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Werner von Braun. Missile Baron in the service of NASA

Werner von Braun. Missile Baron in the service of NASA
January 1945. Peenemünde is threatened by Soviet troops. Von Braun leaves the rocket center and takes refuge in an alpine ski resort, where in early May his long-awaited rescuers, the Americans, appear. To surrender to the Americans, von Braun was preparing in advance. On the eve of the evacuation from Peenemünde, he gathered all his engineers and asked them to decide on the issue of surrender. For obvious reasons, von Braun and his designers did not want to surrender to the Soviet army. They knew about the atrocities of the Nazis in the Russian land and were afraid of revenge. Therefore, the staff of von Braun decided to surrender to the Americans.

On one of the first days of 1945 in May of the year, noticing the American soldier, Werner von Braun’s brother and colleague, Magnus caught up with him on a bicycle and turned in broken English:
“I'm Magnus von Braun. My brother is the inventor of Fow-2. We would like to surrender. ”

A close fragment of an interview with Werner von Braun, which he gave after his capture, was preserved: “We know that the fact of our creation of a new weapons confronts us with the moral choice of which victorious nation we will pass on to our offspring. This question faces us more acutely than ever before. We do not want the world to be involved in yet another conflict. We believe that by transferring our new weapons
to people living under biblical laws, we will be sure that the world is protected. ” (“People living according to biblical laws” a few months after this interview with von Braun dropped atomic charges on Hirosoma and Nagasaki. More than 250 000 people were killed in two bombings. The bombardment had no significance in terms of completing the defeat Japan. Former Nazi designer von Braun, however, had nothing to do with it.

World War II smoothly flowed into the Cold War. And since the world rocket race had already been declared by Nazi Germany, and the hunt for rocket and nuclear secrets began with it, the Americans did not hesitate and already in the summer of 1945, they transferred the von Braun group with missiles, components and documentation to Fort Bliss (Texas ) located in close proximity to the White Sands Missile Range in the neighboring state of New Mexico. These places should be considered the cradle of the American missile program.

Over the next 15 years, Werner von Braun worked in the United States military, creating V-2 guided ballistic missiles, he watched their launches at the White Sands test site as part of the Hermes project, which started less than a year after von Braun's captivity - 16 APRIL 1946

In 1950, the Von Braun design team was transferred to the Redstone arsenal near Huntsville, Alabama (one of von Braun’s missiles carries the same name). Here, experts began the construction of an army ballistic missile Jupiter-S (Jupiter) on the basis of the ballistic Redstone.
In 1955, von Braun received US citizenship, and until then, the designer had not been introduced to the general public, constantly being monitored by security forces.

1960 year was another turning point in the fate of the designer. Von Braun’s missile center was transferred to the Aeronautics and Space Administration, NASA, and immediately received an order for the construction of Saturn missiles (Saturn). Career von Braun continued her rapid climb. He was appointed the first director of the Space Flight Center (Marshall Space Flight Center) of NASA, and was also appointed as chief designer of the Saturn-5 rocket (Saturn V). This carrier rocket was intended for manned flights to the moon under the Apollo program. In addition, von Braun led the work on the explorer satellites and the Apollo spacecraft.

The former Nazi designer von Braun, who did not want to surrender to the USSR, became one of the leading researchers of outer space in the United States. The culmination of the career of Werner von Braun was 1972 the year when he was appointed deputy director of NASA and managing spaceport at Cape Canaveral. However, in the same year, the US economy experienced a recession, which was one of the reasons for the collapse of the lunar program. A cosmic dreamer, a fan of Cosmos exploration, von Braun was offered to engage in more profitable from the economic and military points of view, the launch of technical and reconnaissance satellites. Apparently, the designer did not find a common language with the upper management and was dismissed. The lunar program was curtailed, and mankind continues to dream of the flights of spacecraft to Mars, the long-time goal of von Braun.

The last post of von Braun was the post of vice president of Fairchild Space Industries, which produced aerospace equipment.
In the 1973 year, Werner von Braun underwent surgery to remove a cancerous tumor. However, in 1974, he still continued to work on the satellite project, and gave all his free time to flying on a glider. But illness and old age took their toll, and in June 1977, the “rocket baron” Werner von Braun died.
“Werner von Braun. From the Nazis to NASA »

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  1. grizzlir
    grizzlir 27 February 2012 09: 19 New
    The article is somewhat crumpled, I would like to know Brown’s biography in more detail. Still, the personality is not at all ordinary. As they say in Russia, a nugget.
  2. neri73-r
    neri73-r 27 February 2012 10: 37 New
    Double son of a bitch, first fascist, then sky !!! And his way from one devil to another !!!
  3. Rodver
    Rodver 27 February 2012 11: 20 New
    A brilliant designer, like Korolev. But the American developers of the atomic bomb, or people who live according to biblical laws, spit on all morality - 250 thousand dead civilians in Japan, payment for their military-scientific experiment.
  4. Baphometh
    Baphometh 27 February 2012 11: 20 New
    сдался ради наживы и славы, несмотря на "свой вклад", американцам. Не исключено что, если бы он сдался нашим а не союзникам (возможно, что его могли пытать, и он не только про фау-2 рассказал бы), я и смотрю заполучив такого человека USA сразу всю библию прочитали и бомбы на Японию побросали... Вот такого мнения о нас складывалось почти у все стран после 45го, мол мы агрессоры, а Америка победила во IIй мировой, все прозападная пропаганда...
    PS flag FR at the top in the browser by default, the French company)))
  5. Georg Shep
    Georg Shep 27 February 2012 11: 55 New
    ... And on Mars apple trees will bloom.
    All of us, once dreamed that in our lifetime a person would someday fly to Mars ... But in today's life it is no longer up to Mars.
  6. SenyaYa
    SenyaYa 27 February 2012 14: 25 New
    You, your comments, look what you are better than Americans ... so much anger at the brilliant scientist! For the fact that he was born at the wrong time and place
    1. Zynaps
      Zynaps 27 February 2012 17: 08 New
      dear Senya.

