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Project "ZZ". Prepare fire extinguishers: there is a fire of the third world war

In the West, talk about the proposed meeting of Trump and Putin. However, the contradictions between Moscow and the West have accumulated so much that the meeting will hardly lead to a turning point in relations. Some experts advise even stocking up fire extinguishers: they say, the fire of a new world war is not far off.

Moscow doubts that the meeting of the presidents of Russia and the United States, even if it takes place, will somehow help to ease the situation between the Russian Federation and NATO. The question of accumulated contradictions cannot be solved in one sitting. “There are a lot of contradictions and mutual misunderstanding between Russia and the alliance, therefore, to clean up these rubble that has been created over the years is a long way,” said RIA News" Andrei Kelin, Director of the Department of European Cooperation of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

In the West, they are talking about the same, but in more gloomy tones.

Il presidente russo Vladimir Putin. Photo: AP. Borrowed from an Italian newspaper

7 or 8 July at the G20 Summit in Hamburg, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin may meet.

Former representative of Italy to the UN Stefano Stefanini notes in "La Stampa"that today Trump and Putin are the leaders of the two largest nuclear powers. Both must feel immense responsibility in controlling military forces and nuclear arsenals. Such a high international responsibility directly concerns the security of Europe, and the G20 summit is a reason to remind both of them.

From here the author proceeds to the facts of the last time.

The sky over the Baltic Sea, the Russian Su-27 flies a meter and a half from the wing of the reconnaissance aircraft RC-135U, owned by the United States. This is a situation at the very edge of the disaster. However, reminds Stephanini, both Russian and American pilots are professionals. What they get up in the air is provocation. And yet the pilots "stop at the very edge of the catastrophe," and "nothing happens."

However, one can only guess what would happen if the wings of the aircraft touched. A catastrophe can occur not only in the European sky - the United States and the Russian Federation are operating in combat operations in the sky of Syria.

According to the diplomat, now the parties do not have the military discipline that was characteristic during the Cold War. Now everything is much worse, and slipping along the slope into the abyss of contradictions and inconsistencies of interests (the Ukrainian crisis, the situation in the Middle East) may well lead Russia and the United States to a military confrontation. This will be a random war, the expert believes.

He recommends that you prepare fire extinguishers as soon as possible. This must be done before the fire of the Third World War begins. And not without reason, intellectuals sent an open letter to the two presidents. These specialists have considerable experience in diplomacy, and more precisely, in Russian-American relations and nuclear disarmament. Among the signatories are Des Brown, the former British Secretary of Defense, Wolfgang Ischinger, the former German ambassador to the United States, I. Ivanov, the former head of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Sam Nunn, the former US senator and a supporter of nuclear disarmament.

Here are four steps that two nuclear powers cannot delay:

- joint statement: there will be no winner in a nuclear war, and it cannot be maintained;

- the creation of a new focal point for NATO and Russia. His task is to manage a crisis situation;

- a common initiative aimed at countering terrorists who may try to seize the means of mass destruction;

- maintaining a dialogue on the risks of information attacks on nuclear weapons control systems.

According to Stefanini, this open letter is not a political document. This is a list of proposals based on the most ordinary common sense.

However, those doctrines that the presidents rely on may prevent common sense. Therefore, both Trump and Putin need both political courage and a vision of prospects. On behalf of Italy, as well as on behalf of Europe, the author expresses hope for the G20 summit and for the meeting of two leaders, which will be a turning point in the international stage.

In the US, Washington’s responsibility for the future is said much less and less often. The tone of the major press, the “mainstream”, is unequivocal: the Russians are the aggressors, and they must be resisted. Where such a confrontation will lead is usually not specified.

Project "ZZ". Prepare fire extinguishers: there is a fire of the third world war

General Peter Paul. Photo: Mariscal / EPA

“The threat of Russia is growing on all fronts,” say other NATO officials. Russia's military growth, as suggested by General Peter Paul, is obvious.

General Peter Pavel, Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, said that the alliance was faced with Russia's attempts to increase its military potential at almost all levels. The allies are “on guard”: they “will not allow a repeat of the Kremlin’s military intervention in the Crimea and in the east of Ukraine.”

According to the general, Russia's military intentions are not necessarily clear, but the growth of its military power is “indisputable.”

