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Russians surprised the number of Americans who watched interviews with Putin

The interview of Russian President Vladimir Putin to journalist Megin Kelly for the first release of the Sunday Night program on NBC News looked at the 6,1 of a million Americans. About this informed the portal Adweek, specializing in ratings. According to him, it was the highest rating of NBC since March, with the exception of sports programs.

The conversation with the Russian leader was able to overtake the dateline show, which traditionally occupies the top lines of the rating channel. Specializing in crime stories, the program was able to keep a million viewers off 4,9 screens.

Kelly, who moderated the discussions of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, said that Putin treated her "warmly, very politely, was interested in her family, told her about his details."

Russian-speaking social network users left a lot of comments about this.

Cool man Putin!
- the user writes "VKontakte" Sergey Kalinin.

NBC's toughest journalist. Many politicians are afraid of her.
- notes Natalia Eliseeva.

This is not a drop in the sea. Just this interview was watched by the most intelligent, intelligent and intelligent people in the USA. Which subsequently will be able to explain its point of view to the gray majority. For most Americans, this is generally not interesting, for them the main thing in life is “sofa-series-show-brew-burger
- Vasily Malozemov gives his opinion.

As recalled RIA News", President Putin gave Kelly an interview on Russian-American relations and, in particular, again denied the allegations against Russia regarding interference with US elections.
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  1. Platov
    Platov 7 June 2017 11: 42
    Putin World Leader! The most worthy person in power!
    1. cniza
      cniza 7 June 2017 11: 47
      Of the 20 odd minutes, only 10 were shown, cut as they were profitable, they did not show all the sharp.
      1. pjastolov
        pjastolov 7 June 2017 11: 49
        Nizzyayayaya, and suddenly fall in love with Putin, Trump what then to do? laughing
        1. family tree
          family tree 7 June 2017 12: 11
          Quote: pjastolov
          what if they fall in love with Putin

          Duck late shuffle what They have children there already playing Putin, and adults, by joke, try to portray a Russian accent in a conversation, such as our Odessa laughing
      2. Genry
        Genry 7 June 2017 11: 55
        Solovyov clearly noticed about the tendentious pruning.
        1. vch
          vch 7 June 2017 12: 43
          It would be nice if on the president’s website they would also post an interior view without cuts with an English translation ...... So that anyone from across the ocean could listen and understand what this blonde is all about.
          1. Labrador
            Labrador 7 June 2017 13: 21
            There is more audience on RT - there you have to provide without cuts and with a translation!
            1. vch
              vch 7 June 2017 13: 21
              Could be so....
          2. Omskgasmyas
            Omskgasmyas 8 June 2017 08: 17
            It does not interfere.
            You must use any possible channels to bring information to the US population.
          3. CAT BAIYUN
            CAT BAIYUN 8 June 2017 17: 46
            It would be nice if on the president’s website they would also post an interior view without cuts with an English translation ...... So that anyone from across the ocean could listen and understand what this blonde is all about.

            Uploading the full English version is a great idea. Perhaps this is already done. And the journalist in itself does not matter. In their realities, this is simply a laying between the news generator (BB in this case) and the editor (or the channel’s editorial policy machine).
      DEPARTMENT 7 June 2017 11: 58
      We were not particularly surprised ... We in Russia didn’t especially look at him! We just know that he said everything normally! Otherwise, we can’t have Russians .. We have no time, we need to work for the good of Russia! soldier
    3. siberalt
      siberalt 7 June 2017 12: 03
      Show us at least one surprised Russian about this, or post a photo of the author of the title. laughing
  2. aszzz888
    aszzz888 7 June 2017 11: 48
    For most Americans, this is not at all interesting, for them the most important thing in life is a "sofa-series-show-pivas-burger

    ... because 80% of the mericatos will not crawl through standard doors ... I will not say anything about their mind, because they have them at the level of development of the 2nd century BC .. wassat
    1. MPK105
      MPK105 7 June 2017 11: 50
      I don’t agree, I think that they are just open people, unlike us ...
      These are the good guys ... wink
      1. Velizariy
        Velizariy 7 June 2017 12: 05
        This is not a merikatos, this is a "Tommy" Englishman)
        1. cost
          cost 8 June 2017 01: 46
          And judging by the absence of shadows on the wall when shooting, halogen background spotlights were used. So this photo is 100% staged. hi
          it becomes something like this

