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Results of the week. “Waiver of opinion always smells bad”

Freedom of speech Say a word

21 of June of this year, at the initiative of the employer, Delovoy Peterburg newspaper, with the wording “by agreement of the parties”, journalist Sergei Gurkin was dismissed, who interviewed Svetlana Alexievich (a Nobel Prize winner in literature). In addition to working at Delovoy Peterburg, Sergei Gurkin worked with the Regnum news agency.

Results of the week. “Waiver of opinion always smells bad”

And we thought about what kind of freedom the word democratic democrats, adherents of the most brilliant democracy, cry out. Now it’s clear ... As an example of such a freedom of speech: I said nasty things, doused it with buckets, excuse me, crap, and then in a strict form demanded that these statements not be made public. And who demanded? Have a journalist! Apparently, people who spoke with such demands (and this is not only Ms. Aleksiyevich), in fact, have no idea either about the journalistic code, or about what the real one is, and not falsified by every “laureate” , freedom of speech. To lie and dodge - yes, to speak honestly and, answering for his words, - not always? ..

Comments from our readers:

And I have another question - where does this ..... come from? Weathervane, opportunists, hypocrites, who are ready to sell their mother for thirty pieces of silver, and then are surprised when they are accused of meanness, hypocrisy or betrayal? And this is not only “everything about her”, such nasty characters are quite enough without her. What she said was not surprised; she was paid exactly for that. But here it is interesting, usually interviews are given just to be published, what is the point in keeping it secret? And I think she was counting on what they would publish, she needed this scandal, as a report to the hosts.

Quote dauria: "But if a person (whatever he was) has forbidden to publish, after publication the journalist is no longer a journalist, but ..."
Yah?! And why, when Moskalkova forbade the printing of her interview, this whole liberal public lifted up the shield of the journalist who published it, shouting "No one can stifle free speech, here he is the hero of journalism"?
The policy of double standards is for the USA, and here it is not according to Juan a sombrero.

Rare, you mean a scoundrel? We will not be shy, but we will call things by their proper names. Why zapadenskuyu banderovku with shtetl roots called Russian? What is the relationship between Ukrainian and Belarusian citizenship, 17 has lived in Europe for Russia for years? Usual Russophobic ... and a mind with a split consciousness. Disgusting tradeswoman selling the hottest product in the West - Russophobia.

About rogues and "drunk boy"

This history managed to discuss on many federal (and non-federal) channels. We discussed with the invitation of experts, eyewitnesses, law enforcement officers, deputies. Many versions, many points of view. Although the main thing - zero. And the main thing is that the inevitability of punishment and the equality of citizens before the law are turned into fiction, and it would be foolish to deny it.

The story of a "drunken boy" is a kind of assessment to everyone: citizens of the country, government officials, the law enforcement system. Today we are led to the topic of discussion of uncovered crime and real corruption, but the fact that a six-year-old boy riding a bicycle in the yard accompanied by his grandfather could have been "drunk on firewood." They say that somehow it should lead to a rethinking of the fact of the criminal negligence of the driver of the ill-fated Hyundai Solaris, more than strange actions of the investigation, no less strange assessments of the laboratory experts, prosecutors. They say, well, if the children go drunk to the playground, then "what to expect from this country." And then suddenly there is a surprise, how can this rascal Navalny manage to gather for meetings thousands of “onizhedetey” and other dissenters? Well, why bother, there are plenty of reasons. And we must deal with their causes of legitimacy, and not blame everything on what kind of rogue after all ... rogue. Even if the word "rogue" is used a thousand times, the problem is unlikely to "resolve". And even as isolated cases of civil discontent can be used as crooks of all stripes - it is well known from one of the neighboring states.

Comments from our readers:

With this promille boy not only walk with his grandfather, he could not sit down, he would have fallen right away. Of course, this is a forgery, and here the colleagues of the father of the unfortunate boy must support him. His father in an interview on the radio said that he might need a state security. A separate case should initiate and against the expert. This is not a medical mistake, it is a falsification.

It is surprising that these freaks did not have the audacity to write off everything on the grandfather. Type on a children's bike it moved.

Of course, this is falsification. That is the meaning of it is not clear: the driver is guilty in any case - drunk, not drunk victim - he is not the driver and alcohol for him is not ... Allowed speed is 20 km / h, she has much more, it is easily installed by an accident scheme (braking distances).

Drunk, most likely, was precisely the watermaker.

Yes, nothing strange in these examinations and in the actions of the prosecutor's office there. Any organized crime groups without the support of local * authorities * cannot exist. Otherwise, it is impossible to even imagine that the bandits would divide the country into fodder bases and feed for years.

Six min-ut, six minuuut

Who are you? - I am Petr Poroshenko. - I ask: who are you? Who are you, Poroshenko?
Approximately such a “conversation” took place in the Oval Office of the White House between the US President and the President of Ukraine. Not for nothing, a few hours before the visit to the White House, “The Guardian” came out with a material in which it was stated that Poroshenko expects a “humiliating reception.”

Six min-ut, six minuuuut ...
Is it a lot or a little?
They say all six minutes
Cabinet Oval
Poroshenko Trump, a knave,
"Rosin" fume.

Trump held out for a minute
On the second - a little staggered,
The third loudly proikal
Next - in a chair tumbled.

The essence of the policy is clear
Ukrainian "Hero":
Before and after - “drink to the bottom”,
In the rest - pry "zbroyu".

Comments from our readers:


Dream, dream ...

Oh how Petruha lit!
Like, I, yes with Donald on you!
He scared me of Putin!
We are two fraera steep
Yes I am to him, yes the door is kicked
I hug, we are at the table
There we will boast, all the way
After all, I descended to Trump
He will tear the RF for me
Everything will be as I say
And he will introduce a bunch of sanctions
And they will block the pipe ...
Stood Petrukha and dreamed
How will Donald he sour
In fact, f - in the ass kissed
And he was sent back home.

For the label to the American Khan.

She recalled how Vakula flew to the Empress for the women for her women ....))))

The black
Sitting President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko in the waiting room of the Oval Office. Is waiting. Not for long. Hour 3-4. Through the waiting room runs the marginal Trump. Hu out it? Ah um President Yukreyn Pietr. Trump: Hello, Pietre. Pietre: Ay lav u, Mr Trump. Trump - Mani Know. Good bye. Ukrainian media: the meeting was constructive and successful.

