ZVO troops struck a missile and air strike against a conventional enemy.

In the northwestern region of the country, the final stage of the command-staff exercise on the management of groups of troops of the Western Military District was held, reports press office District

ZVO troops struck a missile and air strike against a conventional enemy.

At the final stage of a large-scale command-and-staff exercise (KShU) for commanding troops of the Western Military District (ZVO), a counter-massed missile was launched against a conditional enemyaviation hit,
says release.

It is reported that "to perform the task and at the same time, the Su-27, Su-30CM, Su-35 and MiG-31 aircraft were used to air cover the actions of the interspecific grouping".
In turn, their work was “provided by electronic warfare units (EW), which, as a result of jamming using the equipment of the EW Krasuha mobile complex, distorted the navigation field and made high-precision guidance systems and tools weapons conditional opponent "blind" in preparing the strike ", told the press service.

The exercise is planned in nature; more than 5 thousand troops are involved in it, up to 2 thousand units of weapons and equipment are involved.
  • Michael Metzel / TASS
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  1. 0
    July 7 2017
    we all live in an era of shyness

    Our common homeland of the USSR died as a result of demoralization of the people and betrayal of Gorbach and his minions

    Now shyly call enemies partners and conditional opponents. Although it has long been clear to everyone that NATO and the United States with Japan are the real enemies and surround and crush the remnants of the USSR, primarily Russia

    We are also afraid to call allies allies - since we cannot challenge the masters of the world - they are too strong and impudent in their strength and omnipotence. Neither China nor Iran will openly call the Russian Federation allies. Permission was granted only to the Collective Security Treaty Organization and there is nowhere to go - fragments of the golden horde still reach for each other and the Fed is powerless here. In reality, during the Golden Horde, the situation was much better. Now it’s some kind of trouble - from the west they press not childishly
  2. +5
    July 7 2017
    Learning is light. And unlearned is darkness. Train, guys. The time will come. Then miss the real goal, it will be too fraught. And do not smile at the rocket launches. You release Death. And where it comes depends on your training.
  3. 0
    July 7 2017
    provided the electronic warfare units (EW), which, as a result of interfering with the use of the Krauha electronic warfare equipment, distorted the navigation field and made the conditional enemy’s guidance systems and means “blind” in preparation for the strike ”

    Tell us how cool we are to serve Shayrat. laughing They fit in with laughter.

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