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Supercapacitors greatly simplify the degaussing of ships of the Russian Navy

According to the information of the online newspaper "News”, The headquarters of the Navy reported on the launch in Russia of the mass production of supercapacitors, which are designed to significantly accelerate the demagnetization of warships, as well as distort and mask their electromagnetic portrait. Tests of the newest degaussing complex were carried out during the corresponding work on the large landing ship "Ivan Gren".

BDK "Ivan Gren" project 11711 on demagnetization at JSC "PSZ" Yantar "

As indicated, the standard energy storage devices used in the Navy, have high specific power, but at the same time have low specific energy parameters. Demagnetization systems based on them are characterized by a large mass, and therefore can only be installed on special demagnetization vessels. Supercapacitors are compact in size, comparable to a conventional car battery. Thanks to them, the demagnetization process can be made continuous by integrating the device into the onboard equipment.

The developer of the product is the company TEEMP. It has a power density of 100 kW / kg and is able to work even at extreme temperatures. A supercapacitor has a million number of charge – discharge cycles, which allows it to be integrated into any on-board equipment of a car, airplane or ship.

According to Alexander Mozgovoy, an expert in the field of naval armaments, the ship’s standard demagnetization procedures are long and laborious. Currently, they are carried out exclusively on the territory of naval bases.

The ship has not only its own unique acoustic portrait, but also an electromagnetic one. There are magnetic mines, torpedoes and even missiles with magnetic heads of guidance. Degaussing is necessary, but it is a big problem. I remember that because of this, I had to change all the wiring to the BDK “Ivan Gren”.

As he believes, the introduction of a new technology will significantly simplify the process of degaussing, since everything is done with one click on the button.

The Americans have already installed a similar system to their newest destroyers like "Zumwalt».

Ship degaussing is a mandatory procedure before each departure to the sea. It includes a case winding with an electrical cable. For several days, a current is supplied through it that is generated through electrolytic capacitors, which produce alternating magnetic pulses. They remove the ship’s own electromagnetic field. As a result, the work of the navigation systems improves and the ship’s protection from high-precision systems increases. weapons.
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  1. Vladimir16
    Vladimir16 14 June 2017 06: 23
    A cleaning lady wrote an article? I overheard what the uncles in the office were talking about and cooked up in my own words. What would any girl understand. laughing
    1. Boa kaa
      Boa kaa 14 June 2017 13: 01
      Quote: Vladimir16
      A cleaning lady wrote an article?

      Not an article, but a blooper!
      - do not carry out demagnetization before each exit to the sea.
      - there is an integrated demagnetization system on our ships (buttax windings, for example) to compensate for the Earth’s alternating magnetic field;
      - in Ivan, when the windings were turned on - computers flew! Previously, this was trained at Anadyr. The mine protection department reared up - as a result, the ship returned to Finku to repair the control system and navigation. But the lesson apparently did not go in vain.
      - torpedoes with a magnetic channel - I heard, saw, even touched with my hands ... About the "rockets" I heard for the first time ... (as they say: "I’m on the asphalt in the skis shod ... Either the skis don’t go, or I’m star-shaped ! ")
      - demagnetization is carried out not in the territory, but in the water area, at special training grounds with controlled characteristics, and as a rule a couple of days. Then, the start-up takes the Jeltman set, the furs with the documentation and the boat goes to the SR to solve issues on field tolerances ...
      Somehow it used to be. Now everyone wants to solve with supercapacitors ... Naive people !!! bully
  2. Uncle lee
    Uncle lee 14 June 2017 06: 31
    supercapacitor manufacturing
    Something I did not taste about miraculous supercapacitors!
  3. Lenya Panteleev
    Lenya Panteleev 14 June 2017 06: 37
    [quote] [/ quote] have high specific power, but at the same time have low specific energy parameters. What is it like? Full nonsense!
    1. cost
      cost 14 June 2017 07: 20
      This is probably nano-technology, it’s not in vain that we feed Chubais with folk money ... We shove everything into it and shove it, but he refuses the poor - no more, enough, enough for me. Extremely decent person))))
  4. alatanas
    alatanas 14 June 2017 10: 23
    The one who wrote this opus does not have elementary knowledge of electrical engineering. Demagnetization is carried out by alternating current to eliminate the residual magnetism of iron. Electromagnetic radiation is suppressed by shielding (Faraday cage - a hexagonal lattice of conductive material with a side that is a multiple of 1/2 of the length of the emitted electromagnetic wave)
  5. Operator
    Operator 14 June 2017 14: 02
    At Zumvolt, the electrical network for removing magnetization is integrated into the ship's hull, powered by on-board sources of electricity and does not require entering the port.

    For the first time in the Russian fleet, the Ivan Gren BDK used a similar autonomous system using supercapacitors as storage devices and pulsed energy sources.
  6. Bronevick
    Bronevick 14 June 2017 16: 06
    It's time to cut it into metal.
    1. An60
      An60 15 June 2017 13: 46
      Are you talking about Zumvolt?