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Press tour to the special forces brigade

Recently we went to the press tour to the special-purpose brigade of the Krasnodar Territory.

We were forbidden to say exactly where we were, what we saw, what it was called, and what the rate of fire was. You can not show the faces of officers and contractors.
But, I think, even under these conditions, I will find something interesting to tell you. :)

So, the Order of Zhukov is a special-purpose brigade. A brigade engaged in reconnaissance, combat operations in extreme conditions, search for bandit formations, which participated in the settlement of the Ossetian-Georgian conflict.

Immediately warn you that the show was not a drop. All that was shown to us, that we saw on the training ground and on the grounds - the soldiers train like this every day, this is the usual system. :)

This was the first visit to a military unit by civilians. Not just a press tour, earlier civilians were not allowed there at all.
The first we visited the brigade museum of military glory. It presents military trophies, weapons samples found on missions. Goblets and medals are also displayed and a brief historical help of this brigade. The team is young, she is less than 10 years old. Until 2009, it consisted of contractors, now it is a mixed type unit. Accordingly, everything used to be equipped for contract soldiers, the conditions in which soldiers live and train are now very comfortable. These are barracks hostels and barracks of improved type. In the barracks there is a shower and a toilet in each room, in each room there are two sinks, everything is very civil.

Press tour to the special forces brigade

So, a brief announcement ... What will happen under the cut:
Class communications.
Sniper simulators.
How soldiers train to crimp detonators and plant projectiles.
Many-many weapons.
What do parachutists train on?
A dog who already has three business trips to Chechnya.
Ambush in the forest.
Capture cars with two militants.

Here we go? :)

The press tour was organized by the Ministry of Defense of Russia military_press. We were gathered early in the morning in Krasnodar, and taken by minibus to the area of ​​the military unit. When we arrived, we were met, taken to the office of the commander, over whose desk hung a portrait of a man who is actually the founder of the Russian school of intelligence. We were told "Actually, the portrait of the president should hang here ..." In general, this is a clear indicator - the military has its own structure, it is a kind of "country in the country." And it is natural.
Next we were taken to the museum of military glory. Samples of weapons found in the mountains, bent and melted.

A small part of the awards and diplomas. Then we met in the corridor a huge stand with cups.

Self-made launcher.

Map of the time of the Georgian-Ossetian conflict. There also hung a map taken from enemies, drawn entirely by hand.

A sign that you should pay attention to. Yes, it is important, it plays a role.

Further we were led to the educational building. There are classes in which soldiers study different disciplines. A small reference - each officer maintains an 4 item. Each soldier while studying 34 different subjects. A communications object is added to the signalers, as well as other special directions.
In general, 4 discipline is a lot. But otherwise it does not work, the program is rich, the training is serious.

Layout base. With nyashnyh cars and roads. This is exactly the building in which we were at that time. :)

On this model, the soldiers are shown the detours, and in general the system of the location of buildings.
And here they show a parachute. There are two parachutes laid out on the floor, an officer standing at the blackboard tells about them.

Class communications. Soldiers receive by ear messages transmitted by Morse code. Sit listen.

Stuffed enemies. :))

In the corridor, soldiers are trained to perform construction when shooting.


By the way, they say, we passed the chemical laboratory, in which there were flasks with sarin and other gases.
Well, this is exactly the same simulator for shooting. Two targets, for AK and for here RPG.

This is the technique goes. On the site there are mirrors, they can be clearly seen on the photo.

Sports town, very large.

The town of radiation, chemical and biological protection.

The soldiers are just standing, standing like this all the time while we were going there.

Here the soldiers squeeze the detonators.

Here they lay the shells and flee to the position.

And here you can see how what they laid, bahnul.

Herringbone with weed. :)

Here is the shield "Special Forces - the elite of military intelligence." In general, the entire base in the boards with patriotic, inspiring slogans. About cool special forces and the entire Russian army.

