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Past and Future of Darial

Russia wants to extend the lease term of the Daryal radar to 2025.

Past and Future of Darial

The Daryal radar, also known as a separate radio unit of the Russian Space Forces, Gabala-2, RO-7, 754 object, was built in 1985 in the north of Azerbaijan, one of nine stations of this type. The purpose of the construction is to prevent a rocket attack on the Soviet Union from the south. It is possible to detect launches of land and sea ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads, as well as for continuous monitoring of outer space. The radar covers Iran, Turkey, the Middle East, Pakistan, India. The radius of detection of the station, according to various sources, is 6-8 thousand km. The power consumed by the station does not exceed 50 MW. The staffing level of the radar personnel (as of 2007 year) is about 900 military personnel and 200 civilian specialists.

After the collapse of the USSR and the transfer of the station into the ownership of Azerbaijan, Russia continued its use under lease terms. The ten-year agreement was signed on January 25 of the year 2002, with the right to prolong the lease agreement. According to this document, the station has the status of information and analytical center. The rental price was set at $ 7 million per year. Russia pledged to use the radar station only for "information and analytical purposes" and also to share with Azerbaijan some of the information received. Moreover, besides the rent, Russia pays for the electricity used in the accounts of the power system of Azerbaijan and provides jobs for local citizens, thanks to which the mountain village of Gabala is today one of the most comfortable in the country. The agreement expires on December 24 on 2012.

In 2007, Russia proposed to the United States to jointly use the Gabala station, in exchange for refusing to deploy missile defense elements in Europe. According to President Vladimir Putin, "this station covers the entire area, which is suspicious of our American colleagues." But there was no official response to this proposal.

In December 2011 of the year, Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov made a statement that Russia is interested in extending the lease period of the Daryal missile attack warning system from Azerbaijan and intends to modernize it.

To clarify the issues "on the spot" at the end of July last year, the head of the military department visited Azerbaijan. The subject of his meetings and conversations with the Minister of Defense of this republic, Safar Abiyev and President Ilham Aliyev, was the terms of the extension of the lease terms.

"We have prepared our proposals for the Gabala radar station; moreover, we expanded them, proposing to modernize the station," Serdyukov said.
"We also considered issues related to the cooperation of the two countries in the military and military-technical field. We have quite good contacts in these areas. Everything that we planned for 2010 year is almost complete, but what we have planned for 2011 year "We are on schedule. We are confident that we will fulfill all our plans," he added.

The first round of official talks on the station’s fate took place at the beginning of this year, they discussed issues on a number of provisions that are the foundation of the lease agreement. The main one is financial.

According to Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan, Araz Azimov, “we should be talking about several hundred million dollars. This would be consistent with international experience, including the practice of the Russian Federation in the context of similar agreements with other states. ”

According to the newspaper Kommersant, which refers to unnamed sources in the Russian Foreign Ministry, Baku is demanding a raise for the radar station in Gabala to 300 million dollars a year.

There are also proposals by Baku on additional assistance from Russia to eliminate the negative environmental impact of the radar station, increase the station’s Azerbaijani staff, and confidentiality issues, including a ban without transferring information received at the station to third countries.

"Negotiations are continuing, their first round was very constructive. In the near future, we will determine our Azerbaijani colleagues when the Russian delegation will be able to leave to continue negotiations in Azerbaijan," Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov told Interfax, noting that he will lead the Russian delegation, which will go on to continue negotiations.
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  1. 755962
    755962 2 March 2012 08: 59
    Russia is likely to lose the Daryal radar station (radar) in Gabala. Negotiations of Moscow and Baku on the extension of the treaty "On the status, principles and conditions for the use of the Gabala radar station" have reached an impasse. It is reported by Kommersant. Azerbaijan does not formally break the agreements, just since 2012 wants to receive a fantastic $ 7 million instead of the current 300 million dollars per year.

    The moment for bargaining was not chosen by chance. This year, a ten-year agreement expires between the Russian Federation and Azerbaijan on the use of the Darial radar. The agreement is automatically prolonged for three years, if none of the parties six months before the expiration of the document expires on the intention to terminate it (the border half-year expires on June 9, 2012).