“We, the people in the form, define a threat based on two main elements. One of them is potential, the other is intention, ”Mr. Pavel explained to the journalist. "Politico".

“When it comes to opportunities, there is no doubt that Russia is developing its capabilities in both traditional and nuclear components. When it comes to maneuvers, the ability to deploy troops over long distances and effectively use them far enough from their own territory, this is no doubt. ”

But the intentions of the Kremlin - something less clear. “When it comes to intentions, it’s not easy to understand something, because we cannot clearly say that Russia has aggressive intentions against NATO,” the general said.

Nevertheless, he referred to Russia's growing “military presence” and recalled reports regarding the deployment of intercontinental ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads in Kaliningrad and the Crimea.

“There are elements that should worry us, and we must be on our guard,” said Paul. - Therefore, we take this threat, albeit a potential one, very seriously. We are doing everything possible to be ready both in terms of opportunities and preparation, to face any potential threat that would resemble a situation that we know in the Crimea, in eastern Ukraine - this should not be repeated with any of the allies NATO".

“We also observe an increase in the activity and perseverance of both the political and military leadership [of Russia] when they talk about taking all the necessary measures to counter the buildup of NATO’s military potential. We are faced with a huge modernization of all Russian military forces, ”recalled Pavel.

Continuing the conversation about the “threat from Russia”, Mr. Pavel further stated that NATO is also working to strengthen its positions in the fight against terrorism and that the alliance cannot afford to focus solely on threats from “state actors”.

In addition, we note, in the United States, the issue of financial confrontation with Russia suddenly escalated.

Spied information about the espionage of the US Federal Reserve for foreign central banks. It turns out that the Fed is in a hurry to provide the authorities with confidential information about the movement of foreign central banks in the Federal Reserve Bank (FRB) of New York, where 3,3 trillion is stored. dale international reserves. He writes about it "Forbes" with reference to Reuters.

And the Russians are right there: Reuters sources said that in March 2014 of the year, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation withdrew from the Federal Reserve Bank assets for 150 billion dollars. The Fed immediately reported this to Washington. And they clarified in the White House: Moscow is afraid of “freezing” its assets in the United States. The amount of assets withdrawn was 23% of all international reserves in Moscow at that time. True, two weeks later, the Bank of Russia returned most of the funds to the Fed’s accounts.

Sources claim that the movement of these funds since then closely watched. US officials want to know what financial sanctions could force Moscow to withdraw its reserves.

The Russian Central Bank refused to comment to the agency about the “details” of its activities.

Financial fears, increasing sanctions, rampant military build-up, statements by the generals about “readiness” and open letters to former diplomats in alarm, mean one thing: the time to get fire extinguishers really has come. There will be no winner in the third world war.

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  1. vladimirvn
    vladimirvn 28 June 2017 09: 35
    We have a trump card in the form of Trump. But we don’t seem to be able to play it. They are watching him too much. We have not underestimated the power of the American state machine.
    1. Finches
      Finches 28 June 2017 10: 19
      What can answer this? Only the melancholy phrase of the Soviet ambassador to France, said during the acute Berlin crisis in 1961, when he was invited by de Gaulle and said that the United States was ready to press the red button: "Then we will die together. ".
    2. Naughty
      Naughty 28 June 2017 11: 22
      Quote: vladimirvn
      We have not underestimated the power of the American state machine.

