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Egyptian air force attacked ISIS in the Sinai Peninsula

The Egyptian air force launched an air strike on a number of objects in the north of the Sinai Peninsula on Tuesday, where a meeting of the leaders of the Beit al-Maqdis terrorist group, considered to be the Egyptian cell of the Islamic State *, was held at the time, the Egyptian news agency MENA quoted the Egyptian news agency transmits RIA News.

The losses of extremists, the Egyptian military did not report.

Egypt has been conducting an antiterrorist operation in the north of the Sinai Peninsula for more than two years, where extremist groups have settled in inaccessible areas. From this region, there are regular reports of new attacks by extremists.

Recently, hundreds of police and military personnel have died and suffered from the actions of terrorists in the region.

IG * - the terrorist group Islamic State (IG) is banned in Russia.
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  1. pjastolov
    pjastolov 20 June 2017 12: 52
    The Egyptian Air Force on Tuesday struck a number of targets in the north of the Sinai Peninsula, where at that moment a meeting of the leaders of the terrorist group Beit al-Makdis was taking place
    it seems that the barmaleans have nowhere to run, probably soon they will sell information about their financing in exchange for their lives, there will be a movie good
    1. cost
      cost 20 June 2017 13: 14
      Egyptian Air Force demonstrated Egyptian power)))
      1. pjastolov
        pjastolov 20 June 2017 13: 17
        dill must learn
      2. And Us Rat
        And Us Rat 20 June 2017 14: 12
        Quote: Rich
        Egyptian Air Force demonstrated ...

        The quality of intelligence supplied by Israel to Egypt.

        Israeli intelligence services are actively helping Egypt in the fight against radical Islamists in the Sinai Peninsula. This was told by a former military intelligence officer.
        Jerusalem threw its special forces and attack drones against terrorists in the Sinai, and also shares intelligence with the Egyptians. Officials and experts call the current level of cooperation of former irreconcilable enemies unprecedented.
        To mobilize its neighbors, Israel mobilized special services and assigned strike drones that patrol the skies over Sinai in search of militants.
  2. The black
    The black 20 June 2017 12: 53
    The losses of extremists, the Egyptian military did not report.
    But are they at all, these losses ?. Or maybe only gophers and jerboas in the desert were dispersed .... laughing
    APASUS 20 June 2017 12: 58
    An interesting development of the situation. In fact, the country's authorities own power in the cities and densely populated territories around the Nile, and the arid regions, deserts and semi-deserts have been transferred to the control of terrorists. Given the power of the state and its significance for the Arab world, everything is just awful. The population of Egypt in Europe cannot be digested
    1. tanit
      tanit 20 June 2017 13: 16
      So in the north of Sinai - not such a desert. There is another factor - the border with the Gaza Strip + the Sinai itself is a demilitarized zone, if I am not mistaken.
      1. voyaka uh
        voyaka uh 20 June 2017 14: 03
        "Sinai itself demilitarized zone" ///

        It was. When a large tribe of Bedouins quarreled in the rubbish with the Egyptian
        authorities and "in vain" swore ISIS, the war began. Israel allowed accommodation
        in this demilitarized (by Camp David agreement) zone
        Egyptian army, including tanks. Prior to this, only the police and border guards.
    2. Sergey-8848
      Sergey-8848 21 June 2017 23: 49
      All life has always been around the Nile. That the ancient Egyptians, that the Arabs, who pass the ancient culture as their own. You have to be completely nonsense, driven out from everywhere in order to, like the Bedouins, roam the deserts. There are nomads driven by herds of cattle, and there are nomads because homeless people are vagabonds.
  4. Tolstoevsky
    Tolstoevsky 20 June 2017 18: 06
    Mossadites, or something covered?