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Kyrgyzstan makes demands of Russia and the USA

Unfortunately, in the modern world, attitudes toward Russia on the part of other states can be called for the most part, if not frankly negative, then cautious. Information wars that roll across the planet do their dirty deed. It is necessary to recognize that the Russian Federation does not always have the opportunity to resist the information battles unleashed by other countries. But it is information that can sometimes play a much greater role than the presence of a particular type of weapon in a state’s army. Information is a powerful tool for shaping public opinion. Informational, or rather, misinformational flows can simply wash away any social, military, or economic gains. Subjective assessments paint the image of Russia in the West, as well as in the former post-Soviet space. And this image is not the one that could be spoken of as a real reflection of the existing processes in Russia.

Leaders of many states are now trying to be guided by information tools in their policies. A few years ago, mainly Western politicians resorted to the methods of informational “artillery preparation”, but today many of our neighbors do not disdain with such tools. The example of Georgia, where everything connected with Russia is subjected to the most severe obstruction, is quite eloquent.

However, to date, a new tendency in interstate policy has emerged. The tendency of duality or outright adaptability: to get all the dividends from cooperation, and then to go "by other means". A new Kyrgyz president, Almazbek Atambayev, has become a “seer” of this kind of trend. He took up his high post in December of 2011, after having conducted a very effective election campaign, during which he expressed the need to continue cooperation with Russia. Such words could not please Moscow, but because the Russian authorities decided to de facto support Atambayev in his quest for the highest state post in Kyrgyzstan. Against the background of the statements of the clearly nationalistic nature of other presidential candidates for the Republic of Kyrgyzstan, it was Atambayev who seemed most worthy to be supported by the Russian Federation.

For natural reasons, Moscow associated with Almazbek Atambayev far-reaching plans in mutually beneficial cooperation. It seemed that after the “troubled” period of powerlessness, Kyrgyzstan’s relations with Russia would once again become warm and friendly.

Let's not forget that the Russian military base is located on the territory of Kyrgyzstan, the loss of which is not at all included in the plans of the Kremlin. And this is an additional incentive to strengthen bilateral ties. And, like Atambaev, they began to open the doors of the Moscow offices, but the president of Kyrgyzstan unexpectedly decided to choose to go to Turkey as his first trip ... This caused some confusion among the Russian authorities, and many Kyrgyz, by the way, too. Well, here, as they say: I went - and I went ... They thought that now Atambayev would solve his old affairs, which need to be further discussed, and finally visit those who supported his rush in Russia. And Atambayev visited ... But he visited in such a way that the precipitate from his Moscow February trip still remains with Russian leaders. The Kyrgyz leader arrived, talked with the Russian authorities, shook hands with Medvedev and Putin, spoke about the indispensable friendship between the Kyrgyz and Russian peoples, and then gave an amazing interview to the radio station Ekho Moskvy and Kommersant.

Responding to questions from leading radio broadcasts, Almazbek Atambayev said that he had come to Russia, a quote, "knock out debts." The Kyrgyz president said that everyone in Russia was thinking about how Atambayev would come and start “begging for loans”, and Atambayev, you know, came and showed everyone who Russia now has to deal with in Bishkek. It turns out that Almazbek Sharshenovich demanded that the Russian leadership pay the bills regarding the stay of the Russian military at the Kant base, and then also stated that after “getting rid” of the American military base at Manas at 2014, it might consider accommodation in his country and the Russian military. At the same time, Mr. Atambayev for some reason did not mention that Kyrgyzstan itself has an impressive debt to Russia, which, apparently, is not going to pay at all. But Atambayev made it clear that his country today is so self-sufficient that it will not take several years to go, as it will “catch up and overtake” such states as Denmark or Qatar without any external help.

These words alone cause a strange feeling that either Mr. Atambayev is completely devoid of a sense of reality, or he spoke these words under pressure. But if under pressure, then under whose? In the world, frankly, there are few state leaders who manage to bill both Russia and the United States at the same time. It seems that Almazbek Atambayev from such. On the one hand, this position of his should evoke unequivocal respect among the small but proud Kyrgyz people: they say, what our Almazbek is! But on the other hand - for such a position today you can get and "on the heading." Most of the Kyrgyz people themselves are clearly not eager for the next president to spoil relations with both Moscow and Washington. After all, the world has got used that it is necessary to choose friends: you can “be friends” with the USA against Russia, you can be “friends” with Russia against the USA, you can finally try to “be friends” with those and others, but that neither those nor others do not take into account, it is in today's conditions - not only as a rare pathology ...

