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"Kalashnikov" testing a UAV with an internal combustion engine

Specialists of the Kalashnikov concern carry out factory flight tests of aerial reconnaissance drone and surveillance ZALA 421-16Е5, equipped with an internal combustion engine (ICE), reports TASS message of the press service of the company.

"Kalashnikov" testing a UAV with an internal combustion engine

Equipping an internal combustion engine has led to an increase in the duration of the UAV’s flight, which ranges from 12 to 15 hours. Also, the use of internal combustion engines led to an increase in the mass of the device up to 30 kg, which allowed the use of various payloads weighing up to 5 kg,
says release.

According to the information, “combined imager and video camera with the possibility of increasing the image” are used as the payload. In addition, the “laser range finder or laser designator” can be mounted on the drone, as well as (inside the fuselage) - “an aerial photographic device or electronic warfare equipment”.

According to the press service, the flight tests of the device will be completed before the end of the year, after which the ZALA 421-16Е5 will be ready for sale.

The company explained that, as a rule, Kalashnikov drones are equipped with pushing electric motors, which have enough charge from 2-x to 7 flight hours, depending on the modification and weight of the car.
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Press Service Concern "Kalashnikov"
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    DEPARTMENT 22 June 2017 12: 03
    I am more and more pleased with the "Kalashnikov" .. For everything they take! God help them ...
    1. parkello
      parkello 22 June 2017 12: 07
      I support, God help!
    2. siberalt
      siberalt 22 June 2017 12: 08
      A motorcycle in the sky is nothing! laughing
    3. rotmistr60
      rotmistr60 22 June 2017 12: 08
      They take it all!

      It’s not a problem to take on, the main thing is to succeed.
      equipped with internal combustion engine
      Introduced - Chuh, Chuh, Chuh.
      1. pjastolov
        pjastolov 22 June 2017 12: 12
        But compared with the electric motor, the flight duration has doubled hi
        1. cniza
          cniza 22 June 2017 12: 18
          You always have to look for a reasonable balance - fuel or payload.
          1. pjastolov
            pjastolov 22 June 2017 12: 21
            Probably found in this way good
            1. cniza
              cniza 22 June 2017 12: 23
              We will believe and wait for shock drones.
              1. pjastolov
                pjastolov 22 June 2017 12: 26
                If they are as successful as the "Kalash" then we are really looking forward to good
                1. cniza
                  cniza 22 June 2017 12: 29
                  I think the brand will not be put to shame.
      2. parkello
        parkello 22 June 2017 12: 40
        laughing quite an amusing picture, and a positive one, is drawn ... they see the control signal transmission equipment is well worked out. and UAV technology will be mastered. there people have hands from where they should grow. those who order not quite hands are friends with the head, and the head, in turn, does not control the language. eyes run up, everyone wants. and the language does not turn correctly to formulate what exactly they want, that's where all the freaks and "under orders" and "underseries" come from.
    4. RASKAT
      RASKAT 22 June 2017 12: 15
      Yes, even if it flies on wood, if only it lasts longer in the air longer. The same eagles on gasoline proved to be excellent, and already at 200m altitude they can not be heard. Kalashnikovites success.
    5. donavi49
      donavi49 22 June 2017 12: 56
      It's a delusion. They just bought up a number of enterprises. If there was news before - Rybinsk shipbuilders launched a boat for the Navy. Now, the Kalashnikov Concern lowered a boat for the Navy. However, virtually nothing has changed. The gunsmiths do their own thing. Ships of their own. The hall is mine.
    6. APASUS
      APASUS 22 June 2017 14: 54
      Quote: DEPARTMENT
      I am more and more pleased with the "Kalashnikov" .. For everything they take! God help them ...