Or either...

"For a week, this Black Sea can be walked along and across, to melt down everything that is Russian in the Black Sea."

Peremogy strategy: either buy decommissioned submarines from Turkey, or hire several brigades of descendants of proto-Ukrainians and bury the Black Sea to such a mother, which turned into a permanent zradu, for it washes the shores of Hressor. Moreover, the probabilities of buying decommissioned submarines from Turkey and burial of the Black Sea in the current conditions for Ukraine are about the same ...

Comments from our readers:

Well, have any illusions about the older generation of ours (bratus) remained the same as the young ones? This jackal was still probably the USSR swore, and the fig in his pocket twisted.

They are from Turkish jihad submarines and will be sucked down by SUGS))

I wonder how many admirals in the Navy? Surely more than ships and lifeboats.

the key phrase ... "Turkey will transmit" ... will give ... wait for the reaction of the Turks ... I would have fought for about fifteen minutes ...

Ukrainian admiral: Naval Forces have two warships left
I just did not understand him ... is it for NANKA a lot or a little ???

Defense plus citizen

Less than a month passed from the moment when we published our version of the development of events in the light of the adoption of the new State Army Armaments Program until 2025. As it often happens, the interested parties took a waiting position. Someone should take the first step. And the first is always more difficult than the rest. They are beaten ... And all. Even allies, in the hope of some benefits in the future.

The defense industry is a locomotive option for the economy. It is hardly fitting to argue with that. However, this locomotive still needs to learn how to effectively manage, or at least in time to translate the arrows (in the literal sense of the word) for its movement in the right direction. But it turns out that the defense industry continues to boil in its own juice, which in the conditions of modern economic realities can hardly be called correct. The production of defense enterprises for a “citizen” (thank God, not a total conversion, of course) is by definition capable of keeping the enterprises afloat. It does not always work. So you need to think and tune to get it.

Comments from our readers:

I remember that Rogozin, justifying the increased military budget, solemnly promised that the defense industry would pull the development of the rest of the industry. Well, how she pulled, or is not going to?

The whole secret is precisely this: in the US, even the largest defense companies are private. And they are fighting for state orders. And we have state producers in the conditions of guaranteed financing have forgotten how to compete and care about quality. And so the whole Soviet industry. Mass production of non-competitive goods in a closed market (there is no way for normal western goods), firm government orders and pent-up demand (people have been saving up for ordinary, in general, goods, and, having seized upon them, swept away everything) economic reasons for the collapse of the USSR. In general, I suspect that socialism was in principle not viable.

Let's start with the fact that the military industrial complex and the citizen are somewhat different things purely for money, for example, for the military industrial complex of the USA, an ordinary nut costs six 50 cents, and in the civilian world exactly the same nut - TWO cents ... And this dependence remains in the whole range of products . Think about what is more profitable (easier) to do: the civilian market is only interesting with huge sales volumes and due to this you can raise denyuzhku, BUT it is extremely difficult, because it is necessary to arrange production, logistics, sales and much more in huge amounts, and this - in workers, and areas for production, etc. and so on. That, to put it mildly, is difficult, especially here, with an extremely unstable economy, a mess in the finances of legal matters and so on. It's easier to make a super-expensive fintiflyushka for a military man and not to bathe (even though it will be difficult), specialists for such a range of tasks are still good .. To be honest, we have a hard time doing anything and successfully competing with world leaders, the geographical position and climate are not very This is favored ... Examples of the economic wonders of Japan, Singapore, South Africa, China are good, but there are nuances that decide everything ... How did all these countries rise? And everything is very simple: bourgeois came, gave money and technology, made sure that no one interfered (no Maidan, defaults and other wonders) ... this will never happen to us! First, the mentality of Russia today you gave them a lighter, and tomorrow they twisted it and flew it into space, it is dangerous primarily for the givers themselves, because they will not be able to compete tomorrow and lose the markets, with Asians this will not happen - they are performers and no more ... And besides that, we were somewhat late to the division of markets, everything was divided for a long time ... Do everything on your own? and here comes our pride, but at the same time a great difficulty, namely geography and climate, to build something expensive and long, because cold and logistics will eat everything (distances), support for production infrastructure. That's why we have more or less developed industries where we can manage ourselves, and there is a steady sale of energy and defense (it has come to power, by the way, that without the second, the first will be taken away), it is difficult to compete the rest of the world and confidently. .. and we must not forget: we are miserable 140 million ... And the tasks facing our country are 1,5 billion ...
RS: Of course, we have to work, and, above all, invest in our own country, and not in the economy of the most likely adversary (ay, 100 billion dollars in US candy wrappers), you look at something and get better, while everything is very sad with that .

About Terminators and Porsche Cayenne

Nizhny Tagil Uralvagonzavod is preparing to establish mass production of support combat vehicles tanks BMPT "Terminator".

The wording itself, which was previously voiced by the Ministry of Defense in relation to the "Terminator", as agreed, delivers ... "They refused to buy, but they also showed interest." It looks like the attitude of a plant locksmith to a Porsche Cayenne: I show interest, but I can't buy it. The Defense Ministry is unlikely to state the situation in the "I can not buy." The fact is that the rejection of the procurement was announced in 2010. And then, as you know, a program of army rearmament appeared. Vooooot ... So now they will buy something? .. The main thing is that for the Terminators the Ministry of Finance has more funds for the needs of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation than for the Porsche Cayenne for its own personnel ...

Comments from our readers:

Greg Miller
Not ready for release? And then what was sold to Kazakhstan?

Kazakhstan was sold on the basis of T-90А, and not ready for serial production on the basis of T-72. By the way, there are more and more of them in the Kazakh army.

Shaw? BMPT are going to adopt? Yes, Mama Do not Cry! Why such an epiphany? ..

PAK DP in pencil

Currently Russian aviation the industry is modernizing the MiG-31 interceptor aircraft under the new MiG-31BM project. The proposed replacement of components, components and assemblies can improve the characteristics of the equipment, as well as extend its service life. Nevertheless, aircraft manufacturers are already working on the design of a promising aircraft, which will replace existing aircraft in the future. This project is known as the “Long-Range Interception Aviation Complex” (PAK DP. In addition, the possible name of the serial interceptors, the MiG-41, was repeatedly mentioned.

