Military Review

Arctic should remain Russian

Russia does not claim domination all over the world, as some Western powers, however, it has its own zone of interests, where other geopolitical players with their universal human values ​​do not advise to come. To our area of ​​interest, for example, we can attribute the Eurasian (post-Soviet) space. The Arctic is also an important region for Russia. At least, that part of it, which is a continuation of our continental shelf.


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  1. Spartanez300
    Spartanez300 7 June 2017 07: 30
    No one else is necessary, but we will not give up our own.
    HEATHER 7 June 2017 10: 27
    Yes, and what is there a stranger. All of ours. Including polar bears.
  3. The comment was deleted.
  4. Sergey-svs
    Sergey-svs 7 June 2017 13: 59
    As the saying goes: "This is our cow and only we will wake her up!" yes Moreover, pin dosam is generally contraindicated there, they even die from our "childhood" frosts in the Volga region, like cockroaches from dichlorvos! laughing
  5. kig
    kig 7 June 2017 15: 25
    The author has problems with geography, and in general he is a provocateur. From the title of the article it follows that the entire Arctic already belongs to Russia, and should remain so. I read at least Wikipedia, what is the Arctic, which countries are washed by the Northern Ocean. And what to do with Greenland? This is Danish territory. In general, nonsense.
    DOCTOR ZLO 8 June 2017 00: 24
    I liked: "What does Norway have to do with the EU" ...., again, clumsy work ...