yes, this is what is called “investment” in the world economy today - take a loan from the same Big Brother at virtually zero percent, having an incredibly high credit rating from “independent agencies” ”As a kind of bonus for the American occupation of Japan, then declare that it is“ for itself ”, and then come to Russia and say that we are supposedly ready to invest in your projects. At the same time picking up the map with your finger in the area of ​​the Kuril ridge

In the end, we are not proud in Russia. Coming with business projects and innovations - we are all for it. Trade and exchange of experience is in any case extremely useful. And about Kuriles - just keep on picking the map with your finger. Well, in fact, we cannot, some kind of “isolated gas station country with a torn economy”, make concessions before concessions are made by the most naimocratic and exclusive Power in the Universe - the United States. Maybe Mr. Abe is a "Kuril" dreamer - while you localize the production of "Nissan Juke" somewhere in Hawaii - you see, the Americans will leave Okinawa for joy ...
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  1. 210ox
    210ox 11 July 2017 06: 18
    Yes, it’s not in the Kuril Islands .. More precisely, not only in them. Just money, nothing personal ..
  2. Knowing
    Knowing 11 July 2017 06: 24
    And as all TAM media are heating, Russia was not isolated, but Putin has come and ... recourse order ..., turn, to Peacebuilding ... Well, probably the fact that there are Russian bases on the South Kuril Islands speaks for the fact that they would not unscramble their hawala ... I remember they said to me: You know, be quiet, - said, - do not sign, - signed, - do not cry.
  3. Nehist
    Nehist 11 July 2017 06: 46
    The usual practice of financial occupation. They will tie a part of the economy on themselves and that’s it. As a result, control over the regions of interest.
  4. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 11 July 2017 07: 09
    Mr. Abe - "Kuril" dreamer

    Author, a good epithet for Abe. + It will be necessary to adopt.
    1. Monster fat
      Monster fat 11 July 2017 07: 41
      Not such a “dreamer” - “silent glanders”, “sweet speeches”, etc. to lull the enemy and climb into his house and then cut the code he sleeps - what is not the Japanese traditional method? The Japs must climb the Kuril Islands by any means, and there it’s a matter of time, they’ll economically seize everything, and local Russian officials will sell everything themselves, and they will also say “thank you” to Moscow far ...
      1. yehat
        yehat 11 July 2017 16: 38
        You don’t understand what you’re saying. the Japanese are not at all ready "by any means"
  5. cedar
    cedar 11 July 2017 07: 14
    In short. If the Kuril Islands do not go to the Japanese, the Japanese go to the Kuril Islands ... through the Innoprom-2017 international exhibition, through Yburg with its EBN Center and the correspondingly prepared electorate ...
  6. novel66
    novel66 11 July 2017 09: 13
    a peace treaty is not enough - first let them try to get out of the occupation, because if (in a nightmare) we give up the islands, then to whom? I'm afraid the Japanese will not smell there
    1. aszzz888
      aszzz888 11 July 2017 13: 05
      romance66 ... for if suddenly ( in a nightmare) give the islands - then to whom?

      ... sleep better without dreams, they say it’s good ...
      1. novel66
        novel66 11 July 2017 13: 12
        but it doesn’t work out - all the time something is dreaming
  7. aszzz888
    aszzz888 11 July 2017 13: 03
    In the fact that with one hand you throw up an open shit, including financing the militarization of Maidan Ukraine, and with the other you try to stroke Russia, hinting at the Kuril Islands ...

    ... yes, and this is the "visible" policy of hyphenation ... and apparently we also should not forget the 20s of the last century, when Japan was fierce in the Far East ...
  8. yehat
    yehat 11 July 2017 16: 50
    with the Japanese need communication that takes into account their way of thinking, their traditions
    For example, it is foolish to expect that the Japanese will not remember the Kuril Islands. It is even more stupid to talk about a treaty by which the Kuril Islands were transferred from the USA to the USSR. It is also foolish to defiantly build up strength there. Or increase the frequency of flights of aircraft along their borders. It is foolish to pretend that Khrushchev did not talk about the possibility of transferring the Kuril Islands. All these tricks are sheer stupidity and stupidity.
    It is necessary to directly declare your rights and not to bustle. To claim that Japan squeezed Russian settlements from the Kuril Islands 2 centuries ago and that these lands are historically no less Russian than Japanese, to declare that the Russian Federation is not the USSR and has not made any proposals for transferring the Kuril Islands. And to develop the dialogue with local agreements that have nothing to do with the Kuril issue. Finally, it is necessary to somehow reduce the paranoia of the Japanese self-defense through some guarantees of the Russian Federation and China, because if the Japanese finally move from the police to the army, it will be more difficult to negotiate.
  9. aybolyt678
    aybolyt678 11 July 2017 17: 08
    Expand the capabilities of national industrial sectors
    that is, expand the ability to download resources
  10. syndicalist
    syndicalist 11 July 2017 19: 26
    Quote: yehat
    You need to expressly declare your rights and not bustle