PAK DP? No, well, it would be possible to speculate in detail here if the programs of the PAK FA and PAK DA were already included in the final phase of implementation - with the start of deliveries to the RF AUC. And if the whole conversation is in the discussion mode of pencil sketches, then with the constructiveness of such a discussion there will be problems. Although ... On the other hand, everything is better than constantly discussing how the next US Air Force pilot had complaints about the “softness of the chair” and the “ergonomic design of the steering wheel” in the F-35 cockpit.

Comments from our readers:

Do not care
Sketch drawing is an absolute technical nonsense. The engine above the fuselage, even at low angles of attack, is in the aerodynamic shadow. Such an arrangement of the engine has a lot of other disadvantages.

Avionics is precisely tested, from knowledgeable people infa. As for the prospects for further development, it will be a heavy interceptor and stealth drone. Single-engine LFI will not. And for 4000 km / h, changes in aerodynamics are clearly coming, and, in principle, the launches of the “Zircon” indicate a successful solution to the problems of hypersound. For our vast country, speed matters, making it possible to reduce the number of airfields and interceptors.

I think I will not be mistaken, assuming that the plane should be built "around the radar" - the latest development. Given that the midsection he will clearly have more PAK-FA, respectively, the diameter of the AFAR increases, hence the power and detection range.
The speed for it is one of the key conditions, based on the length of the borders, and of the line of interception over the Arctic. So first do AFAR, engines, and the design of the airframe will follow them.
And how many promising airplanes did not take place due to the fact that the engines could not bring.

About Donbass reports

Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman stated that for the reintegration of Donbass it is necessary to use the "experience of Croatia in the struggle for independence." The discussion was hot.

In Kiev, the next reintegration plan of Donbass has matured. Peace plan ... And what else? There for some time everything is exceptionally peaceful. Peaceful transfer of tanks and self-propelled guns. Peaceful, humanitarian shelling. So the initiative number “hell knows which one in a row” is also purely peaceful. Meanwhile, even after the announcement of the so-called “grain truce” in the Donbas, people continue to die. Reports about the victims almost daily. And frankly, there is no end to these reports. There, at the top, of course, is more visible, but still one small question: ok, Kiev and Washington, but how does Moscow arrange all this? ..

Comments from our readers:

... business by the summer and ukrokakly again climb into the Donbass ... this meat grinder has no end in sight ...

Mountain shooter
Drop positions, retreat without orders and even without a fight? So it is good, take these positions SILENT, improve the tactical picture, just do not have to rejoice about it aloud. Video attach etc. Well, they don’t do this at war ... All these positions on the GPS navigators of the Ukrainian Armed Forces are "measured" to the nearest meter. And if will begin a deadly precise shelling. Although the APU and accuracy ... But still. Do not call about tactical successes in 500 meters. Here are the 150 kilometers.

Positions are probably not just left ... all the more so if the sous-27s flew apart ... perhaps they are gathering strength to strike a thread in one significant direction. Do LDNR means air defense?

There is no air defense, but "they themselves will fall."

Powell has a test tube, McCain has a newspaper.

The Russian Ministry of Defense with 19 June ceased interaction with the United States as part of a memorandum on the prevention of incidents in the skies over Syria. This was reported in the statement of the military department, received at the disposal of «RT».

The Defense Ministry noted that the actions of US aviation against official Damascus are a flagrant violation of international law, as well as military aggression against Syria.

Later it became known that the leading Western media presented a statement by the Russian military department about the US attack on a Syrian air force aircraft as a serious threat to the escalation of the conflict.

“Russia to America:“ Planes and UAVs of the international coalition will be viewed as air targets in the sky over Syria, ”Jim Schutto told CNN.

“The Russian Defense Ministry is warning the United States that it will shoot down all the aircraft" to the west of the Euphrates. " If so, then, in essence, it means a full-scale war, ”NBC reporter Hans Nichols concluded for the public.

Politicians like John McCain joined the provocative messages of the Western media. The senator called Moscow’s statement “outrageous” and called for “taking the necessary steps to protect servicemen and partners.” Almost like a Powell test tube, Mr. McCain shook the newspaper "The New York Times" with the headline: "Russia threatens to target US military aircraft in the sky over Syria."

Comments from our readers:

Something reminded spring - the beginning of the summer of 1941, when they tried not to succumb to provocations ...

What did they want? To Russia from the United States in Syria in the "6-kah" went ?! The American coalition in Syria has completely lost its “shores”!

And the truth is: "us for something scho?" Were piled up in a sovereign country, guided our bases there, bombed government troops and shoot down their planes. And that's it! And for this smallness of us as a goal to consider? Outrageous behavior indeed! The whole progressive world is indignant!

Well, to declare it does not mean to knock down))) and we can inflate the cheeks))) I remember that the stab in the back from the Touretchina ended with the “Turkish stream”. My vengeance, of course, is terrible)))

Despite the fact that the "cheeks cheated," it was, nevertheless, correct and farsighted. Now it would be difficult to imagine if there was still a cut with the Turks. Americans with their LIH (prohibited in the Russian Federation) enough for the eyes. And so the Turks were allies (for the time being), trade began to gain momentum, our nuclear power plants gathered to build there, C-400 to sell (and other weapons are just around the corner), a pipeline bypassing Ukraine (which is also important, it’s with their permanent blackmail).
Well, something like that ... Although, I confess, I really wanted ours to jump at the airfield from which the fighter took off and sat down. And do not forget that there was another provocation with our diplomat. Someone very much wanted a large batch in the Middle East in our performance, so much so that we could no longer go back there, that is, turn against everyone.

Australia changed her mind

The Australian Air Force Command canceled its own decision to suspend "for an indefinite period" the application of air strikes on Syria.

Recall, the decision to suspend the strikes was made after Russia sharply reacted to the attack on the Su-22 aircraft of the Syrian air force shot down by the so-called coalition.

Aircraft of the Australian Air Force on the basis of a package of agreements are located in the United Arab Emirates. Earlier, official Canberra declared that it was sending military aircraft to the Middle East in order to "fight the" Islamic State "(a terrorist group banned in Russia).

As you can see, “indefinite time” in Australia lasted about two days, and the aircraft of this country are ready to strike again on Syria, and more often on Syrian government forces.

