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China's Navy commissioned the 24th Xuchang missile frigate of project 054A

According to the Internet portal, in the composition of the East fleet China's Navy enters Xuchang missile frigate 054A projectbelonging to the class "Jankai II".

Xuchang became the 24 representative of the Jiankai II class. This line of ships built on the basis of the project 054, featuring a large number of advanced weapons systems and control. The lead frigate was commissioned in January 2008.

The total displacement of ships of this series is 4053 tons, the hull length is 134 meters, width is 16 meters. Speed ​​- up to 29 nodes. Sailing Range - 3800 miles. Crew - 190 people.

China's Navy commissioned the 24th Xuchang missile frigate of project 054A

Frigate "Xuchang" (Xuchang)

Xuichang’s armament is represented by a vertical launch system with 32 cells for HQ-XNUM-class anti-aircraft missiles, two 16 launchers, YJ-4 anti-ship missiles, 83-mm artillery, 100 anti-aircraft CIWS anti-aircraft missile systems (a Chinese analogue AK system, 4 anti-aircraft missile systems CIWS (a Chinese counterpart of an AKA analogue, an analogue of an AKA analogue, an Chinese analogue AKT, 630 anti-aircraft artillery systems CIWS (a Chinese counterpart of an AK system, an analogue of an AKA anti-aircraft unit, a Chinese analogue AK system, an 2 anti-aircraft artillery system CIWS (a Chinese analogue AK system, an analogue of an AKA analogue, 324 anti-aircraft artillery systems CIWS) three-pipe torpedo tubes of caliber XNUMX mm.

In comparison with the earlier "brothers", Xuchang has a number of improvements, differing, in particular, with an improved integrated data processing system and new electronic warfare complexes.

Currently, Chinese shipyards at different stages of construction are still 3 frigate project 054A.

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  1. donavi49
    donavi49 27 June 2017 10: 00
    4 anti-aircraft artillery systems CIWS (Chinese counterpart AK-630)

