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Portable information complex PIK-2015 (Republic of Belarus)

After leaving the place of permanent deployment, military personnel may lose access to relevant information in the country and the world, and in addition, their ability to organize cultural leisure activities is reduced. Such problems can be solved in different ways, one of which was recently proposed by the Belarusian defense industry. Together with other information services, the army of the Republic of Belarus can now use the PIK-2015 portable complex.

It should be recalled that the problem of information services for personnel outside the parts and bases attracted the attention of the Belarusian command a long time ago, with the result that several new interesting projects appeared. The first was a mobile information center IC-2006. In the back of a truck van placed the means for the production of printed materials, photo and video equipment, as well as a projection screen. A little later, the Mobile Radio-Television Center PRTT appeared, whose task is to prepare video and audio materials, receive and process television programs, and also issue a signal via cable networks or radio channels.

Portable information complex PIK-2015 (Republic of Belarus)
General view of the case-container with the main equipment. Photo JSC "MNIPI" /

Product ITs-2006 is made in the form of a car with a body-van. The radio and television center also includes a trailer with a van and remote antenna devices. Such complexes are fairly simple to use, but their use is far from always justified. For example, such mobile systems are redundant in cases where only one company or other small division is sent to the landfill. Nevertheless, the inexpediency of using large complexes should not leave the fighters without information services.

An obvious way out of this situation was the creation of a small-sized information complex, which could be easily transported along with the other material part of the unit. At the same time, a variety of equipment should be installed in the case of the minimum dimensions, allowing at least partially replace high-grade self-propelled complexes. Despite the seeming difficulty of such a task, a promising complex was created and brought to service in the troops.

The development of a new project was entrusted to an organization that already has extensive experience in creating information service complexes. The project was created by the Minsk Research Instrument Engineering Institute (OAO MNIPI). Previously, this organization created the information center IC-2006 and the PRTV radio and television complex. Now a compact complex of similar purpose has been added to these developments.

Perspective development received the name "portable information complex" or, in abbreviated form, PIK-2015. The number in the title indicates the year the system appeared. Subsequently, demonstrated new models of such technology, which had a label with the designation PIK-2015 / 2. Probably, for some time the project was being finalized and developed, which led to the emergence of new versions. At the same time, however, the overall architecture and working principles did not change.

The portable information complex PIK-2015 is intended for collecting, processing and issuing various information. The project provides for the possibility of obtaining data via radio broadcasting channels or via the Internet. The operator of the complex, using standard equipment, can independently take photo and video, process pictures and records, and then transfer them to consumers or demonstrate to the personnel. This may be a demonstration of presentations, holding various events or showing movies.

To simplify transportation and operation, the main elements of the PIK-2015 complex are placed in a protected case of the original layout. The container for the information complex is a modified version of the product "5833" from the NGO "Technika-service". The case is made of high-strength plastic and consists of two main parts: the case and the cover. Both elements are distinguished by considerable height and are used to accommodate different devices. On the outer surface of the case there are ribs.

Complex PIK-2015 / 2, supplemented by a projector and screen. Photo by

On the container wheels and the sliding handle are installed for more convenient transportation. For carrying case equipped with handles on the side walls. In the closed position, the lid is held in place by four latches, in the open position - by a pair of lever devices. Case dimensions in the closed state - 670х510х372 mm. Due to the small size and availability of tools that facilitate transportation, the container can be moved by one person. There are no special vehicle requirements.

The PIK-2015 container has a means of sealing as well as shock absorption to protect devices from shaking. Inside the case and the cover means are provided for mounting various components of the complex. Some devices are fixed in place rigidly, while others are mounted on hinges. In addition, there are polymer cushioning inserts with cavities for the transport of electronic devices. The container case is equipped with temperature control devices that reduce the negative impact of weather conditions.

The internal volume of the cover is designed for mounting several main devices. In its upper corners (in the open position) two audio speakers are fixed with a relatively power of 20 watts. Between them is a stereo audio system, responsible for amplifying and outputting a sound signal to the speakers. In the stowed position, this device folds down, for work is translated into a horizontal position. Under the audio system is a compartment for transporting headphones and some other equipment. They are placed in a soft lodgement and covered with a metal lid. A switchboard panel is provided to the right of this compartment.

At the rear wall of the main body is a power device. It is made in a narrow case and is equipped with its own batteries. The power supply has controls for adjustment, and is also equipped with a pair of standard sockets for connecting one or another external equipment. Other devices receive power through the built-in housing wiring. Power supplies, using their own batteries, can withstand 50 watts W for 4 hours. Devices receive alternating current voltage 220 V frequency 50 Hz or direct current voltage 12 or 24 B.

The remaining volume of the body is given for the installation of a soft lodgement for transporting various small devices. Apparently, with the lid closed, some space is used between the audio system and the cradle, which is used to set the computer.

One of the main elements of the PIK-2015 complex, designed for solving a wide range of tasks, is a commercial model laptop. It is proposed to use the product with a screen diagonal 15 inches, RAM not less than 2 GB and hard disk capacity of more than 360 GB. Depending on the wishes of the customer, a computer with higher characteristics can be used. With the help of standard connectors and interfaces, the laptop should be connected to various elements of the complex that have similar capabilities.

PIK-2015 incorporates a separate DVD receiver that is suitable for playing video from standard discs. It also provides for the use of a tuner capable of receiving analog and digital signals. The tuner is connected to a small antenna. These devices are switched among themselves and, if necessary, connected to a computer.