Recall, after a coalition strike on Sy-22’s Syrian Air Forces, the Russian command announced that now all the coalition planes led by the United States would be accompanied by targets.

An interesting reaction came from Belgium: the local military commanders believe that Russia “lifted its nose” and “may clearly overestimate the capabilities of its air defense deployed in Syria”. At the same time, it was added that the coalition “will explore the capabilities of the Russian air defense system in the SAR”.

And now Australia is returning to strike. Probably, someone has already “studied” the capabilities of Russia's air defense?

Comments from our readers:

There will be nothing. Our cheeks were too wide. They stamped their feet too loudly, but no one will reckon with the talkers after the "tomatoes", after the "entry-exit" from the "exchange and prevention programs". Not answering harshly from the very first, they themselves created the most dangerous precedent, by which they de facto resigned to what the States are doing in Syria, and now it is too late to respond. Only to the detriment itself.

It is never too late to reply, and the answer will follow, no doubt. Vladimir Vladimirovich does everything wisely and consistently, in accordance with international law, in contrast to the sucker Trump, who had enough tears of Milanka to carry out a missile attack on another state. Now this, of course, does not mean anything, but over time history will put everything in its place.

If we bring down anything in Syria, our partners will impose such sanctions on us that there is a chance for the country to go bankrupt, for example, the Americans will arrest our grandmothers in their securities. So do not expect. So we are dependent on them (thanks to our rulers and the oligarchy). Do not amuse yourself with illusions.

Dangerous convergence

The planes of the NATO mission in the Baltic countries attempted to approach the plane in which Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu was in that moment. The plane with the head of the defense department of Russia was heading for the Kaliningrad region. One of the NATO planes tried to get closer to the liner, but this was not allowed by the naval aviation fighter Su-27, which was accompanied by the Minister of Defense aircraft as part of the link.

Earlier, the American television channel Fox News, citing sources at the US Air Force Command, said that the Russian Su-27 fighter "with weapons on board" approached an American radio-electronic reconnaissance aircraft over the Baltic Sea at a distance of no more than two meters. We are talking about the plane RC-135 USAF. Other US media say: "... no more than a meter."

Regarding the interception of the American aircraft RC-135 as "unpredictable and dangerous", the American military experts forgot to evaluate the approach of NATO fighters to the aircraft with the Russian defense minister. It is not only dangerous, but also provocative.

Comments from our readers:

Birding partners are hovering. But NATO pilots are an order of magnitude clearer than their command.
The "fighter" showed "weapons to NATO, swinging its wings. After that, the F-16 retired. "
Question: How will you punish Captain Petrov, who has made a dangerous maneuver?
Answer: Major Petrov will be warned.
Question: And if this behavior repeats?
Answer: Then lieutenant colonel Petrov will be given a stern warning ...

Pete mitchell
In the club named after Vasily Tsymbal became one more. It is a pity that only one, there all should be registered, and the bourgeois should know that the go-ahead is given ...

Are NATO pilots who are carrying out these provocations ready to sacrifice their lives only in order to substitute Russia? That's what the life-giving dollar does!

And in cramped, and offended

In Japanese territorial waters, the Crystal container ship crashed into the American Fitzgerald destroyer. The container ship rammed the bow on the starboard side of the American destroyer, creating a hole both above and below the waterline. The Fitzgerald has damaged the engine room and crew cabins. It became known that seven American sailors were killed in the flooded cabins. Several people, including the destroyer captain Bryce Benson, received injuries of varying severity. 7th Command fleet The United States confirmed the death of US sailors of the destroyer USS Fitzgerald.

The command of the US Air Force notes that the collision of two ships "could occur due to heavy traffic in the area." According to statistics, in the area of ​​the collision of ships daily pass to 500 ships.

It turns out that it is becoming cramped not only in the sky (see the previous episode of “Results”), but also at sea. But the United Nations promised that by the year 2050 on Earth will live almost 10 billion people. By the time, traffic lights will have to be installed on the seas, otherwise congestion cannot be avoided ...

Comments from our readers:

Every American destroyer in a container ship!

A Nehru container ships cut on the road!

Cattle truck steeper reconnaissance vessel, container ship - destroyer. A floating storm truck is simply obliged to sink aircraft carriers.

Richelieu in the White House

US Secretary of Defense James Mattis, known in military and political circles under the nickname Crazy Dog, is very pleased with the new decision of Donald Trump. The President of the United States allowed the Pentagon to determine how many troops should be sent to Afghanistan. “It just gives us a free hand,” said pleased Mattis.

By the way, Mr. Mattis deftly played on Mr. Trump's emotion.

The day before, the Secretary of Defense announced to the members of the Senate Armed Forces Committee that the United States had "not won" the war in Afghanistan. And after only a few hours, Donald Trump gave the Pentagon full authority to determine the size of the military contingent in Afghanistan.

D. Mattis immediately boasted to the Senate subcommittee on defense that the president delegated to him full authority over the number of troops - just as he had resolved this earlier with regard to the conflicts in Syria and Iraq.

Comments from our readers:

Yes, what is there to say? Trump is "smeared up" to internal opposition against him in the US.
I consider Trump’s decision to be a manifestation of his weakness as US President and the psychological surrender of the independent powers of the former administration of the Obama Democrats and the Clintons.

Why not tricks? He resigned his responsibility for the coffins from there - this time, and they were going to carry gas to India through Afgan, you can forget about it, as I understand it - these are two, here are two hares with one stroke of a pen. And it’s time for ours to start parcels with weapons Yes donkeys pack in those places send, the price will rise. But GDP grew in the cultural capital and is not capable of dirty tricks, which means it remains to stock up on cigarettes.

According to the law, the current president of the country will be responsible for everything and everything - Trump!

Something tells me: if there is an army on his side, then he will lay down on everyone before whom he will have to answer.

Eternal Russian tanks

While T-14 does not occupy a proper place in the Russian army, the bulk of the armored forces of the Russian Federation will consist of vehicles developed in the Soviet years, writes "The National Interest". “With proper maintenance and modernization, these old tanks will serve the troops of Russia for more than one decade,” the magazine said.

