US disgraced with its leaky "umbrella" missile defense

Is it true that the US missile defense system is defenseless against Russian missiles? If so, whom is it directed against? What means of overcoming the American missile defense are our modern ICBMs: Yarsy and Sarmatians? How much do we need to have such missiles in order to assurely destroy the United States, even if the Americans are the first to strike a massive nuclear attack on Russia?

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    1. +3
      23 2017 June
      Tests are underway, this case is unsuccessful.
      To amuse and amuse ...
      I would also play along with them ...
    2. +10
      25 2017 June
      Damn, again this patient on my head iksperd blew up the Internet with headlines such as "Buzova disgraced, lit up boobs." , take away the microphone and camera from this crusader of Soulful.
      Rather, the Military Review is disgraced, laying out this abnormal here.
    3. The comment was deleted.
    4. +1
      25 2017 June
      No need to hope ... maybe ...
      Maybe ... American missiles ... won't fly ... They won't hit ...
      USA will work hard ..
      To "missile defense" hit the target ...
      Not that ... The main thing ...
      We need to. Improve strategic missiles ...
      This is a war of annihilation. Or they ... Or we ...
      Uncle Sam will not allow the existence of Russia with the Strategic Missile Forces ....
      And the change of presidents of America ... As life shows ..
      Changes nothing ...
      1. +1
        25 2017 June
        First you need to sober up Dushenova! The nonsense is aggravating)) He really served in the army, who knows?
    5. 0
      25 2017 June
      Dushenov, stop being baptized, believers will cut off their hands ... ...
    6. 0
      25 2017 June
      This is a missile defense against Iranian missiles, take it easy.
    7. 0
      25 2017 June
      Mozhnggo me? It is necessary to kill all Ukrainians the question will be resolved. I from the Crimea and see them from afar
    8. 0
      25 2017 June
      I won’t even look. This bearded pop annoys
    9. 0
      26 2017 June
      Calming agitation for schoolchildren.
    10. +1
      26 2017 June
      Guys! I got this Dushenov! In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit! Remove this "expert" from the Military Review. Well, how much can you?! ..
    11. 0
      26 2017 June
      Just opened the article and immediately left! I got this pop negative
    12. 0
      26 2017 June
      Now full of holes, the next generation is already with clicks, and then .......
    13. 0
      27 2017 June
      Never, the Jews of America, will not offend the Jews of the reference.
    14. 0
      27 2017 June
      And who has an umbrella better? Shoigu out, the other day, "shot down" ... what

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