Another option to complete the complex. Photo

The complex can use various means of communication compatible with civil systems. The laptop can connect to wired communication channels with local networks or the Internet. There are tools to connect to wireless networks, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. A GSM communication module can be connected to the laptop. All this allows you to receive information and files from third-party sources or send data to other consumers. The data transfer rate and other communication parameters are determined by the capabilities of the available networks.

The PIK-2015 complex includes a digital camera with a resolution of at least 12 megapixels with optical and digital zoom, supporting memory cards larger than 32 GB. Probably, the type of this device can be chosen in accordance with the wishes of the customer and taking into account the current progress in the field of photographic technologies. With the help of a camera, the operator of the complex can take photos and videos, and then process using the available software.

The presence of a laptop with the appropriate software allows you to collect data from their external sources, as well as process photos and video files. By installing, a specialist can use both the built-in speakers of the complex, and the enclosed headphones of an enclosed acoustic performance. Also included in the kit microphone.

A set of storage media in the form of standard memory cards and flash drives is transported in the corresponding volumes of the case and the cover. The complex also includes operational documentation, spare parts, aids, etc.

The portable information system of the Belarusian design can be completed with additional devices that are not included in the basic configuration. Existing LED-type projectors, projection screens and remote audio systems are compatible with the PIC-2015. The project provides for the use of a serial model projector capable of connecting to a laptop, tuner or receiver. A collapsible screen of 1,5x1,5 m size can be used to project the image. Additional speakers equipped with their own stands can be used. The use of such additional equipment may require proper organization of the workplace. In particular, the screen requires protection from external light sources.

The PIK-2015 complex is capable of receiving television and radio stations, recording them, storing and reproducing by the operator’s commands. Reproduction of materials from standard media is possible. Both independently and when using a projector with a screen, the complex can be used for information services for personnel. For obvious reasons, remote speakers and a projector increase the efficiency of such work. The operator can take photo and video, as well as independently work with the collected materials. In fact, the range of tasks to be solved is limited only by the functions of the existing software.

The proposed portable information system from JSC MNIPI is intended for information services for personnel at the company and battalion levels. It is designed to occupy a niche in which it is inappropriate to use larger systems of similar purpose, built on the basis of self-propelled machines. The performance and prospects of such equipment have already been tested in practice.

PIC-2015 on the ground in the configuration of the field theater. Photo by

At the end of last year, the PIK-2015 complex passed state tests. In the early spring of 2017, research tests were completed on the basis of one of the military units. Later it was reported that in the very near future a new information complex should be put into service and put into serial production.

Over the past few years, the Belarusian military has actively exploited the existing information centers of the types IC-2006 and PRTC. Among other things, this technique was used during exercises at foreign testing sites. At the same time, the calculations of mobile centers collected information and sent it to Belarus, as well as produced and distributed printed materials, relayed television and radio programs, organized collective views, etc. Having received the PIK-2015 complex, the army will be able to solve some of these tasks without the need to use a fairly complex self-propelled vehicle.

Over the past few years, the Belarusian defense industry has created a number of complexes designed for information service for personnel both in and outside the units. Already put on the supply and tested in practice information systems based on cars and trailers, and in the near future the army will be able to begin operation of portable systems of a similar purpose. It is noteworthy that in some respects the newest PIK-2015 complex lags behind previous developments, while in other possibilities it is ahead of them.

A curious feature of the PIK-2015 project is the approach to shaping the appearance of the complex. The development organization has created only a part of the new units, whereas the bulk of the tasks should be solved with the help of existing production samples. This allowed us to speed up and reduce the cost of work, and in addition, to facilitate the modernization of the complex in the future. The upgrade will be possible by replacing the existing components with their modern counterparts. In this case, it is possible to increase the basic characteristics, as well as obtain new opportunities.

An interesting fact is that only Belarus currently has such information complexes. Other countries exploit various systems of a similar purpose, but they still lack developed complexes combining a variety of different equipment and capable of solving a wide range of tasks. Even this fact may draw attention to the new Belarusian development.

According to the latest news, in the near future, the Belarusian armed forces will begin operation of the third complex of its own design, designed for information services for personnel. He will be able to complement existing systems and take on some of their responsibilities. At the same time, troops will receive new opportunities in supplying parts with relevant information, campaigning and ideological training. It is possible that in the future new complexes of similar purpose will be developed, however, the existing set of three samples is fully capable of fully servicing the army for a long time.

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    Well done Belarusians, what can I say .. However, the switching elements of this device can be clearly seen from the Chinese, and inside it is rather the same .. "Ali" .. However, in Russia we still have only one factory producing switching in Smolensk.
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      Yeah, well done. They took an HP laptop and Pioneer speakers and placed them in a plastic cmodmod. Voila! The latest development!
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    Interesting concept of portability in Belarus
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      Interesting concept of portability in Belarus
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  4. Kenxnumx
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    Interesting concept of portability in Belarus
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    Why is this all? Isn’t it easier for a soldier to do something so that they only dream of crawling to a bed?
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      Quote: Narak-zempo
      Why is this all? Isn’t it easier for a soldier to do something so that they only dream of crawling to a bed?

      Have you served in the army? The media and propaganda were always and everywhere. Gramophones, tape recorders, video projectors, who served, he remembers the dream of demobilization - a portable screen for the projector. smile
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          They were invited to graduate school immediately after the university.

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          Quote: Narak-zempo
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            And why are you so to the soldiers then? no

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