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The Miracles of Weaponry: Barrel Shotguns

It has long been in the infantry weapons Specialization practice has developed. Machine guns are used for some tasks, machine guns for others, and sniper rifles for others. However, for some time now, fighters of various units had a desire to have weapons with several functions at once. One of the first ways to provide weapons with "multifunctionality" was the grenade launchers. The machine in combination with a grenade launcher allowed to significantly expand the capabilities of an individual soldier. Then complexes like VSK-94 began to appear, allowing the fighter to perform tasks typical of both an assault rifle and a sniper rifle, and much more.

The Miracles of Weaponry: Barrel Shotguns

The under-barrel grenade launcher can be considered the forefather of a whole direction: let's call it “an additional weapon”. Theoretically, anything can be installed under the barrel of the machine, only the expediency of this or that option stops. So, the gun mounted on the machine will not be a full-fledged complement for combat work, but a reason for jokes. But you can try to use with a assault rifle a smooth-bore gun. In theory, such an “accessory” will significantly improve the capabilities of a soldier in urban environments or in narrow trenches.

In addition to good performance in narrow spaces, smooth-bore guns, which are also sometimes called shotguns, can also be useful due to the rather wide range of ammunition. Shot, bullets, gas cartridges, electroshock and even fragmentation. And all this for a long time existing and mastered in the production of weapons. But a completely fair question may arise: if shotguns have such advantages, why try to attach them to the machine gun? Indeed, a fighter can be equipped with just a smooth-bore gun. But in some circumstances, such a soldier will become simply useless for his unit: guns are effective only at a relatively short distance, and what will happen if the enemy lands far further? That's right, give the fighter in this case also an automatic. But the machine gun and the shotgun in the form of independent “units” are inconvenient in carrying. It turns out that the installation of a smooth-bore gun on an assault rifle will help to combine the advantages of both types of weapons in one weapon complex. Nevertheless, the gun may be redundant, because most of the tasks of combat and counter-terrorism work can be solved with the help of the actual machine gun with a suitable “body kit”. The second minus of the under-barrel shotgun relates to the balance of the “rifle” complex. A lot of weight, located under the barrel of the machine, requires re-shoot the latter after installing and removing the gun. Such a problem, by the way, is also characteristic of grenade launchers.

After weighing all the pros and cons of the concept of a shotgun, a lot of fighters from various special forces came to the conclusion that such weapons are useful. True, the prevalence of it can not be compared with conventional guns. The idea of ​​attaching a rifle to an assault rifle first appeared in the United States, and in this country there is almost always a supply for every demand. Therefore, the vast majority of grenade launchers are of American origin.

The first representative of the new class was Masterkey from KAC (Knight's Armament Co). As the name implies, this shotgun was designed to become a universal key to all doors, simply knocking them out or damaging locking devices. The basis was taken smooth-bore gun Remington 870. A ten-inch barrel of the 12 caliber was installed on it, a butt with a handle was removed, and a standard bracket was placed on the upper surface of the receiver for mounting on M16 and M4 rifles. All the internal mechanics of the gun remained unchanged. The tubular magazine, as well as the barrel, was shortened and therefore the Masterkey ammunition load is only three 12 / 70 cartridges. It is understood that the under-barrel shotgun is not the main weapon of a fighter and therefore three rounds are enough. If necessary, you can install a standard Remington butt on the “Masterki” and use it as a full-fledged gun, but with a short barrel and a less capacious shop.

KAC Masterkey began to enter the special forces in the middle of the 80-s and immediately became interested in special forces. When storming the enclosed area, a grenade-shotgun with traumatic ammunition made it possible to avoid unnecessary casualties, including among civilians. But the soldiers considered the saved pump-action reloading a disadvantage. Due to the size of the “gun-gun” complex, reloading its under-barrel component was not the easiest and most convenient task. In addition, the Remington store window in the shortened version could not provide a high-speed store equipment. All feedback from the special forces was taken into account by KAC designers and the next model of this company was much more successful.