    No - it's just - 054, there and instead of Calm-1 (HQ-16 - that is) - Krotal stood.
    On 054A - there are their 11 barrel mounts created under the influence of goalkeeper's study of 2 pieces.
    HEATHER 27 June 2017 10: 00
    In total? Compared to our three, this is just a trifle! Damn.
    1. 210ox
      210ox 27 June 2017 10: 04
      With which three? With one!
      1. Dangerous
        Dangerous 27 June 2017 10: 09
        And the Chinese will ever get around **, and Russia will rise! Believe it!
        1. 210ox
          210ox 27 June 2017 10: 11
          The fact that China? Or that we? Faith alone is not enough (during the Great Patriotic War, people also believed, but they confirmed their faith by deed)
          Quote: Dangerous
          And the Chinese will ever get around **, and Russia will rise! Believe it!
      2. HEATHER
        HEATHER 27 June 2017 10: 23
        There are two buildings. In the virtual.
      3. nogBogHuk
        nogBogHuk 27 June 2017 13: 46
        Ours are going to sell 3 buildings (India). You see, there are no power plants on them. Ukraine no longer sells to us, but while they’ll swing these cases on metal,
      4. Solomon Kane
        Solomon Kane 27 June 2017 22: 12
        Some kind of dumb name - Sui in Chan (well not in Tea)
  3. 210ox
    210ox 27 June 2017 10: 00
    Looks like our "Gorshkov" .. That's just not the pace of construction ..
    1. donavi49
      donavi49 27 June 2017 10: 12
      Not. This is 11356 with the following key differences:
      more Calm rockets per block - 32 rockets from the Chinese versus 24 from 11356.
      CODAD energy scheme - they just have a license to produce 12 and 16 (frigates) SEMT Pielstick diesel engines. The speed suffers (on 5 nodes from the turbine 11356) - but the range on our own stock is twice as much, well, resources, cost.
      no UKKS - instead install 8 inclined launchers. In the base there is a Chinese cracked Exocet. But now they have made their two-step family and massively (approximately like the Navy of the UKKS) shove them everywhere, with the difference that they can even be sloped with minor dopelki media. This is worse than Caliber - but nevertheless, there is the whole family of CR / RCC (two-step with M + final segment) / PLUR in a single container for a vertical or inclined start.
      1. drunkram
        drunkram 27 June 2017 13: 45
        2M Mach there is the final stretch, about 6 km to the goal. He has a range of nothing, 150 km, 240 if an air launch
        1. Mimoprohodil
          Mimoprohodil 27 June 2017 14: 43
          He's talking about the new YJ-18 rocket, which has a final stretch of 40 km
      2. Looking for
        Looking for 27 June 2017 15: 47
        It’s enough to grind water in a stupa. The main thing is that China has only 24 ships of this class, and others, like a couple of dozen. Yes, little things, it’s not measured, But how many similar caravans Russia has is what matters. that’s the question. It's a shame. that the heiress of my Motherland (USSR) has all the signs of decrepitude and regression.
  4. voyaka uh
    voyaka uh 27 June 2017 10: 01
    That's normal ... In 10 years - 24 new missile frigates
    1. drunkram
      drunkram 27 June 2017 13: 46
      If you forget about the destroyers, landing ships, aircraft carrier
  5. yehat
    yehat 27 June 2017 10: 09
    the Chinese Navy still has to grow and grow, but in the waters around China it is already necessary to reckon with it very seriously. In the region of 100-200 miles from the coast, China has the ability to "project" power and the pirate habits of the US Navy no longer roll.
    moreover, the fleet is supported by aviation.
    HEATHER 27 June 2017 10: 27
    They’re scalded like scalded. Maybe right. We can’t compete with them.
  7. Old Horseradish
    Old Horseradish 27 June 2017 10: 49
    But once a year they show us a “direct line” with grandfather Putin. The Chinese were envious, probably.
  8. megadeth
    megadeth 27 June 2017 11: 02
    We must not sell, but it would not be difficult economically, at first we’ll fully arm our army with the latest weapons, and the lost export, if there is something good to put into action, will return ...
  9. The comment was deleted.
    1. Vladimir Postnikov
      Vladimir Postnikov 27 June 2017 15: 00
      And no clearance. There is nothing to hope for.
  10. Alex 2016
    Alex 2016 27 June 2017 12: 10
    I wonder when we will begin to build ships of the 1st and 2nd ranks at such a pace. And then only projections and promises are heard.
    1. Conductor
      Conductor 27 June 2017 17: 41
      To start, the president’s day’s to choose the World Cup, but for the remaining money and start building)))
      1. Every
        Every 27 June 2017 18: 00
        The remaining money, according to tradition, will be stolen.
  11. Every
    Every 27 June 2017 17: 55
    Outwardly similar to 11356. And the Chinese are riveting at a shocking pace, not listening to whiners about the fact that project 11356 is out of date, do not chew snot, and are not going to sell to India.
    24 units and 3 more in construction, the speed is simply galloping.
  12. Pecheneg
    Pecheneg 28 June 2017 13: 28
    For 9 years, 24 frigates !? Yes, the dragon dispersed.
  13. Atlant-1164
    Atlant-1164 28 June 2017 18: 16
    The Russian Navy still ranks second in the world, due to the fact that it has a large number of nuclear submarines. In fact, this place should be taken by China, since the scale of the Chinese naval forces is not inferior to the Russian, and the quality is higher. The Russian Pacific Fleet in size is second only to the Northern Fleet. In the period of prosperity, the number reached 13 thousand people, and the number of various military ships was about 700. At the moment, in addition to submarines, there are not so many large and medium warships, one of them is the Varyag missile cruiser, the Modern destroyer and four “Fearless” anti-submarine ships.
    Today, the Russian Pacific Fleet can only rely on one warship. We are talking about the Varyag missile cruiser, which bears the name of another famous Varyag cruiser of the Russian Empire. The missile cruiser is the third ship of the Atlant project, commissioned in October 1989.