    It turns out that Russia needs to either pay $ 300 million a year or leave Gabala. This withdrawal is fraught with problems. In theory, “Daryal” is able to replace the new radar in Armavir - “Voronezh-DM”. But while it is not able to track missile launches in the Gabala area of ​​responsibility, since the corresponding equipment has yet to be put into operation. In addition, a holy place does not happen empty - as soon as Russia rolls out the radar station in Gabala, the radar station of "competitors" - Turkey or the USA - instantly appears in its place (it will be very useful to NATO partners in case of conflict with Iran) politic / article / 53091 /
    1. Andrew
      Andrew 2 March 2012 10: 19
      It is necessary to build a new radar station approximately in Dagestan or in the south of Kalmykia with the same sector of responsibility. And to leave this station and render the equipment unusable, as it should be when leaving a secret facility.
      1. Stasi.
        Stasi. 8 March 2012 12: 53
        I agree. We need to build our own stations, and a new generation on our territory. And then it will be possible not to depend on any local kings and save money.
    2. Civil
      Civil 3 March 2012 16: 01
      as soon as Russia rolls out the radar in Gabala, in its place instantly appear radar "competitors" - Turkey or the United States

      only will work in the opposite direction!
      1. kott
        kott 3 March 2012 20: 58
        Nuka-nuka tell us how you were going to turn this multi-ton mass into the opposite direction. request
        1. Civil
          Civil 4 March 2012 11: 12
          turn on your head, it’s figuratively, the loss of such a radar is already the opposite effect that if the station is in the control of Russia lol
  2. Dimitrxnumx
    Dimitrxnumx 2 March 2012 09: 22
    It is impossible to give Gabala, otherwise amers will enter Azerbaijan and bribe the leadership like in Georgia, they will pursue an anti-Russian policy and they will turn the entire Caucasus against Russia, and they only need this. The whole Caucasus is a very tasty morsel. The Americans now contain the leadership of Georgia to pursue an anti-Russian policy. This problem must be solved surgically and in no case should be delayed.
    1. Aleksey67
      Aleksey67 2 March 2012 12: 08
      Quote: Dimitr77
      You cannot give Gabala, otherwise amers will get into Azerbaijan

      Azerbaijan is already lost to Russia. The Turks used to rule there. It got to the point that under the guise of working for the maintenance of gas transmission networks, Turkish special services were present there, which were engaged in the protection of government facilities in Azerbaijan. Now Israel and the USA are actively "climbing", the Turks are offended by such "betrayal of interests", who will like it when the "partner" betrays. Azerbaijanis are hucksters by nature and that says it all; they will never have a reliable "ally" for anyone. There will always be someone who will offer more.
  3. moreman
    moreman 2 March 2012 09: 43
    It is necessary to help Azerbaijan deal with Karabakh (or at least not to interfere with them), and they will give this station for free to use for free, that’s the whole problem ..
    1. Juga
      2 March 2012 11: 22
      So the point is that they can either give it back or ask for it, it’s painfully unreliable to have strategic objects not on their territory.
      The temptation is too great to bargain, on occasion, for their status ...
    2. Aleksey67
      Aleksey67 2 March 2012 12: 12
      Quote: moreman
      It is necessary to help Azerbaijan deal with Karabakh

      N. Karabakh is practically the only thing that can be used by Russia to increase pressure on the "faberge" of Azerbaijan. wink Armenia is a faithful strategic partner of Russia in the Caucasus.
  4. bereg
    bereg 2 March 2012 11: 15
    yesterday we discussed this problem, I repeat, they went to the opera, for this money you can make 2 stations
    1. Juga
      2 March 2012 11: 28
      The most incomprehensible thing in the situation is that in addition to talking about the modernization of Daryal, there was the topic of building a new Voronezh by 2019 (in addition to Armavir), guess where - just not far from Gabala, in Azerbaijan. What a "trick with the ears" turns out.
      The advantages are the convenient location and the ability to quickly dismantle and transfer the station if necessary.
      1. neri73-r
        neri73-r 2 March 2012 11: 40
        Intrigued, but if you retell everything in Russian ???
        1. Juga
          2 March 2012 11: 42
          What do not you understand?

          Moscow is interested in the Gabala radar station, however, it needs to be rebuilt and modernized. According to the Minister of Defense of Russia Anatoly Serdyukov, after this process, as well as due to a significant reduction in communications, the facility will need a much smaller area than it is now.

          At the same time, recently Moscow announced that a new one could be built to replace the old Azerbaijani station. According to Vladimir Savchenko, the general director of the Mints Radio Engineering Institute, the matter concerns the Voronezh-VP modular system. Its main advantage is exceptional mobility.

          This means that the object can always be dismantled, taken out and collected somewhere nearby, added Savchenko. However, it will be in Russian ownership, and this is undoubtedly a huge plus, he concluded. The company plans to complete the construction of a new radar station by 2019.