The second shotgun from Knight's Armament Co was M26 MASS, also known as XM26 LSS. M26 was originally designed as a grenade weapon. Due to this, it was possible to avoid many of the problems of the Master. MASS has a new shorter barrel with a flame arrester that does not protrude beyond the barrel of the M4 rifle, a removable box magazine on the 3 or 5 of 12 / 70 cartridges and an updated trigger mechanism. KAC tried to make M26 self-loading, but they never managed to do it. Therefore, the new shotgun was charged with the handle on the longitudinal sliding gate. For attaching to machine guns, the early M26 had brackets compatible with the old M16 rifle connectors. It is curious that the shotgun could be removed from the machine gun, a special butt with a handle was mounted on it, and the mounting brackets could be used as a sight. Late M26 do not have this capability - the US Army is switching to Picatinny rail, and this standard does not allow the use of fasteners in this way.

Under-barrel shotgun XM26 LSS mounted on assault rifle М4А1

At the beginning of the twenty-first century, the M26 MASS shotgun went into trial operation. The trial lot in 200 instances has proven itself in various situations. Those soldiers who once worked with KAC Masterkey especially appreciated the new rifle. In 2003, MASS first traveled to Afghanistan. There is information that they later used it in Iraq. In 2008, the US Army, based on the results of tests and trial operation, took M26 into service and ordered 35 thousands of new guns. Two years later, the order was increased by twenty thousand.

When M26 was tested, the Australian company Metal Storm, together with the Americans from Colt Defense, began work on their version of the rifle. The Australian company is primarily known for its MetalStorm technology. Its essence lies in the fact that fire control is carried out with the help of electronics, and all ammunition is located in the barrel, at the same time playing the role of the store. The operation of the system looks like this: when you pull the trigger, the electronics of the grenade launcher or a gun ignites the cartridge that is closest to the muzzle. Shot occurs. The next time you press the trigger, a current is fed to the second cartridge, a second shot occurs, and a bullet / grenade knocks the cartridge case from the previous ammunition out of the magazine barrel. The next time you press the trigger, the cycle repeats, but with the third cartridge. As a result, without the use of any mechanics, it is possible to achieve a rate of fire of about five shots in two seconds. A similar scheme was already used by Metal Storm in grenade launchers, and now it migrated into a smooth-bore gun called MAUL.

The barrel of this shotgun has an 12 caliber and holds five rounds. Reloading a gun by replacing the barrel-shop. Metal Storm warns that electrical charge initiation does not allow standard cartridges of a suitable caliber to be used in the MAUL shotgun. The power supply of the electric circuit of the gun is carried out from one battery of the CR123 size. Metal Storm produces several types of cartridges for MAUL. Among them are shot, metal and rubber bullets, bullets, tasers, etc. One interchangeable magazine (equipped at the factory) contains ammunition with the same bullets. Like other rifle shotguns, MAUL can be equipped with a pistol grip, butt and sights.

The Australian military showed little interest in Metal Storm MAUL. But Canada has acquired a small number of guns for testing. But the only large consignment of MAUL in 2010 of the year went to the Ministry of Corrections of Papua New Guinea: 500 rifles and 10000 shops of various types.

Finally, it is worth mentioning another model of a rifle grenade, which was not created from scratch, but on the basis of the existing sample. Not so long ago, gunsmiths from the American company Red Jacket Firearms specifically for the Sons Of Guns TV project (broadcast in Russia under the name “Guys with Guns”), the Russian self-loading carbine “Saiga-12” was chosen as the basis for the under-barrel shotgun. The butt was removed from the initial rifle, a shorter barrel was fitted with a brake-compensator, a forearm with four Picatinny slats and a bracket for attachment to the machine gun. The result of the television experiment interested weapon lovers, which is why Red Jacket Firearms had to establish a serial "production" of a rifle-grenade shotgun, which received an RTS-SBS-12 index. The converted Saiga is available on the US civilian arms market. The price of the issue is less than two thousand dollars.