      когда ты узнаешь про историю подполья на нацистском полигоне Пенемюнде, ты будешь разочарован поступками гениального учёного. гениальный учёный без колебаний подмахивал смертные приговоры подпольщикам, и военнопленных-каторжников местные СС вешали гроздьями на ажурной балке одного из ангаров. представляет также немалый интерес, сколько людей погибло при строительстве, на испытаниях и на производстве его ракет. у англичан фон Браун - нацистский преступник. по сумме "заслуг".

      for some, it’s primary that Werner von Braun is Nazi scum. for some he is a brilliant scientist. to whom they invested in the soul.
  7. 755962
    755962 27 February 2012 15: 09 New
    Тут, однако, необходимо ясно понять одно: не только Соединенные Штаты, но и Советский Союз сделал исходным проектом для своих первых ракет-носителей проект "Фау-2" Вернера фон Брауна. На сайте американского Управления по космическим исследованиям НАСА фон Брауну дается такая характеристика: "Без всякого сомнения, Вернер фон Браун был величайшим в истории ученым в области ракетной физики".
    1. Zynaps
      Zynaps 27 February 2012 17: 17 New
      Quote: 755962
      На сайте американского Управления по космическим исследованиям НАСА фон Брауну дается такая характеристика: "Без всякого сомнения, Вернер фон Браун был величайшим в истории ученым в области ракетной физики".

      this is called, you will not praise yourself - no one will praise. if they couldn’t bring up their own Korolev, Chertok, Barmin, Chelomey and Yangel. ours - they rule. Gagarin flew into space, when in our country still the bomb craters did not drag out. launching a rocket into space in a country untouched by war is an event, but not a feat.
  8. Volkhov
    Volkhov 27 February 2012 16: 29 New
    Missile technology is a notorious technical dead end, so the Germans slipped their missiles along with f. Brown Allies. The Soviet mission was patronized so that 2 copies were slipped. The Zenger shuttle project - one toilets, the other to firewood, and achieved complete success - a rocket industry was created that tied us to the Earth's environs.
    Brown - German Susanin.
    Germans modestly left whirlwinds to themselves and fly freely, sending greetings to the kerosene.
    1. Zynaps
      Zynaps 27 February 2012 17: 13 New
      дорогой эксперт! у Зенгера был ещё и проект фотонной ракеты. см. его труд "К механике фотонных ракет". немцы из Антарктиды и параллельной реальности себе, небось, фотонные ракеты оставили и давно с Альфы Центавра ништяки вагонами возят, а лошне унылые ракеты на спирте подсунули?

      reading von Kranz + vodka = evil!
      1. Volkhov
        Volkhov 27 February 2012 22: 02 New
        In the main, you are right - quarantine restrains the spread of foolishness, and most people find it useful to put your eyes to sleep, but sometimes there are people who are striving for development and independent thinking, they are given tips, otherwise there is too much inequality between the Empire of Lies and curious loners. Even for wolves hunted from a helicopter, someone tells them to stand behind the birch trunk, and a pack of sockeye salmon (salmon) at the entrance to the river, where the brigade with a large net works, releases forward a watch of 3 males that swim on top and inspect the coast, and only if they do not notice anything, the pack goes to break through a dangerous place.
        We are just different - I have red blood, and I try to preserve my race through knowledge, while others would like to eliminate people to be replaced with a blue blood race through deception and manipulation - it’s easy to determine the color of the blood, normal ones sympathize with their own.
  9. suharev - 52
    suharev - 52 27 February 2012 22: 42 New
    In my youth, I was interested in everything related to rocketry. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the source where Brown’s words were quoted that our Tsiolkovsky, whom he respected and respected, was his ideological teacher and inspirer who carried away his ideas of flying a person using a rocket. Well, the fact that he was a great scientist, in scale equal to our Korolev, I think that no one will dispute it. And the fact that he was in the camp of our opponents, well - such is fate. And against her, as they say - no arguing. Sincerely.
  10. Alex_dnepr
    Alex_dnepr 28 February 2012 02: 49 New
    The scientist is certainly brilliant, but it would be much more correct to punish our special services of the fascist, and it is very useful for the American scientist.
  11. Broomparl
    Broomparl April 19 2013 00: 41 New
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  14. Engineer
    Engineer 2 July 2015 12: 40 New
    He died of kidney disease. Apparently he was very fond of collectible wines from Europe, cancer has nothing to do with it.