Military Review

US intelligence has put Russian aircraft on ISIL bases in Syria

On May 30, the Russian Aerospace Forces destroyed the ISIS base after receiving coordinates from the Pentagon. Powerful blows of the Russian aviation were inflicted on a terrorist base in the Rasifin region, 130 km northwest of Palmyra in the Syrian province of Homs.


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  1. Logall
    Logall 31 May 2017 23: 48
    Either the setup, or the PR move of the Pentagon! Well, they just can’t share intelligence!?! Although, anyway, our intelligence will double-check all the information.
    PS probably fuel and bombs regretted. "s"!
    1. yuriy55
      yuriy55 1 June 2017 04: 18
      On May 30, the Russian Aerospace Forces destroyed the ISIS base after receiving coordinates from the Pentagon.

      BUT!!! HOW IT WAS?
      - Hello! Your coordinates (..........) can be calculated by Russian drones. Change positions ...
      Voice from the tube:
      - We do not understand you well. What do you want to tell us?
      - What is incomprehensible here? Your coordinates (..........) are known to the Russian VKS. Change your position !!!
      Voice from the tube:
      “We understand you.” The coordinates (..........) are known to the Russian aerospace forces. Why do we need to change positions?
      - You do not understand me? Who am I talking to?
      Voice from the tube:
      - The operational duty officer of the Russian VKS group in Syria, Major Ivanov ...
  2. Gips
    Gips 1 June 2017 00: 08
    Uhhhh! Already the LCD monitor was shaking and it melted. . . This is soaked in sartirs! I’ll go to sleep now. Tomorrow is a new screen to buy. . . This is dolbanuuuuuli drinks Just do not taste and where does US intelligence? NSA headline claimed? fool
  3. 3 Gradient
    3 Gradient 1 June 2017 00: 20
    If this is ... true ...
    (Data provided by the Pentagon ...?)
    Welcome ... such a collaboration ...
    That's just ...
    There is a lot of doubt ...
    The United States all the time wants to ... hit ...
    According to the Syrian troops ... (including Russian) ....
    And then ... suddenly ?!
    Apparently, this happened by accident ... Maybe on the wrong channel ... they called ...
    1. Logall
      Logall 1 June 2017 00: 27
      They (mattresses) claimed earlier that Russia would lose the US war due to industrial suicide. So they are waiting when we throw all our ammunition. They have such a strategy.
      They will now educate the militants so that we spend bombs on them.
  4. Shumanit
    Shumanit 1 June 2017 03: 52
    If only they didn’t point where they should!
  5. vlad007
    vlad007 1 June 2017 08: 30
    They reported that it was known without them - they pretended to cooperate in a "joint fight against terrorism." As far as I know, any intelligence is checked on several sources, especially data on the alleged targets of the bombing, so as not to strike at peaceful objects.
    HEATHER 1 June 2017 16: 55
    after receiving coordinates from the Pentagon Oh, nafig! The pentagram has shared! Even I can’t believe it. There haven’t been any statements from the Ministry of Defense. Our team is unlikely to miss the opportunity to throw this topic on TV channels. And the staff looks like the destruction of a column of militants on May 25.
  7. Gips
    Gips 1 June 2017 18: 21
    But who will shoot the Pentagon bombs? Firstly, a true setup. laughing laughing Secondly, there is no such interaction between our military. No. How do you imagine that the US special forces are sitting and pointing our planes and missiles wassat wassat ?????????????? How? wassat ??? Title - Crap! angry Even if some data were provided, then at the level of rumors)))))) MTR checked the rumors, pointed planes and babaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh
    and my monitor melted. . laughing . The only way hi
    1. HEATHER
      HEATHER 1 June 2017 21: 00
      What are you expressing now? my monitor has melted. And praise be to Allah. MTR checked the rumors Actually, the guys from the MTR do not do this. They run around the women. They have nothing more to do. Our trust is only theirs. The states are not in the subject.
  8. nesvobodnye
    nesvobodnye 1 June 2017 21: 17
    On the RT channel, this video has a different caption: the Russian aerospace forces attacked IS militants heading from Raqqa to Palmyra.
    GUARDS MAJOR 2 June 2017 20: 39
    I don’t believe anything - the Americans simply helped Russian information
  10. Gips
    Gips 8 June 2017 16: 36
    I want, really want the author of the article to explain. am Now everyone knows these shots. wink On central television everyone showed and told. laughing The author of the article, where did this title come from ??????? sad Confidence in your military review disappears completely lol
  11. wasapip2010
    wasapip2010 13 June 2017 20: 51
    They rubbed into trust.