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Art project. Faces of Victory in the cities of Russia

On Facebook, snapshots of attention-grabbing projects have been published. stories Great Patriotic War. Thus, a collage of photos of Soviet soldiers who participated in the Berlin operation created by Stavropol’s craftsmen is demonstrated. From hundreds of photos created canvas, known throughout the world - the canvas "Taking the Reichstag."

If you come closer to the canvas, you can see the faces of those who forged a victory over Nazism.

Residents and guests of Stavropol project awaits in one of the parks for recreation. The project was implemented in the framework of the campaign "We won."

Art project. Faces of Victory in the cities of Russia

Similar projects have been implemented in other cities of Russia. Thus, in Nizhny Novgorod, a photo portraying a Soviet tankman was laid out from the portraits of the participants of the Great Patriotic War.

It can be said that such an action may soon be picked up all over Russia - like the “Immortal Regiment” action, which has already been taken by foreign countries: from Ukraine to the USA, from Kazakhstan to Nigeria.
Photos used:Иван Кучеренко

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  1. Nasrat
    Nasrat 19 June 2017 15: 33
    There are three such canvases in Nizhny Novgorod ... and they have been there for at least three years ..

    1. tacet
      tacet 19 June 2017 16: 33
      These collages appeared in May 2013. Believe Nizhny Novgorod.
  2. Banishing liberoids
    Banishing liberoids 19 June 2017 15: 35
    But when will this fool-house end !!! am Stop writing something on social networks, create a special site, or use the MO site! !! Went crazy -all through ryloknigu (Facebook) !!! fool
    1. Egoza
      Egoza 19 June 2017 15: 43
      Quote: Exorcist Liberoids
      Went crazy -all through ryloknigu (Facebook) !!!

      Well, go to the Russian spring. There and the video is uploaded. Awesome! When you see all these faces ..... In Berlin, you would imagine such a picture! Remind "some"
      1. Zibelew
        Zibelew 19 June 2017 17: 10
        Quote: Egoza
        Remind "some"

        Or at least teach it first. Not everyone can be reminded. The level of education is on top. Generation Yegashnikov ... Forgive them Yuri Alekseevich ...
  3. Evgeny Strygin
    Evgeny Strygin 19 June 2017 16: 51
    honestly, I am afraid that the power to seize the Victory as a kind of symbol that will cover it and as a result, it will depreciate among the people.
    Not to mention that linking it with the modern state of the Russian Federation with its constant anti-Sovietism smells like schizophrenia. This is very unpleasant, but in fact it is a huge problem. Contradictions are growing.
    1. cost
      cost 19 June 2017 16: 56
      Veterans and children of war are still alive, this will not happen. And so, Eugene, you are absolutely right - unfortunately the problem is looming
  4. Old26
    Old26 19 June 2017 22: 03
    Quote: tacet
    These collages appeared in May 2013. Believe Nizhny Novgorod.

    In Stavropol, they appeared in 2015. What I didn’t know was that these panels are transportable Kamrad Egoza gave the link This collage is now installed at the main entrance to Victory Park. I don’t know whether the second one is in place or not, I don’t often visit the place where the panel was previously installed. And it was installed on Fortress Hill (formerly Komsomol Hill) opposite the Memorial to the Fallen and the Eternal Flame
    Below is a view of these panels on Fortress Hill and the Memorial. True, this is from the Google Earth resource, but nonetheless

    1. tacet
      tacet 20 June 2017 23: 01
      Can you tell me in which year the Kremlin was founded in Stavropol?
  5. Old26
    Old26 21 June 2017 09: 26
    Quote: tacet
    Can you tell me in which year the Kremlin was founded in Stavropol?

    There has never been a Kremlin in Stavropol. You probably mixed up with photos of a similar panel in Nizhny Novgorod.
    There was a fortress in Stavropol. It was laid in 1777, as one of the ten fortresses of the Azov-Mozdok fortified line