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How did the “new top secret special forces unit” appear in Russia? TURAN

More and more of the most incredible stories are born in the minds of active users of Internet resources. This applies to almost all areas of life. Naturally, such stories also concern army formations, “terribly secret” units, staffed by fighters with incredible capabilities. This is understandable from a business point of view. More excitement, more subscribers, more money in your own wallet. We are used to such "news".

However, sometimes the news needs to be “adjusted”. And this, alas, happens all the time. One publication by a blogger who receives many reposts, and then publications in some media — that's all. Readers perceive the news as a fact. It is often impossible to convince the opposite. Well, so many "respected people on the Internet" cannot tell fairy tales. Yes, and Western media reported ... Oh, this admiration for the "honest media" in Europe and America!

Almost from mid-April this year, various sources periodically receive reports about the participation in hostilities in the territory of Syria of a new "Russian" special unit under the strange name TURAN. Or, as it is also called, "special forces from the USSR".

Media reports on the number of this squad in 800-1200 people. On ethnicity. Natives of the republics of Central Asia, the Caucasus, Azerbaijan. On the religion of fighters. Naturally, Muslims. Even equipment and uniforms are sometimes described. From the old "Afghan" to the modern uniforms of almost all the armies of the world. Armament - from Soviet-made automatic rifles to modern Western designs ...

Naturally, such a detachment should be "one of the most secret special services." Initially, the conversation went about Chechnya. Especially since the battalions of the military police from Chechnya actually arrived in Syria and show themselves very well there. We tried "to the tooth" and Ingushetia. Did not work out. The ethnic composition "pumped up" ...

Then the next wave of information swept. This is a super-duper secret detachment of the SSO of Russia. It is also clear why. MTR also proved to be quite a serious, competent and well-trained structure. To "cling" to such fighters for honor. Only “in the face’s face” can be stunned from these same fighters in person.

Today, after all, they have found an innocuous, serious company that is not very bright, but is well-respected in certain circles. This is SVR special forces! The belonging to this structure perfectly explains the “independence” of TURAN’s actions. This is not MO. Therefore, they are not subject to the office of Sergei Shoigu. I wonder how long this version will last?

What you read further is nothing more than my own view on TURAN. And this view is based on the analysis of open sources. No top secret archives and conversations with people who know the situation from the inside.

So where did the idea of ​​creating a detachment on religious principle come from? This is not the know-how of the TURAN command. This is a direct copy of the Muslim battalion of the Afghan war. It was then that the first time the USSR used its capabilities. We are a multinational country. Many languages ​​of the Central Asian peoples practically coincide with the languages ​​of the peoples in Afghanistan. And belonging to one religion helps to quickly find a common language. Do not violate the moral, ethical and religious canons, and this is really a significant factor for Asian countries.

And here is the first discrepancy of the new "special forces unit of Russia". TURAN does not hide, as I wrote above, its ethnic composition. These are citizens not so much Russia, as other countries. No matter how we treat Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and other former Soviet republics, no one will deny that these are independent countries. Not Russia. Or did Russia have its own foreign legion?

There is one more discrepancy, about which little is written in the Russian and Western press, but they talk a lot in the Arab media. Place of formation TURAN'a. Not Russia or any of the former Soviet republics. No, this is ... Syria! TURAN formed in the east of the Wadi Barrada Valley near Palmyra! (Saudi Edition Al-Watan Saudi Arabia). Russia does not form its own military units abroad.

Now about weapons and equipment. Indeed, when working with some special units of the SSO, various forms of clothing and weapons are used. The specifics of the work of such units is somewhat different than the work of TURAN. And the number too. I once wrote about this in one of the articles. And what do we see in this squad? We see well-trained fighters of the usual intelligence unit. And they work precisely as specialists in countering the enemy sabotage and reconnaissance groups.

Another interesting fact. Clear dosing of information in the press and on the Internet. These are not occasional "flashes" of fighters, but quite well-designed commercials about supermen from TURAN. And who among us most often uses advertising as an engine? .. Let me remind you that last year WWner's PMC was often mentioned on the net and various mass media ... Just food for thought.