Saiga-12 shotgun version mounted on assault rifle

The newly emerging class of weapons in just a few years was able to gain popularity among those for whom it was intended. The first models, as it usually happens, were not entirely successful, but in the future they managed to get rid of most of the shortcomings. As a result of several years of work, it turned out to create a modern look of barrel-mounted shotguns. For obvious reasons, this weapon has a much smaller distribution than the same automatic weapons, but the specificity of its tactical niche does not require millions of copies.
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  1. raptor_fallout
    raptor_fallout 3 March 2012 10: 25
    Ah! I’d have at least one such duck!
    1. aironfirst
      aironfirst 4 March 2012 18: 07
      Will not go for ducks - too inconvenient "short-barreled"
      I would recommend TOZ for hunting:Вертикалки_ТОЗ
  2. Grin
    Grin 3 March 2012 11: 35
    I saw such in the eighties militants.
  3. Chaplain
    Chaplain 3 March 2012 12: 47
    Two questions. Like on .. laughing
  4. roninas
    roninas 3 March 2012 13: 07
    Indeed, n ... x ?? a shotgun is needed during assault operations, usually in urban conditions, in operations of release-capture. That is, mainly in the city, let’s say, without taking off the base. Well, what for, hang, for example, M -16 or Kalash with a shotgun? It is not critical for the unit if one incoming is armed with a shotgun. Moreover, in the premises it is much more convenient to use submachine guns. So all this is nonsense and pampering
    1. Reks
      Reks 3 March 2012 21: 42
      Quote: roninas
      Well, what for hang, for example, M-16 or Kalash shotgun

      yes I agree. "On a fig goat a button accordion?" It is important that the castrated version of the shotgun will only be useful for shooting almost point-blank (from a short distance), in contrast to the full-fledged one.
  5. dred
    dred 3 March 2012 13: 19
    Not bad for our commandos.
  6. Shuriken
    Shuriken 3 March 2012 13: 27
    With "Saiga" - generally a monster of some kind. "Star Wars", damn it ...
  7. sesame
    sesame 3 March 2012 13: 36
    A shot is taking place. The next time you press the trigger, the current is supplied to the second cartridge, a second shot occurs, and the bullet / grenade knocks the sleeve from the previous ammunition out of the magazine-barrel.
    And if the next cartridge (grenade) detonates during a shot?
    1. Glenn witcher
      3 March 2012 15: 53
      Do not detonate. Because the cartridge is special. But doroguschy.
    2. sedoj
      sedoj 3 March 2012 20: 24
      In addition, accuracy improves with each shot. I mean, the first graate is at the end of the trunk, the second in the middle, and the third has the largest mileage along the trunk.
      1. JoylyRoger
        JoylyRoger 30 March 2012 07: 25
        accuracy? For shotgun wink
        something new wink
        1. yar bear
          yar bear 22 October 2017 16: 44
          With expensive self-guided shot. laughing
  8. Ion coaelung
    Ion coaelung 3 March 2012 15: 16
    It seems to me better for saigas to make a sub-barrel submachine gun, for example, PP-2000.
    1. Chicot 1
      Chicot 1 3 March 2012 15: 51
      Attach PP-12 to "Saiga-2000"? .. An interesting thing comes out, however ... smile
      But then it's better to cling "Heather". His cartridge will be more interesting. Better yet, make such a hybrid an integrated, single complex ... bully
      Only then, one question remains, and who in practice might need such a shot-pistol-machine-gun symbiote? .. recourse wink smile
      1. Ion coaelung
        Ion coaelung 3 March 2012 19: 40
        Well, definitely not ordinary. Rather, for a special group, for an assault in urban conditions for example.
  9. Chicot 1
    Chicot 1 3 March 2012 15: 44
    The idea itself is very clever and makes sense. I don’t presume to judge how well such a hybrid will show itself in real combat conditions, but I think that in some conditions (situations) such an under-barrel “duck” will not be superfluous. For example, in case of fire contact in rooms at short distances ... Moreover, according to experts, a shot with buckshot from a shotgun in its effectiveness is equivalent to a short burst from a submachine gun ...
    And since such things began to appear, then the need for them really ripened ...
    1. roninas
      roninas 4 March 2012 02: 06
      Yes, nothing is an idea .. Understand that a shotgun is usually used to "shoot" doors, locks, hinges. That is, it has a fairly limited application, and is used in special operations to free hostages, storming apartments, etc. For battle, well, maybe, indoors, it is not suitable anywhere else. Will you fight with a shotgun in a city battle? I think not, neither will I. I repeat, since all this is limited in use, then it is not at all difficult for any assault unit to have a brow with a shotgun. And therefore also to attach under the machine gun, in general, unnecessary show-offs. There is no efficiency at all from such a "stub", only really, knock out the lock, so it's better to have a full-fledged shotgun. By the way, according to Diskovery, I often watched this program about this company that tunes trunks. Red Jacket Firearms, so here is a show of pure water. Various geeks come and ask to put a silencer on a hunting rifle, then attach a stock to Desert Eagle
      1. Reks
        Reks 4 March 2012 02: 31
        Quote: roninas
        Various cranks come, and they ask that the muffler be put on the hunting rifle, then the butt should be attached to the Desert Eagle

