NATO countries have decided to strengthen the defense capabilities of the organization

At a meeting on Thursday, the heads of defense departments of the NATO countries decided to continue strengthening the potential of the alliance from cyber defense to air defense systems and nuclear deterrence, reports RIA News.

According to NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, "new goals in the area of ​​forces and equipment partly concern the staffing and training of existing military units, and partly the creation of additional units, land, sea, military and cyber formations."

As the head of the Pentagon, James Mattis, stated, the plans "relate to everything from cyberspace to nuclear deterrence."

Stoltenberg, in turn, noted that it is, among other things, “strengthening air defense capacities, including maritime air defense systems and strengthening the Air Force through aircraft that can operate under access restriction conditions (A2 / AD)”.

The alliance command supported its plans with updated data on the growth of military spending. According to the organization, published yesterday, "in 2017, the cumulative military budget of the alliance will increase from 920,1 billion euros in 2016 to 945,9 billion euros".

Stoltenberg also told reporters that the alliance would maintain a military presence in Afghanistan after the 2017 year. According to him, "15 of the countries participating in the mission have already made statements about strengthening the national contingent." However, he did not specify how many soldiers they decided to allocate.
  • AFP 2017 / Thierry Charlier
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  1. 0
    30 2017 June
    All these are commercial projects of the “empire of lies”, projects leading the world to the abyss.
  2. 0
    30 2017 June
    Oh, come on. "Made a decision" - so what? Allocate more money to officials - that’s security and increase! wassat
  3. +2
    30 2017 June
    Our "partners" seem to have decided to become us even bigger "partners". Maybe after all they should not be called partners? For the whole history of Russia, this gang has never considered us partners. Unless, when our soldiers fought for their interests.
    1. +21
      30 2017 June
      They are simply afraid. Sometimes it seems that including myself. Himself more ...
      1. 0
        30 2017 June
        Logall Today, 09:01 ↑ New
        They are simply afraid.

        ... that's right, there is something to shake these crazy about ... laughing
  4. 0
    30 2017 June
    ... looking at their "curious" faces - the geyropeytsy globalize !!! laughing
  5. +1
    30 2017 June
    But were there times, when NATO did not strengthen? maybe it once disarmed?
  6. 0
    30 2017 June
    up to 945,9 billion euros

    This money is for good purposes. Shock the European members as Moreover, one needs to think about the material (free) support of migrants, and this is also a decent cost. Yes, and Ukraine at the door with forever outstretched hand.
  7. 0
    30 2017 June
    For officials from NATO - the roof comes from gratuitous money that comes from taxpayers. In cases of conflict, they will be washed off first, and the people will remain a victim to them.
  8. 0
    July 1 2017
    Trump has introduced ... an element of uncertainty into NATO ....
    So what is next...
    Swan, cancer and ... pike ....
    Tear down the Atlantic Alliance ....
    To chips ...
    Who wants to ... pay as much ... 2%!
  9. +1
    July 1 2017
    The military-industrial complex of the NATO countries needs new orders ...

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