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Who will protect Qatar?

The Qatari crisis has riveted the attention of the whole world to this small state on the shores of the Persian Gulf. Due to the huge reserves of natural gas and oil, Qatar has become one of the richest countries in the modern world. This circumstance led to the fact that the country began to claim a role that is clearly disproportionate in its size and population in world politics. It was Qatar who took the most active part in the Arab spring of 2011 and had a hand in the overthrow of the secular Arab nationalist regimes in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Yemen, and in the unleashing of a civil war in Syria. However, now the Emirate is in a critical situation. Danger came from yesterday's allies. 5 June 2017 and Qatar broke diplomatic relations with Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Egypt, Yemen, Libya, as well as Mauritania, Mauritius, the Maldives and the Comoros. The governments of these countries have accused Qatar of supporting international terrorist organizations, spreading extremist ideology and interfering in the internal affairs of the states of the region. A complete blockade of Qatar was launched.

Naturally, the current situation raised the question of the possibility of a military operation against Qatar. Despite the colossal role in the Middle East and even world politics, Qatar is very poorly protected. Recall that in Qatar, a tiny emirate, there are only 2,5 million people. Of these, only about 300 thousand people are citizens of Qatar. As in most other oil monarchies of the Persian Gulf, the bulk of the inhabitants of Qatar are foreign workers and employees - immigrants from India, Pakistan, Iran, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Ethiopia and other countries in Asia and Africa who are stateless and do not possess no rights. Migrant workers work in almost all areas of the country's economy, from low-skilled labor to jobs requiring higher education and high qualifications. The small indigenous population of Qatar makes the country's mobilization reserve simply insignificant.

Who will protect Qatar?

Qatar’s armed forces are also very small. Their number is about 12 thousand people. History The modern Qatari army began in 1971, when the emirate gained independence from Britain. Oil revenues allowed the Qatari emirs to take care of the armament and equipment of their soldiers, but the Qatari army from the first days of its existence was faced with the most important problem - personnel. Indigenous Qatari even now make up only 30% of the country's armed forces. The rest of the military personnel are mercenaries - immigrants from other states of the Arab world and Pakistan. The core of the Qatari army are the Emir ground forces, numbering only 8,5 thousand soldiers and officers. The ground forces include the following units and units. Firstly, it is a brigade of the emir’s guard consisting of three infantry battalions, performing the duties of personal protection of the emir, his family members, and emir’s residences. Secondly, these are actually ground forces, consisting of 4 mechanized infantry battalions, 1 artillery battalion (consisting of 4 artillery and 1 anti-aircraft batteries), 1 armored brigade (tank battalion, mechanized infantry battalion, anti-tank battalion and mortar company) and 1 company for special purposes.

The Qatari emirs have always tried to compensate for the small number of land forces with generous arms costs. Although Qatar was previously controlled by the British, until recently the bulk of the Qatari army’s armored vehicles were French. First of all, we are talking about 40 tanks AMX-30S, as well as tanks AMX-30S, adapted for conducting combat operations in the desert terrain. In 2013, Qatar ordered the 62 tank Leopard - 2 A7 of German production. Supplies of tanks from Germany began in the 2015 year, and to date, there are about 30 such tanks in the Qatari army.

The mechanized infantry units of the Qatari army are equipped with a variety of armored vehicles, mainly French-made. First, it is the 12 combat reconnaissance vehicles (BRM) AMX-10RC, sometimes called "wheeled tanks." The armament of such a BRM consists of an 105-mm cannon and an 7,62-mm machine gun paired with it. A developed fire control system identifies targets during the day and at night. It consists of a laser range finder, an electronic ballistic computer and a thermal sight that can work in the dark. In addition to the "wheeled tanks", the Qatari army also has 16 armored reconnaissance vehicles of the French-made VBL class. These are light armored vehicles developed by Panhard General Defense as early as the middle of the 1980s. The Qatari army has 40 French AMX-10P infantry fighting vehicles armed with an 20-mm M693 cannon with a day sight with an increase of 6x. The mechanized units are armed with 30 AMX-VCI - French-made armored personnel carriers and 160 VAB, 4 VAB VPM81 and 24 VAB VCAC HOT armored personnel carriers - all French-made.