Sometimes they ask about the actual name TURAN. I suggest you conduct an experiment. Ask your friend from any Asian republic about Turan. Surprised, but almost every Turkic people have stories about the once great state of Turan. It was located on the territory from Altai to the Mediterranean Sea. Historians, however, do not confirm this fact, but the idea itself is very popular today among the Turkic peoples. And this is precisely the main "suppliers" of fighters for the detachment.

TURAN today is active in the province of Hama. The main specialization of the detachment is counter-partisan struggle. After the introduction of known restrictions by a memorandum on de-escalation zones in Syria, the detachment was transferred from the province of Hama to the province of Homs.

So who are they? Why today they can be seen in training in clubs and shooting galleries in Russia? Why replenishment for TURAN'a preparing in private sports clubs? The answer is simple. PMC!

Yes, war for some category of people is nothing more than work. Routine work for which well paid. Praising these people or condemning stupid. The state, any and with all its might, sometimes cannot solve the same tasks that PMCs decide. It can not, precisely because it is a state. A "private trader" can. He is mobile and fully prepared. Not limited in the choice of fighters. Private owners are not interested in the citizenship of the employee, his ethnicity, his worldview. And numerous media reports about the success of TURAN are nothing more than an advertising campaign to attract new employees.

Stories about TURAN’s belonging to the special services from the series “one woman said.” Although deny that it is possible, I repeat, it is possible that the detachment performs some of the “requests” of specialists, it is impossible. Dans la guerre comme à la guerre. The main thing is that the detachment acts on the side of the front line from which we need it. So, TURAN is doing the right job, so they don't talk about it. And it does it well, again, judging by the videos that are uploaded to the network.

Looking through the western editions, I noticed that today TURAN is often used to explain Russia's aggressive policy. In particular, some Western analysts are directly talking about the military unit, which is intended not so much to fight terrorists, as "to attract peaceful Syrians to the side of the Kremlin." Alas, but the war in the information field continues. And, as you can see, any means are used to prove to the American and European average man the need to increase military budgets, the need to prepare themselves for war. And by and large, instill the inevitability of war ... These are the modern realities ...
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  1. Titsen
    Titsen 28 June 2017 07: 09
    In the military, all means are good.

    This is not the Olympic Games ...
    1. domokl
      28 June 2017 07: 28
      soldier And you can’t argue ... You can play the war. But not for long ... bully
      1. Settlement Oparyshev
        Settlement Oparyshev 28 June 2017 18: 19
        What is this secret battalion, which was trumpeted around the world. It remains only to disband it.
    2. Talgat
      Talgat 7 July 2017 15: 33
      Recently there was infa about the entry of forces of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan into Syria. Then they all refuted. Probably, in order to preserve diplomatic opportunities, they decided not to involve us or the Kyrgyz

      And PMCs are not limited by anything - perhaps in this format they are used by those who do not mind fighting and making money
  2. Altona
    Altona 28 June 2017 07: 55
    The West describes its own military structures such as the "Foreign Legion" or its view of special forces and ascribes them to Russia.
  3. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 28 June 2017 07: 55
    As a result, the author from all speculation and assumptions in the media and the Internet came to the conclusion that this is PMCs. Well, what an article - a good advertisement of PMCs.
  4. Zaurbek
    Zaurbek 28 June 2017 07: 57
    It was invented even during the USSR .. there was a Muslim battalion in the structure of "Pennant"
    1. Pete mitchell
      Pete mitchell 1 July 2017 23: 25
      The famous "Muslim battalion" was formed at the GRU
      1. Zaurbek
        Zaurbek 2 July 2017 12: 27
        And who was the pennant?
        1. Pete mitchell
          Pete mitchell 3 July 2017 09: 27
          "Pennant" was created in the KGB, if very simply - foreign intelligence special forces bully
  5. Pecheneg
    Pecheneg 28 June 2017 08: 08
    The more secrets, the more they want to know, the right marketers work in TURAN.
  6. win9090
    win9090 28 June 2017 08: 19
    The truth is somewhere in between.
  7. Rock_n_roll
    Rock_n_roll 28 June 2017 08: 37
    Not Dans la guerre ... but A la guerre ... what kind of total ignorance on the site?
    The article is nothing, no real information, just howls.
    1. evge-malyshev
      evge-malyshev 28 June 2017 21: 45
      Quote: Rock_n_Roll
      What kind of total ignorance on the site?
      The article is nothing, no real information, just howls.