Surprisingly, after his words, the Russian defense and foreign affairs agencies are trying to block Mr. Atambayev. They say that he simply confused the names of the bases and, speaking of the possible closure of the Russian military base, he did not mean the base number 999 in Kant, but something else. Like, re-read the agreement and make the right conclusion. Strange position - nothing to say.

Atambayev was also asked by journalists about the voting of the Kyrgyz delegation regarding the Syrian resolution. As we know, Russia, China and several other countries voted against the resolution, but Kyrgyzstan was not on the list. It turns out that the Kyrgyz leader supports the intervention of foreign states in the internal affairs of Syria, like any other state. Atambayev’s answer finally dispelled all doubts about the fact that this person does not have the ability to answer for his actions, and there is no sense of reality at all. The President of Kyrgyzstan said that his delegation wanted, of course, to vote against, but then, you know, there was a certain malfunction in the UN voting system, and the delegate either pointed to the wrong button or did not vote at all ... This is the position: the debts came out, we will close the bases, but in general our hut is on the edge.

Upon returning to Bishkek, Atambayev apparently decided to increase the effect of his Moscow visit and said that, it turns out, the special services of Russia and Kazakhstan were actively working during the presidential campaign in Kyrgyzstan. According to him, they financed some "certain forces" and, thereby, interfered with the democratic choice of the Kyrgyz people. It turns out that Atambayev acted not only as a "beacon of Kyrgyz democracy", but also as a strict evaluator of the activities of foreign special services. If you believe the words of the Kyrgyz president, it turns out that the Russian and Kazakh security services can be simply dismissed on all four sides, because "their candidates" did not pass ... Who exactly was financed by Moscow and Astana, Almazbek Sharshenovich did not specify. He didn’t even clarify why the Russian special services needed to finance other candidates, if Moscow made its stake on Atambayev. This is the informational battle that the new Kyrgyz leader spent, throwing grenades at everyone and everything ...

Now it is worth referring to why Atambayev preferred to make his first presidential visit to Ankara. Everything is very simple. It turns out that in Ankara, Atambayev had his own interests. After one of the presidential campaigns in Kyrgyzstan, he simply took out his capital there to escape from criminal prosecution at home. Even participation in the one that has already become history, Atambayev’s presidential race in Kyrgyzstan is nothing other than an attempt to escape from the law. He simply received "immunity" from criminal prosecution, becoming a presidential candidate, and during that time he prepared himself a "withdrawal" to Turkey. After that, it becomes clear why Almazbek Sharshenovich allows himself such attacks to both Russia and the United States about the closure of military bases. The thing is that Atambayev continues to see his main patron in Ankara. But such patronage can be called very doubtful for the Kyrgyz president. Turkey itself without the support of the United States does not look convincing enough, and if Turkish military bases appear in Kyrgyzstan instead of American, then Washington clearly will not inspire a handshake with either Atambayev or Erdogan.

As a result, it should be said that such a double or even triple game of Mr. Atambayev obviously will not play a positive role for him. But after all, the new Kyrgyz leader can really click on the work of foreign special services, who already without him decide which military bases are destined to continue working on the territory of Kyrgyzstan, and which are not. Apparently, it now remains to wait for the results of the presidential campaign in our country to understand how Moscow is going to perceive its Kyrgyz “partner” after its great revelations in the media.

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  1. vadimus
    vadimus 3 March 2012 08: 58
    I demand the Kirghiz home at their expense. In my opinion, it’s fair in reply ...
    1. domokl
      domokl 3 March 2012 09: 10
      Something I didn’t understand .. We had these conversations for three or four days back ... fellow There were clarifications on that occasion, but more information did not pass ... Or did I miss somewhere? belay
      1. Sergh
        Sergh 3 March 2012 10: 51
        Now I’ve read Atambaev’s speeches on his return from Moscow to Kyrgyzstan, his ears are curled up. It seems that it was not long for this president to rule the Kyrgyz.
        I threw the article to the moderators, it will be released in 3-4 hours.
    2. Aleksey67
      Aleksey67 3 March 2012 11: 17
      The Kremlin has already expressed everything that he thinks about this president, and in a very unpleasant way smile

      The Kremlin advised the president of Kyrgyzstan not to look for enemies among friends 1 March 2012, 18: 48

      Kyrgyz President Almazbek Atambayev, instead of looking for external enemies, needs to focus on solving internal problems, the Kremlin said.

