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Attack helicopters VKS RF ironed positions of ISIL on the way to Deir ez-Zor

ATS Ministry of Defense unveiled a new video demonstrating the moments of the operations of the Russian Aerospace Forces and the Syrian army, attacking ISIS terrorists in Homs province.


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  1. Sergey-svs
    Sergey-svs 25 June 2017 14: 21
    Well done! good Judging by all the latest videos and photos, our advisers now completely manage all the operations of the Syrian army, so the "barmalei" and run! wink
  2. Belarus is Russia
    Belarus is Russia 25 June 2017 19: 46
    God bless you, our Defenders of Russia of the Russian Orthodox, Russian Orthodox, the people of Russia. Kill these terrorists in Syria. Do not give them Syria, so as not to create a state of terrorists from Syria, Iran and not to go to war on Russia.
    HEATHER 25 June 2017 21: 27
    Although I myself think a little in tactics, but to fight in the desert, in the space open by all ATGMs, guys. Excuse me. I am more special in Siberia.