Parachute tower painted in the colors of the Russian flag. From it they train to jump, but not on the actual parachute, but on such a circle covered with cloth. A huge metal ring attached to the platform by plumb lines. The canvas is stretched on it, and the person jumps, slowly going down at the expense of the cargo system. The officers said that with this jump even worse than with a parachute.

Airborne badge.

Outdated military intelligence badge.

Rafters, which work out various situations parachute. People sit on the bottom of the loop, and the officer simulates a collision, anything else.

Hero of Russia, a participant in the military actions of 2008 of the year with Georgia, died in the line of duty. The title of Hero of Russia was awarded posthumously, colleagues have achieved this year and a half. Now they are trying to ensure that his name is included in the lists of the military unit forever. At present, each roll call begins with his name; this is an initiative of the servicemen, like his many photographs on the territory.

Barracks, a wardrobe with a form.

Gym, one of its small part.

And this is the Barkas dog. He already has three business trips to Chechnya. They told that as soon as he sees a KAMAZ with soldiers, he jumps up and it is simply unrealistic to pull him out. So she rides a field exercise with soldiers. This is the mascot of the brigade. By the way, civilians, they said, does not like.

This is a weapon for us.

They also showed us a shooting robot, they were forbidden to photograph. He is tough.

Here is a soldier in full combat gear. Glasses are not designed for winter, they must be protected from dust. :)

Further fire training.

Here, the only thing that was done specifically for us - they kicked out the Tigers. Those cars that participated in recent years in the parade on Red Square. :)

Inside view.

View back.

And then we were taken to the forest. An ambush was arranged there. Soldiers are trained to survive in the field, imitating military life in the mountains.

Tent covered with fluffy branches.

The soldier makes a fire, a few more people strengthen the tent and collect firewood.

Well, and when we were in the forest, we were again brought to the base and fed. Lunch was served in the officers' canteen; during the excursion they told that the service there was directly a restaurant.


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  1. Joker
    Joker 1 March 2012 10: 00
    There was no double impression of viewing, except for the sports of the campus, nothing impressed, there were few simulators for shooting, few weapons for training, few techniques for studying, a stupid uniform (to say the least), bulletproof vests sad one gets the impression that the war with the Germans taught us nothing, again in which case we will take victory meat. And this is a special-purpose brigade, during the inspection they showed there, as usual, only the very best, what then, imagine in the ordinary troops, it’s sad sad Already in this, they could learn from the Americans, if delusional ideas are adopted for themselves, then why not good ones. A platoon of American rangers is standardly equipped so that it can fight not only with enemy manpower, but also with air and ground equipment. On YouTube, at one time there was a video about how 3 soldiers with Javelin destroyed 6 Iraqi tanks. And again, we’ll have to go to the battle with a bunch of grenades. sad It's time to equip and train the soldiers normally, even if our "Permyachka" is, but it's a shame to look at them, it's already the 21st century in the yard, and the soldier still walks in the same way as 30 years ago. Disorder ....
    1. 750
      750 1 March 2012 19: 06
      Judging by the seams on his trousers and small details, the dude with glasses is wearing a Permyachka Big Hall, in a new number. You have to be more careful!
  2. Demonzz
    Demonzz 1 March 2012 10: 07
    ha .... in the photo in the barracks there is a real outfit of special forces brigades of a "new look" - RF duffel bags .... they have sunk ... and like "full equipment" on a soldier only at the door of the warehouse you can have ..... here it is, window dressing ...
    Conscripts were recruited to the contract brigade, well, well, their combat readiness was greatly increased, at least 344 subjects were introduced to them. And nowhere is it said that the brigades of the Special Forces of the Ministry of Defense were transferred to the jurisdiction of combined-arms armies — and hello infantry without the airborne forces!
    one thing remained unclear to me why the tiger is camouflaged inside the cabin and just green outside?
  3. alps
    alps 1 March 2012 10: 34
    Quote: Demonzz
    why is a tiger camouflaged inside the cabin and just green outside

