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Soldiers of the future: in Russia showed the latest equipment

Perspective equipment of the Russian soldier was shown at the exhibition, timed to the opening of the Center for prototyping of high complexity. The unique development completely changes the idea of ​​how it will look, and most importantly, what the Russian soldier will be equipped with in the near future. Of course, all the technical details are kept in the strictest confidence.


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  1. svp67
    svp67 1 July 2017 18: 28
    Western correspondents have already compared it with the equipment of Star Empire stormtroopers from Star Wars ... It doesn't seem so to me.

    More reminiscent of a shot from the Soviet cartoon "Vampires of Geona"
    1. Pancir026
      Pancir026 1 July 2017 18: 36
      Quote: svp67
      It doesn't seem so to me.

      But it doesn’t matter ... I wonder how the issue of exoskeleton nutrition was resolved. And equally, how many B / C and what kind of fighter does it carry, and what is the protection class in connection with the drive power.
      Apparently, the task has been set and the work is underway.
      1. tchoni
        tchoni 2 July 2017 21: 21
        Quote: Pancir026
        But it doesn’t matter ... I wonder how the issue of exoskeleton nutrition was resolved. And equally, how many B / C and what kind of fighter does it carry, and what is the protection class in connection with the drive power.

        And there is no nutrition in the exoskeleton. Stupidly elastic elements that reduce the load on the musculoskeletal system. Bk and the protection class - like the obfc soldier (don’t expect automatic guns and tank armor), the only thing is that the area of ​​protection will be larger (class, I think, not the highest third) The main thing is to go - send))) If the soldier starts to hear and see more - this will compensate him and the armor and automatic gun)
        But, this is still an exhibition model, which means a perfectly round horse in a perfect vacuum)
    2. ProkletyiPirat
      ProkletyiPirat 1 July 2017 18: 48
      it remains to wait for the battery and you can feel like a terminator wink
  2. Guru
    Guru 1 July 2017 19: 28
    And this is RushTudey showing Amer ??? Tin. In America, there’s a hysteria, about the harsh Russian men and all-pervasive hackers, and here also the super suits of foot soldiers. laughing
  3. Settlement Oparyshev
    Settlement Oparyshev 1 July 2017 19: 34
    against such a set they will lay 50 g more explosives. There is not enough imagination how to survive in such a set at + 40 in the shade.
    And what to do when the electricity in the exoskeleton batteries runs out, especially in winter, when the batteries freeze, and you still need to spend money on heating the warrior.
    I don’t envy the creators of such a technique. Exoskeletons require a well-developed service system, change and charge energy sources. The service system should follow the warriors at the same speed. Any damage to any skeleton arm disrupts the movement mechanism. The repair team should arrive in time and replace it with serviceable. in this case, the warrior himself must not break either his legs or arms.
    The problem of getting a heavy bullet in the helmet remains. While this project has a more propaganda bias.
    1. MaksoMelan
      MaksoMelan 1 July 2017 20: 52
      We have already decided about the temperature. Transmission military reception "warrior" there they are testing it in the sauna. Such a system is likely to be for stormtroopers and all special forces, collected somehow. The problem of a heavy bullet will never be solved. It’s more likely to be splinter protection, which is also not bad, especially when stones from an explosion fly into your face. Well, the element may be converted into a variant of the Ozk for use in battle. It will be possible to add a mask with oxygen or from a gas mask. The main thing is to teach people.
      1. MaksoMelan
        MaksoMelan 1 July 2017 21: 13
        This is a cartoony version of course. But do you understand the principles? Hard mount. Then, in principle, you can think about otanovki bullet head. The energy of the bullet should be distributed throughout the skaf-kosum, or at least the body. At the expense of the severity of the speech does not go. Now there are quite easy materials. Well, you can also pick up a form .. I’d think about the type of goalkeepers. With narrowing for ricochets.