The Qatari army has X-NUMX American-made Cadillac Commando V-8 armored personnel carriers. The 15 British light reconnaissance Ferret armored vehicles are in storage, the use of which began in the 12s. In the same condition and 1950 Engesa EE-20 Cascavel - Brazilian-made wheeled combat reconnaissance vehicles manufactured from the 9-s. Engesa EE-1970 Cascavel, by the way, became widespread in Asia and Africa thanks to a simple and reliable design and the ability to use both for conducting reconnaissance and for supporting infantry units and anti-tank actions.

Back in the late 1990's. In Qatar, MOWAG Piranha was produced in Switzerland. Now in the Qatari army there are 40 units - 36 vehicles with 90-mm cannons, 2 command and control vehicles and 2 armored repair and recovery vehicles. The ground forces have 9 self-propelled German-French-made Roland-2 self-propelled anti-aircraft missile systems, which are equipped with special radar tracking systems. As for man-portable air defense systems, the French Mistrals are also in the lead - they are in QN units of the 24 unit, but the 20 of the Russian Strela-2 are also in service. In the Qatari army there 28 155mm ACS AMX Mk F-3, 15 120mm mortar Brandt, 4 81 mm self-propelled mortar the VPM (based VAB), 26 81mm mortars L16, 44-48 ATGM "Hot" (including 24 self-propelled, based on VAB) and 60-100 ATGM Milan.

The armored vehicles of the Qatari ground forces were for the first time involved in a serious conflict during Operation Storm in the Desert, where, according to foreign military experts, it showed itself quite well. Then Qatari armored vehicles were used in other local conflicts in the Middle East.

Qatar authorities pay much attention to the development of the air force. The Qatari Emir Air Force was created in 1974, somewhat later by the ground forces. Over time, they were also based on French-made equipment diluted with products from other countries. Now the Air Force of Qatar are 9 aircraft "Mirage-2000-5EDA" and 3 "Mirage-2000-5DDA», 6 combat training aircraft Alpha Jet, 12-13 helicopters Westland "Commando» Mk2A (3, transport), Mk2C ( 1-2, VIP) and Mk3 (8, maritime patrols, 2 of them are equipped to carry 1 AM-39 "Exocet" ASM), 11 SA-342L helicopters "Gazelle" (with ATGM "Hot"), 18 helicopters Apususus . Organizationally, Qatar Air Force includes 139 fighter-bomber and 1 assault squadrons, 1 transport squadrons, 1 helicopter squadrons and 3 air defense missile division.

Traditionally, the highest commanding staff of the Qatari army was recruited from among the representatives of the Emir surname. This is not surprising, since in Qatar, as in other monarchies of the Persian Gulf, the traditional feudal system of social and political organization was preserved. The supreme commander of the Qatari army is Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani (born 1980), replacing his father Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani on the throne of the head of state in 2013. By the way, Sheikh Tamim Al Thani received a higher military education in the UK - in the renowned Royal Military Academy in Sandhurst, after which he served in the Qatari army in command positions. The State Minister for the Defense of Qatar is Khalid bin Mohammed Al-Attiyah (born 1967), one of the representatives of the Banu Tamim tribe, to whom the name of Emir Al Thani belongs. Higher military education minister received in Saudi Arabia - at the King Faisal Air Force Academy. 1987 to 1995 Khalid bin Mohammed Al-Attiyah served as a fighter pilot in the Qatari Air Force, but then resigned from military service and engaged in legal business. 2008 to 2011 He headed the Ministry of International Cooperation, in 2013-2016. he was Minister of Foreign Affairs, and in 2016 he became Minister of State for Defense.

Unlike senior officers, the middle and junior officer positions of the Qatari army for a long time had a lot of immigrants from other countries of the Arab world - primarily from Oman, Yemen and Jordan, as well as Pakistanis. Formally, Qatar’s armed forces are recruited by recruiting volunteers - male nationals from 17 to 25 years, but the law provides for contractual service in the Qatari army of foreign citizens, which the authorities successfully use to cover the personnel shortage of professional soldiers by hiring foreigners.