      «We would recommend President Atambayev focus on solving the problems of poverty in his own country, and not on finding enemies, especially among neighbors, friends and allies"," Said a senior representative of the presidential administration, commenting on Atambayev’s statement about the alleged interference of the Russian and Kazakh special services in the internal affairs of Kyrgyzstan, RIA Novosti reports.

      «Responsibility for the difficult socio-economic situation of Kyrgyz citizens will inevitably fall on state leaders personally", - he said.

      A senior Kremlin official also stated that “it would be nice for President Atambayev to figure out what foreign military facilities are in his countrybefore making claims to partners. ”

      Earlier, Atambaev, speaking on the air of the Bishkek Channel Five, also accused the Russian and Kazakh special services of activities in Kyrgyzstan and meddling in internal affairs, Rosbalt reports.

      “Both before the elections and during the elections, Russian and Kazakh special services actively worked in our country, played their game, and financed certain forces. If they have so much money for this activity, let them give a grant and support us.", - he said.

      In addition, the President of Kyrgyzstan practically verbatim repeated his Moscow statements regarding the presence of Russian military facilities on the territory of Kyrgyzstan and reiterated its desire to withdraw from the country all military facilities - both the Russian and the American base in Manas.

      As VZGLYAD newspaper reported, earlier the president of Kyrgyzstan after meeting with Dmitry Medvedev said that Russia does not pay his country for using a military base in Kant. The debt, he said, is about $ 15 million. The Kremlin replied that Russia's Kyrgyz debt is almost half a billion. But Kyrgyzstan can pay off - an enterprise that produced unique squall torpedoes.

      Later it turned out that Atambayev did not have the right to demand payment for the base in Kant, since it was placed there free of charge.

      A source in the Kyrgyz government later explained that Atambayev had in mind a long-distance communications center and a test base for anti-submarine weapons.

      In my opinion, everything is very clear, as always, "oh, I messed up something", "you have a lot of money, give grants", "yes, we must, but we will pay off somehow, someday and with something."
      By the way about 15 lyamov

      The Russian Ministry of Defense paid off debts to Kyrgyzstan for using locations of Russian military facilities on the territory of the republic, the press service of the Ministry of Defense (MO) of Kyrgyzstan said on Saturday.
      1. Miha_Skif
        Miha_Skif 3 March 2012 14: 21
        Quote: Sergh
        Now I have read Atambaev’s speeches on his return from Moscow to Kyrgyzstan

        Another interpretation of Atambayev’s statements is possible.

        Taking into account the difficult and explosive situation, especially in the south of the republic (the tangle of interests and contradictions in the Osh and Fergana valleys), Atambayev cannot directly say - "Yankee go home". But it can make a loud statement of undesirability all foreign military bases, especially the American one in Manas. Well, then make a helpless gesture, like it turns out that the Russian base in Kant is located on a long-term gratuitous basis, etc. And with Manas - sorry, but the train left, "yankee go hom"
        Atambaev’s comrade-in-arms: There was no talk of withdrawing the Russian base from Kyrgyzstan ...
        BISHKEK, March 2. Member of the Defense Council of Kyrgyzstan, MP Tokon Mamytov denies that during his visit to Moscow, President Almazbek Atambayev raised the issue of withdrawing the Russian airbase in Kant. However, no one in Bishkek has yet refuted Atambayev's statements made in an interview with the Kommersant newspaper.

        "I conducted a thorough analysis of the materials that were published not only in Russian and Kyrgyz media, but also in the media of other countries on the visit of President Almazbek Atambayev to Moscow. Nowhere during my meetings with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, during his speeches to the media, President Atambayev did not raise the issue of withdrawing Russian bases from the territory of the republic, "Tokon Mamytov, chairman of the Jogorku Kenesh Committee on Defense and Security, member of the Defense Council of Kyrgyzstan, told reporters today.