          In turn, the president of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems Leonid Ivashov believes that in the current situation it is better to build new stations on their territory. At any moment, the political course of a neighboring state may change, and a station based on its land will be a great advantage, the expert noted:

  5. Edge_kmv
    Edge_kmv 2 March 2012 11: 48
    Throw Armenia? Somehow it’s not good
  6. bereg
    bereg 2 March 2012 11: 57
    who minus all justify weakly you can poke jackals with a mouse current
    1. Juga
      2 March 2012 11: 59
      I noticed the same thing. Not comme il faut ...
  7. dok
    dok 2 March 2012 12: 19
    I propose to transfer to us.
    1. Ascetic
      Ascetic 2 March 2012 12: 44
      Quote: dok
      I propose to transfer to us.

      You have to look at the landscape there. There was a tacit agreement in 1998, but it didn’t work out either the crisis hindered or the right ones weren’t found. And the most important thing is that there is no common border, therefore, they probably abandoned this undertaking.
      1. Juga
        2 March 2012 14: 31
        Under the Soviet Union, the place was chosen excellent - the Great Caucasian ridge does not interfere, that's why it is "Transcaucasia".

  8. Ascetic
    Ascetic 2 March 2012 12: 29
    All these gestures with the station, the sale of drones by Israel, the militarization of Azerbaijan indicate that aggression against Iran is inevitable. Surely Aliyev was promised Iranian Azerbaijan in exchange for the elimination of the "all-seeing eye" of Russia. Of course, his eyes lit up at such a tempting prospect and he will do everything to please his American friends. How is it possible to become famous for centuries as the creator of Great Azerbaijan. Only he probably did not think about the fact that instead of "Great Azerbaijan" there will be a Great one with chaos. devastation. refugees, Islamic radicalism and separatism of "small nations". in short, all the delights of American controlled chaos in one bottle.
    This is where we need to think about whether it is worth leaving our station in this "aspen's nest" and even paying a lot of money for it. There is no doubt the place "trump" (I have been there on business trips). Of course, Armavir is a good replacement in terms of basic parameters, but there are important nuances with which, due to its geographical position, it cannot cope.
    Here you can’t decide from a condak, of course, you need to build new stations on your territory. but acting just so in no case can not be given. After all, we also have leverage over Aliyev no worse than Amerov’s, right?
    1. beard999
      beard999 2 March 2012 16: 44
      Quote: Ascetic
      Armavir, of course, is a good substitute in terms of basic parameters, but there are important nuances with which, due to its geographical location, it will not be able to cope.

      If it’s not a secret, what will Armavir Voronezh not be able to “handle”? And then, General Rodionov, claims that there will not be any special problems with the loss of Gabala Yes, and well-known schemes show that with the commissioning of the second module this year, station 77Я6-DM almost completely covers the Gabala "Daryal", significantly surpassing it in the review sector zona_pokrytiya_RLS.jpg.
      1. Ascetic
        Ascetic 2 March 2012 17: 22
        Quote: beard999
        If it’s not a secret, what will Armavir Voronezh not be able to “handle”?

        How to answer .... here it is not a matter of coverage; there are just no problems. just from Gabala it’s better and faster to see
        1. Aleksey67
          Aleksey67 2 March 2012 17: 24
          Quote: Ascetic
          it’s not a matter of coverage; there are just no problems. just from Gabala it’s better and faster to see

          Ascetic, there is still a difference in wavelength, if not mistaken.

          Now the Armed Forces of Russia get at their disposal stations of meter and decimeter range. The former give high visibility of the space, the latter more accurately carry out direction finding of the object and guidance of the missiles.

          Radars of the Voronezh type are built on a pre-concreted site, have a block structure, which includes 23 pieces of equipment in containers. For comparison: in the station "Daryal" there are 4070 such units.

          The modularity of the radar allows you to quickly replace obsolete nodes or add new ones. The cost of building this type of radar is estimated at three to four billion rubles, while Dnepr is at five billion, and Daryala is at 20. The last two stations are currently the basis of the SPRN of Russia.

          In addition, it should be noted that in terms of energy consumption, new radars are much more economical than previous generation radars. “For example, for the Pechora station to work, they built the Pechora State District Power Plant. Its capacity is one hundred megawatts, of which more than 50 percent was taken by the station. And the new radar with the same functional parameters will take less than ten megawatts, ”said Savchenko. By the way, the Russian military previously stated that Voronezh’s operating costs are almost 40 percent lower than operating stations, but they didn’t give absolute numbers.

          Voronezh is a high-readiness station. In practice, this means shorter construction periods: the radar can be deployed within a year and a half to two years. For stations of the Volga or Daryal type, the terms are much longer - five to nine years. Moreover, new radars, if necessary, can change location. The foundation of Voronezh is a phased array, a fast-erected module for personnel with heating and air conditioning systems, as well as several containers with electronic equipment.