In fact, the recognition of Russian tanks almost eternal is not unusual. Oil is getting cheaper, money for upgrading equipment is getting less and less, and therefore the programs are being reduced and cut down. Analysts are writing in a streamlined way about “objective reasons”, because of which “Russia's financial capabilities do not allow quickly and fully obtaining the desired number of armored vehicles of new models.” As a result, the combat capability of armored forces in the country will have to be maintained with the help of repair and modernization of the existing equipment of the old models. One of the similar projects (updating T-72 to the state of “Б3”) has already started. The second project is scheduled to launch this year.

Comments from our readers:

Santa bear
Soviet tanks were generally created to hit the Americans.

34 region
Santa! If we discard the slogans, then there are many opportunities for modernization. You can leave the case and shake up the whole stuffing. Tank because it consists of many systems. You can change the motors and towers, and about other systems (known to a narrow circle of specialists) and can not speak. So, having one skin, you can safely and inexpensively change the inner world of the tank.

"You can leave the corps ..." Khokhlov note: you can leave the corps and immediately become the commander of the tank corps.

So, the Abrams are all modified and modified, and why are we worse? With the new body kit and electronics everything is possible for the ages to come. )))

Underwater war?

14 June, the famous American edition of The National Interest, published a new article in The Buzz heading written by military expert Kyle Mizokami. The publication traditionally received a loud and catchy title that reveals its essence: “Russia vs. America Underwater: What is the World's Two Best Submarines Went to War? ”(“ Russian and American underwater forces: what if the two best submarines in the world go to war? ”). It is not difficult to guess that the topic of the article was a comparison of the best multi-purpose nuclear submarines of Russia and the United States.

The author claims that Virginia-type submarines are different from the Ash trees with less noise and the presence of a more advanced hydroacoustic complex. In conditions of underwater warfare, this combination of characteristics is crucial. Thanks to the advantages in this area, the American boat is able to secretly move around and find the Russian enemy before it can detect it. At the same time, K. Mizoki notes that for Severodvinsk there remains an advantage in the form of a higher reaction rate. When a target is suddenly detected, it will be able to attack it faster using supersonic anti-submarine missiles.

Despite a number of inaccuracies, Mizoki is right: the 885 multi-purpose atomic submarines "Ash" and Virginia Block III are indeed the pinnacle of the development of the submarine fleet of the two countries.

Thus, Washington is again beginning to consider the possibility of full-scale armed conflict between opponents of the Cold War, including the use of submarine forces.

Comments from our readers:

I don’t understand why the author decided that Ash-tree had a high reaction rate of going out to attack when using rocket-torpedoes? I think if the 91РЭ1 "Caliber" (in fact, a torpedo with a solid-fuel accelerator) is in service with surface ships and submarines, then it does not have any opportunities to shoot from a depth, for example, 200-300 meters (i.e. 21-31 pressure atmospheres and more), which means “Ash” will have to rise to the depth of 10-20 meters and then shoot. Where is the attack speed? At great depths in the event of a one-on-one attack, they will have to use only torpedoes.

Hmmm! Two spherical sea horses in the depths of the ocean.
I wonder about the noise. This author, he knows what data better: his or our submarines? Or is everything considered that it always has been and always will be?

Do not pay attention to the NI's opus, they are engaged in a stupid comparison of the performance characteristics (read: they are measured), even the big-hearted little thing knows that only the cinema Rambo goes to war ... Well, and from the new ones is an aunt with an armored bra.
If these two submarines go to war, it means that their crews are at least zombies.

Case pipe

Eduardo Saravalle, a researcher at the Energy, Economy and Security Program at the Center for New American Security (Washington), told Politico about how dangerous Russians can be with their gas and pipes.

First, Nord Stream - 2 will allow Russia to get more leverage over Germany and other European countries. With such a significant share of the natural gas market, Germany will simply be hostage to gas supplies from Russia, especially if Russia decides to raise the price or at the very least reduce supply. This is a “big lever” for Russian President Vladimir Putin, and the US and Germany should not think that Russia will never dare to use it.

Secondly, the Nord Stream 2 will allow Russia to bypass Ukraine with gas supplies to the European Union. In other words, if Moscow wishes to cut off gas supplies to Ukraine, it will be able to do this without violating its obligations to Germany and other strong Western European states.

Thirdly, the new gas pipeline can intensify disagreements between the EU states and weaken their resolve with regard to sanctions against Moscow imposed for the annexation of the Crimea. By strengthening the links between the EU and Russia’s energy markets, Nord Stream 2 will squeeze other suppliers and draw European countries into complex economic relations with the Russian Federation. This creates a risk to maintain sanctions against Russia: European countries with strong economic ties with Russia will reject these sanctions. Ultimately, the new pipeline will exacerbate the existing split between Europeans, concerned about the growing strength of Russia and opposing its market dominance, and those Europeans who welcome cheap Russian energy and cooperation with Russia in general.

The expert’s message is obvious: the “security” expert is convinced that the Russians, along with gas, transport the ideas of “political intervention” to Europe and are preparing to manipulate the EU countries with a view to further splitting them and refusing Brussels from sanctions. Such a strategy, of course, "creates a threat to the interests of the United States," because it is the United States, according to the expert, "maintain stability in Europe after World War II."

This expert writes nothing about the independence of Europe from the USA. He also does not write about why the United States chooses to solve gas competition issues through political means.

Comments from our readers:

That's right. That's what we are planning. And it is right. Do not bomb the same ...

To be or not to be
Europe, the northern neighbor carries civilization. In Russia itself, gas is not supplied everywhere (at 1.01.2016, the average gasification level in Russia is 66,2%, in the countryside - 56%, Gazprom’s head Alexei Miller said at a meeting with President Vladimir Putin). And Europe is capricious. But…

It's simple. Prices in Russia for gas and in Europe differ by several times. Alas, until the population can pay at European prices, gas cannot be seen by everyone, and if we consider that the gas supply infrastructure in Russia is again much more expensive than in Europe (look at distances and climate), it’s quite sad ... And indeed, the factor "they will not take it - we will turn off the gas" nobody canceled.
Raising the welfare of citizens of the Russian Federation to such a level that they could pay for gas at EU prices is an order of magnitude more difficult task than floaters regarding the construction of various streams ... And, by the way, the construction of these streams is one of the tools for raising this prosperity.

