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In the Kremlin answered "Hollande number XXUMX"

The Kremlin responded to the President of France, who quickly looked for the mask of the two-faced Janus. Recall that Macron, who recently at a meeting with Vladimir Putin spoke about the need for dialogue on the Donbas and the preservation of the Minsk format, at a meeting with Poroshenko announced that "Ukraine is facing Russian aggression."

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov commented on the “on-the-fly change of shoes” by Emmanuel Macron:
We do not agree with our French colleagues in the formulations that were voiced by Mr. President. At the same time, we emphasize that the role of the “Norman format” is extremely important, as it remains the only platform for discussion and continuation of attempts at settlement.

In the Kremlin answered "Hollande number XXUMX"

Recall that Macron, whose “formula” Poroshenko suggested calling an attempt to alter the Minsk agreements, said that the meeting of the “Norman Four” would take place a few days before the G20 summit. In the Kremlin, the information that high-level contacts in the “Norman format” will take place before the G-20 summit has not been confirmed so far.

By and large, it confirms the idea that Macron is “Hollande No. XXUMX,” and that his policy is carefully shaped not by Mr. Macron himself, being affected by opportunistic factors and those forces that brought Macron to power.
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  1. NKT
    NKT 28 June 2017 06: 17
    Peskov is not able to answer capaciously, he is not a press secretary
    1. Tatyana
      Tatyana 28 June 2017 06: 28
      Call Macron a monkey, because monkeys for this comparison will rightly be offended!
        RESEARCHER 28 June 2017 07: 11
        This Frenchman really imagines himself significant from the word macro, and the word micro is more suitable in his affairs. The surname Mikron would have suited him better.
        1. seregatara1969
          seregatara1969 28 June 2017 08: 02
          let's be easier - pasta
        2. Colleague
          Colleague 28 June 2017 09: 56
          MacBook, Macron, what's the difference?
      2. DanSabaka
        DanSabaka 28 June 2017 16: 49
        it is necessary to name correctly and correctly:
        .... the president of France, who quickly looked for himself a mask of a two-faced Janus ...

        where is it seen that the word ANUS was written with the letters "I" .... you need to immediately fix the black spot ....
    2. 210ox
      210ox 28 June 2017 06: 29
      Well, offer to change .. laughing On Safronenkova. That will give out capaciously.
      1. Stirbjorn
        Stirbjorn 28 June 2017 08: 53
        Quote: 210ox
        Well, offer to change .. laughing On Safronenkova. That will give out capaciously.

        Think fine - the hunt will listen to you as a person representing Russia expresses himself as a gopnik from the working outskirts
        I recall an excerpt from Genghis Khan by Vasily Yan
        Genghis Khan lowered his legs from the throne, rushed to Ishmael-Khoja and snatched an unread message from his hand.
        - Who are you writing to? Worthy to speak with me, the lord or son of a yellow-eared dog? Is it necessary to speak with enemies? You are a Muslim yourself and therefore wag your tail in front of a Muslim khan. Do you want Shah Muhammad to think that I am afraid of him?
        Genghis Khan straightened up:
        - Ishmael Hodge writes slave letters. He does not know how to speak with pride. Let him continue to teach the reading and writing of my grandchildren, but do not undertake to speak with the rulers of the nations.
        But Genghis Khan, narrowing his evil eyes, was silent, looking at one point. Then he turned to the scribe who was waiting on his knees and said:
        - Write like this: "You wanted a war - you will get it."
        1. Torkvat torkvat
          Torkvat torkvat 28 June 2017 12: 34
          ))) With France + NATO decided to fight ??)) Crimean War number 2 ???))
          1. kotvov
            kotvov 28 June 2017 13: 23
            Yes, even with the devil. You give a finger, you bite off your hand. If there is a war, then there will be nothing. Here and think.
          2. Stirbjorn
            Stirbjorn 28 June 2017 13: 27
            Quote: Torkvat Torkvat
            ))) With France + NATO decided to fight ??)) Crimean War number 2 ???))
            Oh, what a Crimean war, times are not the same - there will be a nuclear armageddon, in the event of a large-scale war! Ukraine is not a member of NATO and the French are not going to send any troops there because of the nuclear response. But to stop wagging the tail in front of the "Western partners", it is quite possible, given political will! Therefore, a quote from the book
          3. ssergn
            ssergn 28 June 2017 18: 50
            Quote: Torkvat Torkvat
            France + NATO decided to fight ??)) Crimean War number 2 ???))