          The range of the latest generation of over-the-horizon radars reaches six thousand kilometers, depending on the version. The radar is capable of detecting space and aerodynamic objects, including ballistic and cruise missiles, to track and classify targets, and to transmit received information to control centers. Special software allows you to change the power consumption depending on the mode involved. The multiprocessor computer serving the station has a capacity of about one hundred billion operations per second and can carry out complete equipment diagnostics, identifying faulty units, which also significantly reduced service time.

        2. beard999
          beard999 2 March 2012 23: 56
          Quote: Ascetic
          just from Gabala it’s better and faster to see

          I won’t argue that Darial sees better than Voronezh-DM. But this is really a station of a different range. As far as I understand, it’s better to see in the meter, but the measurement errors are higher than in the decimeter ...
          But now, what is “faster to see” sounds strange. In “Voronezh-DM” (I quote hereinafter): “the signals are digitized at the output carrier frequency, followed by the allocation of quadrature components, which can also significantly reduce information processing losses. The primary and secondary processing tools are built on a multiprocessor computer with an open architecture for real-time processing, unified across all promising topics. It uses two main types of processor cells, with a capacity of about 100 billion op / s and practically unlimited possibilities for building up and integrating for the class of tasks being solved. ”
          At Daryal, and close to such performance, there is no computing means. Even at Daryal-U, the power of a computer complex based on the M-13 multiprocessor computer does not exceed 2,4 billion op / s. Moreover, as you know, “Daryal” is not at all capable of processing the received information on its own, and works in conjunction with the centers of its reception and processing “Square” and “Shvertbot”, which are located over 1800 km in the Moscow Region ... Due to what there "Faster" is obtained?
  9. biglow
    biglow 2 March 2012 16: 43
    for that kind of money, you can send all Azerbaijanis to their homeland and change the regime in Baku to a more loyal one, there’ll also be money left
  10. russcand
    russcand 2 March 2012 19: 09
    Indeed, it is time to press Azeris on all fronts.
    1. Introduce visas.
    2. Eliminate all labor limits.
    3. Put all Azeri godfathers in a sailor.
    4. Carry out narco-raids and plant all black-assed ones.
    5. To clean mentovka, administration of all levels, business structures from Azeris.
    6. Monetize ALL state services regarding these Jews:
    Introduce tuition fees and kindergartens for their offspring.
    Deprive public health care.
    What kind of state is this that CONSTANTLY suffers from some snickering cunning asses. It is disgusting when these ki call Russia terpyl. In the meantime, it is.
  11. moreman
    moreman 2 March 2012 20: 49
    Yes, I thought it was a Russian independent site, but it turns out that we, like in a crap France, have the same taldychats about their own, sorry, I went in the wrong place ...))) No.
    1. datur
      datur 2 March 2012 22: 02
      moreman, and PNH, wink fellow idika you are a famous road !!! wassat
      1. moreman
        moreman 2 March 2012 22: 30
        I can’t, this place is taken by you ... laughing
        And anyway, you’re already sick of arrogant Armenian monkeys in Russia, you got divorced here like cockroaches ....
      2. moreman
        moreman 3 March 2012 08: 01
        datur, you already occupied everything there, mamet kunam !!! laughing
        1. CCCP1980
          CCCP1980 29 March 2012 03: 28
          bozi txa mamat qunem >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
          ; >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
          ; >>> ..
          Arzna Siqim
  12. mib1982
    mib1982 3 March 2012 04: 13
    moreman you yourself monkey climbed onto a palm tree and do not bark.
  13. Evil Tatar
    Evil Tatar 3 March 2012 08: 23
    But are there any other functions of these our radars, besides detecting, tracking and determining the coordinates of missile launches, etc.?
    For example, setting up powerful global radio interference in the tracking sector?
    Or something more abruptly?

    Who knows?
    1. Juga
      3 March 2012 11: 47
      As far as I understand from open sources - an over-the-horizon radar, such as "Daryala", a narrow-sharpened thing, detects and tracks ...
      But, I think, with its power near, little of the electronics plows normally, and you can fry eggs too. smile
      1. desava
        desava 3 March 2012 21: 15
        More than sure that the station is also imprisoned for jamming, as an additional function.
    2. Cosmos-1869
      Cosmos-1869 3 March 2012 23: 42
      These are completely different functions. For jamming their stations are available wink
  14. Evil Tatar
    Evil Tatar 4 March 2012 08: 20
    So someone in fact knows more precisely ...
    At least something, even a hint, even a half hint ...
    And then I can’t sleep, what a night in a row ...
    I see dreams as UFOs and all kinds of missiles fly, but WE cannot, we just cannot turn them back ...
    Can not?
    Or can we when it is necessary?

    Knowledgeable, say at least something ...
    Let me sleep peacefully ...
  15. Corporal
    Corporal 28 May 2012 15: 56
    Knows and is silent ... ((