* "Denial of opinion always smells bad" - a phrase from the movie "Seventeen Moments of Spring"

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  1. Olgovich
    Olgovich 25 June 2017 06: 43
    Thanks to the author of the cartoons, they are always wonderful!
    As well as reviews by Alexey Volodin and Oleg Chuvakin hi
    1. siberalt
      siberalt 25 June 2017 10: 02
      Thanks to the author for cool illustrations to the expressed!
      1. Knowing
        Knowing 25 June 2017 12: 36
        I seldom “apply”, but, IMHO, Scarlet Sails went in vain in parallel, not noticing, and after all, high school graduates are the FUTURE of RUSSIA:
  2. 210ox
    210ox 25 June 2017 06: 50
    Regarding this “writer”, the Nobel’s “hero” .... An illustrative example is that these liberal ghouls just don’t have to be noticed, they make obstruction — neglect of society is the worst thing for them, because it shows that they do not need anyone and mean nothing to Russia. You want to PR-suitcase-station-Kiev (the closest place. Well, if you go away, Magadan ..
    1. victorsh
      victorsh 25 June 2017 07: 32
      Another "girl" trying to prove that she was misunderstood. And then our famous prankers appear and take them to clean water. And after her "interview" this toad is OBLIGED to return the prize received in the "scoop" to the children of some boarding school in Belarus.
      1. vovanpain
        vovanpain 25 June 2017 08: 47
        Quote: victorsh
        .And after her "interview" this toad is OBLIGED to return the prize received in the "scoop" to the children of some boarding school in Belarus.

        What are you, what are you, a colleague, you have encroached on the most sacred thing - a pocket, you think some kind of kids in a boarding school, let the state raise and feed them, all the more they grow up, according to this light of freedom, not free .... Will not return a colleague will not return this fie
      2. self-propelled
        self-propelled 25 June 2017 11: 59
        Quote: victorsh
        Another "girl" trying to prove that she was misunderstood.

        this "girl" was mistakenly accepted. and took it "wrong" apparently from the time of early maturity. now it’s looking for justice (that is, who will pay for “misconception” laughing ) in a word - sh.a.l.a.v.a (besides cheap)
        1. Alena Frolovna
          Alena Frolovna 25 June 2017 13: 31
          Quote: victorsh
          Another "girl" trying to prove that she was misunderstood.

          From comments on other sites.

          Inexpensive edition!

          How you famously fire people for your own point of view.

          Comrade Gurkin - published a very frank stream of thoughts (including misanthropic ones) from the author of Comrade Alexievich’s book “The War Does Not Have a Female Face”.

          In this interview, Ms. Aleksievich uttered phrases aimed at inciting hatred on a national and ideological basis, such as:

          - "it was impossible to imagine that Russians would shoot at Ukrainians";

          - "You Russians acted worse in Chechnya"- incitement to hatred based on nationality" Russian ";

          - “(IA REGNUM: To do this, cancel the Russian language?) Not. But maybe for a while and yes, to cement the nation"- calls for ethnocide (as a policy of destroying national identity);

          “They are felling communist monuments, which we should have felled” - incitement to hatred on the basis of ideology;

          “Well, you banned to speak Belarusian in Russia”direct slander.

          The above person spoke a couple of articles of the Criminal Code - that of the Russian Federation, that of the Republic of Belarus. And your persecution (dismissal) of the person who published the interview can be regarded as attempted concealment or complicity in a crime. And it will be necessary to carefully look at what reasons this was done: coordinated with Aleksievich or simply for ideological reasons.

          And if p.1 - just aggravating circumstance, then p.2 - says that you are an enemy of the state of the Russian Federation, trying to cover the slanderers and haters of Russia and Russians.

    2. Pancir026
      Pancir026 25 June 2017 10: 15
      Quote: 210ox
      An illustrative example is that you simply don’t have to notice these liberal ghouls, make an obstruction — for them the neglect of society is the worst thing, for it shows that they are useless to anyone and mean nothing to Russia

      Well, they just continue what these ones did ...
  3. gla172
    gla172 25 June 2017 06: 54
    "" "Who are you? - I am Petr Alekseevich Poroshenko. - I ask: who are you? Who are you, Poroshenko?" "" .......
    1. s.melioxin
      s.melioxin 25 June 2017 21: 58
      gla172 Today, 06:54
      "" "Who are you? - I am Petr Alekseevich Poroshenko. - I ask: who are you? Who are you, Poroshenko?" "" .......
      Footman. Humiliation from the meeting is perceived as a victory. This is how not to respect yourself? Come on yourself, the country whose people you represent? I remember very well the meeting of the "former" with Clinton. I was ashamed. And this flaw repeats. I do not mind him, there was an example. Chose it yourself, answer it yourself. And you have to answer. That is who he is.
      1. Alena Frolovna
        Alena Frolovna 25 June 2017 22: 33
        Six min-ut, six minuuuut ...
        Is it a lot or a little?

        How much are six minutes and a photo with Trump?
        They only say 600 thousand dollars. However, they live richly, once they paid for a photo shoot and a handshake.
  4. Egoza
    Egoza 25 June 2017 07: 03
    Oh sho you are for Ukraine "everything is so bad." The president of the fairy tale is telling us ... “Today, every Ukrainian can drink fantastic coffee in Bratislava, fly a low-cost flight to Warsaw, visit the Vienna Opera” P. Poroshenko
    yeah! That's just Pension - 1200 UAH, Salary - 3200 UAH, Ticket to the Vienna Opera - 6000 UAH. Well, gas receipts also pleased - they printed in detail how much gas costs for consumers in Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, rejoice Ukrainians! It’s cheaper here. They just forgot to write again what salaries and pensions they have. I didn’t have enough space on a piece of paper.
  5. Egoza
    Egoza 25 June 2017 07: 09
    Visa-free! Such a visa-free visa! But the Poles brothers are not very happy about something!
    Here are the first impressions ...
    I haven’t seen such a shmona from the Poles. There was a bus in front of me, a driver in it and eight passengers, those who were driving to work in Poland. All the suitcases were turned out, and the polka made every thing from the suitcase in front of her to scuff.
    I found a piece of sausage and bread in the vessel and drove the owner of the belongings out of the bus and shouted in Polish and forced everything to be thrown into the trash can, threatening to make me pay a fine of 800 zlotys if I resist ”,“ In the next row, they let the camera into the gas tank . Tapped the car body ”- it’s immediately clear that Ukrainians are expected in Europe.
    “They found a bucket of potatoes from me and started screaming as undercut, although I was traveling through Poland in transit. All passengers were stripped, undressed, passed through an x-ray. Open suitcases, things on the floor. Having talked with one passenger of the bus, I found out that they had been shooed for the fourth hour already. ”