    He is a transformer, becomes that robot which cannot be shown)))))))
    1. kubanec
      kubanec 3 March 2012 15: 36
      died ------ laughing
  4. Anatoly
    Anatoly 1 March 2012 10: 41
    Showy photo story. Not really impressed.
  5. Cthulhu
    Cthulhu 1 March 2012 10: 55
    Some kind of nonsense .... there were no red ropes for the cloak of the tent? Or is this what is left of the birthday from the cake? Full equipment), er, where are the unloading systems, or will a fighter get a BC from a backpack during a battle? Do not like lapel, there are belt. We have that NIB is not included in the equipment? But PBS is holy)))) What a clowning !!!!
  6. gosha1970
    gosha1970 1 March 2012 11: 17
    Come on you. Some civilians arrived at the location, hung with cameras. Well, they were shown something. No more. PC, AKM with PBS, AK-74, APS, SVD, well, probably enough of these. So probably thought the boss. Everything is fine with parts of the GHG.
  7. nmd_1
    nmd_1 1 March 2012 11: 28
    Some of the faces in the photos are covered with stripes, some are not, especially the sniper guy, here either sloppiness on the part of the person preparing the article (I did not cover all the faces), or a gag (maybe no one asked him to hide the faces), anyway
    torderiul wrote this article times .... ah! As for weapons: the fact that they did not hang a soldier, everything that was in his legs would probably have looked differently like a majadhead, but the arsenal is impressive. I agree that in America we aren’t able to pretend beautifully, and judging by the last pictures, we survive in nature, clearly staged for magazines, we can see that we didn’t try to hide, the sniper position was prepared using colored ropes laughing . PySy: I’d like to eat it myself with pleasure, because they’re given something in their canteen wink I recall how a friend in the 90s who served somewhere near Chita, came all sore and thin as a worm.
  8. Dmitry.V
    Dmitry.V 1 March 2012 11: 51
    Thank you so much, the smile never left my face laughing
    I hope that I will also be in the special brigade, not just as a civilian, but as a soldier
  9. 4DS
    4DS 1 March 2012 12: 45
    This battle robot is probably this:
    or this one:
    1. Dmitry.V
      Dmitry.V 1 March 2012 12: 58
      You have already left for you. smile
      1. 4DS
        4DS 1 March 2012 13: 51
        the post is based on real news articles wink
  10. dred
    dred 1 March 2012 12: 55
    A sickly robot .And it definitely is in the troops, otherwise I can’t believe it.
  11. Filin
    Filin 1 March 2012 13: 07
    The 10th Spn GRU brigade was formed on the basis of 551 OoSpN, which has been part of 22 OBrSpn since 1984.
    The weapon shown in these photos ... it's just a fuck .. bang)).
    They showed an old Akms with PBBS, PKM and AN-94 (Abakan) flashed in one photo and EVERYTHING)). Neighing, to be honest. They didn’t show the anti-sniper rifle, nor did the LDCs put the pistols ...
    Well, okay, this is a common practice.
    KIRASA bulletproof vests ... certainly old, but the best available now in the army (NOT the Ministry of Internal Affairs). Moreover, no one ever takes them to the mountains. There is enough equipment without it. And who doesn’t understand what an exit to the mountains is ..... I suggest putting on all the equipment and trying to walk at least 10-15 km. And he will immediately understand that the bulletproof vest there is superfluous.
    The sniper was dressed more or less believably. But we must not forget that the special forces still have: a communications battalion, RMO, ISV, a fire support battalion (BMP, armored personnel carrier, BRDM). And there, of course, they also serve in the special forces ..... but this is a LITTLE different story than the "combat battalions" and "RSV". Who is in the subject ... he will understand.
    Let me just remind you that the 22nd OBRSpn is the ONLY military unit that received the rank of GUARD after 1945. Although the guys are fighting "old", as many put it here.
    That's the story.
    1. Ascetic
      Ascetic 1 March 2012 15: 46
      Quote: FILIN
      Let me just remind you that the 22nd OBRSpn is the ONLY military unit that received the rank of GUARD after 1945. Although the guys are fighting "old", as many put it here.