The small size of the Qatari army and the virtual absence of a mobilization reserve make Qatar an easy prey for stronger neighbors in the event of any military conflict. Qatar will not be able to compete with either Saudi Arabia or Iran. This is perfectly understood by the emir and his entourage, trying to maneuver between more powerful states. Firstly, Qatar has the most strategically important American military base in the region - Al-Adid. Over the twenty years of its existence, the United States spent huge amounts of money on the base. It is on it that CENTCOM, the center of command and control of American troops in the Middle East and Indian Ocean, displaced from Saudi Arabia in the early 2000s, acts. It also houses a large number of American aviation and armored vehicles. Naturally, the very fact of the presence of an American military base in Qatar, and even of such a level, given the small territory of the country, implies that the United States controls the military-political situation in Qatar and, if necessary, can act as a defender or grave digger of the emirate.

When at the beginning of June 2017, a number of Middle Eastern and African states announced that their diplomatic relations with Qatar were severed, Turkey immediately took the side of the emirate. It is known that the last years between Ankara and Doha have developed a special relationship. Back in 2014, Turkey and Qatar signed an agreement to strengthen bilateral cooperation between countries, which, among other things, provided for the possibility of creating a Turkish military base in Qatar. However, for the time being - before the time Turkey was in no hurry to open its military mission in Qatar, and this is the need for a Turkish military presence in the emirate.

On June 7, the Turkish Parliament passed the law on the deployment of the Turkish military contingent in Qatar, and the Turkish military delegation left for Doha on June 10 to study on the spot the possibilities of deploying the Turkish contingent. We are talking about the deployment in Qatar of numerous, up to three thousand troops, the Turkish military contingent. In fact, against the background of the diplomatic crisis, this gesture of Turkey means demonstrating the strength of the Arab states and Ankara’s readiness to protect Qatar’s emirate from direct military intervention of Saudi Arabian troops and other Arab states that broke off diplomatic relations with Qatar. In addition, Turkey is one of the key US military partners in the NATO bloc, which binds Washington’s hands - it is clear that the United States is unlikely to use military force against NATO allies.

Finally, we should not forget that Qatar has a special relationship with Iran - unlike Saudi Arabia, which is an open opponent of Tehran, the emirs of Qatar have always sought to maintain good relations with a powerful neighbor. When Saudi Arabia and its allies announced the blockade of Qatar, Iran sent airplanes with food to the emirate.

Thus, we see that, despite the small size and weakness of the Qatari army, the small emirate is under the reliable protection of more powerful allies, skillfully tacking between the major powers of the region and the world at large - Turkey, Iran, the United States and even Russia.
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  1. parusnik
    parusnik 15 June 2017 15: 34
    There is someone to intervene ... but if you can figure it out ... the Qatar crisis no matter how you look at the hand of Russia ...
    1. xetai9977
      xetai9977 15 June 2017 15: 39
      If there was money, there would be defenders
      1. Out
        Out 15 June 2017 18: 39
        Quote: xetai9977
        If there was money, there would be defenders

        Precisely noticed, and I understand in the forefront, my dear.
        1. Shurik70
          Shurik70 15 June 2017 19: 35
          Qatar is one of the richest, and, at the same time, weak (militarily) states.
          Only Kuwait can be compared with it, but Kuwait is almost twice as poor (if GDP is divided per capita). In addition, there are American troops in Kuwait.
          So when someone decided to remake oil revenues in the Arab world, he logically began with Qatar. However, WHO IS IT? Definitely not Americans, everything is too confused. Americans are straightforward, like a rail. So one of the Arabs or the Jews. And given the friendly reaction of the entire region - there was a conspiracy.
          1. moskowit
            moskowit 15 June 2017 19: 46
            Everything is correct. Too organized passed. Instantly, the "group of comrades" broke off diplomatic relations. What unity in thoughts, you are rightly amazed. A very professional "director" led the production. Almost like Luke Besson. Dynamic, interesting ...
          2. Nyrobsky
            Nyrobsky 15 June 2017 22: 35
            Quote: Shurik70
            However, WHO IS IT? Definitely not Americans, everything is too confused. Americans are straightforward, like a rail.

