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Haftar's troops completely freed Benghazi

According to information RIA NewsThe commander of the Libyan national army, Khalifa Haftar, announced that Benghazi, the second most important city in the country, was completely free from terrorists.

The armed forces tell you the good news about the liberation of the city of Benghazi from terrorism. Benghazi is completely relieved.

The operation in Benghazi lasted for more than two years.

Haftar's troops completely freed Benghazi

Benghazi is a naval base and sea port of Libya on the Mediterranean. Located in the Gulf of Sidra, in a small bay, protected from the sea by moles. The seaport of Benghazi is available for ships with a displacement of up to 30 KT. Can be used to ship ships to destroyers inclusive. The port has deep-sea New and Old harbor and shallow - Marsa-Julian and Sebhet el-Bunt. The length of the mooring front is 1,6 km with depths of 5 — 12 m. There are 3 point-of-berth mooring for tankers.

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  1. pjastolov
    pjastolov 6 July 2017 10: 19
    Armed forces tell you good news
    and when will there be good news about the liberation of all of Libya? good
    1. Smoked
      Smoked 6 July 2017 10: 32
      But it will not. They have already drained the country, it will not work to return everything back.
      1. pjastolov
        pjastolov 6 July 2017 10: 46
        It will turn out, just need to really want, and not try to sit on two chairs
        1. donavi49
          donavi49 6 July 2017 10: 58
          So, who is sitting?
          Haftar relies on Egypt and the UAE + Moscow (but Moscow plays with all the participants and Tripoli is also Haftar's enemy - Saranzh also flew to Moscow if that). The UN and the EU do not recognize him, he is trying to legitimize through the elected government of Tobruk - but nobody except Egypt and the UAE recognized him.
          Dawn - is based on the government of national unity in Tripoli, recognized by the EU and the UN.
          The rest rely on local alliances of interests and try to keep their kingdom in the sands, from rebuilding the country and losing the powers of regional forces.
          1. pjastolov
            pjastolov 6 July 2017 11: 09
            In 1980, on behalf of the President, Haftar participated in the Chadian-Libyan conflict. Libyan troops under the leadership of Haftar in 1987 were defeated, and he was captured. Gaddafi accused him of failing the operation and put him under arrest upon his return.
            After his release, Haftar left for the USA and devoted about 20 years to the fight against Gaddafi. Haftar settled in Virginia, where the CIA headquarters is also located.
            participated in the overthrow of Gaddafi, ties with the CIA, ties with Moscow - aren't these two chairs?
            1. donavi49
              donavi49 6 July 2017 11: 13
              So what were his options? He has a house in Virginia, sn, a good life. If he then began to refuse to cooperate, he would have been extradited to Gaddafi, and in the palace he would have lived a very short, but very eventful life.

              At one time (2011), he voluntarily served as an ace in the Hilary deck. But when Hilary was kicked out, the Americans scored him. And then, without supervision, he felt that he could build his Jamahiriya with himself at the head. That builds wink .

              The Americans quickly came to their senses - but it was too late to clean up quietly. And they still have no desire to bomb Haftar either.
              1. pjastolov
                pjastolov 6 July 2017 11: 18
                themselves confirmed about two chairs
              2. samoletil18
                samoletil18 6 July 2017 11: 24
                Benghazi took it, but where are the guarantees that he will not begin to move forward? He is also in contact with Moscow. Explicitly a dictator, democratizing, if he continues to continue in the same vein.
  2. Paranoid50
    Paranoid50 6 July 2017 10: 35
    Benghazi is the naval base and seaport of Libya on the Mediterranean Sea. It is located in Sidra Bay, in a small bay protected by moles from the sea. The Benghazi seaport is available for ships with a displacement of up to 30 thousand tons. It can be used to base ships up to and including destroyers.
    As if hinting ... yes
  3. Egorovich
    Egorovich 6 July 2017 10: 46
    A promising naval base for Russia. You can control the entire Mediterranean. Haftar is an old friend of Russia, and most importantly its weapons.
    1. donavi49
      donavi49 6 July 2017 11: 02
      Em? Do you even know that he lived in the USA to solder the CIA? After Toyota lost in the War and Kadafka wanted to kill him a little.

      In the 2011 year, Hilary relied on him, in fact, Haftar did the main job of breaking up the army (he had authority) and in fact created from deserters - the free army of Libya with which he reached Tripoli.

      After Hilary was kicked out, Haftar was also thrown off the board. But he was able to reuse his connections and authority, creating an army.