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Project "ZZ". Cold War 3.0: America v. Germany

The US Senate has approved new sanctions against Russia. However, Europe, and especially Germany, opposes increasing sanctions pressure on Moscow. Berlin's protest is not surprising: after all, gentlemen senators want to make the Germans dance to the American tune.

The "sanctions" bill, approved by 15 June, includes a special article, according to which the United States officially opposes the implementation of the Nord Stream - 2 gas pipeline. The same article establishes the priority importance of exporting raw materials from the USA to the EU markets.

However, a document approved by 98 by senators from 100, passed only the initial stage of approval. Further, the bill will go to the Congress. If the project is approved there, he will go to Mr. Trump’s signature.

It is obvious that the senators are planning to gradually strangle Russian exports of energy raw materials to Europe. New sanctions relate to banks and the oil and gas sector. It is clear that the senators decided to start with the "Nord Stream - 2", with the pipeline branch, which is supposed to stretch to the German Greifswald. A branch located along the bottom of the Baltic Sea would allow supplying gas bypassing Ukraine.

TV channel "NTV" cites expert opinion, political scientist Charles Ortel. “And if the bill is signed by the president, this may interrupt the process of building the Russian gas supply from the Baltic to Europe. It will slow down a huge financial project, ”he says.

Roger Munnings, chairman of the board of directors of the Russo-British Chamber of Commerce, adds: “If you want to impose sanctions, then do not engage in this business. Everyone suffers from this: America, Europe, Russia. I think that Euro-American relations will take a noisy type of negotiations, directed against the infringement of US sanctions. Europe will not accept sanctions. ”

It is precisely because of the “suffering” of the business that the Germans are protesting against the decision of overseas senators who have turned to Russia.

Project "ZZ". Cold War 3.0: America v. Germany

John McCain (USA) explains to reporters why American senators are punishing Russians. Video frame: "Die Welt"

Clemens Vergin in the German newspaper «Die Welt» cites statements by the German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel. Gabriel "lashes out sanctions against Russia," considering these measures "interference in the gas market in Europe."

In an interview with the Australian channel ABC, Senator John McCain made a very sharp statement, saying that Vladimir Putin "is more dangerous" than terrorist fighters. Then the US Senate adopted a legislative package that provides for the expansion of sanctions against Iran and Russia. 98 from 100 senators voted “for” and only two - “against”, reminds a German journalist.

The senators' almost unanimous decision is a clear vote of no confidence in Trump. Lawmakers are trying to prevent some “Russophile” actions of the president by sanctions - at least the likely cancellation of sanctions. When adopting a new bill, the president will not be able to do this. This is how senators want to limit Mr. Trump’s «external actions’ against Russia.

Trump's team tried to prevent the passage of the bill in the Senate in advance. Foreign Minister Rex Tillerson has been intensively campaigning for two days against new sanctions. Tillerson asked parliamentarians to refrain from putting pressure on the president and to show “flexibility” in the approach to sanctions, but he failed. The bill “reasserts” the existing sanctions against Russia (imposed “because of the annexation of the Crimea and supporting the war in eastern Ukraine”) and imposes other sanctions based on the “manipulation of Russia by US elections and the interference of Moscow in the affairs of Syria”. The new sanctions could seriously affect the cooperation of foreign companies with the Russian energy sector.

The overwhelming majority in the Senate, who advocated the adoption of a law on sanctions, was explained by the German author for two reasons: the attempt of the republican hawks to force the president to return to the classical tough stance of the Conservatives towards Moscow, and also the revenge of the Democrats for the defeat of Hillary Clinton. These Democrats also became hawks like Republicans. Now both political camps are against Trump.

The driving force behind the bill was Senator John McCain, one of the constant critics of Mr. Trump’s foreign policy. “The time has come to respond to the Russian attacks on American democracy,” he said.

In addition, the senators understand: Trump will get worried, because a "united front" of Republicans and Democrats has formed against the White House. Lawmakers do not want the US to rule a capricious type like Trump, who does not care about the complex mechanism of international politics.

The bill approved by the senators immediately provoked sharp criticism from German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel.

“The US Senate has opened our eyes to the fact that sanctions are aimed at driving the Russians out of the European gas market. The Americans themselves want to sell gas in Europe, they want to create jobs in the United States and get rid of an undesirable competitor. " This is what the Americans want, and not at all the political “punishment” of the Russians for the election campaign in the USA.

Herr Gabriel further remarked that one cannot treat such a partner (USA) as a friend. Such a policy is no longer characterized by the concept “America is number one,” but is characterized differently: “Only America.”

“Europe has liberalized the energy market,” Gabriel recalled. “Who, where and how supplies energy resources there is organized on the basis of free decisions of market participants.” “We, the Europeans, decide the issue of providing energy, the US president does not solve it,” said Gabriel in an interview with Die Welt.