        He also noted that, according to bilateral Kyrgyz-Russian agreements regarding the CSTO air base in the city of Kant, the Russian side undertook to repair and properly maintain military equipment transferred by the Kyrgyz side for the needs of the air base and to train Kyrgyz military pilots. Kyrgyzstan paid for all utility costs of the air base, which in total amounted to about 20 million soms (approximately $ 500 thousand). In addition, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation should annually pay about $ 4,5 million in one form or another to Kyrgyzstan for renting its territory for its facilities.

        These agreements were not implemented for an unnamed reason.

        "President Atambayev said that the previously signed agreements should be fully respected. There is no policy here - ordinary internal issues concerning bilateral relations," Mamytov said.

        In addition to the CSTO airbase in Kant, there are three Russian military facilities in Kyrgyzstan: an underwater weapon testing base in Karakol, a military communications center in Kara-Balta, and a radio seismic laboratory in Mailuu-Suu. According to Mamytov, today "all controversial issues have already begun to be resolved."

        Mamytov also urged "not to suck sensations out of the finger" and not to give "a political coloring to ordinary economic issues."
        1. Miha_Skif
          Miha_Skif 3 March 2012 20: 29
          Interview Atambaev

      2. Marat
        Marat 3 March 2012 20: 11
        Quote: "He said that, it turns out, during the presidential campaign in Kyrgyzstan, the special services of Russia and Kazakhstan were actively working. According to him, they financed certain" certain forces "and, thereby, hindered the democratic choice of the Kyrgyz people ..."

        In fact, they have to say thanks that Russia and Kazakhstan are not abandoning this former Soviet people. No Kyrgyz people are dearer than Kazakhs and Russians. And we will not do anything wrong with them.

        On the contrary - most likely in the future we will accept this currently poor republic in the CES and the new Eurasian Union and we will also feed it as subsidized - most likely at the expense of Kazakhstan

        And in Ankara they will not find friends - all these Pendos and Turks are external enemies - each Kyrgyz must understand where "ours and not ours"
  2. esaul
    esaul 3 March 2012 08: 59
    Whatever does not fit with one another ... In my opinion, Alexey was a little late ... There were already explanations on this topic from Bishkek and they were very apologetic in tone ... This is about debts. But on the basis of voting and Ankara, the effect of the six appears here, which suddenly (!) Falls into the circle of godfathers. Tries for everyone to be good and helpful - and there and there they can write a referral to a proctologist! Think about it here .... fool
    1. domokl
      domokl 3 March 2012 09: 43
      To the point ... Six are working out US loans and promises ... Only Russia now no longer bites on such soft beds ... We no longer want soft beds on which we can then sleep soundly ... Everyone will get their ears ...
      1. Miha_Skif
        Miha_Skif 3 March 2012 10: 37
        In general, Atambayev has a good face, the eyes of a wise man. It seems to me that one should not make hasty conclusions. The new president of Kyrgyzstan now has, so to speak, an "installation" period. Time will put everything in its place. Taking into account both historical, ethnic, and production-economic factors, Kyrgyzstan is simply "doomed" to close cooperation and integration with Russia.
        But the situation in Kyrgyzstan is, of course, very difficult, almost catastrophic. A year ago, a friend went there, to his "small" homeland. The impressions, he says, are terrible. Everything is ruined, there is no work or money.
        1. Ziksura
          Ziksura 3 March 2012 14: 54
          Quote: Miha_Skif
          The new president of Kyrgyzstan now has, so to speak, an "installation" period.