      As they say old friend is better than the new two
    2. Fish
      Fish 1 March 2012 19: 03
      In 88g demobilization. There was talk about the guard. Then I heard that our "Lagodekhskaya" was disbanded. ........ Aces! If in the subject enlighten! And I saw everything with what else "across the river" went. but with this "old" in skillful hands, you can give 100 uphill to everyone. "Anything new is x%". folk wisdom.
      1. Filin
        Filin 1 March 2012 19: 41
        22 brigade received the guard in 2001.
    3. Zynaps
      Zynaps 2 March 2012 01: 34
      well, the 15th brigade behind the river fought no worse, only after the 91st it remained in Uzbekistan. therefore she did not become a guard. the famous "musbat" - then the Jalalabad detachment - from the 15th brigade, Chirchik.

      and also, as part of the 22nd brigade, detachments from all brigades of the Union fought, except for the brigade from Neutimmen. Hero of the Soviet Union Oleg Onischuk is ours, Transbaikal, from the 24th brigade. from the same place Oleg Sergeev - the first who got the "stinger". Hero of the Soviet Union Yaroslav Goroshko - from the 8th brigade in Izyaslav near Khmelnytsky. all fought in the Shahjoy detachment. etc.
      1. Filin
        Filin 2 March 2012 01: 41
        I am not at all begging the merits of the other teams of Spn Gro ... But we must not forget that our story does not end with Afghan.
        And how many more units were part of 22 brigades, except for the main 3 ... then remaining in its composition until the end of the 2000s ??
  12. selbrat
    selbrat 1 March 2012 18: 19
    Back in the 90th year, while in the army, I read a similar reportage about special forces in a military magazine. Then I was amazed that during the night the soldiers burned a fire, the size of a "pioneer". And here the fire is shown. This is unmasking. In that magazine more than 20 years have passed and nothing has changed.
  13. bandabas
    bandabas 1 March 2012 19: 24
    Ndas. Look at the faces ... What are the contractors? Where do they come from for 1 year of service.
    1. Filin
      Filin 1 March 2012 19: 49
      all these window dressings are done as follows ...
      The brigade commander calls the battalion commander ... and instructs him to conduct a show for journalists. He calls some sort of lieutenant. 9 group commander) .... then some sergeant is called ... to whom he is entrusted to show the CHENT to these journalists. The sergeant takes two salag young ..... opens the arms .... and carries out the show.
      And since there is nothing needed in the army .. NAFIG and the initiative is punishable ..... they showed a couple of assault rifles to journalists ...... and a raincoat was pulled up a tent next to the barracks ..))
      Everything .... then lunch .... and the show is over ..))
      He himself witnessed several such shows ...
      It’s all up to the contractor’s bulbs, so you won’t see them in the pictures ... All the more so for the officers ...
      1. bandabas
        bandabas 3 March 2012 05: 53
        Familiar familiar
  14. cord
    cord 1 March 2012 21: 14
    Damn, the fact that this is a show is still okay, but the fact that even a show can not be carried out with high quality, it already saddens more. The feeling that they were going to "fuck off * beat" - pulled out several barrels, put on the unfortunate soldier equipment, which in a hurry, found in a warehouse, rolled out a couple of pepelats and that's it! But what about the PR of the army, which is just barely getting rid of its image of a "settler" ?? Is it really so difficult to conduct a high-quality show, I don't understand ?? = (No one give a fuck
  15. Mr. Truth
    Mr. Truth 2 March 2012 00: 22
    Here are the guys, I constantly look at ours and think ... 9 different shades of digital flora were, of which 2 were better than this, and one was generally beautiful (EMP-south). Why did you choose this one?
  16. sweetheart
    sweetheart 3 March 2012 12: 07
    An article written as if by a blonde from Channel 1 for other blondes. Not the level of "Military Review" It is even strange that the article went through.