        yes just looked .... And if an ambush in the forest ??? laughing
      2. Chicot 1
        Chicot 1 4 March 2012 14: 21
        smile Still, do not underestimate the smoothbore weapon. For example, unlike rifled shotguns, they can use a wide range of ammunition for various purposes.
        Just remember the Blondo bullet. Wonderful ammunition in terms of quality! It is made of steel. It has a significant punching effect, sufficient for example to break through the crankcase of the car (which was done by the fighters of the French Resistance, and do not forget that the crankcases at that time were cast-iron wink ) It inflicts severe wounds, in most cases not compatible with life. Due to the nature of the lesion, the wound channel has a diameter equal to the diameter of the bullet itself, which does not break off, and this leads to large blood loss ... In addition, due to the shape of the head part, the Blondo bullet is not prone to ricochet, and due to the shape of the hull, it self-stabilizes in flight, from - for which it has excellent accuracy and fire retention characteristics for ammunition for smoothbore weapons ...
        You can also remember the so-called. "faceted" (or "faceted") buckshot. Its peculiarity is its cubic shape. Also made of steel. Inflicts the most severe wounds by their nature with complete or partial fragmentation of bones ...
        And as far as the "stub" is concerned, back in the XNUMXth century, the British began to use the so-called "hauda" (or "haudah"). In fact, this is a sawed-off shotgun of a hunting weapon without a stock. It was used as a safety weapon in the hunt for a dangerous animal ... In the course of hostilities, military personnel often carried a sawed-off shotgun of hunting weapons (in fact, the same "haudu") as a last-chance weapon. However, it is precisely this circumstance that can be attributed to the shortage of short-barreled weapons ...

        PS Yes, and in rooms with concrete walls, it’s better to shoot with shotgun from a shotgun than from an assault rifle. Ricochet has not yet been canceled, however ... wink
        PPS By the way, mufflers for smoothbore were developed ... winked
        1. wasjasibirjac
          wasjasibirjac 4 March 2012 18: 39
          the crankcase is not cast iron, it is steel and recently it can be light-alloy, and it’s located in the lower part of the engine, you need to shoot it from below, from under the car. and a bullet is able to break through the engine block.
  10. montemor
    montemor 3 March 2012 17: 03
    Shotguns are wild boar, saiga are good for police and other security services. sorry, the Papuans didn’t know about them, otherwise they would have bought instead of Australian garbage
  11. SIA
    SIA 3 March 2012 17: 29
    12th Saiga on an assault rifle, well, somehow it looks weird. The rifle itself weighs a lot, and here is Saiga. It is necessary to apply one thing. IMHO.
  12. Chicot 1
    Chicot 1 3 March 2012 17: 48
    In principle, the idea of ​​combining an assault rifle and a shotgun into a single complex is not new. The Americans once made a double-barreled Cosfire chambered for 7,62x51 cartridges and a hunting 12x76.
    Something similar has been developed with us. Moreover, our sample had a single bolt assembly on both barrels. I didn’t know how it looked, since I hadn’t seen a detailed description anywhere. Even the photos did not come across ...
  13. Castor oil
    Castor oil 3 March 2012 20: 38
    Bicycle inventions again laughing
  14. 750
    750 3 March 2012 21: 00
    Yes, the right thing, especially when a collision occurs in the presence of civilians. Loaded with small shots, cackled on those who for some reason run or burst at you, and it seems like a weapon is not visible, but not lying. And there are no victims, and you worked without loss. Cruel? The result is you are all alive. The enemy knows that your thugs and shoot at once. Ten times before thinking of provocation, is it worth it to substitute the ass for a fraction.
  15. Maroder
    Maroder 4 March 2012 00: 22
    full crap.
    and what weight will be. do not run much.
    1. Reks
      Reks 4 March 2012 00: 27
      Quote: Maroder

