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Russian military miracle of the XXI century: soundless and deadly

The US military recognizes that the potential of the Russian radio-electronic systems is a great threat.

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  1. Alex and r
    Alex and r 6 June 2017 17: 20
    1. There are 142 million citizens in Russia, about 100 million are Russians. Weapons manufactured in Russia are Russian. It is Russian at 2/3. It is necessary to distinguish between state and nationality. In English there is no difference (Russian) between Russian and Russian, but in Russian there is!
    2. Imitation of an attack on Donald Cook - a violation of international law of the sea! Here Americans a little provoked, our wiseacres immediately violated. This is an additional reason for sanctions and for Russia's refusal of claims to the Arctic.
    3. We are slightly ahead of the US in the means of electronic warfare. Perfectly! But such a hooray comparison reminds me of the wild joys of ukrofashists regarding the superiority of their tanks over ours.
    P.S. It would be better to insert more photos and TTX cited.