    Oh yeah! Well, the Poles do not understand that without a bucket of potatoes in the Vienna Opera - no way!
    1. tihonmarine
      tihonmarine 25 June 2017 12: 31
      And why will the Poles love you ???
      1. sabakina
        sabakina 25 June 2017 14: 00
        Does anyone like Estonians? And yes, NATO soldiers who write everywhere and at all ...
      2. Egoza
        Egoza 25 June 2017 17: 35
        Well, they supported Maidan! ALL decided here! brothers forever!
    2. sabakina
      sabakina 25 June 2017 13: 58
      Elena, if it’s still on YouTube you would see .... You don’t need to go to the 3-D cinema!
  6. Egoza
    Egoza 25 June 2017 07: 13
    soon our ASU can be watched without sound - just gestures. Although I personally personally admired how our Nadia gracefully interprets them ...
    It was an exchange of gestures with Groisman. When the budget was considered in violation of the regulatory procedure, as always, and when Groisman wanted to push through corruption bookmarks and inadequate financing of certain positions that Ukraine now needs most. For example, during the war we do not have foreign intelligence, I spoke about this on the committee on security and defense. The situation ended in the fact that it was an exchange of gestures, ”she said, reports 112 Ukraine.

    According to Savchenko, the prime minister allowed himself to "make such a gesture, which in a cultural language means that he is completely indifferent to what the parliament thinks, he will do it in my opinion." “In response, I showed him a gesture that means that he is mistaken,“ in your opinion, he won’t, the parliament should be respected. I hope that someday in BP there is a video that will objectively show what happened. If you look, I think there you can see two gestures from the Prime Minister and one gesture from me, ”said the deputy.

    1. Knowing
      Knowing 25 June 2017 08: 24
      Quote: Egoza
      soon our ASU can be watched without sound - some gestures

      You have emotions in the Verkhovna Rada over the edge, and we have some hangouts in the State Duma of the RF

      yes a dream paid by the People ...
    2. midivan
      midivan 25 June 2017 11: 32
      Quote: Egoza
      “In response, I showed him a gesture that means that he is mistaken,“ in your opinion, he won’t, the parliament should be respected.

      So here it is !, what such gestures on mov mean what Elena love Do not tell me where exactly it was expressed there - it is necessary to respect-? And then suddenly you have to visit your region, but how to express respect and I do not know crying
      1. Egoza
        Egoza 25 June 2017 17: 36
        This is personally to Nadia for an appointment. She will show and "translate"
    3. tihonmarine
      tihonmarine 25 June 2017 12: 25
      All in all, in the civilized West, well, gestures like in Belgium or Germany.
  7. Egoza
    Egoza 25 June 2017 07: 15
    What about us?
    In Switzerland, they initiated the arrest of 15 million euros of Ukraine's financial guarantees for Eurovision, according to the website of the co-organizer of the contest, the Ukrainian television channel First National.
    Kiev provided this amount to the European Broadcasting Union (EMU) to ensure the preparation and conduct of Eurovision 2017, which was held in May in the Ukrainian capital.
    “The international song contest was successfully held in Ukraine, therefore, the amount of the guarantee should be returned,” the company said.
    However, the EBC informed the National Public Television and Radio Company of Ukraine (NOTU) that the Geneva Compulsory Debt Collection Agency had launched an arrest procedure for these funds.
    1. tihonmarine
      tihonmarine 25 June 2017 12: 26
      For that you are tse Javropa.
    2. Srul Rabinovich
      Srul Rabinovich 25 June 2017 16: 30
      that European life would not seem honey !!! laughing
  8. Knowing
    Knowing 25 June 2017 07: 20
    It is proved that the Americans, and taperech and the "top" united farms ruins Karma is not good, because for the second time in a row their representatives cannot conduct an observation flight over the territory of Russia under the Open Skies Treaty: From the Khabarovsk (Novy) airfield, the American OS-135B observation plane was supposed to proceed along a pre-agreed route.
    But the very next day, June 19, the Americans officially notified the Russian side that the indicated observation flight would not be carried out. The reason for the failure was called a certain malfunction of the OS-135B aircraft. A similar thing happened last year when, under the Open Skies Treaty, OS-135B flew out of the capital of Buryatia, Ulan-Ude, and was supposed to follow to Yakutsk. But immediately after takeoff, the crew ran into a problem - one of the aircraft’s landing gears didn’t get into the hull, as a result of which the OS-135B requested an emergency landing in Khabarovsk ... Well, it doesn’t accept THEIR OUR sky, it doesn’t want them to pollute their dirty spirit OUR sky ...

    Apparently, Russian experts told them:
    It is time for those “beyond the puddle” and their servants to draw the right conclusions and not to anger GOD ... feel
    1. Srul Rabinovich
      Srul Rabinovich 25 June 2017 18: 23
      Yes, not their karma is not good, they just do not like the Russian land when everything in its sky .... mo flies !!!!!!
  9. Egoza
    Egoza 25 June 2017 07: 20
    I cannot but express my respect to our Russians! That's how the French got it! It would be good if it dawned on the others that it’s more expensive to touch the Russians!
    the French press published the headlines “Two Russians drove fifty robbers all over Paris”, “Fearless: the Russian and his bodyguard were chasing after 50 attackers.” The attackers, of course, did not know that they had broken the glass of the car of the head of the Russian defense company, they saw a woman driving (bodyguard - approx. RV) and decided that the briefcase in the back seat would be easy prey, reports Le Point.