            Are Americans straightforward? belay Yes, everything is done through them .. Well ....... curvilinear))))) They think one thing, they say another, and they do the third. As a result, all who contacted and believed them are either loser or ruined. If you survive, then you can say lucky.
            1. Shurik70
              Shurik70 15 June 2017 23: 24
              Quote: Nyrobsky

              Are Americans straightforward? belay Yes, everything is done through them .. Well ....... curvilinear))))) They think one thing, they say another, and they do the third. As a result, all who contacted and believed them are either loser or ruined. If you survive, then you can say lucky.

              I say, they are straightforward - to make everyone feel bad that they feel good.
              Here is the war in Syria - the simplest double-walker. Start a war and, as a result, flood Europe with refugees, thereby provoking a series of crises. This is the main goal. Well, all this lies and murders are just incidental tasks that do not interfere with the main goal. The military presence of Americans in the conflict zone so that the boiler does not fade, but does not splash out, but continues to boil evenly. Therefore, they "miss" on civilian facilities, constantly getting into power plants. Now they began to shoot open at Assad.
              In Qatar, the situation is different. Yes, in the style of the Americans, on a false accusation, they immediately break off diplomatic relations without listening to explanations. But then oriental lace begins already, who is for, who is against, such a fantastic tangle turned out ...
      2. 73bor
        73bor 16 June 2017 21: 40
        Money, as the experience of the previous seven years has shown, does not solve anything, they are essentially fucking nobody needs their desert, "- there aren’t enough violent ones"
        1. karish
          karish 16 June 2017 22: 07
          Quote: 73bor
          Money, as the experience of the previous seven years has shown, does not solve anything

          Money is everything but true love and health.

          Quote: 73bor
          they are essentially fucking nobody with their desert needs

          With the desert - no.
          Qatar's mistake is that he thought that money could buy peace.
          Paying everyone - ISIS, Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran, etc., etc. - like take the money, just don’t touch us.
          Horseradish, Qatar is one of the main sponsors of terror.
          1. 73bor
            73bor 17 June 2017 01: 22
            You are mistaken, my dear, in a broader sense, and Qatar’s money has simply turned into dust! And they understand this very well. They already signed for their own defeat!
    2. LAWNER
      LAWNER 15 June 2017 16: 45
      Iran is in the top five in terms of oil and gas reserves. So maybe it’s more to their advantage? Compensate for the losses from sanctions and at the same time wipe the nose of the Saudis?
    3. Mavrikiy
      Mavrikiy 15 June 2017 17: 37
      Quote: parusnik
      There is someone to intervene ... but if you can figure it out ... the Qatar crisis no matter how you look at the hand of Russia ...

      Well, let's separate the flies from the cutlets. Finkinton brewed porridge to our advantage, to our own amusement? Rather, it was done so that the fly would get into the honey. What caused Syria to blaze?
      The "gas pipeline" (on an adjacent branch) is a loop on which it is very unpleasant to have fun, but it may well be necessary.
      Qatar supplies LNG to Europe, but the pipeline through Iran and Turkey will not only spoil our nerves.
      Therefore, measure seven times, and think again to cut.
      1. parusnik
        parusnik 15 June 2017 18: 02
        but the pipeline through Iran and Turkey will not only spoil our nerves.
        .. Bypassing the Kurds ...?
        1. Mavrikiy
          Mavrikiy 15 June 2017 18: 24
          Quote: parusnik
          but the pipeline through Iran and Turkey will not only spoil our nerves.
          .. Bypassing the Kurds ...?