Gerra Gabriel supported Angela Merkel.

Merkel v. USA Photo: Getty

Frau Merkel criticized US sanctions against Russia, writes Berlin correspondent Financial Times Stefan Wagstyl.

The latest signs of growing political differences between Berlin and Washington were statements by Angela Merkel, which condemned the infringement of Germany’s interests: she did not like American plans to toughen sanctions against Russia.

The German chancellor, a politician usually extremely cautious, has now taken an unusual stance, fully agreeing with the strong criticism of Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel regarding the US “proposals” for sanctions. A spokesperson told the press that the Chancellor has a "similar level of concern."

Merkel's statement shows her willingness to publicly criticize the United States. Sanctions against Russia have become the second reason for criticism. The first discontent was due to Mr. Trump's frank speeches on issues relating to defense, trade and international cooperation. “She [Merkel] seems increasingly inclined to risk provoking Mr. Trump and his political allies, although she insists that she is still strongly committed to the transatlantic alliance, because she believes that the vital interests of Germany and Europe are at stake,” writes journalist.

“The bipartisan senate approach to toughening sanctions against Russia” is linked “with the Kremlin’s aggression in Ukraine, the deployment of nuclear weapons and alleged interference in the US presidential election,” the correspondent recalls. However, most of the bill codifies the existing sanctions in order to complicate the procedure for their mitigation. This decision of the senators is connected with their fears: no matter how Trump comes out on the direct “pro-Moscow line”. The bill also includes new measures aimed at the Nord Stream - 2 pipeline, in which German and Austrian companies are investing. In addition to Russian economic entities, the sanctions will also include foreign industrial groups that support Russian “gas export pipelines” (as defined by the senators).

Berlin openly condemned the plan for such intervention in the European energy sector. Germany is outraged by the fact that the bill expands the justification of the sanctions, which has already gone “beyond the aggression of Russia in Ukraine”, the initial basis of the US and EU sanctions packages, “carefully designed by Ms. Merkel and Mr. Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama”, states .

German officials are also outraged by the fact that the bill explicitly calls on the US administration to “prioritize” US energy exports, “create jobs in America” and “strengthen” US foreign policy. In Berlin, they say that this contradicts the current regime of joint sanctions, because the United States puts its economic interests above the interests of its EU allies, and this is manifested even in European energy!

And the cherry on the cake: on the site Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany published a statement condemning these US sanctions. The text is signed by the same Gabriel and Christian Kern, Prime Minister of Austria.

Both politicians cannot agree with the “threat of illegal extraterritorial sanctions against European companies that are involved in the development of Europe’s energy supply.” Kern and Gabriel indignantly reject the attempts of Washington, which in its bill insists on the priority of supplies of American liquefied gas and the expulsion of Russian natural gas from the European market. The goal of the bill is that German and Austrian see “the provision of the US oil and gas industry with jobs.”

Kern and Gabriel answer to such attempts: “Sanctions as a political tool should not be tied to economic interests. The US threats to companies in Germany, Austria and other European countries on the market in the form of punishment for participating with Russia in natural gas projects such as Nord Stream II, or their financing, brings a completely new negative quality to European-American relations. ” We are talking about the competitiveness of the energy-intensive industry in Germany and Austria and thousands of jobs. Therefore, both politicians "strongly" support the efforts of the US Department of State against the new bill.

“Europe’s energy supply is a matter of Europe, not the United States of America!”

The cold war between the US and Europe is expressed in the results of opinion polls. The same Germans treat the USA much worse than a couple of years ago. And the authority of Angela Merkel, the objecting America, has suddenly grown in recent days.

According to the latest Infratest Dimap survey (6 and 7 in June 2017), which RBCFor the first time since the beginning of the migration crisis in the EU, Frau Merkel became the most popular politician in Germany: 64% of respondents support her policy. At the same time, the confidence of German citizens in the United States as a foreign policy partner fell: since April, the drop has amounted to 8 percentage points. The politics of Washington (like Moscow, by the way) are distrustful for 74% Germans.

The vaunted unity of the West has split. And this is no longer hidden on both sides of the ocean. We would not be surprised if Mr. McCain recently accused Putin of discrepancies in Western interests.