    “But the robbers did not take into account how serious these Russians were: no one expected to see the chase from American films in the 93rd department of Saint-Denis. It didn’t even occur to the Russians to call and wait for the police - they immediately decided to pursue the thieves on their own, ”writes Le Point.
    “When it became clear to the robbers that the“ victims ”were not going to stop looking after the police and stop calling the police, they rebuilt the route and went straight to“ raspberries ”, where at that moment there were about fifty of their friends and accomplices.
    It was from there that the Russians called the police, having previously selected their portfolio, ”the publication reports.
  10. Egoza
    Egoza 25 June 2017 07: 27
    And finally! Really, not everything is so bad. Out! The "famous" Antin Mukharsky, known under the pseudonym "Orest Lyuty" for a long time fattened on the song "But I'm not a Muscovite", but now suffers. His ex-wife doesn’t let the children go, and she also says: “Fuck me ... damn Bandera and a national fascist! Children, do not come near him, because your dad is mortally ill, you will become infected and die ... "
    And there are more and more such mothers.
    1. svp67
      svp67 25 June 2017 07: 37
      hi Madam!!!
      Quote: Egoza
      Out! The "famous" Antin Mukharsky, known under the pseudonym "Orest Lyuty" for a long time fattened on the song "But I'm not a Muscovite", but now suffers.

      Well, then there is God in this Light. What I was once again convinced of ... For his "writing" - he is fried in ADU in a pan.
      1. ydjin
        ydjin 25 June 2017 15: 17
        Quote: svp67
        hi Madam!!!
        Quote: Egoza
        Out! The "famous" Antin Mukharsky, known under the pseudonym "Orest Lyuty" for a long time fattened on the song "But I'm not a Muscovite", but now suffers.

        Well, then there is God in this Light. What I was once again convinced of ... For his "writing" - he is fried in ADU in a pan.

        Such "friends" for h ... and to the museum as specimens of creatures of nonhumans, while this animal also parasitizes on the Soviet heritage! Don't take captives!
  11. Volga Cossack
    Volga Cossack 25 June 2017 08: 36
    Thanks for the review !!! Capacitively and on business! I always read with pleasure!
      DEPARTMENT 25 June 2017 09: 19
      I am joining! Russia is alive and we are invincible .. With such guys, we have the sea (Mediterranean ..) knee-deep (Atlantic and Pacific Ocean too ..)))

      Well-being and peace to your families and most importantly take care of the souls of your children and grandchildren .. hi
      1. a housewife
        a housewife 25 June 2017 11: 35
        IN, GOOD FELLOWS !!! I am not against Lezginka at all, especially since I live in the Caucasus. But every nation must support its culture! Especially Russian, where the songs and dances of the people - the sea, but no - the Ocean! What's going on? Are shy? Once? Laziness? Previously, in any feast, so many songs were sung. And now ... Physical education lessons - necessary, of course. And dancing is much better than physical education. We had rhythmic lessons in the first or third grade. That was great! Everyone liked it. love good
        1. DEPARTMENT
          DEPARTMENT 25 June 2017 12: 47
          Quote: housewife
          Previously, in any feast, so many songs were sung.

          I also remember these songs in my soul forever, stayed ...! Everything will be back, I'm sure ..
          1. DEPARTMENT
            DEPARTMENT 25 June 2017 13: 03
            Quote: DEPARTMENT
            Quote: housewife
            Previously, in any feast, so many songs were sung.

            I also remember these songs in my soul forever, stayed ...! Everything will be back, I'm sure ..

            And I love Lezghinka no matter what ...
            Beautiful and bewitching ....
  12. The comment was deleted.
  13. sgapich
    sgapich 25 June 2017 09: 54
    But the United Nations promised that by 2050 it will live on Earth almost 10 million human.

    Hope this is a typo.
    Original report (

    2030 - 8551 million people
    2050 - 9772 million people
    2100 - 11184 million people
    1. tihonmarine
      tihonmarine 25 June 2017 12: 16
      The numbers are also unreliable, they say more that in 50 years the world's population will double.
  14. Conductor
    Conductor 25 June 2017 11: 08
    Aleksievich is similar to Akhedzhakova!
    1. tihonmarine
      tihonmarine 25 June 2017 12: 13
      Alekseevich Russophobia, but not Russo the hater. Remember when Yeltsin shot the Supreme Council, how Akhedzhakova joyfully excitedly talked about the murdered boys who defended the Supreme Council.
  15. Mikhail Anokhin
    Mikhail Anokhin 25 June 2017 11: 21
    Do not understand what to comment on? Then you and Alekseevich, and a drunk boy, and more, and more!
    Solyanka information team.
  16. Oleko
    Oleko 25 June 2017 11: 50
    Once Prokopenko said in "military secrets" that Virginia exfoliates the soundproofing material that covers the hull. This negates the noiselessness of nuclear submarines. It is possible that the problem has already been solved.
  17. tihonmarine
    tihonmarine 25 June 2017 12: 08
    It’s bad to know arithmetic if you write “In 2050 year there will be 10 millions of people on Earth. Millions to be confused with billions ????
  18. Abel
    Abel 25 June 2017 12: 39
    There are no questions about our punitive system. Even the jokes went. And how not to laugh through tears, if the UK vigorously qualifies the labor dispute at 159 (fraud). Local courts will not argue in earnest with the UK. The Supreme Court is generally a separate song. With the arrival of Mr. Nechaev from the Moscow Regional Court, civil law (I don’t know the criminal law) immediately died in the deputy chairman of the Supreme Court. If the Sun officially writes "in connection with a change in the PRINCIPAL position of the Sun ...", then there are no more questions to this system. Especially if you take into account that the Sun manages to make SIX (!) Mutually exclusive decisions ....
    Regarding Poroshenko comments are unnecessary, this is a clinic.
    About the gas. Of course, Europe will be heavily dependent on Russian gas for $ 160. But if Europe switches to shale American at 260, then it will prosper and be very independent and democratic.
  19. sabakina
    sabakina 25 June 2017 13: 49
    But the United Nations promised that by 2050 almost 10 million people will live on Earth. By the time you have to put traffic lights on the seas, otherwise congestion cannot be avoided ...

    I wonder who the UN buried? Or did topwar bury the West?
  20. ydjin
    ydjin 25 June 2017 13: 59
    that more than 2050 million people will live on earth by 10.
    Where will more than 7 billion go? lol
    1. sabakina
      sabakina 25 June 2017 14: 06
      Or the UN, or topwar will bury someone. At least we have 33 more years ... laughing
      1. HEATHER
        HEATHER 25 June 2017 17: 46
        we have 33 moreyes, glory, more specific! hi Suddenly I did not have enough cartridges.
    HEATHER 25 June 2017 17: 44
    Great article. Heavy humor. It will be more fun.