            Duc number 2 was. Almost immediately after 1. And the Turks raked. Bulgarians gained independence.
            Has the memory gone? Clever fucking ..
            1. Torkvat torkvat
              Torkvat torkvat 4 July 2017 15: 56
              Almost 20 years later ??))) Have you ever opened a history book?)))
          4. Originally from the USSR
            Originally from the USSR 28 June 2017 23: 14
            The current NATO war with Russia = NATO declares war on Russia, heaps, sprinkles itself with mustard gas (the same that the NATO gave to the militants), then puts it under the fifth dot for each mine in a combat platoon and finally shoots with the words "Russia will not defeat us anyway!"
        2. Air defense SSH
          Air defense SSH 28 June 2017 12: 36
          Putin already doubted the expediency of the Norman format, you can already start to ignore it and move on to sanctions against France and Germany, and individually meet and smile politely with politeness ...
    3. Teberii
      Teberii 28 June 2017 06: 31
      Now it’s clear how Macron won the election. He only crawled out of Putin’s ass, as he is already waving to Ukraine. The poor French once again *** on them.
      1. Alena Frolovna
        Alena Frolovna 28 June 2017 06: 57
        Now those who suddenly turn out to be the leader of the state are becoming smaller: no reason, no intellect and the complete absence of diplomatic tact.

        "The dog barks - the caravan goes on,"
        And the wind wears a noise interfering with dust.
        Well, if he barks, he won’t attack:
        Cowardly, therefore, evil.

        And the breeze carries away useless barking:
        The dog needs bread, and therefore barks.
        The driver drove away the whip - he had seen a lot,
        And the barking of the empty talk is known.

        And about the Macron dithyrambs ... iroshenko.

        comment from another site
        Macron does not yet know that the French are generally a side branch from the ancient Ukrov! They were so carried away by the digging of the Black Sea that they overstepped the Bosphorus with the Dardanelles and accidentally dug up the Mediterranean. They stayed only in Marseille, where they settled down. And there the Russian Princess Anna Yaroslavna arrived in time
    4. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 28 June 2017 06: 33
      Quote: NKT
      Peskov is not able to answer capaciously, he is not a spokesman

      So do better, and we will appreciate
      1. Polite Moose
        Polite Moose 28 June 2017 08: 21
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        So do better, and we will appreciate

        I believe that S. Shnurov will now best comment on the latest statements of Western politicians. Take his deputy. Peskov. And then the talent disappears.
    5. Finches
      Finches 28 June 2017 06: 55
      This Rothschild’s six will do everything to tear Ukraine away from Russia and turn it into a cash cow for Western capital! Ukrainians don’t really catch up with what they see as a cheap labor, and Ukraine as a lick of all sorts of nishtyaks and not about "freedom" , equality and fraternity, "there is no question, but this is just a multi-colored cranberry for the divorce of suckers, and with the hands of the suckers themselves ... laughing
      1. Monster_Fat
        Monster_Fat 28 June 2017 07: 39
        And how do they look at Russians? With your salaries at the Zimbabwe level? When the Russian president himself says that low salaries in the country are such a boon for the "investments" that are expected as "manna from heaven" and he also says that beggarly salaries in Russia are of the type due to the low "productivity" of work - how! It turns out that more often it is necessary to move the file back and forth in order to raise this same “productivity”, then the salaries will be popped by leaps and bounds .... And in Russia they like to come up with new requisitions for the population to nod to the “West” type because that so in the "West" or they say something like that, so long ago in the "West" it is done, etc. Only about the "western" salaries and the "western" labor protection and labor safety, as well as about the "western" working conditions it’s silent, no one stutters, and if someone asks an uncomfortable question about it, then he immediately gets an answer — they say we’ve already grown to “western” salaries and “labor productivity” is low and so on .. Yeah, yes, actually this is understandable: why worry about the “plebeians” — those who sucked at the state feeder and their hangers-on along with the oprichniks — they had already been paid “western” salaries for a long time, and they made themselves higher than the “western” ones .. .. Before writing about Ukraine, take a look at yourself — in what deep ass is the vast majority Russia's population is ....
        1. Monos
          Monos 28 June 2017 08: 56
          Quote: Monster_Fat
          With your salaries at the Zimbabwe level?

          You, dear, or go, or a demagogue, or a provocateur. Compare salaries? Well, then compare taxes, and a consumer basket, and a communal apartment, and the cost of training, medicine, etc.
          Quote: Monster_Fat
          When the Russian president himself says ...