          The result is as follows. The aunt in the photo also has no shadow on the wall yes
      2. Seraphimamur
        Seraphimamur 8 June 2017 08: 06
        He just loves little girls a lot because he’s a pedophile.
        1. An60
          An60 8 June 2017 13: 36
          Is this about Trump? Or ...
    HEATHER 7 June 2017 11: 51
    And why am I not surprised? Probably simply because the lackeys are obligated to listen to their God. Or have I frozen it again? And if you think carefully? For us, Putin is simply the President. For the whole planet, He is God. Thanks to him, some people are conscious. Although wrong. To put it mildly. He corrected and will show the True Path! ... Something dragged me to the truth.
  4. sagitch
    sagitch 7 June 2017 11: 55
    When Kelly interviewed, it seemed to me that she would like to get from Putin not only interviews. She appreciated our president, as a woman evaluates a potential partner. Or did it seem to me alone?
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 7 June 2017 11: 59
      Quote: sagitch
      She appreciated our president, as a woman evaluates a potential partner.

      Whoever has that in mind in this world is just Amban
      1. sagitch
        sagitch 7 June 2017 13: 37
        If you do not see anything around you except politics, then you can only sympathize!
  5. Platov
    Platov 7 June 2017 11: 58
    After the interview)))
    1. Yulai Salavatovich
      Yulai Salavatovich 12 June 2017 14: 47
      Either Macron carries, then Trump, how many drivers do Putin have?
  6. mikh-korsakov
    mikh-korsakov 7 June 2017 12: 02
    I understand that this whole story is public rhetoric and nothing more. But I remember the tongue-tied Brezhnev. Gobachev's hollow boot, Yeltsin's drunken jester. Finally, we have a leader who can brilliantly, but also without rudeness put in place the most dodgy snake, and I am proud of it, no matter who starts whining about a bad economy. Bad, bad, but in our non-elite courtyard you can’t drive from cars, do not get through, most of all from foreign cars. No wonder she cut pieces in the American version of the interview where she looked especially awkward. As a person born and living on Vasilievsky Island, I especially liked the abundance of purely Petersburg words and expressions in Putin’s speech - our man, I would like to endure his ministry to the end.
    1. Tatyana
      Tatyana 7 June 2017 12: 36
      Ha! I remember how a neighbor from the village answered me the question why she voted for EBN and not for Zyuganov.
      - But because he (EBN) is beautiful !!!
      - What is beautiful?
      - Well, his hair is beautiful! And then we have all the rulers are all bald and bald ...
      “And who among us is the bald ruler!”
      - Well, how ?! Khrushchev was bald! Andropov was bald! Chernenko is bald! Gorbachev is bald! Zyuganov is also bald !!! Ay, yes tired already bald! Is it the case of Yeltsin! One hair that he is worth - magnificent!
      - Yeltsin is drinking!
      - It's nothing. Look, in our village all the men are drinking!
    2. dauria
      dauria 7 June 2017 13: 22
      Finally, we have a leader who can, with brilliance, but also without rudeness, put in place the most ingenious snake

      Wonderful, so let him go and work as a TV presenter, and put each other there. (By the way, what the hell did the president have to talk with her at all? Let the president speak with the president, dolls with dolls) And the president of any tongue-tied one, only to have a strong economy and not depend on oil demand. Emirates also have foreign cars in their yards.

      And you know, I'm a little tired that I see Putin on TV more often in a year than all Soviet ones all the time from Brezhnev to Gorbachev.
      1. mikh-korsakov
        mikh-korsakov 7 June 2017 14: 08
        It was not Putin who jammed into the interview, but the journalist herself did it. Refusing an interview in this case meant that Putin was scared. About Brezhnev. As for the economy, not everything is so simple. The country at that time was holistic, that is, its economic potential was twice as powerful. This potential at that time was realized on Stalin's inertia (I mean space, BAM, nuclear weapons) or on the basis of the high oil price that jumped in the early seventies, this was achieved by AvtoVAZ, Kamaz). But there were major shortcomings: our country imported grain, other products (Finnish eggs, butter, cheese), there was a lag in new branches of science (computers, biotechnology). That is, our country did not have full sovereignty. Afghan proved it. As for the opportunity to see the face of the leader, I can not compare, I was then very busy. But one thing I saw, our propaganda raised among the people a "Feeling of deep satisfaction" regarding any speech of the leader.
        1. dauria
          dauria 7 June 2017 18: 50
          Refusing an interview in this case meant Putin was scared

          Refusing an interview would not mean anything. More precisely, he would have shown - do not go, honey, to serious people. Not your level. There is a certain diplomatic etiquette.
          Afghan proved it.