      That's right. Underestimating Americans is a mortal risk.
    3. siberalt
      siberalt 28 June 2017 11: 38
      Let's drink some beer, let it out! laughing
      In Russia, the theme of war has become total. Is it really so? Apart from Ukraine, no one expressed a desire to fight with us. The mongrel barks, and the elephant goes. bully
      1. Glen-99
        Glen-99 29 June 2017 07: 58
        But who pokes mongrel, then the owner, whose gateway?
    4. Oleg Kalugin
      Oleg Kalugin 29 June 2017 14: 25
      I don’t know what Trump ours is, but I’ll say for sure that our brains aren’t much appreciated. This begs the question, but in general, is it that they have an analytical department?
      Judging by the statements of informed people, there wasn’t and wasn’t! I refer to Khazin and Academician Fursov.
      And ov have. And not only people involved in planning, but entire collectives, institutions ..
      Here is another example. I remember as a pioneer I knew that in the direction of the destruction of Soviet ideology alone, more than 3 institutions worked in the United States, not counting any public organizations from the former, including Bandera. It was they who brought to Ukraine a "native guardian", which we have already embodied in the project "Rodnoverie". Well, now, for idiots, peoples like the Siberians, the countries of Cossacks and Tarataria have come up with.
      We will still find out how Russian (throughout the whole of Russia) vertical power was introduced into the vertical vertical of power (adherents of the American sect of Scientologists). When we find out, everything is just oh-t!
      And these are just a few examples.
  2. Spartanez300
    Spartanez300 28 June 2017 09: 39
    This shit needs to be raked for a long time and painstakingly, of course, if there is consent of both countries. In general, the situation is critical.
  3. Alex66
    Alex66 28 June 2017 09: 44
    Capitalism built on the exploitation of man by man and competition (the destruction of the weaker) is the dead end branch of human development, its ultimate goal is the destruction of competitors, there will be only one oligarch and everyone will be subordinated to it. All these tales about democracy and tolerance, human rights are only stages on the way to this goal. how we got into this, well, only by our own naivety, It is time to stop this experiment started by a tagged and drunk. We need to build a different model for ourselves taking into account the mistakes of the USSR.
    1. ava09
      ava09 28 June 2017 15: 09
      Quote: Alex66
      Capitalism built on the exploitation of man by man and competition (the destruction of the weaker) is the dead end branch of human development, its ultimate goal is the destruction of competitors, there will be only one oligarch and everyone will be subordinated to it. All these tales about democracy and tolerance, human rights are only stages on the way to this goal. how we got into this, well, only by our own naivety, It is time to stop this experiment started by a tagged and drunk. We need to build a different model for ourselves taking into account the mistakes of the USSR.

      There would be an opportunity - I would put a hundred "+" - s! I disagree with only one thing, the destruction of the People’s State was initiated by the Trotskyist Khrushchev ... These criminals are the successors and those who complete what has begun.
  4. aszzz888
    aszzz888 28 June 2017 09: 51
    7 or 8 July at the G20 Summit in Hamburg, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin may meet.

    ... or it may not take place ... there is still enough time for the trump to freeze something beyond, after which the meeting will no longer be needed ...
  5. Dry_T-50
    Dry_T-50 28 June 2017 10: 55
    This is just another war that Russia should win.
    1. Raindragon
      Raindragon 28 June 2017 14: 31
      Russia should not start it, survivors will then win
      1. Dry_T-50
        Dry_T-50 28 June 2017 20: 36
        Quote: RainDragon
        Russia should not start it, survivors will then win

        When a fight is inevitable and the sides have equal forces, then the side that hits first is in a winning position.

        And yes, no one will use nuclear weapons. The Supreme Commander has something to lose, both on their part and ours. Well, how did peaceful coexistence end?
    RED PARTISAN 28 June 2017 11: 00
    Russia can’t retreat! Not one step back ! It was the West that got into our sphere of influence, and not we got into them. NATO expansion at the expense of former ATS members, coups d'etat in countries around the perimeter of our borders and open aggression against friendly Arab states (Iraq, Libya, Syria), terrorist support in the Caucasus, brazen intervention in the internal affairs of the Russian Federation are good reasons to give face the Americans yesterday. If they want a war with us, then let their wish finally come true. This war must surpass all past wars combined in terms of cruelty, number of victims and destruction. The "civilized" world decided to try the Russians for a "tooth" - let them taste our military atom.
    1. Vz.58
      Vz.58 28 June 2017 12: 02
      There was a "DEPARTMENT", and now the "RED PARTISAN" wound up. How is it, according to the rules of the site, administrators, with radicals, you need to behave?
    2. BAI
      BAI 28 June 2017 13: 57
      let him taste our military atom.