      full crap.
      and what weight will be. do not run much.

      drinks laughing Marauder, but already too much ......
      1. Grin
        Grin 4 March 2012 19: 49
        ))) This photo shows the Marauder)))
  16. vylvyn
    vylvyn 4 March 2012 03: 20
    And why should I attach a new barrel under the barrel when there is an under-barrel grenade launcher and 40 mm shotgun charges to it? I wonder how much this shotgun barrel will increase the weight of the weapon as a whole?
  17. SIA
    SIA 4 March 2012 06: 26
    Well, maybe a couple more kilos, along with ammo. Or a little more.
  18. vylvyn
    vylvyn 4 March 2012 07: 45
    On the last photo is our Saiga. Americans respect her, like Kalash. I saw how this trunk was collected on TV - Red Jacket (Red Vest). Program - "Guys with guns". Collected for the police special forces. Those were satisfied. Interestingly, there was no talk about remington and so on in the program. They stupidly took Saiga and stuck it into their rotten rifle. Spetsnaz already shed tears of happiness - at least one barrel will shoot reliably. So they will soon swap the saiga with the M-4. Saiga will be the main trunk at the top, and 5,56 will be put down, as an additional option
  19. Andriuha077
    Andriuha077 4 March 2012 13: 52
    Goal for fiction is cunning. But Tula was shownм machine in the weight of Kalash back in the 2000-th year, super-technological and in bulk solving all these problems.
  20. wasjasibirjac
    wasjasibirjac 4 March 2012 18: 34
    We also had a similar "spark" - 9A-91 + RMB-93. but didn’t go - the rifle had a reloading hole on top, but it was not altered. The weight of the gun is 2,6 kg. + 9A - 2 kg. and that 4,6 kg. almost like an ultrasound. the presence of 2 different barrels increases the fighter's capabilities, allowing the use of ammunition for different purposes. the presence of an extra soldier is not always possible - the cleaning of a large building is by no means an infantry battalion going to it. As for the underbarrel grenade launcher, we still do not have a shot shot.
    1. vylvyn
      vylvyn 9 March 2012 06: 51
      Here. Right. For some unknown reason, we still do not have a shot charge for our grenade launchers. The Americans have it. Let's hope that in this millennium our "military technical minds" will still roll out such ammunition.
  21. oleg-sochi68
    oleg-sochi68 4 March 2012 19: 39
    This upgrade is good for an action movie such as Terminator-555. If there is a need for street fighting (using a smoothbore hunting rifle), then this need can be foreseen in advance. The city does not suddenly appear - the battle will be planned, accordingly, the requirements for the unit participating in the battle and its weapons will be taken into account.
  22. laurbalaur
    laurbalaur 4 March 2012 22: 56
    The first time I saw this tandem in the movie Predator! Thought it was a movie dummy!
  23. Bad_gr
    Bad_gr 5 March 2012 13: 17
    In my opinion, the Americans have come from the wrong end.
    If the shotgun is in place, then the M-16 is clearly redundant. We must take a shotgun like our "Saiga-12K" isp.030-1
    and fix a Glock type pistol with an ammunition magazine at 30 under the barrel. Ideally, drive the gun trigger and put the trigger guard next to the machine gun (two triggers next to it, as in old hunting rifles).
    It will turn out normal, and not a heavy kit for war inside the building.