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Fight to build five corvettes for the German Navy

According to the blog information bmpd, Internet portal defenseworld announced that the German shipbuilding company German Naval Yards Holdings is demanding that the military authorities of Germany hold an open tender for the construction of five additional corvettes of the K130 project for the country's Navy.

This company is a new player in the local market of naval weapons. Her ambitions were supported by the federal anti-monopoly authority. The latter insists on the cancellation of the contract worth about 2 billion euros, concluded by the Defense Ministry on a non-competitive basis with the merger of Thyssen-Krupp Marine Systems (TKMS).

German Naval Yards Holdings is part of the Nobiskrug GmbH group, which is part of the international financial and industrial holding Privinvest, controlled by the family of Lebanese Maronite businessman Iskander Safa. The foundation of German Naval Yards Holdings is the German Naval Yards Kiel shipyard in Kiel, bought by Privinvest in 2014, as ADMK from UAE investors. This company is a former commercial shipyard Werk Gaarden company Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft (the shipyard leads its history from 1867, first as Kaiserliche Werft Kiel, then Deutsche Werke Kiel AG). In 2013-2017, German Naval Yards Holdings at this shipyard for the TKMS merger contract successfully built two frigates of the MEKO A200 AN project for the Algerian Navy, and is now eager for new orders.

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  1. oleg-gr
    oleg-gr 31 May 2017 07: 41
    German business showdown with an international bias. Everyone wants to make a profit.
    1. matak4b
      matak4b 31 May 2017 08: 18
      We also bought 4 of these corvettes, the first will arrive next year. All the stuffing is naturally ours.
  2. Oleg7700
    Oleg7700 31 May 2017 11: 18
    The K-130 did not suit the Israeli Navy at all and in fact a new ship was designed (even below the waterline after comp modeling and testing models in the pool) That's what is being built - SAAR-6 Defender (מגן - magen, shield, defender) GNY Kiel told the government that only today they are building modern corvettes in Germany and will not tolerate discrimination.
    1. stone
      stone 31 May 2017 11: 40
      Well, it turns out that the Germans themselves want to take a new solution worked out with the Israelis. Therefore, they gave the contract to TKMS. And most likely they will be given to them at the tender, but of course they will lose a lot of time.
      1. Oleg7700
        Oleg7700 31 May 2017 13: 13
        TKMS legal the owner of only K-130 with 25 million ready-made drawings and templates, which is what they wanted to save on, but so far the opposite, the appetites of the performers are growing and the Ministry of Defense does not agree. Based on the experience of joint design of CAAP-6 (TKMS + GNYK + Office of the New Marine Systems of the Ministry of Defense of Israel) GNYK offers the government a Germanized version, (without Israeli systems) - Corvette 90 (GPC 90)
    2. strannik1985
      strannik1985 31 May 2017 13: 28
      And what did not suit the original K-130?
      1. Oleg7700
        Oleg7700 31 May 2017 14: 23
        In addition, that the German-language resources abs. Most consider the original K-130 to be morally and technically obsolete. weakly armed and not justifiably expensive, (330 pl. euros) TKMS and Lurssen now want him for one and a half times more referring to inflation and so on. which caused a storm of indignation. GNY claims that his corvette is much more perfect and fits into the initial funding of the Ministry of Defense. If we are talking about SAAR-6, then everything above the waterline was redesigned by the Israelis and offered to the Germans at once (160 working specialists work with the Germans) to accommodate modern Israeli systems and weapons, as well as to reduce radio visibility. Then she did not like the "stability and survivability" of the original, redesigned the supply. part, including attaching complementary. the impulse to the movement of a better "flow" - that was how it was in Hebrew in an interview, Eng. program manager.
  3. igorserg
    igorserg 31 May 2017 16: 53
    ours are building and renting one corvette in 6-7 years ... though production is somehow parallel, a couple of years later a new one is laid down and a descent a couple of years later, respectively. I wonder what speed the Germans will build.
    1. Oleg7700
      Oleg7700 31 May 2017 18: 44
      Under the terms of the contract (they were repeatedly voiced in Israel), the first platform of the 2000 ton SAAR-6 is due to arrive in Israel in mid-2019. The next three - every six months after testing the technology on the head. (engines, diesel generators, electric motors, main gearboxes, etc., manufactured by Rolls-Royce America, a long-time supplier of the Israeli Navy and for American financial assistance) Haifa - AFAR radars, electronics, active and passive protection systems, communications, weapons, etc. etc. it is planned within a year after arrival and makes up 60% of the total ship price of 250-260 mn. Euro. (Second MEKO-200, for Algeria, displacement. 3700 tons, 117-120 m. This German shipyard GNYK produced in 18-20 months)
  4. sharp-lad
    sharp-lad 31 May 2017 19: 29
    Well? Who will tell about kickbacks?