      Absurd absurdity. Can you really believe in this nonsense? If someone believed, then it can be safely assigned to this group of "total ignoramuses."
    2. ydjin
      ydjin 29 June 2017 00: 00
      Quote: Rock_n_Roll
      Not Dans la guerre ... but A la guerre ... what kind of total ignorance on the site?
      The article is nothing, no real information, just howls.

      I agree, reading the article, I realized that I did not understand anything. Toli was a boy, there was no roofing felts! But there is reason to embed the article!
  8. Kenxnumx
    Kenxnumx 28 June 2017 08: 52
    Such a top secret that no one knows.
  9. Blue fox
    Blue fox 28 June 2017 09: 12
    Hedgehog understands that in Syria there are our "retarded" colleagues. In principle, if desired, anyone physically fit and having documented combat experience can get there under a contract. Especially on the recommendation of their military twin cities from many conflicts in the territory of the former USSR. Otherwise, where do the Banya inscriptions come from on the old ZIL-157 kung in Palmyra even before the MTR and the RF Armed Forces visited it. wink
    As for the national composition and religion, then the more dust in the eyes of the enemy, the better.
    Somewhere in the subway I heard that when the Asadians were running away from the ISIS tank, the "retirees", on the contrary, were rushing forward - they pay 150 tyr for a damaged tank. repeat
  10. masterovoy
    masterovoy 28 June 2017 11: 55
    In my opinion, this is not a topic for discussion on the internet. "Curious Barbara, her nose was torn off" ...
  11. tacet
    tacet 28 June 2017 13: 28
    [/ quote] Or did Russia have its own foreign legion? [quote]

    Since 2015, a foreign citizen can serve in the Russian army under a contract and be involved in military operations. (according to the decree of the president of Russia)
    so this is not a dock.
    1. your1970
      your1970 28 June 2017 20: 38
      Since 2015, a foreign citizen can serve in the Russian army under a contract - in the army - yes, not in a gang of wild geese ....

      Caught on the web
      They noticed a strange Iraqi wandering through the desert in a white uniform of an unfamiliar pattern. The entire platoon, hiding behind the Hammers, examined it with binoculars for a long time, trying to find weapons, but in vain. It seems that having gone mad with horror, he wandered without knowing where. Out of compassion for the unfortunate, it was decided to take him to the hospital. The scouts quickly caught up with the lonely Iraqi and surrounded, looking at the old-fashioned faded uniform and a completely foolish cap in their American opinion ...
      Later, the only scout who escaped alive from this terrible massacre said that the Iraqi suicide bomber who had killed the entire vanguard of the American division repeated the strange combat mantra before the battle: - Zdravstvujte, razlubjeznaya moja Katerina Matveevna ...
  12. vex
    vex 28 June 2017 14: 42
    almost every Turkic people has stories about the once huge state of Turan

    Actually, Turan is a vast region in Central Asia, once inhabited Iranian-speaking peoples. Turan in those days was opposed to Iran. And the Turks, who appeared after millennia, privatized the geographical concept of Turan, as it has repeatedly done with others and will continue to do so.
    1. Black_PR
      Black_PR 28 June 2017 17: 17
      It is enough to recall the film "The Legend of Rustam" ... There is described the confrontation of Iran and Turan .... in verse.) "The Knight in the Tiger Skin".
    2. protoss
      protoss 28 June 2017 23: 49
      all is true, but rather a mythical region, a kind of generalized concept in ancient Persian literature and folklore. because subsequently, almost all Iranian-speaking tribes and peoples of Central Asia were assimilated by the Türks, then this concept also "went" to the Türks, right up to the completely scientific name of the "Turunids" in relation to the averaged Türkic racial type - the transitional Mogoloid-Caucasian.
  13. Cynic
    Cynic 28 June 2017 17: 09
    sometimes news needs to be “adjusted."