      2. Settlement Oparyshev
        Settlement Oparyshev 2 July 2017 06: 15
        I'm more interested in boosting air when a fighter overcomes stress and restores breathing. A gas mask with supercharging is especially needed to prevent air from being pumped by his lungs.
    2. KirovMK2
      KirovMK2 2 July 2017 21: 36
      Modern lithium polymer batteries are ideal for powering the exoskeleton, and another Soviet development was the ability to charge batteries due to the influence of body heat on special devices.
      1. MaksoMelan
        MaksoMelan 3 July 2017 09: 19
        There is somewhere vidio. Americans are testing a walking charging system. Something like pads or an exoskeleton-like leg dress. And it does not constrain movements (the warrior even danced) and, of course, the Svetnazman hanged with all kinds of electronics on the deserts or somewhere else. And the battery is charging at this time. And about the akamulyator. I think soon there will be a revolution in their production. And it will become cheaper and easier. Some expensive items can already be replaced with cheaper ones. Look for laziness.
  4. Igor Verevkin
    Igor Verevkin 1 July 2017 23: 07
    Good luck in mass production (even if you imagine that it will be put into production someday) with military spending less than the militarily powerful Saudi Arabia and a crumbling economy, which is now only slightly larger than the economy of such an economic giant as Mexico. Until now, troops cannot even provide collimators, but they are already talking about some future soldiers.
    1. terehvlad
      terehvlad 2 July 2017 05: 42
      2-color 3D printing (dielectric = polyethylene // conductor = porridge from nanotubes) and ALL !!! Print stools under the feet of a soldier, so that it would not be scary to step on a mine + stools will be electric containers
      Nothing FANTASTIC
      1. Igor Verevkin
        Igor Verevkin 2 July 2017 19: 30
        Firstly, it's fantastic (for now). Secondly, our homeland is not famous for the production of 3D printers, nanotubes and other things. It is famous for pumping oil and gas out of the ground. Thirdly, tanks, planes and aircraft carriers (ha ha) cannot be printed on a printer. Especially when the country has an economy the size of the Australian, and imperial ambitions like Peter the Great.
    2. MaksoMelan
      MaksoMelan 3 July 2017 09: 22
      Or maybe you don’t need to provide all the calimators? The Germans have something with their HC. Are their calibrators used? And how much more expensive is it?
      1. Igor Verevkin
        Igor Verevkin 5 July 2017 17: 30
        The Germans use collimators. The British, too. The Americans, too.
        And only we do not need them.
        Maybe you just need to develop the economy so that there is enough money for collimators, and not invent ridiculous excuses for not having them? I repeat once again, the Russian economy is almost equal to the economy of Australia. This is the main problem. And without her decision, there will be no future soldiers.
  5. erased
    erased 2 July 2017 09: 38
    What is in his hands? Hybrid AK-600 and GP-100? And when will this sample be shown on the inset? Forum Army 2200?
  6. Dal arya
    Dal arya 3 July 2017 00: 04
    Some garbage. It’s visible on the layout that almost all the limbs are covered with ceramic plates, but they are located where there are joints and where there are none. Then what's the point of making a lot of small plates when you can make one monolithic, for example, from the shoulder to the elbow? all the same, there is no movement. The answer is obvious, it is show off.
    1. pepel79
      pepel79 5 July 2017 21: 04
      One monolithic such thickness does not make sense, if a fragment or bullet hits, it will all fall apart (the ceramics do not deform but collapse), and so one plate fails and not all, and the mass is smaller and more ergonomic, does not constrain movement.
  7. s11417
    s11417 3 July 2017 06: 31
    It’s not for you to peel the potatoes in the outfit.
  8. privateer2000
    privateer2000 3 July 2017 20: 02
    Yes, this is not normal, progress has begun. KS2000
  9. Dzafdet
    Dzafdet 21 July 2017 13: 17
    It is necessary to develop faster and experience in Syria .. Soon the war with mattresses ... laughing tongue wassat
  10. wei
    wei 26 July 2017 22: 35
    It’s sad that artists and fashion designers are developing such important things. sad