    In spite of this, the answers of the commander in chief on this topic are getting softer and softer.
  11. Observer2014
    Observer2014 11 July 2017 20: 40
    Yes, build powerful meat and dairy plants on Sakhalin and the Primorsky Territory and supply sausage, milk and so on to the entire region! Including Japan. You see, let it go. For they can already be seen from fish products. And the most delicious fish is sausage. laughing What is so not clear? In Japan, sausage is at a cost like we have in Central Russia seafood. Here and trade, we crab them sausages, ice cream, etc.
    1. The comment was deleted.
  12. askme
    askme 12 July 2017 07: 33
    People, do not be stupid. the “Kuril dreamer” is well aware that he will not receive any Kuril Islands as long as he is a forced US state. While US soldiers are doing what they want in Japan - they are raping Japanese women, pouring fuel in the air on the Japanese, etc. ..... The last days there was news that our embassy in Japan, HIS MILITARY REPRESENTATION held an event that directly indicated STUPIDness Japan’s claims to the Kuril Islands in the context of the role of the US Army, which it performs not only in Japan, but throughout East Asia.

    Do not write stupid articles without analyzing the media completely on the chosen topic, unless you yourself are specialists in this topic. Otherwise, you simply with your articles only hang noodles in RuNet. And it is enough without you ...

    Relax. Nobody is going to give the Kuril Islands to the Japanese. Japan itself is now interested in getting rid of the US as an older rapist brother. They are trying in this direction. China, which is not easy to cooperate with, loves not to cooperate economically, but to crush everything for itself. And here Japan is a very convenient competitor for China for us. So let them compete in our market - to our advantage ....

    Japan is an extremely resource-dependent country, and now, due to instability in the Middle East, oil and LNG supplies are really under attack. And they also really need Russia as a reliable supplier of energy resources. The US is gradually entering political and economic insanity, it is a dying superpower. In these conditions, acquiring Russia as a friend, partner, and then as a patron in the growing China is also their interest. They really get scared on their islands now ...

    So do not write nonsense about the greedy and stupid "Japs" greedy, waiting for the Kuril Islands to be "given" to them. They are not stupid and understand perfectly (Putin explained to them popularly) that even there will be no talk of two islands until Japan is under the United States. So the Japanese also took pains to take the first steps to get out of the USA someday. And this is exactly what this is about. It is extremely beneficial for us to support such efforts in the Japanese. Japan is a powerful economically, culturally country. In this regard, it is much more useful to us than China, and such cooperation with Japan is only to our advantage. Such cooperation in the new conditions needs to be appreciated. As you need to appreciate good relations with Japan.

    Of course, they would gladly take the islands, but no one would give them to them just like that. It’s like a carrot, in order to completely remove Japan from the USA, to give it to the USA sometime in Japan, completely removing them from there. Someday. Rejoice that Putin has brains. Unlike the USSR, which could not win the Japanese to its side, although the Japanese Communists liked to study at the University of Friendship of Peoples in Moscow and they were given the opportunity to study by the Japanese authorities themselves ... But the USSR lost then. And now Russia should not lose))

    ps It has long been recognized that it was not Putin’s all-out (it’s enough to look at reality), but you’re stupid ....
  13. Greenwood
    Greenwood 12 July 2017 13: 57
    It would be interesting to listen to the inhabitants of the Kuril Islands themselves, if they would like to become subjects of the emperor.
  14. aiden
    aiden 13 July 2017 03: 21
    The Kuril Islands are Russia, to drive the Japs with rags with rags from there, let the peace treaty be shoved in one place.