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Russia has developed a plan to solve the problem of the Korean Peninsula. The United States is invited to abandon the constant escalation of the situation and change course towards detente. The Chinese Foreign Ministry welcomed this step and supplemented it with the idea of ​​"double freezing" - the DPRK nuclear missile experiments and the US-South Korean military exercises. Against this background, it makes sense to consider in more detail what interests a particular country pursues in tackling the problem of North Korea.

We must proceed from the fact that both Russia and China are capable of influencing Pyongyang, and both countries are able to create a system in which such plans can begin to be implemented. Here, the main allies in achieving change will be North Korean officials, who really want to convert their local government into some kind of global opportunity for a good bourgeois life. But at the same time, the Americans are absolutely not interested in normalizing the situation in the DPRK - Pyongyang can be viewed as a kind of hernia, which greatly disturbs Russia and China, but doesn’t bother the United States. Because they will not allow to remove or cure this sore, at least in order to put pressure on China. Beijing has a simple policy: along the borders there should be no hotbeds of a military threat, but it is North Korea that is the main violator of this principle.

The elite of North Korea primarily seeks to survive, here it is completely similar to the Soviet party and economic nomenclature in the last years of the USSR. “Ours” then managed to solve their problems through perestroika and the Yeltsin coup, the North Korean elite are counting on something similar. In Pyongyang, 91 will pass its year, and they will become exactly the same oligarchs and “red directors” that we observed at home. In this case, the interest of the States - in any case, the tension on the peninsula to keep. And no matter what is said about the misfortunes of the divided Korean people, Seoul, being an American satellite, is also not interested in normalizing relations with its northern neighbor, and even more so - in united Korea. As long as there is a “communist” regime, Southerners receive American loans, the most diverse assistance that they are unlikely to want to lose. In addition, there is an understanding that while solving the problem with Pyongyang, Seoul will receive new voltage lines. Rather, not new, but historically formed: Japan will face not one of two relatively weak and dependent on other countries Koreas, but one strong. Korea from the old days was the main cause of conflicts between Japan and China, it was, is and always will be - it is doomed to this by its geographical position. The land of the rising sun is part of the western bloc, but with a special right to be Japan. United Korea will automatically become the cause of the conflict between China and the bloc of the Western powers led by the United States. That is, by and large, Beijing, having solved the North Korean problem, in return will receive a Japanese one, which is unlikely to please it.

There is a big game around North Korea, and no one thinks about the people who inhabit it. Comrade Stalin was the last great politician who, albeit in a peculiar way, was thinking of "people's happiness". Now there are none. Pyongyang is now such a “bad boy” in the team, about which all parents are ready to constantly get together to express their indignation, having drunk a cup of tea and discussed more pressing issues.

Therefore, I believe that the problem of the DPRK will be heated by all the interested countries with the exception of Russia in every possible way, while keeping it in a controlled manner. Suddenly, it will come to peace negotiations - some shelling or other provocations will surely begin. But the big war, too, will not inflame.

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  1. A1845
    A1845 5 July 2017 15: 18
    Is it as simple as the author wrote? With the apparent collapse of all areas of life, the DPRK demonstrates successes in rocket technology, which, in fact, was difficult to expect from them .. And this is, in fact, a product for which solvent buyers (oil producers) are located. And are they such corrupt skins that they are ready to go down in exchange for bourgeois handouts?
    1. Monarchist
      Monarchist 5 July 2017 18: 01
      A1845, Do you think that among North Koreans there are no corrupt skins? And I doubt: nationality does not depend on venality.
    2. Talgat
      Talgat 7 July 2017 14: 12
      Quote: A1845
      Is everything as simple as the author wrote?

      100% agree. It's not as easy as Bloombergs and Reuters write to us.

      In fact, Korea has always been a battleground between the west and Eurasia. And Stalin fought the United States there in 1953 for a reason. There were reasons for everything, and they still exist.

      In fact, the DPRK is under the unspoken protectorate of both Russia and China, and without permission it won’t be able to

      The only question is how the conflict will pass and whether the Russian Federation and the PRC will be able to bargain something or not - or will the DPRK cede under pressure from an overwhelming force
  2. Boa kaa
    Boa kaa 5 July 2017 15: 33
    In my opinion, Mr. Shevchenko is projecting his views on the behavior of the leaders of the DPRK. The fact that Koreans are fanatically devoted to the ideas of Juche and the great leader Comrade Eun-woo, he doesn't even suspect. For he does not believe that there can be ideological people. Hence the nonsense about the place of the top of the DPRK under the capitalist sun.
    And the fact that Pyongyang’s nuclear program is an excellent pretext for the United States to maintain the status of the CWO in the region is beyond doubt even among the natives of New Zenland. Moreover, under the pretext of protecting the southerners from the bloodthirsty northerners, they installed a missile defense system on the Korean Peninsula. With the main goal - to intercept the remaining Chinese and our ICBMs after the application of a strategic nuclear bomb on a * sweet couple * - proactive MSU / BSU.
    That's all for a short time ... IMHO.
  3. forty-eighth
    forty-eighth 5 July 2017 16: 56
    I do not agree a little that Moscow is able to influence Pyongyang. At the moment, we have neither economic nor political levers. Moreover, in the eyes of the citizens of North Korea we are exactly the same "capitalist exploiters" as the United States.
    But in general, I agree with the thesis of the article. Neither Russia, nor China, or, probably, Japan, this smoldering conflict is not beneficial. But it is beneficial to the rest - the political elite of both Koreas, the states, and indeed the capitalists and communists.
    1. Monarchist
      Monarchist 5 July 2017 18: 37
      Kamrad is forty-eight, and you are right: We are just before the lantern, and Beijing still has influence.
      Regarding: "Japan, this smoldering conflict is not profitable" there are five by five: japs ​​can pull Americans to fuck money
  4. ventel
    ventel 5 July 2017 19: 43
    The author does not for certain know the whole background of the political system of the DPRK. Firstly, Beijing and especially Moscow do not have political leverage on Pyongyang. Juche ideas are in second place after the Songun, that is, geralinet rules in the DPRK and not party officials. Secondly, the plan for a peaceful resolution of the Korean problem seems to me that this is Beijing’s attempt to convey to the United States that all efforts to pressure the DPRK have failed.
  5. Ilja2016
    Ilja2016 5 July 2017 23: 17
    No concessions, no negotiations. Korea must be united under the communist flag. China let it be a forest.
  6. Ilja2016
    Ilja2016 5 July 2017 23: 19
    Russia must support the DPRK. If necessary, then by force
    1. ventel
      ventel 6 July 2017 00: 46
      Sorry, were you in the war or just in the movies saw her damn it is not lying on the couch but watching the monitor.
  7. Gun3.
    Gun3. 5 July 2017 23: 38
    Yes, everything is much more complicated and at the same time, much simpler. You need to look at the essence, and the point is that North Koreans (both the elite and the common people) want to live the way they want, without American signs. They simply defend their national sovereignty in every possible way and seem to have forced the Americans to retreat. After the demonstration of their ICBMs, the North Koreans can be sure that the USA will hide its teeth and refuse direct military confrontation. Of course, the Americans will continue to be dirty, but there will be no big war. I offer a video on the launch of the North Korean ICBM.
  8. Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat 7 July 2017 07: 33
    North Korea’s senior and middle managers will sell it to North Korea. They have long been tired of living in everyday fear for their lives and the lives of their loved ones ... You just need to remove the crazy family from power as soon as everything is cleaned up there. That's just to remove it is not easy, there is a system in place where everyone is watching everyone - only secret services in my opinion, as many as five ....