          A young guy after college for the first time in steam production ??? The "excuse" is not at the level of the president of the state. Not aligned - shut up. And so he said so much that no apology will help. Now on the list of unreliable partners FOREVER.
    2. Victor
      Victor 3 March 2012 11: 32
      esaul Bravo, Valery! You can’t say better. That is six. And it’s extremely cheap. angry
  3. Tersky
    Tersky 3 March 2012 09: 01
    No words, some drooling .... I wonder where our people looked when they held in every possible way and promoted his candidacy for the role of the first person in Kyrgyzstan. The result on the face is another disholysis from the former ...
  4. MrFYGY
    MrFYGY 3 March 2012 09: 03
    DAM was too soft with them, that’s the result.
    Tougher with them.
    1. domokl
      domokl 3 March 2012 09: 44
      There is a time for everything ... He is not soft, he is cunning ... Let's see the day after tomorrow what he will say ... After this catastrophe with the elections ...
  5. Tatar-in
    Tatar-in 3 March 2012 09: 10
    It remains to gobble up a tie
  6. andrey903
    andrey903 3 March 2012 09: 23
    the rabbis are greyhound. To accept, feed in the kitchen with a servant, give out an orange vest, a good shovel or a broom
  7. Tarasbek
    Tarasbek 3 March 2012 10: 19
    which is typical, there is no one to choose from. All stupid and clever. And greedy. I cannot vouch for the accuracy of the quotation, but Przewalski also wrote about them! "Kyrgyz people are stupid, greedy and thieving." He himself lived there for twenty years - there is a great deal of truth in this. Well, and just a catastrophically declining level of education. In order for the Kirghiz to be obedient, he must be scared to shit. I want to apologize - I do not mean everyone, but a typical representative. What is only the long-term business of some villages - they block the road to the Canadian mine and demand tribute! They get enough though. The social responsibility of the bosses (Bashkarmalar, if I remember correctly) is zero. Everything in your pocket until you get fired.
  8. Tugarin snake
    Tugarin snake 3 March 2012 10: 28
    To give yourself an even more awesome look, the army of Kyrgyzstan does not get enough sleep :)
  9. Denis
    Denis 3 March 2012 10: 37
    Kyrgyzstan is that?
    the cat doesn’t know how to read, otherwise she would read it and put forward demands to the president
  10. Sarus
    Sarus 3 March 2012 10: 38
    Finishes off such a policy ...
    I wonder what he will say tomorrow ...
    That the Russian Federation illegally introduced Kyrgyzstan to the USSR and all these years Kyrgyzstan was occupied ...
    Or the fact that Kyrgyz citizens are oppressed in the Russian Federation ...
    I won’t be surprised that there will soon be a democratic election of a new priest ..
    After all, with this behavior, neither the USA nor the Russian Federation will feed Kyrgyzstan anymore .. But there is nothing of its own. Here the people will rebel ...
    Time will tell what will give Almazbek such behavior ...
    1. Denis
      Denis 3 March 2012 11: 07
      Quote: Sarus
      Or the fact that Kyrgyz citizens are oppressed in the Russian Federation ...

      let it not shine, one word-prez
      But what do the Kyrgyz do not know about the benefits of obtaining Russian citizenship?
  11. basal
    basal 3 March 2012 10: 47
    Too much text about the usual provincial cunning of a local bai. Have you seen such a few? The only goal is to snatch more from everyone from whom it is possible and impossible.
    Another question is how much longer will this continue? Still, sometimes it does not bother learning from amers, for example, how to create manual elites in vassal countries.
  12. Kyrgyz
    Kyrgyz 3 March 2012 10: 47
    I think the Kazakhs should take up this issue, they are culturally closer there, let them prepare a loyal candidate, and the customs union will support him in the next election, but for now, demand money and respect for human rights.
  13. Torus
    Torus 3 March 2012 10: 53
    they’ll kill the little animal ...
  14. bereg
    bereg 3 March 2012 11: 05
    before the elections, the Pentagon spent something on Tajikistan, threw it in lava so that it would spread demagogy on the radar account, Kyrgyzstan didn’t count the bases, so Georgia supposedly had canceled such a good visa regime and the Russians didn’t want such a bad contact, and the Ukrainian government tried to blame for Sevastopol. With such a pace, they will not have money for fuel, they will float on their nuclear-powered aircraft carriers and load planes instead of shells into catapults!
  15. Juga
    Juga 3 March 2012 11: 08
    Voting at the UN is just a song:
    Atambaev’s answer finally dispelled all doubts about the fact that this person does not have the ability to be responsible for his actions, and there is no sense of reality at all. The President of Kyrgyzstan stated that the delegation of his country, of course, wanted to vote against, but then, you see, there was a certain malfunction in the UN voting system, and the delegate either poked his finger on the wrong button or didn’t vote at all ...