          Why did he attribute his diarrhea thoughts to the president? When and to whom did he say what you write about?
          Quote: Monster_Fat
          And in Russia they like coming up with new requisitions

          This is where you dug from? Rummaged in a garbage can on "Echo"? It cries from you.
          Quote: Monster_Fat
          Before writing about Ukraine, take a look at yourself, what a deep ass the vast majority of the Russian population is in ....

          Well now it’s clear where this sewer burst from. Crest in a saucepan with the smell of garlic, shit and unwashed body crawled out of the garbage. smile
          1. Monster_Fat
            Monster_Fat 28 June 2017 12: 35
            Likbez about taxes for those who don’t even bother to carefully listen to what their president says:
            latim_nalogov_2712092 wink

            PS: oh, I forgot to mention "about Ukraine" - how soon it will "freeze", "go bankrupt", "go hand in hand", "die out", etc., etc ... that there the "patriots" are in line. lol
            1. The comment was deleted.
              1. Monster_Fat
                Monster_Fat 28 June 2017 13: 32
                Yes, yes, just like that: "under the pan", "it will freeze soon", "go bankrupt", "go hand in hand", "die out", etc., etc. ..... wink laughing And you all know about taxes ....
        2. Finches
          Finches 28 June 2017 10: 04

          When I read your heights ..., I apologize, the comment here is in VO, I often recall the first wave of white emigration. Apparently from the flickering of multi-colored flags of other powers in your profile. So, even the aristocrats, such as Prince Felix Yusupov, who lost almost everything as a result of the revolution, did not go to cooperate with the Germans, although they promised to return all that was lost to him, White Guard officers capable of holding weapons refused to participate in the war on the side of Germany against Soviet Russia, because "emigrants remembered their Russian origin, Russians rejoice in the victories of the Red Army even when they are afraid of Bolshevism", and there were more than 60% according to research, and 5% generally participated in the movement Resistance, but there were others, such as generals Krasnov, Shkuro, Abramov, Vdovenko ... pronounced traitors who had lost all honor and who had no idea that there was love for the motherland!
          Here you are, in a similar situation, I’m more than confident in your gall comments that you would be in the company of the latter ...
          1. Monster_Fat
            Monster_Fat 28 June 2017 14: 32
            Ah! -A-ah .... "Patriotism" say .... You, tell them this:
            om-englii.html wink
            1. Finches
              Finches 28 June 2017 15: 29
              And where do they come from? I’m telling you!
              1. Monster_Fat
                Monster_Fat 28 June 2017 15: 31
                And really, “they” - here is completely, “nothing to do with” .... winked
                1. Finches
                  Finches 28 June 2017 20: 31
                  Absolutely nothing to do with!
                  "Everyone chooses for himself
                  woman, religion, road.
                  Serve the devil or the prophet -
                  everyone chooses for himself .... "

                  He will be with you on one side of the barricades, from the whole people - what is it to me and to him like that, like most Russians? Cac.cce is more, cc.cce is less, eco is not seen ... The point is not that!
        3. Torkvat torkvat
          Torkvat torkvat 28 June 2017 12: 27
          Bgggg))) in Russia and now s / n is 3-4 times more than in Ukraine))) and after 2019 when the Russians have problems with the PIPE will fall off ... I'll see how YOU will howl))) ALL fuel - gas, diesel, benz, anthracite, TVELs- only for the currency!))) Which will not be)))) Wangyu))) - You will envy Moldova)))
      2. GUSAR
        GUSAR 28 June 2017 07: 39
        And you did not notice that she had long been torn off? But the problem had to be solved 3 years ago, now there would be nothing, no reason
        1. Sling cutter
          Sling cutter 28 June 2017 08: 22
          Quote: GUSAR
          And you did not notice that she had long been torn off? But the problem had to be solved 3 years ago, now there would be nothing, no reason

          Ukraine is the complete failure of a certain figure, Vladislav Yurievich Surkov (Aslanbek Andarbekovich Dudaev), who molded a friend of two mishas - Khodorkovsky and Friedman.
          The Minsk conspiracy is also his "merit," he was sitting in Kuyev when the battles for Donbass were in full swing.
          Another ambassador of the "monetizer" should be noted as a "high reward". am
      DEPARTMENT 28 June 2017 08: 03
      Quote: NKT
      Peskov is not able to answer capaciously, he is not a press secretary