      How long has it fallen from oak? Or vice versa - oak nailed to the head?
      1. your1970
        your1970 29 June 2017 00: 46
        it's all reincarnation of Meehan
    3. Glen-99
      Glen-99 29 June 2017 08: 05
      We retreated silently for a long time,
      The soldiers grumbled, the battle was waiting.
      Not really our commanders
      Do not dare to tear the French uniforms
      O Russian bayonets
      After all, there were fighting fights,
      Yes, they say what else
      It is not for nothing that all Russia remembers
      About Borodin's day.
      (,, Borodino ,, A.S. Pushkin, the great Russian poet)
      1. ultra
        ultra 29 June 2017 23: 38
        M Yu Lermontov is the author of the poem "Borodino".
    4. Glen-99
      Glen-99 29 June 2017 16: 37
      Not by heart, but by Pontus, this is a favorite method of the State Department.
    5. Glen-99
      Glen-99 17 July 2017 18: 32
      Not a tooth, but on a simple, popular, take on the show off, the crown reception of the United States.
  7. gguess
    gguess 28 June 2017 11: 43
    There is a key operating time, throughout the G20 - a solution to the missile defense problem! And if this decision is not initiated, then there is no need to meet ...
  8. mac789
    mac789 28 June 2017 11: 52
    And with what fright such a volume of our reserves is stored in a hostile country. Medveput finally fucked chtoli.
    1. Akuzenka
      Akuzenka 28 June 2017 15: 13
      You are a victim of "enemy propaganda" if you do not know about it. Improve your education, and then comment on something.
      1. mac789
        mac789 28 June 2017 18: 42
        Well, they would have asked Medveput ... Well, during a straight line ... Propaganda is ... Or the truth ... Well, what is written in this article ...
  9. win9090
    win9090 28 June 2017 12: 25
    There will be no war, the West keeps us like a horror story for its allies, and our leadership is being waged.
    If you wanted to crush, then you would have done so long ago.
    RF and West in different weight categories.
    1. _Jack_
      _Jack_ 28 June 2017 14: 24
      Do not forget about nuclear weapons. Against a massive attack on ICBMs, there is still no cure. All these tales about the effectiveness of missile defense, etc. so far only fairy tales. There is no reception against scrap. So, indeed, Russia is the only country in the world capable of destroying the United States, while, naturally, the annihilation will be mutual. And from this point of view, the weight categories are equal.
      1. win9090
        win9090 28 June 2017 14: 35
        And who said that they need to use nuclear weapons?
        For example: ink for org. No equipment is being produced in Russia. In a month, everything will work at my place, people will have to be fired, and, as it were, problems will only increase further ...