    Some strange throwing by the president, there is no way to find a "vector".
    There is no longer far from a statement of compensation for the years of the occupation of Kyrgyzstan ...
    1. Denis
      Denis 3 March 2012 11: 31
      Quote: Juha
      wrong button poked with a finger

      it’s good that the Creator of the monkey did not give another button
  16. maksman
    maksman 3 March 2012 11: 37
    Dear ones, do not take seriously the statements of Kyrgyz politicians, I lived in Kyrgyzstan - I know what I am saying. Betrayal, venality, then betray the one to whom they sold in their blood, this is at the genetic level. And that cannot be changed. You must either speak with them in their "language" - so that they themselves do not understand what you mean, but at the same time they will greatly respect you - because you say some incomprehensible things - apparently very smart. Or STRENGTH - they understand it like nothing else, and may subside after its demonstration for several years.
    1. Denis
      Denis 3 March 2012 11: 45
      I agree, agree, agree ... !!! and +++
      only who wants to hear it?
    2. jar0512rus
      jar0512rus 3 March 2012 12: 08
      Respect! So in 4 sentences he showed the whole Kyrgyz policy!
  17. jar0512rus
    jar0512rus 3 March 2012 11: 49
    In my opinion, he generally drifts in the subconscious! What is debt relief? Do not pug pug on an elephant! Either Atambayev is impenetrably stupid, or he knows what others do not know !!!
  18. raptor_fallout
    raptor_fallout 3 March 2012 11: 57
    Quote: jar0512rus
    In my opinion, he generally drifts in the subconscious!

    According to unverified data, a particularly large consignment of marijuana was intercepted in Kyrgyzstan. The government is in HAPPY !!! laughing
  19. Cthulhu
    Cthulhu 3 March 2012 12: 05
    Another teddy bear on our head laughing
  20. FiremanRS
    FiremanRS 3 March 2012 12: 05
    Well, what can I say? ((((Pichal, Th. Ours then thought that they would set a profitable person for themselves, but he turned out to be a thief and skillfully poked it .... Gentlemen, here you begin to immediately discuss how he poked his nose up the table with Russia, and amer a cookie he showed it, but the article says everything - why and why he went to Ankara in the first place. Here you involuntarily think about the quote of Przhevalsky above. The same grabber only in a different format ..... Wait, who will buy it, and he’ll buy not figuratively, but literally, that one and the owner in Kyrgyzstan .... And all his ridiculous screams are just for looking away, such as a new steering and steering straight from the people and the people ...
  21. 755962
    755962 3 March 2012 13: 01
    Again, it has not done without oil. "Russia is imposing on Kyrgyzstan an agreement on the supply of oil products, which is enslaving," MP Nurlan Torobekov said at a meeting of the international affairs committee on Monday, commenting on the new bilateral agreement, 24 agency reports.

    According to him, Russia has a powerful lever of economic pressure on Kyrgyzstan, which threatens to interfere in the internal affairs of our country. Hence the wind blows.
  22. predator
    predator 3 March 2012 13: 16
    The Russian Ministry of Defense has paid off debt to Kyrgyzstan for the use of locations of military facilities in the republic, Interfax reports citing the press service of the Kyrgyz defense department.

    According to the Kyrgyz Ministry of Defense, Russia transferred a debt of just under $ 15,5 million on March 1. It is assumed that the funds received will be used in the needs of the Kyrgyz defense industry.

    For the first time, the question of Russia's debt to Kyrgyzstan on the lease of military facilities was raised by the President of the Republic, Almaz Atambayev, at the end of 2011. Shortly before his visit to Moscow at the end of February 2012, it became known that we were talking about 15 million dollars that Russia owed over the past four years.

    While in Moscow, Atambayev said in an interview with Ekho Moskvy radio that Russia had not been paying rent for using the Kant airbase for four years, while the Kyrgyz authorities had previously stated that the debt related to three other objects - a torpedo test site, a seismic one the Strategic Missile Forces station and the Navy’s communications center, while Kant is used free of charge under the Collective Security Treaty Organization. Subsequently, the Kyrgyz authorities admitted that the president of the republic made a mistake, but noted that there are complaints against Russia regarding the use of the Kant base.