      This is exactly how everything is streamlined and non-specific, unlike his boss Putin, Lavrov and Rogozin! You need to be bolder and to strike at pain points, not embarrassed by "public opinion .." .. This is the only thing you need to communicate with these vertically-tailed poles!
    7. ser-pov
      ser-pov 28 June 2017 08: 38
      [/ quote] We do not agree with our French colleagues [quote]

      Well, if Macron is a colleague to Peskov, then he is definitely not a colleague to us ... laughing
      1. Partyzan
        Partyzan 28 June 2017 08: 54
        he’s definitely not a colleague about us.
        or more precisely - a partner? laughing
    8. Spartanez300
      Spartanez300 28 June 2017 09: 28
      I think Macron is still a two-faced anus, another American mongrel.
    9. Torkvat torkvat
      Torkvat torkvat 28 June 2017 12: 21
      I had to tell Grandma to teach her to cook borsch)))
    10. siberalt
      siberalt 4 July 2017 13: 57
      Peskov is a diplomat, that's why he speaks a bird’s language.
  2. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 28 June 2017 06: 17
    Well, they, "non-traditional", such croupiers. Well, womanish behavior wassat
    1. pjastolov
      pjastolov 28 June 2017 06: 30
      parasnyuk disease - very contagious
        DEPARTMENT 28 June 2017 08: 06
        The photo speaks for itself ...
  3. Uncle lee
    Uncle lee 28 June 2017 06: 19
    Macaron’s teeth are rare - it means a liar, such an omen!
  4. Logall
    Logall 28 June 2017 06: 20
    As "mother" says, so he will. But who dictates his will to "mother"?
  5. B.T.V.
    B.T.V. 28 June 2017 06: 22
    The modern political establishment has long been masked by the "two-faced I (a) nus."
  6. romandostalo
    romandostalo 28 June 2017 06: 25
    The French themselves do not respect themselves! They chose another wet (piss..yu) rag .....
  7. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 28 June 2017 06: 32
    Macron - Hollande No. 2

    Here are surprised. This "sissy" sang as much as the former. Only now he wants to appear cooler, more significant and, having pressed Merkel, to lead the "peacekeeping" movement in the Donbas. They fought the French, who wanted normal relations with Russia. And as Poroshenko rushing from this meeting, steam from all the cracks erupts.
    1. Partyzan
      Partyzan 28 June 2017 08: 57
      And how rushing Poroshenko from
      and not only rushing
  8. Alexander 3
    Alexander 3 28 June 2017 06: 40
    The French have chosen another singer. He sings well under the soundtrack.
  9. ibn.shamai
    ibn.shamai 28 June 2017 06: 42
    Macrosha is not two-faced but faceless! It’s weak to tell Putin about the aggression of Russia! laughing
  10. Tolstoevsky
    Tolstoevsky 28 June 2017 06: 45
    it’s not good to talk like that with the rear-wheel drive Rothschild commissar himself. intolerant
  11. nikolaj1703
    nikolaj1703 28 June 2017 06: 45
    It is very difficult to sit on two chairs ...
  12. Banishing liberoids
    Banishing liberoids 28 June 2017 07: 04
    The hypocrite showed who he was - so you had to wait for something like that. Europolitics cannot be trusted, these are totally corrupt creatures, there are no friends in politics, there is an enemy or a veiled enemy, and very rarely an ally, but this is an exception to the rule.
  13. Stas 2rep
    Stas 2rep 28 June 2017 07: 23
    He said that he farted in a puddle. No sense, only circles even without splashes.
  14. Farid05
    Farid05 28 June 2017 08: 16
    Wow, talking Sands!
  15. Stirbjorn
    Stirbjorn 28 June 2017 08: 47
    By and large, it confirms the idea that Macron is “Hollande No. XXUMX,” and that his policy is carefully shaped not by Mr. Macron himself, being affected by opportunistic factors and those forces that brought Macron to power.
    Oh, too, news to me! It’s like if Le Pen came, she would immediately recognize Crimea and lift the sanctions wassat Trump's example doesn't teach anything!
  16. Dormidosha
    Dormidosha 28 June 2017 09: 26
    Fucking puppet !!!! After de Gaulle there was not a single decent president! All half-read !!!!!!
    Therefore, they have Arabs in their country with niggas and host .......
    1. Vint
      Vint 29 June 2017 06: 44
      I almost agree! Jacques Chirac!
  17. Colleague
    Colleague 28 June 2017 09: 54
    Reusable however
  18. pvv113
    pvv113 28 June 2017 11: 12
    for yourself the mask of the two-faced Janus.