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  1. siberalt
    siberalt 19 June 2017 09: 47
    Surely the Senators were not aware that sanctions against Russia negatively affect Europe as well? But their impudence reached the point that they did not even want to consult with her. Civilizers are bad! am
    1. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich 19 June 2017 10: 18
      America vs Germany
      well done Oleg! designated date 3 world! you are in history! yes lol
    2. g1v2
      g1v2 19 June 2017 10: 40
      One of the main tasks of modern America and its allies in the 5 Eye Alliance is to keep continental Europe under control and prevent it from growing stronger. Anglo-Saxons - people are far from stupid and understand that they cannot forever control continental Europe. The French and Germans have their own ambitions. Therefore, the CIA also listened, for example, Merkel. The strengthening of continental Europe will sooner or later lead to its getting out of control and to competition with the Anglo-Saxons. And the improvement of relations between Europe and rebellious Russia, which is not satisfied with the modern world order, is generally dangerous for them.
  2. ImPerts
    ImPerts 19 June 2017 09: 58
    Dopekli German businessmen, dopekli.
    Previously, they were not much obeyed by politicians.
    And then it coincided, patience ended, the elections on the nose, Russian hackers ... hi
    1. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich 19 June 2017 10: 19
      Quote: ImPerts
      And then it happened, patience is over,

      siemens and boshi demand a consumer ...
      1. ImPerts
        ImPerts 19 June 2017 10: 25
        Quote: Andrey Yurievich
        require a consumer ...

        Bosch also wants to eat, not only to feed everyone ...
        1. Andrey Yuryevich
          Andrey Yuryevich 19 June 2017 19: 40
          Oleg, how much do you have a cube of chopped firewood ... for yourself
          I am? selfish interest feel
  3. BecmepH
    BecmepH 19 June 2017 10: 20
    The answer of Kern and Gabriel to such attempts: “Sanctions as a political tool should not be connected with economic interests.
    Sanctions as a political tool
    directly related to the economic interests of the Russian Federation, this did not bother anyone. And as soon as the sanctions touched the economic interests of Europe, they howled ...
    1. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich 19 June 2017 19: 45
      Quote: BecmepH
      economic interests.

      as a manufacturer ... in general, sanctions are good .....
  4. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 19 June 2017 11: 26
    John McCain

    Sometimes you wonder how American politicians dance to the tune of the senator-senator and his associates? But the economic interests of US companies (in particular the marketing of their gas) are at stake, and the Russians are a simple excuse. This "old little boletus" obviously gets good money from American gas workers. But this, frankly, has already reached the handle. The devils have long been waiting for McCain and his company.
  5. igorserg
    igorserg 19 June 2017 11: 45
    But how can American sanctions against Russia hurt Germany? What will Americans freeze accounts of German companies?
  6. Mikhail3
    Mikhail3 19 June 2017 13: 26
    America conducted a successful company against the USSR, primarily because it paid for this campaign. I paid all the risks, compensated for the losses, distributed fatty pieces. While there was enough money, everything worked. It’s only that the real means have ended ... Previously, anti-communism was generously paid for by a joint, under the leadership of the United States, robbery of the "third world". Everything. Whom perhaps all have been deceived.
    And now the situation is funny to the point of absurdity. The US is trying to rely ... on its own nonsense! To all this plague about the Russian threat, to delusional, anecdotal, inanimate fabrications. You can’t get away with nonsense. Has their propaganda really clouded their brains so much ?!
    When the Americans torpedoed the second string of the Druzhba gas pipeline, they had something to pay. And now, no. Europe can endure a lot. But the attack on your wallet ... hehe, but it seems to have begun.
    1. g1washntwn
      g1washntwn 19 June 2017 14: 58
      And perhaps a banal PR to the target anti-American audience before the election. The mandate of trust will be extended to the old woman and she will sing as before.
  7. Egoza
    Egoza 19 June 2017 14: 42
    On the one hand, businessmen are running out, and on the other, elections are coming soon. Merkel needs glasses to forget about migrants. Therefore, the "wind of politics" has changed. If this goes further, then Germany will speak out in general for lifting sanctions against Russia. (Especially when they see Ukrainians who arrived on a visa-free basis laughing )
    1. cost
      cost 19 June 2017 18: 22
      Come on, Elena. Migrant workers from Ukraine go to Europe to earn money, and not to rallies. Compared to the Middle East, they will be just exemplary for Europeans
  8. Yulaevich
    Yulaevich 19 June 2017 22: 22
    The United States is trying to determine the boundaries of its capabilities, impose sanctions that affect the interests of Europeans. The United States acts logically, if they have the opportunity to impose restrictions and cut off the northern stream, which seems to be in no way controlled by them, they cut it off, what are their capabilities, one can only envy! Europeans will squeak a little and agree, they are dependent, otherwise sanctions would not be imposed, especially the evil of the world has been determined and found, these are Russia and Putin, hands are untied, possibilities are unlimited, the bleating of European sheep is ridiculous, go ahead, America!
  9. Sergey-8848
    Sergey-8848 21 June 2017 10: 29
    In their legislative mutoteni There is a method of delaying the adoption of the law by 100 days. This was used by several generations of presidents (the younger Bush did not even realize that he was slipping on Mondays). This is an option - and the face can not be too damaged, and the business so as not to squander.