      Well, yes, just kulibiny!
      The new Kalashnikov sniper rifle is just fire! And what are the large-caliber automatic systems, machine guns, and Kalash grenade launchers in general death.
      Assets are eroded in favor of non-core functions. Under the name of Kalashnikov, a mega monster, an uncontrollable corporation, is being built. And here you are singing ode to managers!
      And what are we already ahead of the rest in terms of small arms that Kalashnikov began to produce airplanes and boats ???
    7. Alekseits
      Alekseits 22 June 2017 19: 25
      It is a pity that Kalashnikov was not born a designer of cars. laughing
  2. LÄRZ
    LÄRZ 22 June 2017 12: 08
    equipped with an internal combustion engine (ICE)
    If only they wouldn’t be too smart with a silencer.
  3. shubin
    shubin 22 June 2017 12: 14
    As for me, everyone should do his own thing. And then something at the level of an aircraft model designer.
    1. Genry
      Genry 22 June 2017 12: 32
      And who should make drones? Or do you think that aircraft modeling units should be created in the army, which themselves will sculpt gliders and equip them with primitive electronics?
      1. shubin
        shubin 22 June 2017 12: 41
        I mean, the appropriate companies should be involved in the creation of aircraft, they will succeed, both better and faster. Surely, in the Sukhoi and Mikoyan concerns, it never occurred to anyone to start developing small arms.
        1. donavi49
          donavi49 22 June 2017 12: 57
          So the Hall is engaged in it - which was originally engaged in them. Kalashnikov just bought the company. Previously, there would be news - Hall introduced a new UAV. Now - Kalashnikov. But in fact, nothing has changed.
      2. marshes
        marshes 22 June 2017 12: 45
        Quote: Genry
        And who should make drones? Or do you think that aircraft modeling units should be created in the army, which themselves will sculpt gliders and equip them with primitive electronics?

        In the 90s in Kazakhstan, Chechens “drove up” like the local ones, it’s good that they didn’t “ship”, they say we need radio-controlled planes to carry a video camera. They say we can’t, the engines are weak on the Diesel engine on alcohol, the range of the radio channel is small, etc. ... they shrank shorter. smile
      3. okko077
        okko077 22 June 2017 13: 11
        A very primitive approach. The UAV itself is not interesting. And the duration of the flight is not an end in itself, but depends on the systems on which the UAV works. In the photo you see the car of the ground control point. The concern should think about coordination with real systems, the possibility of using UAV signals for target designation, for example, for MSTs, or MLRSs. Also for using signals from these UAVs for ESU TK, Andromeda-D, unless of course the latter work in general ... We need transition blocks providing this opportunity. But they are not there, and who will carry out this work? Without this, this and other UAVs, especially strangers, useless toys, no more. They make a movie in the recording and give a picture on the control monitor .. It’s better when the UAV is immediately equipped with brains that suggest the possibility of coordination, and for this we need standards and enterprises that deal with this and ensure the supply of such devices .. The fans on the forum and our wise the generals do not understand this ....
  4. Skay
    Skay 22 June 2017 12: 37
    ZALA AERO is an independent drone manufacturer. At least he was before it was mentioned in conjunction with Kalashnikov.
  5. seregatara1969
    seregatara1969 22 June 2017 12: 50
    ZALA 421-16E5

    The device is not a Russian tunnel?
  6. voyaka uh
    voyaka uh 22 June 2017 13: 18
    It will fly and crack the motor as good-naturedly as
    Harley-Davidson. We must somehow identify ourselves so as not to
    there was doubt.
    1. Dead duck
      Dead duck 22 June 2017 13: 49
      Quote: voyaka uh
      good-natured engine crackle like
      Harley davidson

      the Harley engine has a different sound, the low sound of a low-speed high-torque dvigla, as in normal male equipment good
      1. voyaka uh
        voyaka uh 22 June 2017 13: 59
        Yes, I agree good I just have an army recollection:
        in the fort on the mountain, in which we - the department - "scratched eggs",
        suddenly an air alert! The noise of an aircraft engine. There was no UAV then -
        there were light aircraft. What if greetings from Lebanon? We ran in, fussed,
        tried (without success) Browning 0.5 to turn up.
        Hang up! damn ... to the fort on top of the ridge - on Harley - a reservist slowly rolls. New to us. Then the biker scared ... negative
    2. Alexander War
      Alexander War 22 June 2017 13: 56
      I decided to mess up lol
    3. fzr1000
      fzr1000 22 June 2017 17: 53
      The sound of the opposition is closer to the aviation ICE. Greetings from the aviation past from BMW and Fuji Heavy.
  7. osoboye_mneniye
    osoboye_mneniye 22 June 2017 20: 36
    Cordoba models forever-aaa !!!
    I’ve got a couple of motors from Zvezda’s plant ... Can it stir up something too? And then I look at what in our time in childhood we dabbled in, now they are just beginning to master in the military-industrial complex)))
    Does anyone have a kit for assembling a cord model?
  8. cat hippopotamus
    cat hippopotamus 22 June 2017 22: 32
    Go ahead guys and do not stop there.