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Great empires of the world. Byzantine Empire

Persistent Romans, cunning Byzants, bloodthirsty Ottomans, Orthodox Russians, wild Mongols — all of these nations destroyed other peoples and created their own great empires, so that they could themselves be defeated by other nations. The fates of many nations were interrupted by the collapse of empires, as was the case with Great Rome. And the fate of others, radically changed their development and led to unpredictable tragic results, as it became with the Third Reich.

One way or another, the world история has generated and continues to generate strong states that, relying on military force, economic progress and ideological expansion, move the development of humanity along a spiral of time. In our series of films we tried to tell you about the most powerful and significant empires known to modern historical science. About their ups and downs, prosperity and decline. About what lessons should be learned to humanity in order to avoid the tragic mistakes of the past.

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  1. Ilja2016
    Ilja2016 17 July 2017 03: 20
    The USSR was not an empire. The authors of this "program" recommend reading the Soviet constitution. What a shame