Reincarnation BTR-152 - Shot BPM-97

The idea of ​​creating a simple and inexpensive armored car on the serial "cargo" units is not new. Such constructions were especially popular in the USSR in the 1930-50: take, for example, the post-war BTR-40 and BTR-152 (all-wheel drive GAZ-63 and ZiS-151, respectively, served as the basis). Then our country made a bid for more massive and powerful armored personnel carriers, but as time showed, the demand for lightweight two-axle armored vehicles remained.

In 1997, jointly KamAZ and Moscow State Technical University named. Bauman with the use of components and assemblies of the KAMAZ-4326 off-road production car was created a running model of the Vystrel car with a steel case, later designated as an armored border vehicle BPM-97. BTR has the usual dimensions for civilian cars of this class and can be used both in off-road conditions and on public roads without any restrictions. In this case, the armored personnel carrier maintains the speed and maneuverability of the truck.

The main purpose of the car is to ensure the actions of the personnel of the border troops in the performance of a wide range of tasks for the protection of the state border. Additionally, the developers have provided for the possibility of using the machine in variants of a staff or patrol car. The armored car can transport the wounded, serve in the reconnaissance, if necessary, carry prisoners or valuables.

Welded body from Kurganmashzavod - bearing. The upper part of the body withstands shots from a large-caliber 12,7-mm machine gun NSV from a distance of 300 m, the lower part and feed - from an 7,62-mm sniper rifle SVD from a distance of 30 m; armored and bottom. The car is divided into the engine compartment and the compartment for the crew and landing force. The hull has side and rear stern doors, landing hatches and hatches for the mechanic and older car.

The BPM-97 is equipped with two 125 l protected tanks and an additional 20 l tank in an armored case. The car is equipped with an autonomous heater allowing to maintain the working temperature in the crew compartment and the landing, regardless of the engine operation. Also installed on the car filter installation.

The use of unified components and assemblies allows you to provide mileage to overhaul 270 thousands of kilometers. Serial units and assemblies can simplify the processes of production and repair of the car. The layout allows for technical inspection and repair of technical equipment designed for production cars and chassis manufactured by KamAZ. The use of mass production units has significantly reduced the cost of the car.

BPM-97 specifications

Wheel formula 4x4
Combat weight, kg 10500
Trailer weight, kg 5000
Combat crew, person 2 + 8
Clearance, mm 365
Armor protection bulletproof
Engine (type) KAMAZ-740.10-20 (D, V8)
Engine power, hp Xnumx

Maximum speed, km / h 90
Cruising on highway, km 1100
Gradeability, grad 30
Overcoming ford, m 1,75
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