    Quickly looked through - it seemed "two-faced Anus." Or maybe it is?
  19. Brushing
    Brushing 28 June 2017 11: 52
    Macron - a rare lousy ... however, like all the custodians .... we beat them more than once and saved them more than once ... and they look like it, with crests grunt in their gums ... - we are not vindictive, but we have a good memory ...)))
  20. Music
    Music 28 June 2017 13: 42
    Well, whatever you say, and more than half the population voted for him. And the fact that France, together with England, won the Crimea from Russia for Turkey, is well known
    1. Konstantin Yu
      Konstantin Yu 28 June 2017 15: 58
      I was in Crimea, I saw their past attempts ... but I did not see them there. It is known that the color of the officers of England and France in Crimea remained .. buried, and this is in one city. Mind had enough water not to leave ..
  21. 16112014nk
    16112014nk 28 June 2017 14: 32
    Mikron is a shallow Eurogeigopian. Can only blather on the command of the owner. Well, who is the boss, everyone knows.
  22. Konstantin Yu
    Konstantin Yu 28 June 2017 15: 43
    The hillock gave birth to a mouse, with whom it touches the hand, sings in that way ... it used to be France with the D Golem, and now with Micron there is no Fiction or Friction ... the functionaries are socially frivolous ...
  23. jackcomb
    jackcomb 28 June 2017 17: 18
    Do you know how tired the word partners are? Yes, what Macron partner, the same as Olpnd - about nothing, the French made a big mistake ...
  24. iggrimnir
    iggrimnir 28 June 2017 18: 59
    Macron is a puppet, he is a stooge of the Zionist mafia, which also put Trump. You should not pay attention to them at all, generally to all this circus of freaks headed by Parasha and other Merkels. in Europe there was not a single independent politician left, and therefore this Europe dragged on her neck a stranglehold of anti-Russian sanctions imposed by the United States, and gently opened her rolls in front of the flows of migrants. There is his armageddian. And after a while, the EU will begin to shake so that the current problems seem like a paradise.

    Look carefully, the guys need to look at the situation in Syria, where Assad was accused of preparing a chemical attack, saying that there will be no evidence, because everything is clear to them, threatening serious consequences for Assad, and by the way - they said that Russia was responsible FOR ALL :) That is, I will translate into Russian - We have decided, We will do it, Your opinion will be absolutely fun for us, Assad We will leave, and Russia will be to blame for everything, and We will punish it to the full! On our borders there are troops ready (not a fact and most likely not morally motivated by the word at all) to strike at any moment. It is clear that these “troops” will be spread vividly and beautifully across the Baltic fields, there are few aviation, armored vehicles also for one battle as a whole. But this is enough to throw this group at us, to get into a mug, to spit out teeth, to pick up an eye, and to yell at the whole world about Russian aggression against the peaceful attack of the collective West! You understand this, do not care about all these underresidents. What does the Jew Macron say there - he doesn’t give a damn about his face, he’s nobody and his name’s nothing.
  25. aszzz888
    aszzz888 29 June 2017 08: 24
    his policy was not carefully formulated by Mr. Macron himself, being exposed to market factors and the forces that brought Macron to power.

    ... a pawn, she is a pawn on the board ...
  26. kriten
    kriten 29 June 2017 15: 39
    He would rather have a second ass than a second person. Why an extra face homosexual.
  27. mann-mann
    mann-mann 29 June 2017 21: 23
    Peskov, this mumble, constantly regrets everything and could not answer the 1000-year-old history of Ukrainian-French relations through the Kiev princess! I just mumbled that there can’t be objected since it was 1000 years ago! But that ukrov was not there then, they have not yet come up with this pseudonation to clarify they got scared! Rag!
  28. Tatyana Shabanova (Korsakova)
    Tatyana Shabanova (Korsakova) 29 June 2017 22: 13
    And what can you expect from him if he was supported by Hollande they are as corrupt as ......
    HEATHER 29 June 2017 22: 19
    Looks like pasta muzzle faces never straightened. In childhood.
  30. Chuck
    Chuck 2 July 2017 18: 09
    New French political prostitute, of which there were already many. Hollande No. 2 is a good and true characteristic for this villain and scoundrel.