    A super-optimist author is not sometimes, but constantly!
    At one time, they explained:
    A journalist, and in principle, never tells the whole truth.
    It gives reality either better than it is, or worse.
    Because reality, as it is, is of no interest to anyone.
    Because we live in it!
  14. demo
    demo 28 June 2017 17: 12
    Like flies here and there
    Rumors go home
    And toothless old women carry them around their minds
    They are being carried across the minds.

    V.S. Vysotsky
  15. Karabin
    Karabin 28 June 2017 17: 14
    The answer is simple. PMC!
    Oh how much delight. No matter how these PMCs sided out both the Russian Army and the state.
    1. Dart2027
      Dart2027 28 June 2017 21: 22
      Quote: Karabin
      No matter how these PMCs crawled out sideways to both the Russian Army and the state

      Do you mean the horror story that they say they will seize power?
      1. A_L_F
        A_L_F 28 June 2017 22: 44
        Quote: Dart2027
        Do you mean the horror story that they say they will seize power?

        They will seize power: in Ukraine, the Baltic states, Poland, Romania, etc. these border fighters are not an obstacle laughing
  16. The comment was deleted.
    1. Setrac
      Setrac 28 June 2017 19: 19
      Quote: Victor Rusakov
      To be continued ...
      Consciousness determines being!

      They will ban you for the flood on the site.
      You copy one message from branch to branch.
  17. MATROSKIN-53
    MATROSKIN-53 28 June 2017 19: 16
    Blindly believe the Internet is stupid! This is a "swamp" where any mucus is found ...
    1. evge-malyshev
      evge-malyshev 28 June 2017 22: 00
      Quote: MATROSKIN-53
      Blindly believe the Internet is stupid! This is a "swamp" where any mucus is found ...

      Unfortunately, believing the internet is stupid! And the second statement: “all mucus is found in this swamp” is also true.
  18. Glory1974
    Glory1974 30 June 2017 00: 11
    experience shows that no PMCs take root in our country. Both the “Muslim” battalion in Afghanistan and the hired tankers in Chechnya in 94 are all the work of special services. Therefore, it is not necessary to write about PMCs, especially since according to the law they cannot be.
  19. Graz
    Graz 1 July 2017 01: 58
    2 version
    or indeed PMCs from the Muslim peoples of the former USSR supervised by Russia
    or is it a deliberate fake to attract (distract) attention from the actions of another service
  20. aiden
    aiden 1 July 2017 18: 59
    apparently about them I was laying out the video here as they tortured the Syrians with a sledgehammer on the fingers and toes. or Wagnerites, and a severed head was lying nearby. And their emphasis is either Caucasian or from the republics of Central Asia. I met a lot of videos. strongly
  21. Krsk
    Krsk 2 July 2017 11: 14
    consolidated regiment sso odkb))) so what? (I may not be a blogger)
  22. serge siberian
    serge siberian 2 July 2017 16: 49
    Quote: your1970
    before the battle he repeated the strange fighting mantra: - Zdravstvujte, razlubjeznaya moja Katerina Matveevna ...


    Judging by the text, from the beginning of the 80s he got lost in those sands, because the form is already white. From the spirits escaped from captivity. The Iraqi brothers picked up and warmed, in a word they helped fraternally, as Saddam Hussein bequeathed.
    But seriously, I admit the idea that people in their right mind are united in the fight against evil on a global scale, and they don’t care about religious differences or the inequality of nations or social strata. After all, when the Nazis were beaten in our country, it did not seem to bother anyone.