        And this is just a small example of how to make life in our country even more fun.
        1. _Jack_
          _Jack_ 28 June 2017 14: 55
          Yes, but where are they produced? Right, in China. And what can the west do here? So we have to look east instead of the USA and Europe.
          1. win9090
            win9090 28 June 2017 15: 07
            Yes, only China also pursues its geopolitical goals.
            Nobody is friends with the weak, they are finished off.
            1. _Jack_
              _Jack_ 28 June 2017 15: 15
              All is correct. But how many countries in the world are significantly weaker than Russia? Nothing finished them off. And in order not to finish us off there is nuclear weapons. Finish only by economic means will not work, there are too many countries with which you can trade, etc. For example, the same China. Naturally, it pursues its geopolitical goals, but so far certain goals coincide, it may be allies in some areas. Although, of course, the West with such pressure can cause a lot of problems of an economic nature, which is happening. But there is hope that something can be learned from this pressure and good, because they force the sanctions to produce what was previously purchased only abroad.
              1. UFO Pilot
                UFO Pilot 28 June 2017 20: 49
                Weak countries become sixes at the godfather. Therefore, they are not finished off.
                1. _Jack_
                  _Jack_ 28 June 2017 22: 06
                  We did not become sixes and will not, albeit weak economically. Therefore, they press on us either to crush or make six by the godfather. It doesn’t work out yet. Let's see further.
              2. Glen-99
                Glen-99 29 June 2017 17: 15
                It’s easier to say that it wasn’t purchased. Now the world economy has changed dramatically, if before the struggle was for raw materials markets, now for markets, not just for markets, but for solvent markets, and those can be counted on the fingers of one hand, including Russia. Losing the large Russian market of consumer goods and food is a serious test for the West, here Russia, as a self-sufficient country, can play, as the Sturmbanführer Stirlitz put it, in very interesting games.
        2. mark2
          mark2 28 June 2017 20: 25
          Are you afraid that the ink for printers will disappear due to sanctions? - Buy dot matrix printers while they are still there. laughing
          You are afraid that there will be nothing to draw drawings from electronic media, so there were models of grapho-dangers, in which the stylus was filled with ink for the place of the color.
          Still fears about disconnecting from SWIFT and from the Internet? - So you can recall that there were once teletypes and normal human communication with neighbors and colleagues. winked
          And at the expense of nuclear weapons ... I think no one here has the illusion that the Russian Army and Navy are so strong that they can compete with the Great West in conventional weapons We are few, industry is private, there are many resources, but they need to be processed into products, and there are not many people who want to work in factories. Yes, and those factories ... The only way out for the Russian Federation is to make it clear to all opponents that with a serious blow, nuclear weapons will be used, by any means. It’s just to drive partners into the head.
          In my opinion, this is the only way to save a bad world than to get involved in a good fight.
          Otherwise, we will all quickly end here in quantitative terms. request
          1. Glen-99
            Glen-99 29 June 2017 17: 20
            Read the Military Doctrine of the Russian Federation, such an answer is provided there, even in the case of aggression in a non-nuclear version.
        3. Vitaly Andreevich Rezvan
          Vitaly Andreevich Rezvan 29 June 2017 08: 18
          We have a lot of things not produced - it is already being produced, so is your ink.
        4. Glen-99
          Glen-99 29 June 2017 08: 29
          Well, it’s time to stock up on inkwells and scribble in handwritten, to listen to you, you need to stop re-equipping the army, veto the construction of nuclear submarines and the icebreaker fleet, freeze financing for the construction of the Crimean Bridge, gas pipelines, Yamal-LNG, stadiums for the state of emergency of the world and urgently need to send the funds to the freed up funds production of ink, cartridges, office equipment, smartphones, lace elastic pants, to pay special attention to the production of diapers, in connection with the expected increase in demand.
          1. win9090
            win9090 29 June 2017 10: 18
            Then I'll see what you feed your family with, probably a bridge or a nuclear submarine ....
            1. Glen-99
              Glen-99 29 June 2017 17: 24
              I don’t see any problems, for there are shops where shelves are bursting with plenty, I don’t want to eat.
            2. Dmitry Donskoy
              Dmitry Donskoy 29 June 2017 23: 01
              go to work with your hands and not your tongue! am
        5. AleksSel
          AleksSel 29 June 2017 11: 44
          All in sufficient quantities produced in China. You can always find a way out. The USSR lived in complete isolation, and there are other examples. There are enough resources in the country, thieves would be transplanted and everything would be in order.
          1. win9090
            win9090 29 June 2017 11: 57
            And where is now this USSR with its resources .... RIP
            1. AleksSel
              AleksSel 29 June 2017 11: 59
              Everything is cyclical, I think it will mature. Our people are patient, read the story.
            2. Glen-99
              Glen-99 17 July 2017 18: 42
              In Siberia, Siberia, the strength of Russia will grow, so the tale of Peter the Great.
        6. Lena Petrova
          Lena Petrova 29 June 2017 14: 08
          And what, ink is produced in all countries except us? Maybe all countries produce airplanes, nuclear submarines, build nuclear power plants, make televisions, grow cotton, take first places in programming? Do not try to grasp the immensity.
          1. win9090
            win9090 29 June 2017 14: 25
            No, I'm trying to say that the Russian Federation and the West are like Krylov’s fable about the elephant and the pug (and the Russian Federation, unfortunately, is not in the role of the Elephant), one must be more cunning, like everyone's beloved China.
            One sort of sausage is certainly better than none, but sometimes everyone also wants chocolate.
            1. Glen-99
              Glen-99 29 June 2017 17: 28
              Well, eat, who does not give you, any supermarket can now satisfy any needs.
  10. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 28 June 2017 13: 00
    It will be a random war

    By chance only cats are born. War cannot be random. Any provocation that could lead to a military conflict is prepared in advance.
  11. BAI
    BAI 28 June 2017 13: 54
    one can only guess what would happen if the wings of the planes touched.