          Look carefully at the map of our homeland! (joke)
          Turkey - I see, Iran - I see, and Kurdistan ..... So it turns out, the Turks will cut their Kurds for gas and Iran will pump its own. The USA can dream, but whether Iran and Turkey will allow them, there, too, are not fools.
          1. Sergej1972
            Sergej1972 18 June 2017 02: 31
            Turks cannot cut a quarter of their population for gas. There are plenty of Kurds in both the state apparatus and the army. After all, not all Turkish Kurds are supporters of independent Kurdistan.
  2. knn54
    knn54 15 June 2017 15: 42
    Further, the gap in diplomatic relations will not happen. The PRC and Japan are heavily dependent on Qatari liquefied gas supplies, and the United States is too interested in its ally. Moreover, this is not the first strain on Qatar’s relations with its neighbors ...
    1. antivirus
      antivirus 15 June 2017 16: 17
      and move Qatari LNG in favor of Amer gas - moved
      While maintaining the base and all others, "you are my ally"
    2. andj61
      andj61 15 June 2017 16: 42
      Quote: knn54
      Further, the gap in diplomatic relations will not happen.

      Already the matter went further - they established a blockade.
      Quote: knn54
      China and Japan are heavily dependent on Qatari liquefied gas supplies, and the United States is too interested in its ally.

      Depend - it is. But for the United States, Qatar is a direct competitor in the liquefied gas trade. So that
      Quote: antivirus
      move Qatari LNG in favor of Amer gas - moved

      And the US regional command at one time was stationed in Qatar due to confusion with the KSA. And now with the Saudis, peace-friendship-chewing gum, so that they can move there again, or in the UAE - US interests will not be affected. hi
  3. Pecheneg
    Pecheneg 15 June 2017 16: 40
    The main sponsor of the Syrian conflict is Qatar, which wanted its pipeline to Europe through Syria. Gouging Qatar to hell and let this fire go to Saudi Arabia, you look and the price of oil jumps.
    1. lance
      lance 15 June 2017 17: 14
      Based on recent events, the share of the Russian Federation in the gas industry of Qatar has approached 35%. Apparently the Russian Federation is the main "terrorist".
  4. Sergei 777
    Sergei 777 15 June 2017 17: 17
    It’s better to name the article: Who will defend the American military base in Qatar.
  5. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy 15 June 2017 17: 29
    In a yellow sand, with a cherry on his head and a wax on his face ....., and the Buryat riot police still looked more adequate.
  6. Alexey RA
    Alexey RA 15 June 2017 19: 04
    It’s interesting if the Saudis and Co. invade Qatar - will the US organize a new “Desert Storm” for protection small state subjected to unprovoked aggression? laughing
  7. bandabas
    bandabas 15 June 2017 19: 38
    Take SAE Dita. Are they like brothers?
  8. Ferdinant
    Ferdinant 15 June 2017 22: 14
    They need to turn to Mr. Turchinov, he will defeat everyone.
    HEATHER 15 June 2017 22: 57
    Once Saddam tried to reason with them. The result was far from being present. Now everything is back to square one? The states started to panic too much. They flock from fox to hare. Something will happen.
    1. Sergej1972
      Sergej1972 18 June 2017 02: 32
      Whom? Saddam attacked Kuwait.
  10. Scorpio05
    Scorpio05 15 June 2017 22: 58
    The author forgot about one important thing. Pakistan also sends 20 thousand troops to Qatar. It seems that the big Chinese brother advised, and the action is most likely coordinated with Turkey. Moreover, it will be the elite troops of the army. Surely, various kinds of equipment, combat systems and aircraft will be sent along with the troops. Together with the Turkish military contingent (there will also most likely be commandos, aircraft, armored vehicles, etc.), and even an American military base, all this makes the military invasion of the operetnaya army of the Arabian monarchies of the bay an almost impossible dream. The second Bahrain or Yemen will not be repeated here ...
  11. Victor Khan
    Victor Khan 16 June 2017 03: 23
    the Arabs that the warriors have a lot of money ... darling a little ..
  12. Rabinovich_007
    Rabinovich_007 17 June 2017 07: 56
    Yes, everything, played out with terror and money. Oil and gas underfoot, I don’t want to live - no, we have to deal with terrorism.
    Now you have to take it all away, who needs oil, take gas.