          Afghan only proved that the country is capable of sending Americans and entering there before them. By the end of the 83rd, everything was already normal there, but with the advent of Misha in the 85th, it really started. And the number of bearded has grown 3 times over the year is a fact (why would it suddenly?).
          And the need is the uselessness of Afghanistan ... Can’t you tell whose planes are now based in Bagram, Kandahar, etc.? And why are they there?
          But one thing I saw, our propaganda raised among the people a "sense of deep satisfaction"

          Nonsense, by and large, people saw the old, sick, but still respected person. And chuckles, well, it's in the blood, we laugh at the apostle Peter.
          But with the current is more difficult. The feeling that this is an advertisement for “Snickers” (sorry, not patriotic - better than “kvass Nikola”) is getting stronger.
  7. Masya masya
    Masya masya 7 June 2017 12: 39
    Attention! Attention! Watch everyone! A whole hour on NBCNews! Interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin! Only in prime time! Magin Kelly - black top, white bottom - and Putin’s “dictator” in a television box
    Approximately such an advertisement for almost a day spun on the American channel

    Yes, after such an advertisement, the Shtatovs should, with an absolute turnout, hold their breath at the television box !!! wink
  8. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 7 June 2017 12: 49
    6,1 million Americans

    For an American layman, this is a huge figure. And even in a truncated NBC form, it’s good that so many Americans watched it. Moreover, they write that they watch the full version on the Internet. I will express my personal opinion - this is a good informational blow to the United States, which they organized on the assumption that their host will “dampen” the GDP.
  9. NEXUS
    NEXUS 7 June 2017 14: 02
    NBC's toughest journalist. Many politicians are afraid of her.

    The mediocre journalist herself on NBC. Take and cut the key, while thinking of also editing the words of GDP in the context it needs. This indicates precisely the mediocrity of this individual.
  10. Will
    Will 7 June 2017 16: 11
    Americans have much more to lose from the war in their territory. If they know that the answer will calmly come through the “nest”, there is much to be decided. This is what they constantly need to be reminded of. They cut the head and count aspen in the heart of vampires - they know. winked
  11. John_f
    John_f 7 June 2017 17: 09
    the point is that they looked no, tomorrow they will throw another fake with the children in Syria and that's it ... Putin is evil right away! etc.
  12. Jblack
    Jblack 7 June 2017 22: 53
    I don’t understand one thing, well, six Amer’s lyams looked at him, well, well, but the comments are that he’s cool, he’s like that, he’s super macho there, but I wanted to put everything in it, where is the work, where is the development, about foreign cars in the courtyards, the people of the Rkedit people scored themselves, I emphasize that they’re not happy, they give it away, but the interest rates on loans are the fault of wine, he’s on the drum only, he’s a hired manager, and it’s all the same that he has a master of sports or something, I need budget revenues and confiscation of property from his lads. Take off your pink glasses and understand Putin - this is the future king, but don’t think that you will all be noblemen, far from being slaves, and the yard is a cut, a mile, a bear compotovich, a fellow, you want a king, it’s your business, only now I also have the right to want, but I want Lenin, Frunze, Felix and Stalin, I believe more in their ideals, but I will add Deng Xiao Ping and the reforms of China here and it seems to me that people like me have more rights, because everything that they use now has created an alliance, and he created only a cooperative lake, and by the way you are not in this cooperative and never will be.
    1. Seraphimamur
      Seraphimamur 8 June 2017 08: 13
      Tell me, are you from the team of Navalny? Something like that I heard in his statements. You forgot about billions of Putin.
      1. Jblack
        Jblack 8 June 2017 08: 34
        I don’t call for anyone, here smart people sit and figure it out without me, people just got tired of it for the sake of the leader, they already make a demigod, or maybe vice versa.
  13. Shurale
    Shurale 8 June 2017 06: 47
    NBC's toughest journalist. Many politicians are afraid of her.

    Apparently, she can work on the opponent’s words with scissors so that he himself is not glad that he gave the interview, and therefore they are afraid.