    And such a case was already in Soviet times. Natovets stuck in the tail of the Soviet strategist.
    "When making a flight for aerial reconnaissance in the Atlantic, Tu-95RTs tried to intercept the American F-4 Phantoms, as a result of which one of them crashed a wing into the tail of a Soviet intelligence. American pilots ejected, and Soviet pilots made it difficult to get to the base." /
    kacii-protiv-Sovetskogo-Sojuza /

    And on the use of weapons - here it is quite well described. /
  12. The comment was deleted.
  13. Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat 28 June 2017 14: 02
    True, two weeks later, the Bank of Russia returned most of the funds to the accounts of the Fed ........ The Russian Central Bank refused to comment on the "details" of its activities .....

    This is the most interesting in the whole article. Everything else: "water .... water ...."
  14. Kenxnumx
    Kenxnumx 28 June 2017 14: 07
    I did not understand why Russia should repeat the operation in the Crimea. That this Paul Peter beguiled.
    1. Vodrak
      Vodrak 28 June 2017 15: 47
      As I understand it, he is a Bulgarian. Well, he wants him to repeat this operation there.
      1. 16112014nk
        16112014nk 29 June 2017 16: 34
        Quote: Vodrak
        As I understand it, he is Bulgarian

        He is Czech. Just studied in England, because such a Russophobe.
        1. DOCTOR ZLO
          DOCTOR ZLO 4 July 2017 20: 36
          Quote: 16112014nk
          Quote: Vodrak
          As I understand it, he is Bulgarian

          He is Czech.

  15. Vlad5307
    Vlad5307 28 June 2017 14: 47
    There will be no winner in the third world war.

    If the West is still unable to tell itself that all their steps to advance NATO to the borders of the Russian Federation and the saber-rattling of weapons on its borders are Western aggression towards Russia, then they will offer nothing new to Russia, as soon as surrender to their mercy, they they cannot, for they believed in their power as a jackal flock. And Trump is just an Amer bargainer, set up to advance the ultimatum of Russia - he is a pawn in the hands of the rulers of the West. Until ours show real firmness and determination to talk to us as equals, they will not!
  16. The comment was deleted.
  17. The comment was deleted.
    1. Glen-99
      Glen-99 29 June 2017 08: 42
      There is nothing to be done, man is part of nature, and there is an uncompromising war in nature, for existence, for hunting grounds, for a place under the sun, for the right to continue the species, although there are cases of symbiosis, but they are unfortunately rare. The question is: is it possible symbiosis of the USA, Russia, China?
  18. Vladimir Gorbunov
    Vladimir Gorbunov 28 June 2017 20: 53
    The Americans are already tearing and dreaming in anticipation of a retaliatory strike against the hated conglomerate of Russians with the Syrians, which spoils their blood and frustrates plans for the past two years, using their numerical superiority in the Navy and the Air Force, they impudently provoke the outbreak of armed conflict.
    HEATHER 28 June 2017 22: 38
    The issue of accumulated contradictions in one sitting cannot be resolved. It’s hard for our President now. If a skirmish in Syria does happen, ours will fight. All wars have proved. Americans know this. Russians in the database are absolutely crazy. The main thing is to destroy the target. It’s a pity if you have to clash. Some of the potential "friends" they don’t want to understand what they’ll run into. I received a new seal in the military enlistment office yesterday! In stock! And not- "by age."
  20. tun5t
    tun5t 29 June 2017 06: 40
    In general, the future has long been said by the prophets, since they are dumb - even the beloved son of the Almighty was a carpenter, I advise you to listen. We are waiting for the whole world full of fuck ... c, then 1000 years of peace. This happened more than once in 1,5 billion of the history of people on Earth. love
  21. cat
    cat 29 June 2017 13: 13
    What kind of nonsense? What items?
    NATA has long jumped over all the red lines. All items should be compiled when some kind of zero position is reached, at least US nuclear weapons should be located in the United States, Russia has the same. And there about bases
  22. Old warrior
    Old warrior 29 June 2017 20: 53
    How many times speak not the Third World, but the Fifth. The previous ones ended respectively in 1991 and 2014.
    DOCTOR ZLO 4 July 2017 20: 35
    Allies “on guard”: they “will not allow a repeat of the Kremlin’s military intervention in the Crimea and eastern Ukraine.”

    How will they not allow this, I would like to know, maybe they will declare war on Russia as a whole crowd?