    After Atambayev announced Russia's debt for using military facilities, the Kremlin’s press service reminded that the issue of paying off Kyrgyzstan’s debt to Russia, which amounts to about $ 500 million, remains unresolved.
  23. Tersky
    Tersky 3 March 2012 13: 21
    Well, where is the criticism there are trolls with minuses, again all the comments are in the minuses, then the correct comments are .... !!!!
  24. maksman
    maksman 3 March 2012 13: 51
    Who has not yet seen - look ... And everything will become clear to you about the Kyrgyz policy, mentality, level of education.

    And more ...
  25. tm70-71
    tm70-71 3 March 2012 13: 51
    C'mon, in Kyrgyzstan we need to get some air - how to go to the toilet, don’t pay attention, everything will be quiet in a week, our patriots are so proud: we’ve got some chacha in Moscow. I just don’t like when they start writing and sending everyone to blogs their mother’s mother, this is the last argument, but doesn’t do any honor, a different approach is needed. Maybe the embassy needs to start working first of all?
    1. Ziksura
      Ziksura 3 March 2012 15: 01
      Quote: tm70-71
      C'mon, in Kyrgyzstan we need to get some air - how to go to the toilet,

      In Kyrgyzstan, maybe. And in the international arena, such words are a huge price. Here they do not forget anything and do not forgive anything, they may not show it right away, but this means that they will either "answer" secretly or simply wait for the moment. They especially do not forgive weakness.
  26. aleksej
    aleksej 3 March 2012 14: 39
    Damn, and so we are Russian in life and go, do good to people and they turn back to us. angry and we all endure and endure ((((((((
    1. aleksej
      aleksej 3 March 2012 14: 44
      Oh damn, guys I have a flag on the account for some reason it’s not Russian, write someone please how to put the Russian flag
  27. aleksej
    aleksej 3 March 2012 14: 45
    Why is this why I do not have the Russian flag on my first comment? No.
    1. axmed05
      axmed05 3 March 2012 18: 38
      The site identifies the flag by the ip address of your computer, and this ip address sometimes travels to Iceland, a few days ago I had the same thing.
  28. A_B
    A_B 3 March 2012 14: 47
    Quote: aleksej
    Damn, and so we are Russian in life and go, do good to people and they turn back to us. and we all endure and endure ((((((((

    Probably the time has come, for all those who do not understand that they are doing good, just stupidly pile on. Then they will understand and appreciate.
  29. wk
    wk 3 March 2012 16: 05
    I listened to Atambaev on EKHE of Moscow, gave an interview - I created the impression of a "muddy" man.
  30. malera
    malera 3 March 2012 16: 52
    Quote: aleksej
    Damn, and so we are Russian in life and go, do good to people and they turn back to us. and we all endure and endure ((((((((

    Take off the pink glasses gentlemen! All the former republics of the USSR see in Russia only a cash cow!
    You adopt the policy of the Anglo-Saxons !!!. - We give you ruble loans per dollar and export raw materials for $ 10 and go with your ecology! Russia needs to take care of its own. They crawl on their knees
    1. Altergo
      Altergo 29 March 2012 00: 00
      Unfortunately, Russia continues the practice of the Soviet Union, feeding neighboring and not so countries almost nothing in return.
  31. Piligrim
    Piligrim 3 March 2012 17: 23
    As if this Atambaev did not become another Saakashvili for Russia.
    On the one hand, I can understand his policy: "a smart child sucks a tit of two mothers" (I'll tell you a very poor state!). But so it is necessary to lead him and, accordingly, like a child, and not like a slut who will give more to that and give. So you can get in the teeth often angry . Most likely, he is trying to portray himself as an independent leader. laughing
  32. sergskak
    sergskak 3 March 2012 19: 36
    Cool dude. We have about the same sweeping dog shit.
  33. Rus75
    Rus75 3 March 2012 23: 46
    They’re smoking something, this is why they click on the wrong button, they say the wrong words, it’s like Chuisky valley nearby
    1. Piligrim
      Piligrim 4 March 2012 10: 07
      Nearby!!! fellow
      Very close. bully
  34. dioD
    dioD 4 March 2012 11: 53
    winter will not be winked