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Battle for Russia. The battle of Russia (1943 g, USA)

Battle for Russia. The battle of Russia (1943 g, USA)

The film was released allegedly in 1943, during the Second World War, filmed by the Office of Special Services of the USA and the Ministry of Communications. This is an openly propaganda, but very delicate copy of film production from that period. In those years, the USA did not so clearly oppose the USSR strategically and politically, we had nothing to divide (I mean Germany and Eastern Europe), and even more so the distance between us was not measured in an hour with a small flight of an intercontinental missile. In the film, this translates into a very friendly, fraternal attitude towards the Russian people and the state as a whole. The film consists of two parts. If you describe it fluently, then at first the Americans talk about the old Russian disputes with the Germans, they even show footage from the “Alexander Nevsky” of Eisenstein and Vasilyev, on the whole without distorting stories. The film tells about a great country - the USSR, and it is emphasized a great one: a third of the world bread, so many millions of this, the richest people, and so on. Then a very detailed coverage of the strategic position at the beginning of the invasion of the USSR. It feels the strategic intent of Hitler. Blitzkrieg, his failure, siege, arcs, cauldrons, the German winter-spring failure, forty-second, forty-third ... Throughout the whole movie, the strategies of the warring parties were explained in detail, animated maps are shown, chronicle materials are perfectly mounted, some did not pop up.

Description: PS The film is rare - not mentioned on the Internet. It is dynamically mounted and is of historical interest due to the period of release. And it was released before the opening of the US second front in 1944 year. After all, after the war, the situation has changed and there has never been such friendliness in our direction.

The film was initially intended to be shown by the US military, but after a while it was released in wide distribution. The film tells about the struggle of Russia against its conquerors, including its entire history. The basis of the victory in the fiercest battles of World War II was the strength of the Russian character. Showing materials from archival sources in the USA and the USSR.

IMDB: 7.50
original title: The Battle of Russia
year: 1943
Country: USA
director: Frank Capra, Anatole Litvak
Scenario: Julius J. Epstein, Philip J. Epstein, Robert Heller
producer: Frank Capra
composer: Dmitry Temkin
Installation: William Hornbek
genre: documentary, military, history


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  1. dark silver
    dark silver 3 March 2012 11: 08
    looked honestly surprised, probably the creator of the film was then announced in betrayal and put on electrostatic * joke * fellow
  2. serge
    serge 3 March 2012 13: 43
    Director - Frank Capra - perhaps the best director in the United States of all time. Can when pressed.
  3. tariff
    tariff 3 March 2012 15: 10
    From love to hate one step. In my opinion, the most beautiful example is how the apparatus of power, with the help of the media, can regulate the opinion of the masses. Just a couple of years after the shooting of this film, the people of the USSR in the eyes of US citizens will turn from a deeply respected and admired, into a hated, worst enemy.
    R.S. I have not seen such a high, high-quality propaganda level even in films of the USSR. With what admiration is given the history of the country, a description of nationalities, the dedication of people ...
  4. Splin
    Splin 3 March 2012 16: 49
    Good propaganda film. But the problem for Americans is that because of the geographic isolation of their country, they don't care. who is the enemy on the screen. They live in the world of cinema. In a few years, the policy will change and the hero in their eyes will turn into an enemy. This could happen to any nation, even the British, if the American government took a shit with them. Lenin was right when he said, "Of all the arts, the most important are cinema and circus for us."
  5. selbrat
    selbrat 3 March 2012 18: 03
    I think the very possibility of the appearance of such a film is connected with the fact that at that time adequate leadership was still visible in the US leadership. This era probably ended with the Kennedy assassination. When the mafia came to power.
  6. C2Mbl4
    C2Mbl4 3 March 2012 23: 46
    I liked the video, but I didn’t understand what about the railway on Lake Ladoga
  7. Colonel
    Colonel 4 March 2012 12: 02
    For a long time I did not look like this in emotional coloring. And the frames seem to be all familiar, but how everything is done !!! One can argue about historical inaccuracies, but in this case this is not the main thing.
  8. Cosmos-1869
    Cosmos-1869 4 March 2012 14: 12
    There is also a feature film "Mission to Moscow". Also 1943:
    1. Splin
      Splin 4 March 2012 18: 08
      I watched this film in YouTube (who has problems with English, probably has a translation. The film was in the USSR). I realized the main thing - if Roosevelt had lived another year, there would have been neither an atomic bomb on Japan, nor the Cold War, nor the Berlin Wall. And the United States and the USSR would be friends and not enemies.
      1. Svyatoslav
        Svyatoslav 5 March 2012 13: 25
        Yes, indeed, Roosevelt is the most appropriate American president.
  9. alexey garbuz
    alexey garbuz 4 March 2012 17: 59
    When this film was being made, even Americans hoped for eternal peace between the two countries. But politics is such a dirty business that the ambitions of leaders who think of themselves as supermen and dream of global control of the world by the fall of 46 forgot their promises. Or timed the defeat of Germany and the victory of the USSR to a new stage for world domination. Their film "The Unknown War" shows the valor of the allied troops in World War II as the founders of the victorious march across Europe.
    Music didn’t play for long
    Not long fraer danced ...
  10. raptor_fallout
    raptor_fallout 4 March 2012 18: 17
    The film is good, I saw it 2 years ago. But what is amazing is that rats can change white to black so quickly !!!!!
  11. Leisure
    Leisure 5 March 2012 11: 41
    The film is pompous, in a language accessible to the average American.
    Well, and past the topic, a month ago they handed over old machines for scrap to free up space in the workshop. So, the machines were American from the city of New York in 1941, with some copies in working condition.
  12. romul
    romul 8 March 2012 22: 39
    This film was shown in America as a guide to action in the Cold War.
  13. btsypulin
    btsypulin April 10 2012 17: 51
    At one of the enterprises in Russia (I will not say where) there are work machines from Italy dated 1936, which bear the swastika :) By the way, they are also workers.

    1. OSHA
      OSHA April 10 2012 22: 13
  14. OSHA
    OSHA April 10 2012 22: 12

    Many veterans, Koreans and American veterans, during the collapse of the USSR, said: "HOW THEY GIVEN", THEY COULD NOT BELIEVE IT ...